Chapter 1: Japan will never be the same…

Author's Note Part 1: After leaving my last version to sit for nearly a year (at the time of starting this first AN)… I've finally returned… Welcome back everyone, to another attempt at my HOTD and AVP crossover story! Brought to you by the persistent Notros who you can thank for finally getting me back on track in terms of this story. Honestly, if it wasn't for them, It would probably still be left unchecked due to all the other stories that I currently have out. Now, I'm sure a good amount of you are wondering about the fact that I'm uploading a re-write, instead of just editing my last version. Well, let me explain.

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So, in this story I'll be writing more of the actual scenes out, instead of just giving brief overviews of them. Not only that, but I'm hoping that I'll be able to write out scenes with more detail this time around to give you guys a better reading experience. Now, since I've explained the reason behind the re-write, I guess that I can tell you guys what going to be "changed" in this version of my story…

1: The OC x Saeko is still going to be in this! However, even if they won't have an established relationship before the events like my other HOTD story where my OC is paired with Saeko, this time around they'll already be very close to one another, but they won't get together until after the school is overrun and they escape. That way, them getting together quickly isn't too sudden like it was in my last version.

2: My OC's name is changing once again. Though this time, it's mainly cause I don't want to have both of my HOTD stories have the OC named Jack… (I'm not counting my first HOTD story here, because that's going to be given an extreme overhaul and eventually be completely re-written from the ground up sometime in the future…)

3: Some more slight plot divergences. These won't be too big, seeing as I don't really feel the need to since I'll be doing plenty of "Original" Story Arcs after I run out of anime episodes. (Although whether I use the manga or not is still up in the air, seeing as I now have internet access to websites that I can use…)

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(One last thing: For future chapters, a big thanks to "The Game Theorists" and "Film Theorists" because of their zombie related videos on YouTube. They've given me some interesting and important info to work with when it comes to events that the groups from the Walking Dead, and HOTD go through. If you've seen their videos, you'll probably notice the info and changes I make to this story based on what I learned. And if not, I'll make sure to reference them in the second Author's Note of the chapters those changes appear in. Now, without further ado, here's the first chapter of this Re-Write!)

3rd Person POV:

On a set of stairs built onto the side of Fujimi Academy, an 18 year old male can be seen with his hands resting on the railing, looking out over the courtyard at the front of the school. He's wearing the male version of the school's outfit, has Caucasian skin, azure eyes, and black hair that reaches down to the back of his neck. This teen is Chris Davis. However, even though he's looking out over the courtyard, his eyes are glazed over as memories flash through him mind. Situations that occurred only a few years ago playing out for him to relive for the hundredth time.

Rain steadily falling from the sky onto the pavement.

Corpses with skin and bone that appear to be melted away lying on the cement ground, their faces permanently stuck in an expression of pure fear.

Lightning flashing and thunder echoing through the air that was already filled with the sound of rain falling onto the cement ground.

A large, skinny shadow letting off a screech into the night sky as it stands on a raised portion of broken road.

Metal held in fairly small hands reflecting the light from the lightning, making the shadowed figure turn in the direction that the reflection of light came from.

The figure leaping off the cement and rushing in that direction only seconds later.

The screech sounding through the air once again as the metal is brought up to meet the figure.

Chris is broken out of his trip down memory lane when that second screech echoes through his mind, making him shake his head to clear it as he focuses on the courtyard once again. As he does this, he notices a familiar shape walking towards the gym, and raises his arm to wave to them when he sees them looking up at him. In response, he sees them give a wave in return, before they make a motion as if they're blowing a kiss to him. He can only chuckle and shake his head in response as they turn around and continue across the courtyard, before walking into the gym and closing the doors behind them.

Of course you've gotta have the last say Saeko. I wouldn't expect you to try anything else. Chris thinks to himself, before he sighs as he remembers the events that played out in his mind's eye just a few moments ago. Why…? Why are they coming back now of all times? He wonders as he looks up at the sky. The bright blue color being replaced by a stormy night for a few seconds, before changing back to the regular, clear afternoon sky. Chris can only shake his head again at the sight, before he turns around when he hears the doors on the landing behind him open to show one of the few friends he has at this school walking out.

Walking down the stairs to the same landing that Chris is standing on is a 17 year old male. He's wearing the same school outfit as Chris, and has Caucasian skin and spiked black hair. However, his eyes are brown instead of blue, even if they hold the same look in them that was present in Chris' eyes only a few seconds ago. This teen is Takashi Komuro. As Takashi makes it onto the same landing as Chris, he places his arms on the railing, and looks out over the courtyard. When he does this, Chris sighs as he turns around and copies his friend while he decides to wait for Takashi to snap out of his own trip down memory lane.

