The magical classifications for dangerous creatures/beings is class 1 harmless, 2 annoyance, 3 competent wizards should be able to deal with it, 4 Dangerous / requires specialist knowledge / skilled wizard may handle, 5 wizard killer incredibly dangerous, and from there it goes up to ten merely describing how dangerous they are, wyvern are a class five a basilisk is a class six and from there it only goes up. Dragons are a class ten and when I say dragons I mean the kind from fate stay night not Harry potter Harry Potter dragons are call wyvern in my story. Also harry being skeptical of the holy grail I find it hard to believe that someone like Kiritsugu wouldn't teach his sons that everything has a price and there is no such thing as a prefect wish granting device that you have to do it it yourself if you want something done, mostly because he learned that lesson the hard way.

Medea woke once more this time with a much larger portions of her magic returned and to the smell of food. Rise out of the bed she followed the smell to a kitchen with a traditional Japanese dining area.

"You're awake!" Harry exclaimed on seeing her with smile. "How are you feeling?"

"I am fine thank you for the aid."

"No problem, would you like to eat?" she decided it would be rude to say no, plus the fact they would be curious about why she, someone who hadn't eaten for what had to be days wasn't hungry. Besides it would help restore her stamina as any food a heroic spirit ate was immediately converted into prana.

"Thank you." she said taking a seat, she did shift uncomfortably as she sat unused to how the people of this land ate. She took a bite of the food and froze, magic. There was magic in food, carefully swallowing it not to arouse suspicion she realized that the magic merely used to amplify the healthy effect of the food. Once she realized it wasn't poison she began to eat, it was very good she noted. Very good, professionally done contributing to her theory of this being a wealthy family. Before she realized it she had eaten the entire plate.

"It's good right?" the boy asked with a smile.

"It is, who ever made this is incredibly skilled." she complement.

"Shirou will be happy to hear, do you want more?" He asked getting up.

"If you wouldn't mind." she agreed the amplifying of the food through magic allowed her to recover prana even faster.

"Sure." he grabbed her plate and began to fill it up with food.

She quickly ate this plate as well. "Thank you for the food." she said as she got up preparing to leave once more.

"What are you?" Harry asked her with his head tilted to the side in manner that was quite adorable.

He was blunt she noticed. "What do you mean?" she asked.

He pouted at her. "I'm adorable not stupid." she smiled at his statement, that was true and pout emphasised that.

"I am a Heroic spirit summoned to participate in the holy grail war." she told him standing up straight and letting out some of her power. She made quite the sight to any magus that saw her they would know that she was not one to be messed with.

"Huh?" something that was completely ruined by the boy cluelessness. "What's a heroic what's it?"

"Heroic spirit," she corrected. "And we are legends given form, heroes of the past, present and future, who have ascended to the throne of heroes."

"But who decides you are a hero? After all Hitler was a hero to some people." the holy grail quickly informed her that Hitler was a murderous maniac who tried to purge Europe of those he deemed unworthy, the boy was more perceptive than she thought.

"Exactly that is the conventional definition of the throne and a heroic spirit, the better terms would be throne of Legends and Legendary spirits." she told him. "After all to every story of a hero conquering the villain to or defeating the evil army to the army and their people they are the villain."

"So who are you?" He asked wide eyed, and she hide a grimace no doubt if he knew who she was he would be disgusted with her.

"My name has to remain secret for the war but you may call me Caster."

"Why can't I know your name?"

"Tell me if you had to fight Achilles how would you beat him?" Caster asked instead of answering the question.

"I would go for his heel- oh!" he answered before realizing what she meant. "If they know your name than they know your weaknesses."

She nodded. "But why are you here? What are you fighting for?" he doubted they would come down from this throne of heroes just to fight each other no doubt they could do that there.

"For the holy grail, and no not the one you know of. It's a magical device that grants any wish." she told him.

"At what price?" Harry asked, his dad and later Raiga beat into his head that everything had a price.

"What do you mean? The winner takes the grail that is the price the lives of the other spirits they power it."

"You sure because that sounds like some kind of monkeys paw? You know if you wish for no one to fight anymore everyone dies so no can fight?"

"No. the creators took that into account it can grant wishes true wishes." she wasn't foolish she wouldn't have enter a war that would be such an obvious trap.

"Well than how does it do it." that stumped her she knew it granted wishes because the grail told her besides why on earth would you summon heroic spirits, risk your lives in a fight to the death for anything else.

