Medea smiled as she saw the shocked look on Harry's face as he realized who she was, it was so cute! She frowned and shook her head, that was the problem with this form true her magical knowledge was not as great as it was when she was an adult but that meant very little in time where one of the most advanced magicks around was the ability to create a magical crystal in less than a day. The problem was that 'Lily' was a younger version of herself with all the memories of an adult version but for her it was like reading it in a book, for example she, the adult Caster hated Jason with all her heart, but even that great hatred was not enough to completely get rid of her crush on Jason as 'Lily'. True she was no longer blindly in love with him, no magic from that bitch of a goddess Aphrodite helped with that.

But 'Lily was more of a separate heroic spirit from her, the original. It worked both ways if 'Lily' had been summoned instead of her she could have transformed into Medea and some of her personality would have effect Medea only the strongest of emotions would have bled through but she still would have had part of 'Lily' in her head at all times the same way 'Lily' did now the transformations were less of her becoming 'Lily' and more of their minds merging together with 'Lily' at the forefront.

She used her days as a princess to quickly leave the children surrounding her and go to her seat. She seat down and watched as the teacher began the lesson, her eyes quickly widened and she had to actually focus to keep up. While the Grail gave her basic knowledge of the world enough to pass any history class things such as math and science were not given. She didn't realize how much the world had progressed since her time, because most of the feats they accomplished today had been replicable and magic had been used to do so, but even their ideas of basic math was on par with what was considered advanced mathematics in her time. It made her respect for the non magicals go up it seemed while the magical world declined the non magical advanced at amazing speeds. It also made her annoyance for Magicals increase they were pathetic, she had seen what they called nuclear bombs and a heroic spirit may have been able to beat them, but these modern day magicals? they would be lucky to have time to pray before they were vaporized.

However Medea wasn't praised as a genius for nothing by the end of class she had a complete understanding of the subject being taught and was ready for the next level sadly it seemed they had just began this unit.

"Hi 'Lily' how are you enjoying the school?" Harry asked as they were dismissed for lunch.

"It was a bit more difficult than I was expecting but nothing too hard."

"So I thought you couldn't leave the house?" Harry asked even he wasn't stupid enough to discuss magic in front of his classmates.

"I found a solution."

"What how?" he ask, she said with her magical signature could track her anywhere.

"By using magic," she pointed to herself ignoring his look of disbelieve at the mention of magic. "this technically is a different Heroic spirit, it's younger version of me with different skills and specialties."

Harry looked at her in surprise. "First of all cool! Second of all what are you doing talking about magic in front of everyone!" he said whispering the last part, come on he was the immature one here.

"Oh please you don't think I can cast a confusion charm. Watch." she turned to one of the boys and glared at him. "You smell like a pig that spent the last five years in a locker room." the boy just smiled and laughed.

"I don't know it was pretty hard." he responded making the others laugh as well.

The two of them walked into lunch taking a seat at a table and several other students sat next to them. "So Lily where are you from?" a girl sitting across from her asked.

"I'm from greece." she answered.

"Wow really?!" another student asked surprised. "I couldn't even hear an accent."

"So what's it like in greece?"

She considered what to say, obviously not the truth. "It was nice." she said before realizing she spoke in the past tense, luckily none of them noticed. "I loved the animals my grandfather kept." she told them keeping it plain and simple.

"Oh that's cool." another responded before going into a story of when he had gone to a farm a year or so back.

"You're from greece?" Harry asked looking at her strangely. "Was blue hair common back then?" even if she had used magic to turn her hair a dark brown, he still knew her hair was blue.

"No my hair was unique even back then." she quirked an eyebrow. "Are you trying to figure out who I am?" she asked with a seeming amused smile, there were more than enough female greek heroes for her to hide her identity in, plus she could even argue that she was from where greece now is or that she was born in greece but gain notoriety abroad.

"Nah if you want to tell me, you'll tell me." he said with dismissive wave of his hand. 'Lily' couldn't help but smile at his innocence and naivety. To be so willing to trust someone you didn't know because you had no idea of the evil that lived in the world. A small part of her hated that naivety why should he get to enjoy it while she was forced suffered. But she would never wish her fate on anyone, that was cruelty beyond measure. To be forced to love someone no matter how cruel they became or how callous they treated you.

"I was just wondering how does that work?" he said unaware of her inner anger and frustration. "I mean I get if your parents had blue hair but you said it was unique. Did you use magic to turn it blue?" He asked before becoming considerate. "I wonder if I could do that?" he mused before frowning. "No Sakura would get mad." the bell rang signally the passing period before class the group got up and waved goodbye to each other before heading off to their classes.

The next class apparently involved a fair but very strict teacher. He rarely if even showed any emotion.

"Hello Miss Cassidy." the teacher greeted looking at her closely and she shivered not because she felt any… perversion from his gaze but rather she felt a gaze that seemed so unable to be tricked. A mind so honest with itself that her illusion over her hair had trouble taking hold of him. "My name is Souichirou Kuzuki it is a pleasure to meet you."