A few minutes later, Takashi starts to mutter under his breath quiet enough that Chris is only barely able to hear what he's saying. "Pinky promise… Cross my heart, and hope to die… Yeah, right." Takashi mutters, and Chris sighs as he thinks about his friend's own reason for coming to this spot. However, he flinches a second later when a voice that's familiar to the two of them can be heard talking behind them.

"That's so stupid." The voice says, and the two turn around to see a familiar sight. Dressed in the female version of the school outfit with Caucasian skin, pink hair tied into pigtails, and green eyes is Saya Takagi. Classmate to Takashi, and one of the smartest students in the academy. The only real reason that Chris knew her was because of the many times that she'd scolded the two of them for being depressed while at the same time she'd find different ways to insult them… Like now.

"What do you want?" Takashi asks the pink haired girl, even as she starts talking when he barely manages to finish asking the question.

"Every time you have to face something you don't like, you always come to this stupid staircase. It's like your own little pity corner with Davis, look at you two. Good God, the first semester has just started, how are you ever going to make it through the year?" She asks the two teens, though her focus is mainly on Takashi as she asks this. In response, Chris just turns around to rest his arms on the railing and look out over the courtyard again, while Takashi simply turns his head away from the pinkette.

"I could ask you the same thing. The fifth period isn't even over yet." He says in disbelief, since while it was normal for him and Chris to be here when they were unable to focus on what was happening during their classes, Saya Takagi was not the kind of person to step out of class.

"It's okay because I'm genius. Unlike you two who got into this school by dumb luck." She says, getting a sigh from Chris in response to her words.

"Takagi, is there a reason that you feel the need to constantly say stuff like that to us?" He asks as he turns around to look at the pinkette standing behind them with a raised eyebrow.

"Because I don't like stupid people." Is her response, making Chris roll his eyes while Takashi turns to look at her in confusion and surprise.

"What?" He asks her in confusion, though there's some slight annoyance in his voice as well.

"Especially those ones who can't admit that they're stupid…. I mean, you two are pretty stupid, but at least you know you are. So if I tell you that you're stupid, maybe by some miracle you'll be less stupid, stupid." She says to them, making Chris shake his head in response to her "explanation". However, Takashi's response is instead to simply take the pinkette's words in stride, and then turn and look out over the courtyard with a sigh once again, intent on just ignoring Takagi now.

In response, the pinkette looks at him with a frown. "Grow up. Moping because your little friend dumped you?" She asks, before turning around to head back up the stairs, only to pause for a second to look back at the two raven haired teens leaning against the railing. "Stupid…" She mutters, before making her way up the stairs and back inside the building. As the two continue to lean against the railing, Chris decides to simply stay there as a comfort to his friend, while Takashi continues to remember the memories of his previous girlfriend, eventually remembering the moment that she dumped him.

"…"So" what?" He mutters, thinking about the sentence that she'd left unfinished right before she left him. In response, Chris sighs, before patting his friend on the shoulder in an attempt to comfort him. However, a different distraction comes in the form of a constant banging sound echoing through the air, making the two teens turn to look in the direction that it's coming from to see a man constantly walking into the front gate of the school. "Who's that…? A trespasser?" Takashi wonders, and Chris can only shrug in response.

"No idea. But it looks like they're wondering the same thing." Chris says as he points to the group of staff that were heading towards the man at the gate, the vice-principal standing at the front of the group. Unfortunately, the two males are too far away from the group to hear what they say, but it doesn't stop them from seeing the events that play out over the next minute or so. At first, they flinched since Mr. Tojima was acting like he usually did by pulling the guy against the gate. He didn't usually do this, but he was one of those stereotypical PE teachers that acted almost like a drill sergeant.

However, the two students went from flinching to having horrified looks on their faces when the man at the gate suddenly freed himself from the man's grip without a problem, and then proceeded to lean down at tear a chunk out of Mr. Tojima's arm as if it was a chicken leg. The amount of skin, muscle and blood veins that were a part of that chunk made it clear that it was a fatal wound. However, that didn't stop the man from falling to the ground, clutching at his torn apart arm as he screamed in pain.

While this was happening, Takashi could only stare at the scene in shock and horror, much like the teachers that were standing around the dying man. As for Chris, he was gripping the metal railing in front of him in a death grip as his eyes were glued to the man behind the gate, who was actually eating the torn out chunk of his former teacher's arm. And with his body turned, Chris was able to see the large portion of the man's side that had been torn apart, revealing bone. At the sight, his eyes widen as he realizes just what that man was, and as a result, what Mr. Tojima was about to become.

