Author's Note:

Synopsis : While on a case, a very special agent is injured and this is only the beginning of the team's problems. Tony and Ziva are still part of the team… Romantic links could arise in later chapters for Tiva and Gibbs/Other female…

A new story that has not been fully thought out… I will go where it leads me... Hence bear with me… Read and Enjoy… And let me know your thoughts…


Gibbs ran across the upper deck of the ship, moonlight glistening of his drawn weapon. He didn't know where the rest of his team were but could hear shots and shouts ringing out from other areas of the ship.

"DiNozzo!" He called into his coms but there was no reply.

"David! McGee!" he shouted.

Again silence greeted him.

Damnit, they better be okay.

And where the hell is the coast guard with my backup?

He had not expected to face an all out war when they'd boarded the vessel. The Captain had indicated that all was well on the ship and that they were only waiting for their research divers to return before heading back to port.

Yeah right.

The vessel was overrun by criminals, smuggling all manner of goods, weapons and humans included. By the time they'd made that discovery it was too late to get off the ship.

Damnit, have to find my team.

We have to find a way to hold out until the coast guard gets here.

Looking around he spotted the stairway that led to the lower deck.

He managed to take one step in that direction before gunfire erupted directly across from him.

The force of the bullet slamming into his right shoulder threw him backward against and over the upper deck railing.

Shit! He thought a nanosecond before his body collided with the lower deck.


Let me know your thoughts…