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Bethan Short #1: Dehydration And Fatigue

Benny Weir had been feeling a bit worried about his boyfriend of 6 months (and best friend since forever) lately, Ethan Morgan. He's noticed how hard Ethan has been working himself lately and how exhausted he looked from it, too. Lately, all the seer's been doing is nothing but work, with no real breaks in between. He highly doubts that he's even been taking good care of himself all that very well.

You see, Ethan's been busy with his studies, trying to make good scores on his tests. And right, now he's been hard at right studying for an upcoming exam that's to take place later that day at school.

Benny always tries to tell Ethan that he needs to slowdown a bit and take some time off to rest, but the seer never listened and keeps on insisting that he's fine. But too Benny, he knew better. He knew that it was obvious that Ethan wasn't alright just by looking at him. He had bags under his eyes from pulling all nighters and he looked a bit more thinner than usual. His skin was a bit paler in color and his overall look just seemed...not as together as it usually does.

Not only has his boyfriend been busy studying, but he's also been busy trying to figure how to deal with their latest supernatural bad guy threatening their town. He finally found a way to stop the evil threat, but now all he had to do was just formulate a plan to execute the final blow to it.

Benny knew that is it was only a matter of time before Ethan's fatigue and exhaustion would get the best of him.

And it did.

It was a Friday afternoon and the sun was baring down on the little town of Whitechapel immensely. All week it had been really hot out and the weather anchorman kept advising the importance of keeping cool and hydrated while out in this heat.

But one person didn't listen.

It was gym class for Ethan and Bethan today and the teacher had came up with the bright idea of having them run a few laps outside on the field. He did make sure though to bring with them a cooler filled with water bottles, to help keep his students hydrated.

Benny took a sip from his bottle already before getting ready to line up. Ethan was standing there next to him, doing some warm up stretches. He offered Ethan a drink of his water, but the seer kindly turned him down shaking his head.

"I'm fine, B! I'm not really all that thristy right now." he replied with a smile. "But thanks, though!"

Benny looked at him worriedly for a minute. "Are you sure? I mean, it's pretty hot out today. It's kind a best if you drink plenty of water on these kind of days, E. And I know how busy and tired you've been lately, which I highly doubt is a good combo to have when we've been under such a massive heatwave this past week." advised Benny concernedly.

But Ethan still refused his offer of the cool beverage. "I'm positive! I can handle it! I'm a big boy, B!" chuckled Ethan teasingly, giving him a light nudge with his elbow. "I'm pretty resilient, anyways. And I'm not as tired as I look, either! So, just relax. Will ya? I'll be fine." reassurred Ethan, giving him a quick peck on the cheek before walking off.

Benny didn't feel quite as confident as Ethan did about his resilience in this heat, but there was nothing he could do about it. It's like his grandma always says, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink." In which, this case the metaphor fit the situation perfectly.

Sighing and placing the cap on the bottle, he went to join the others in line.

About twenty minutes into the run, Benny noticed how hot and sweaty Ethan had looked. Of course, he was sweating like crazy himself, but when he seen Ethan it was like as if he had just gotten out of the shower or something. He was drenched in nothing, but sweat. Also, Ethan had slowdown considerably just after the first ten minutes of running, which was unusual for him. He normally doesn't start getting tired until about after thirty or fourty-five minutes of running.

He noticed Ethan then starting to sway a little, which really spiked his concern for the seer now.

"Ethan. Are you ok man? You don't look so hot, er...good, I mean?" asked Benny, as he slowed down to Ethan's pace.

But he didn't hear him. All Ethan heard was something that sounded like someone speaking in slow motion, as their voice came in really deep and slurred like. The world around him had started to spin, as he felt really light headed and dizzy. Soon spots started to form in his line of vision, as everything suddenly went dark on him and he passed out.

"ETHAN!" shouted Benny worriedly, as he saw the seer collapse to the ground next to him.

He instantly stopped and ran over to check on his collapsed boyfriend. He lifted Ethan's head up onto his knees and he tried desperately to get him to open his eyes.

"Ethan! Ethan! Come on, babe! You gotta open your eyes! Ethan!" urged Benny desperately, lightly slapping the side of Ethan's face to wake him.