And only a few seconds later, Mr. Tojima's struggles cease, and his body stops moving around, going limp on the concrete beneath it. At the sight, Takashi and the teachers can only stare at the man's body in shock, while Chris grits his teeth at the sight of the man dying. It wasn't the first time he'd seen it happen, and it wasn't even in the top ten of the gruesome deaths that he'd seen… In real life with his own eyes that is. However, the teachers are surprised when, despite the grey skin the former teacher had, his body started to move again.

Takashi was still staring at the body in shock, along with the two other living male teachers in the courtyard, as it pushed itself up off the ground slightly, while the only female of the group leaned over the man with a smile on her face, feeling relief as she believes that the man was getting back up in order to get help for his wound. However, only a few seconds later, she's screaming in fear as the man's hand grabs her shoulder, and his teeth dig into her neck. Then, that scream is cut off as flesh and tissue is torn from her body, leaving her to gurgle on the blood filling her throat.

She's dead only a few seconds later, and the former PE teacher leans over her dead body to continue its feast, leaving one of the men that was still living to collapse to the ground in shock and horror, while the other one runs back towards the school, most likely to warn the students and faculty about what just happened at the entrance, and do something about it. Finally, Takashi manages to snap out of his shocked state, and turn to face his friend, who was already looking at him.

No words were spoken between the two as they both turned, and ran up the stairs to head into the school. Takashi's mind had immediately gone to Rei, and the need to warn her about what just happened, while Chris was more focused on the actual events that just happened, and what he was going to need to do in the aftermath. And because they left the landing in a hurry, neither one noticed a sleek black tail shoot out from behind the wall, and impale the former PE teacher's head, before flinging the body away.

A few seconds later, a sleek black shape made its way onto the Fujimi Academy grounds, staying in the shadows the entire time so that its shape couldn't be distinguished. However, it's gaze was immediately brought to a vent on the wall of the school, and the tail that it had shot towards the metal covering, denting it with enough force to bend it out of shape so that it fell to the ground, and allowed the figure to enter the ventilation shaft, and by extension, get into the school.

Meanwhile, the first "man" that had appeared outside the Academy gates simply continued to eat its "meal", completely unaware of the events that "he" had committed that would affect the entire school over the next few hours…

After entering the school and making their way towards Takashi's class, Chris turns to his friend as they continue running. "Takashi, you get Rei and Hisashi from class, and bring them to my locker. I have a few things in it that might be able to help us." He tells his friend as they turn a corner and start heading down the hall that Takashi's class is located in. The only response he gets is a nod from his friend as he slows down as they get closer to his class. And as Takashi comes to a halt in front of his classroom's door and slams it open, Chris continues running down the hall.

While Chris continues to run, his serious look remains on his face as he thinks about the events that just occurred in the school's courtyard. Zombies… Fucking Zombies of all things! But how the hell didn't we hear about it?! I checked my phone just a few minutes after exiting class to try and get my mind focused on something else, and there was nothing about fucking Zombies! He thinks to himself as he turns another corner, and heads down the hall that his locker is located.

Fucking hell… One person comes down with Ebola, and it's on Twitter and Facebook in minutes. So how the hell did a Zombie Outbreak manage to get to the school without anybody hearing a damn thing about it?! He wonders as he skids to a stop in front of his locker, and puts in the combination to unlock it, throwing the door open a few seconds later as he drops the lock to the ground, and digs through it, pushing the books and papers out and onto the floor. As he digs through the contents of his locker, he continues to think about an explanation.

Let's see, nothing on the web within an hour before the Zombie showed up, and there's no way it randomly happened a few feet away from the school, cause that guy definitely wasn't Patient Zero based on the large portion of his waist that was eaten away, so that means that there were probably a few more before him that transferred the disease to him. He thinks, finally grabbing the strap to his Sports Bag, and yanking it out of the locker, opening it to check the contents a few seconds later. This means that the only explanation is that it probably happened in a less populated area, and spread to here within the past hour. He thinks to himself, before shaking his head.

No, that still wouldn't work, since people would no doubt see that the guy's a Zombie, and send out some form of message onto the internet with a clear picture. So why the hell hasn't there been anything?... Unless, the other Zombies got to them before they could post something… His eyes widen when he realizes this, since it meant that he was unfortunate enough to be stuck in Ground Zero for the Zombie Apocalypse. And thinking about it, that was probably the worst thing that could happen, since this wasn't like the movies and TV shows.