"It's nice to meet you as well Mr. Kuzuki." she said with a short bow.

As Harry and 'Lily' walked to their seats, 'Lily' cast a glance back at the teacher. "Is he always so…" she trailed off trying find the right word.

"Intense?" Harry supplied and she nodded. "Yeah he is always like that. Sometimes I think he knows about magic but other times it is very clear he doesn't."

"Well he is definitely straight forward, my illusion nearly didn't affect him." it wasn't her best illusion but it was still leagues above what a normal person should be able to see through.

"That's weird." Harry said before shrugging. "Doesn't matter though he is a good person." she could help but marvel at that kind of optimism. Nothing else was said as class began.

After school the two of them slowly made their way home on the way there 'Lily' finally asked a question that had been on her mind for a while. "What are you going to do about your brother?"

"What do you mean?' Harry asked looking confused. "He won't mind that you went to school with me."

She shook her head. "Not that but odds are he will be chosen for the holy grail war. Do have a plan to deal with him or at least his servant."

Harry didn't seemed worried. "Nah we made a deal a long time ago if we end up in a death tournament we flip a coin to decide."

"Wh-wha-what!" She exclaimed incredulously. "When would that even come up in a conversation!"

"We saw battle royal so we made a deal that if that ever happened we would flip a coin to decide who wins."

"You are a strange boy." she decided.

"Thanks." he said with a cheerful nod as he walked on ahead seeing Sakura waiting for him.

"That was not a compliment." she muttered before following after him.

Sakura's eyes widened when she saw 'Lily'. "Hello Harry who is your friend?" Sakura asked glaring daggers at the younger version of Caster she recognized who she was as soon as she laid eyes on her those ears and that hair were not common.

"My name is Lily Cassidy." she said holding her hand out with a smile that didn't reach her eyes.

"Nice to meet you." Sakura said with a much too tight grin.

Harry grabbed Sakura's hand and began to drag her towards his house. "Come on Shirou is making my favorite tonight."

'Lily's' eyes narrowed when she saw a red mark on Sakura's hand. Somehow she must have suppressed the effect of command seals reacting to each other, but she dismissed her worry the almost fanatical loyalty the girl had shown for Harry and his family was more powerful than any temptation the greater worry was that she might honestly kill herself if it meant them living and gaining their greatest wish. She knew she under the curse Aphrodite would have done so without a moment's hesitation.

As they entered the house she saw Shirou in the kitchen and still couldn't help but be surprised that a magus with such a deadly repertoire of skills was such a gentle person. She didn't know why the girl Rin called him a third rate magus he didn't seem that terrible at basic magic from what she had seen, though she may have been biased given that to her all magic of this age was third rate to her, thus it was harder to tell the difference between the levels of third rate magecraft.

His ability to copy the skills and abilities of any weapon honestly terrified her, she came from an age where noble phantasms were far more common, the thought of someone being able to summon and use dozens of them was a bone chilling one. Where heroes like Achilles and as much as she hated to admit it Jason had amazing skills when it came to weapons the idea that just by glancing at a weapon he could create a perfect copy and use the skills of such heroes was one that made her question the sanity of magus in this day and age. To call him a third rate magus was ridiculous in her day and age such a skill would be lauded as gift from the gods, he may have been over specialized but that wasn't to rare plenty of magus tended to focus only on their specialty and ignore other branches of magic. Hopefully he would remain a kind caring brother if he was chosen for the grail war.

One thing to be clear on, the way I see it yes Shirou is a complete third rate magus… when it comes to everything but projection, I believe that If Medea were to see it she would be amazed and would deem it an amazing craft of magic well beyond anything modern magus were capable of, something everyone seems to forget is how OP projection is in theory for shirou. Look at it this way, say you are an heir to a prestigious family you have inherited a rare family noble phantasm and are considered one of the greatest mages of your generation and you come across this arrogant lesser third rate magus who thinks he can talk to you like an equal so you decided to teach him a lesson challenge him to a public duel, you have heard all over the clock tower about this pathetic magus who has only remained because of the skill of his master. As everyone gathers to watch you destroy him you have your noble Phantasm with you as always and as the duel begins suddenly you are looking at an exact replica of noble phantasm and of course you are angry how dare he mock you by making some sham that looks like you noble phantasm angry you draw it and tell him you are going to show him what a noble phantasm is, as you activate your noble phantasm you expect to hear begging asking you not to use but it never comes instead he attacks first using a technique of the noble phantasm that has been lost for centuries. That is what it would be like fighting someone like shirou a single glance at a noble phantasm and he can fight with the skills of a hero of legend, using abilities with the weapon that have most likely been lost for centuries, to use the magnificent skill of lancelot or have the precision of Cú Chulainn when you fight against him it is more like going up against a hero of legend meaning that he would completely destroy most people in a fight. Think about it what could possibly stand up to excalibur or the many many many noble phantasms he got from gilgamesh, or even just the skills of the wielders of those weapons.