"I do not know otherwise I would not compete in the war and just do it on my own."

"You said you were summoned by who?"

At this her face twisted into fierce glare. "A pig of a man and a monster of one at that." she growled.

"So than why did you let him summon you?" she sighed his naive nature was beginning to get annoying mostly because it was poking holes in the logic behind the holy grail war.

"I didn't know who he was all I knew that he was a master for the grail war." she explained.

"How do you become a master?" Harry asked.

"You have to have command seals but they-" as if on cue his left hand flared red and a set of command seals appeared in his hand. Interestingly they were shaped in the outline of a bird, you could tell the origin of someone or at least get close to what it was based on their command seal. Her old master's was some kind of generic looking one no doubt he had one of the five basic most likely earth given his family's use of crystal.

"Oh no I can't have a tattoo! Sakura is going to kill me! Oh I'm going to be in so much trouble! I don't want to die!" Caster felt a smile overcome her face as she watched the boy slowly freak out about his command seals clearly having no idea what they were. Slowly but surely a giggle erupted from her mouth then another and another till she was giggling uncontrollably.

"Hey don't laugh at me! I am going to be in so much trouble! Sakura got mad when I got a fake tattoo that lasted a week I don't want to know what she will do to me if she finds out I got a magical one." he said bemoaning his fate.

Gaining control over herself but still having a smile on her face. "Those are command seals." she told him stopping him from having another freak out. "They allow you to summon a servant."

"So wait if we summon spirits doesn't that mean we have to give you power for you to stay here?" Harry was no wiz at magic like say Rin but that didn't mean he didn't understand the basics.

"Yes." she nodded before correcting him slightly. "But we can maintain ourselves by say killing people to take their mana or drawing on the natural ley lines around us."

"Wait does that mean you killed me?!" he asked beginning to freak out again. "Am I ghost is that why Shirou didn't talk to me this morning, oh if you killed me I am so haunting you." Somehow in less than thirty seconds he went from having a full blown meltdown to being slightly peeved.

"No I drew on the mana in the air as well as eating the food which my body converts directly into prana." she said with an amused roll of her eyes.

"Oh so wanna be my servant or heroic spirit or whatever?" he asked, and she sighed it wasn't that she had a problem with it in fact it was probably better for her one less threat to worry about a source of prana it was clearly to her benefit but just the lack of tact he had.

"First answer me this, I am curious why would the grail choose you? It only choose those with great wishes to be fulfilled."

He smiled. "I want to help people, be a doctor."

That didn't explain why it chose him the grail didn't only choose people with magic but anyone so what made him so special. "So what would you wish for?"

"I would wish for there to be no more sick people." now she felt a bit like a selfish bitch for merely wanting another chance at life, she was offered a wish a second chance at life, he was offered a wish cure all illnesses and make sure there are no more diseases.

"Fine I will become your servant." she keeled to the ground. "So I ask of you are you my master?"

"Well no that's why I was asking if you wanted to become my servant." she sighed this boy had no flare for theatrics.

"It was merely a formality anyway." she held out her hand and grasped his. With a small flash of magic she established the contract.

She sighed in relief as she felt her reserves get flooded with prana, now she was no longer barely holding on to her existence.

She than notice something strange the grail had informed her of Magus and wizards but it seemed like her new master was both.

She heard a door open and close and in walked a young boy with red hair cover in a layer of sweat. "Shirou." Harry exclaimed, "this is Caster she is a heroic spirit who became my servant! Can I keep her?" no tact what so ever.

"Bye Caster I'm off to school!" Caster frowned, she did not like letting him out of her sight, but she couldn't leave the as she was even in her astralize form there was no doubt that the master of Lancer had him searching for her meaning she couldn't leave the home for long periods of time. At least until she had crafted the proper magical tools to hide her. But if she did that maybe she could, as technically it was a different person.

"Class we have new student joining us today, her name is Lily Cassidy." a light blueish purple haired girl stepped into the room. She was about the same age as the rest of them if a bit taller.

"Hi nice to meet you all!" she waved with a kind smile. Harry's eyes widened no way but following the drain on his magic he felt it run right to the new student. She could change her age, how cool! But also why was she here, he thought she couldn't leave the house for long periods of time without the servant who attacked her tracking her.

Done! So now we have a reason for Medea to be her younger self, also I could completely believe that Kotomine would have lancer set up a series of runes meant to track servants remember he is a master of runes.

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