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Tony and Ziva stood back to back, weapons drawn as they moved down a darkened corridor of the vessel.

"Crap, still no word from Gibbs or McGee." Tony whispered.

"I don't like this." Ziva replied. "Where is the coast guard? They shouldn't have left but they did."

"Yeah, there's only one conclusion I can draw from that."

"They're in on this."


Gunfire erupted and bullets punched holes in the wall close to Tony's head.

Tony crouched down and returned fire, hitting two of the perps as Ziva spun around and shot a third.

"Just how many bastards are there on this ship?" Tony swore under his breath as Ziva ran her hand along the side of his head to make sure he wasn't hurt.

"I'm fine." Tony said, taken aback.

"Good." She replied as she dropped her hand.

"Let's keep moving." he said as he turned to look ahead of them again.

Ziva swung around to make sure no one was following them. "We need to find Gibbs and McGee and get word to Vance to send backup."

Tony nodded as he moved forward.

As they reach the 3 dead men, they frisked them, took their automatic rifles and walkie talkies. Tony also took their mobile phones. But it was useless since there was not mobile signal on the ship.

"We need to get to the control room and use the radio to get a message out." Tony whispered.

"Agreed," Ziva replied.

"Do you think Gibbs and McGee are thinking the same?"

"Of course." Ziva replied.

Just then the walkie came to life.

"Got one of them. Think it was that guy they called Boss."

"No." Ziva swore.

"Crap." Tony said in shock, before he and Ziva took off in a run.


McGee crouched in behind stacks of boxes in a storage cabin on the ship.

He had given up trying to make contact with the rest of the team, when he realized that the coms and mobile signals had been cut. He worked on his iPad and tried to find any available wi-fi signal to connect to. Obviously there was none.

"Oh boy." McGee said. "This is so bad… so very, very bad."

He pulled up a file that contained a schematic of the vessel and reviewed it. He identified where he was, where the rescue boats were located as well as where the kitchen, mass hall, Captain's cabin and communal areas were. And then he noted the location of the control room.

"It has to be all the way on the other side, right." He groaned. "Okay what will I need to get to that side unseen?"

He checked his weapon and noted he was almost out of ammunition.

"That's another problem." As he stood up and started looking in the boxes that surrounded him. He found men's clothes and quickly changed out of his NCIS embossed gear into a faded jeans, maroon t-shirt and tan jacket. He also found a cap and placed that on his head.

"Blend in. Pretend to be one of them."

Cautiously, he slipped out of the cabin and started walking down the corridor.

God, I hope this works.


Gibbs remained on his back… still, the wind knocked out of him. He didn't feel any pain, just absolute numbness, like he was separate from his body.

Shit…I have to move…

He admonished himself.

Get up Jethro!

But he couldn't seem to get his body to follow his command.

Then he saw a shadow loom over him, the glint of silver confirming that a weapon was drawn and pointed at him.

Shit… so this is how it ends…


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