Humans had been preparing for the zombie apocalypse to an extent, whether they knew it or not. Because with all the media that focused on Zombies, everyone at least had an inkling as to what to do in this situation. And for those that were in Ground Zero that meant that their country was likely going to be quarantined from the rest of the world, and anybody who had already left would be screened once they got to their next location in an effort to stop the spread into more countries.

What would likely follow were two different scenarios. The first was the most likely, unfortunately. Japan would be nuked by most of the other countries around the world in an effort to reduce the number of the Infected. Then, the armed forces would likely be sent in to take care of the rest if the radiation had no effect on the dead, and the citizens that hadn't been infected, and weren't exposed to a massive dose of nuclear radiation, would be sent out of the ruins of the country, before Japan would be left to rot.

The second scenario was that the rest of the world would simply leave the quarantined country to fend for itself with the occasional air drops to keep survivors alive, sort of like what happened in Dying Light. However, guards around the country would have to be much more vigilant than your normal, everyday guard, in an attempt to stop anyone, or anything, from exiting the quarantine zone, since it would be a matter of world safety. Which meant that any survivors would be forced to do their best in a completely enclosed environment, with no real help for the foreseeable future.

Shaking his head to clear the depressing thoughts from his head, Chris reaches into his bag and starts to remove items, though he can't help but think about the first scenario a bit more as he attaches a slightly bulky bracer to his arm, a pricking sensation going through the back of his wrist for a few seconds, before it goes away

It would be a bit ironic. The country where the first Atom Bombs were "tested" would be bombarded by Nukes from every nation worldwide… He thinks with a frown, before shaking his head yet again as he continues to remove a few items, and clip them to his belt before zipping the bag closed just as he hears footsteps heading in his direction. Standing up and looking in the direction that they were coming from, he saw Takashi, Rei and Hisashi coming towards him, before they stopped a few feet away.

Rei was wearing the female school outfit, and had Caucasian skin, auburn hair, and brown eyes. Meanwhile, her current boyfriend, and former best friend of Takashi, Hisashi, had Caucasian skin, light brown eyes, and platinum blond hair. The two were looking at Chris with just as much seriousness as Takashi, though Chris could see that Rei had a red mark on her face that was already starting to disappear. Most likely she was freaking out and Takashi had to slap her to get her to pay attention or something like that. Chris thinks to himself with a mental frown.

"I'm assuming that Takashi's already filled you in?" He asks them, getting serious nods from the other two in response. "Good, then that means that we can at least start to get ready for what's coming." He states, Takashi nodding in response as he heads over to a Janitor's closet and opens the door, before reaching in and pulling out a broom, which he snaps the handle off of, before handing it to Rei. Chris nods at Takashi's choice, since it was well known that Rei was probably the best spear user in the school, and with the spiraling nail at the end of the handle, Rei was now wielding her own makeshift spear.

His gaze is then drawn to a student's sports bag a few feet away near a bathroom, presumably because the student had left it there after he went to use the men's room, and Chris heads over to it, before pulling out one of the bats, and tossing it to Takashi, who catches it with a nod. While Chris may have felt bad taking away another student's defense, there was another bat inside of the bag. So he didn't feel like he was completely condemning the student to death. As he walks back over towards the group, he looks at his friends.

"Alright, we've gotta get out of here now." He says, getting nods from Takashi and Hisashi, who hopefully wouldn't need a weapon thanks to having a black belt in karate… He'd just have to make sure that he didn't do anything stupid. However, Rei has a different idea than just leaving the school.

"First, we should call the police." She says, and thinking about it, Takashi and Hisashi nod in response. However, Chris raises an eyebrow.

"Why would we bother?" He asks, making the other three look at him in shock and confusion. Shock because he was basically saying that they shouldn't warn the authorities, and confusion… Well, pretty much for the same reason. Why wouldn't he want to warn people about this? However in response to their looks, he simply scowls. "Really? You're actually wondering that?" He asks them, before turning to his best friend. "Takashi, you saw the guy at the gate, did you see his waist?" He asks his friend, making Takashi think about it.

"Well, yeah. It's kinda hard to miss the large chunk taken out of a guy's side, isn't it?" He asks, getting a nod of agreement from Chris in response.

"Alright, but if you think about it, that means that something had to take that chunk out of him, right?" He asks, and Takashi nods, before he thinks about what Chris said, and pales. The other two looking at them in confusion.

"Uh, not to sound stupid, but what do you mean?" Hisashi asks, making Chris turn to face him.