Ethan groggily managed to open his eyes for a brief moment to look up into very concerned and scared green ones. Benny sighed in relief and flashed him a small smile. "Oh, thank goodness!" sighed out Benny gratefully. "Are you ok?! What happened back there?!" he questioned frantically.

But Ethan was too weak to respond, as his tired mind had a hard time grasping for words. Tears were starting to come down from Benny's eyes now, as he sat there never letting go of Ethan's hand. He could clearly tell that Ethan was too exhausted to speak. "It's ok. Don't worry about trying to tell me, right now. Just focus on staying awake for me. Ok?" he said softly, giving his hand a squeeze.

Ethan slowly nodded, as his head began to swim again and the light began to fade into darkness, once again.

"An ambulance is on it's way. Just hang in there, babe." said Benny shakily a bit, as he stroked Ethan's wet sticky hair.

Ethan looked up at him and smiled weakly. "B-B-Ben...ny..." he managed to strangle out weakly, before his head fell to the side with his eyes closed. The last thing Ethan heard before lossing complete conscious was the sound of Benny yelling his name and the far off sounds of sirens.

"Ethan...Ethan...ETHAN!" cried out Benny panicky, as he lightly shook the seer in his arms a bit to get him to respond, but he didn't. More tears streamed down Benny's cheeks like waterfalls now.

Five hours later, Benny sat patiently at his boyfriend's bedside awaiting for him to wake up. The doctor had left the room about two hours ago and his Grandma had left with the Morgans (who had arrived moments after the ambulance had reached the hospital, once they found out) to go and grab a bite to eat from the cafeteria.

They tried to convince Benny to come, but he refused replying that he wasn't hungry at the moment and that somebody needed to be here for when he wakes up, knowing he'll probably be confused and a bit groggy from the incident earlier.

So, he sat there staring at Ethan's sleeping form lovingly as he brushed some of his hair out of his eyes. When he did, Benny was startled a bit when he heard a groan from the bedridden seer's lips. He immediately reeled back his hand and watched as Ethan woke up, shifting a bit to sit up in bed.

When Ethan had opened his eyes the world still seemed a bit blurry to him, as he heard the sound of a steady beeping noise coming from somewhere close by. He felt a slight headache coming on, but it wasn't too bad and he felt a little weak all over his body, as if the energy was drained from him or something.

Moments later, he heard someone say his name. "Ethan?" the voice said.

Ethan looked over at to where the voice had came from. When he did, the world seemed to shifted back into focus now as he saw the same pair of scared green eyes from before he blacked out, but this time they didn't held fear in them, but instead more of what looked like to be relief and happiness.

A second later and Ethan remembered who'd those green gorgeous eyes belonged to.

"B-Benny?" he croaked out in a raspy voice.

Benny nodded happily, as he tried to hold back a few tears of joy. When Ethan tried to get up out off bed, Benny immediately stood up and gently pushed him back down to rest.

"Whoa there, E! It's too soon for you to be getting up now! You still need your rest!" advised Benny strongly, but in a comforting tone.

Not saying anything, Ethan just nodded at the spell master. He then felt a slight stinging sensation in one of his arms. When he looked down he sort a began to freak out a little at seeing a needle stuck in his arm with a thin long clear tube running from it.

Catching Ethan's fearful expression, Benny knew exactly what was causing the seer to panic a bit. His fear of needles. The heart monitor's beeping then began to increase in beeping, as the Ethan's heart rate went up. Knowing just what to do, Benny grabbed Ethan's face with his hands and turned his head so that he was focused only on him.

"Breath, Ethan. You're alright. Ok? Just relax." spoke Benny softly in a calming manner. "It's just an IV needle. No need to worry. I'm right here." he said soothingly.

Ethan nodded slowly as he closed his eyes and tried to take steady breaths. Seeing the perfect opportunity and wanting to make sure, Benny leaned over and pressed his lips against Ethan's.

Now, he was feeling even more relaxed and calmer than ever thanks to that kiss, as he smiled into it and kissed back. The heart monitor's beeping then went back down to it's steady rhythm of beeps, again.

"So, what happened? Why am I in the hospital?" wondered Ethan curiously, as he leaned back from the kiss. He couldn't remember a thing that led him here. "The last thing I remember is being at school, running laps for gym out in this crazy heatwave of ours?"

Benny frowned, but decided to fill in the clueless seer. "While we were busy running, you collapsed and fainted. You came to for a second, but then you passed out completely right before the ambulance had arrived." he explained. "I was so worried about you." he added sullenly.

Ethan looked down with disappointed eyes, hating that he had made Benny worry about him like that. He never liked to make his boyfriend and best friend worry over him. And the same could be said for Benny too. He hated to make Ethan worry about him, as well.

"I'm sorry, B. I didn't mean to make you worry so much about me." apologized Ethan in shame.

"It's ok, E! Some things we just can't avoid. As long as you're ok and healthy again, then that's what matters most." assured Benny cheerfully to Ethan, as he took Ethan's hand in his and placed a small kiss on the knuckle with a smile, thus making Ethan smile as well.

"Anyways, the doctor said that the reason you passed out like that during gym class was due to overworking yourself, lack of sleep, and from dehydration. Hence, the need for the IV bag that's now running into your veins. He said that you should make a full recovery as long as you get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids to help keep you hydrated, but they wanted to keep you over night just in case." Benny explained, giving Ethan the run down of what the doctor had said.

Ethan nodded, getting the gist of it, but then his eyes shot open wide. "Oh, my gosh! Benny! How long have I been out for?" he asked frantically.

Benny looked at him weirdly. "Five hours. Why?" he answered skeptically.

Ethan practically jumped out of bed at the sound of that, but Benny had managed to restrain the seer before he hurt himself or collasped again. "Ethan! The doctor said you needed to rest! Didn't you hear me the first time?!" cried out Benny in a condescending manner.

Ethan leaned back again, and sighed heavily. "Yeah. I heard you." he said lazily. "It's just...that today was that big exam of ours in chem, that I've been studying for so hard all week. And I totally missed it!" he complained defeatedly.

Benny smiled at him. "It's ok, E! Relax! I told Mr. Lewis what had happened and he said that he was willing to let you retake the exam once you're feeling up to it, again." he explained. Ethan sighed out in relief, but then remembered something else really important.

But before he could say anything, Benny had beat him to it. "And before you ask! I got Sarah, Erica, and Rory to handle our 'other' little crisis of the supernatural variety. I told her about the creature's weakness, so she basically took it from there." he informed assuringly. "So, don't worry, E! Your boyfriend's got you covered." he added with a wink and bright smile on his face.

"I guess you do, huh?" smiled Ethan happily.

"All you got to do is just recover and get better, so we can hangout and do boyfriend stuff again." commented Benny confidently. "And I'm gonna make sure you do every little thing that you're suppose to, too, this time. Whether you like it or not." he added playfully, tapping Ethan on the nose with his finger.

"So, what?! You're gonna be my bedside nurse or something?" scoffed Ethan jokingly.

"You gotcha! Whatever it takes to get you back at hundred percent again." chirped Benny brightly. "And besides...I know you, Ethan. I know how that little mind of yours works sometimes. So, I know that your going to be more concerned about everything else, BUT your own health." he commented. He then looked down sadly. "And I don't want to see you work yourself to death, either, E. I want my boyfriend and best friend to always be by my side. This world can be a very lonely place when you're not in it to keep me company." he added sullenly.

Ethan reached over and gave Benny's hand a firm squeeze. "And you won't ever have to because I promise to always be here by your side to love and to hold forever more. I love you Benny Weir and I will never leave you alone. Not even in death." he stated sincerely in a loving voice. "Heck! If need be I'll comeback as a ghost just to haunt your butt until it's time for you to meet your untimely demise, if I do ever die before you." joked Ethan humorously with a chuckled.

Benny looked back up at him and smiled, with a few tears pricking his eyes. Not being able to help himself, Benny lunged forward to plant his lips on Ethan's in a passionate kiss.

"Well, then...I guess I better make sure I take good care of you so that you won't have to. Huh, babe?" replied Benny slyly with a wink and a smirk.

Ethan giggled and grabbed Benny's shirt tugging him in more closer for another sweet and loving kiss.

And with that, Ethan had promised to start taking more better care of himself from that day on with Benny making sure that he did, as well.

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