"What I'm trying to say is that the guy at the gate definitely wasn't Patient Zero. And the first to be turned probably wasn't the only one to take his fair share out of the guy's waist. So, with that in mind, where were the other ones that were eating him?" He asks the other two, making them think about it, before they join Takashi in paling with realization, making Chris nod at them in response. "Exactly. My guess is, this isn't only happening here. If I had to take a guess, it's already starting to spread further from here, and the local authorities are already getting calls from anyone and everyone about this." He says, before running a hand through his hair.

"Luckily, from the looks of things, the people that are turned, end up only being able to shamble along from what I can see, which means it's probably a slow process. If we can get out of here, we can probably make it into the city, and find a better defendable location than here before any more of those things make it to the further parts of the city. Cause this place probably won't last long in terms of food and water." He says, getting nods from his friends in response to his suggestion. However, before they can go anywhere, they hear the intercom turn on above them, and they turn their direction to it as the person behind the speaker starts talking.

"This announcement is for all the students…" The voice pauses as the man takes a breath to calm himself, before he continues speaking. "An emergency situation is taking place inside the school right now. All students must follow your teacher's instructions and evacuate." The man states, and Chris nods in response to the guy's words. From the sounds of it, the adults weren't complete idiots at this school, and realized that it wouldn't be a very good place to hold out. "I repeat, an incident is taking place in the school right now. All students-" However, he's cut off as the sound of metal banging is heard on the other side of the intercom, making the man stop talking, and making the four teens frown.

"It's happening…" Takashi mutters, and the other three immediately know what he means by that. Chris scowls in response to his friend's words, because it meant that things were about to get a whole lot harder for them. However, while Chris was right that it would be harder, it wasn't because of the reason that the four teens were thinking. The sound of metal banging is heard a couple more times through the intercom, before it sounds like whatever was being hit falls to the ground, and the man who was previously talking takes a sharp intake of breath at whatever he sees.

"W-What…?" The man says, making Chris' frown deepen, since while the man's voice was filled with fear, it was also filled with confusion, like he didn't know what he was looking at. "N-No… You aren't one of those things… Wha-What are you…?" The man continues, making the other three frown as well, since now they knew that whatever was in the office with him, wasn't what Chris and Takashi had seen earlier. "N-No! St-Stay back! Don't come any close-" However, the man's voice is cut off by his pained gasp. This made Takashi and Chris share a look, since it was completely different from the pained filled screams that the two gym teachers had let out when they were bitten earlier.

A few seconds later, and the sound of flesh being torn, and bones being crushed can be heard through the loudspeaker, making the fear and confusion in the two rise even more at the completely different sounds than what they'd heard earlier. However, the sound that follows makes the confusion and fear in one rise even more, while in the other, that confusion is completely erased, and his body is filled with bone chilling fear. Because the sound that comes through the speaker is one that many people had heard in the past, but only one had lived through the events the sound was associated with.

The sound was difficult to properly describe. It almost sounded like what you would hear if you combined a Snake's hiss, with a raccoons shriek, and a cat's hiss. While three of the teens present could only stare at the intercom with confusion at the sound, along with fear at how it sounded, one teen took a step back from the speaker, his eyes wide as he stared up at it. "…Shit…" He mutters, making the three turn to face him, and see the fear clear on his face.

"What? What is it Chris?" Takashi asks, a bit more scared at the look of raw fear in his friend's face, since he'd never seen him like that before. Chris just continues to stare at the speaker, not reacting to his friend's question. He's only brought back to the present when Takashi walks over and places a hand on his shoulder, making Chris jump, and blink his eyes as he stares at Takashi, almost like he was waking from a nightmare. After a few seconds, he brushes his friend's hand off his shoulder, and turns around.

"Let's go." He says, apparently not even realizing that Takashi had asked him a question a few seconds ago. "We need to get out of here. If we stay in these halls, we're going to be fucked." He says, and the other three hurry to catch up with him.

"Why? Chris, what's going on?" Hisashi asks, and the teen simply looks over his shoulder at the platinum blond haired teen, before turning to continue to stare ahead of him as he stalks through the hallways of the school.

"That sound? I've heard it before. Too many fucking times for me to count. And it can only mean one thing…" He trails off as what sounds like a tidal wave rushes through the school, making the other three flinch at the sudden influx of sound, while Chris simply squares his shoulders as he glares at nothing in particular while he continues to stalk forwards. "From today onwards, Japan will never be the same…" He states as the chaotic sounds of panicked students rushing for the exits echoes through the school.

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