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Bethan Short #10: Earth Shaking Anniversary Vacay

It was a beautiful day in Santa Monica, California. As our two favorite lovesick geeks were busy vacationing there for their five year anniversary together since they started dating each other. Although, Ethan Morgan and Benny Weir might have started out as best friends since they were kids, but their relationship with one another soon began to quickly change into something much more between the two of them, back in high school. At first, they didn't see it. But then during their junior year was when they finally realized just how much they truly cared for the other. Of course, they tried to deny and hide their feelings, but eventually, it all came out in the end.

And now, five years later, the two are still going strong as they celebrate that wonderful milestone in their lives together. And what better place than Santa Monica, California?! Yes, it may be far from home, but that's what the two wanted. To go someplace new and exciting, that they've never been before! Plus, Ethan's always wanted to see the ocean in person, as well! So, it was a win-win in their books! Also, they didn't even have to worry about room and board while there, too, because Benny had a cousin who lived there! But unfortunately, not long after arriving there, Benny's cousin had to leave for Los Angeles and would be gone for most of their visit. She worked in Hollywood, but she wasn't an actress or anybody important there, though. Instead, she worked behind the scenes as one of the set managers. Making sure that everybody did their job correctly and that things run smoothly from behind the scenes with the rest of the cast and crew. Basically, she was the one responsible for keeping everybody there in check and all the actors happy. It was a very demanding job, but she still loved it, nonetheless. Although, sometimes it would call for her to be gone from home for a few days or a week during the times they would need her to come in early. So, instead of making the long trip back and forth between home and work each day, she would sometimes just get a room at a hotel somewhere while still in Los Angeles. So, her house in Santa Monica would usually be left empty for most of the time.

But she was kind enough, though, to leave them the key to her place before she left, since she should be back before their time in Santa Monica was over with. Telling them to feel free to make themselves at home and that they're more than welcome to still stay there during their trip while she was gone. Benny and Ethan were both grateful for the kind hospitality, as they bid her a safe journey to Los Angeles as she left.

So, far it's been three days since their arrival, and both of them were loving their time in Santa Monica, too.

"I still can't believe your cousin trusted us enough to house-sit for her, while she's gone." commented Ethan simply, as they walked down the street together on another beautiful and glorious day in Santa Monica. Taking in all the sights and that there is to see in this beautiful little beachside city.

"Why wouldn't she? I mean, we are grown men now, after all, babe!" replied Benny proudly, as she held his boyfriend's hand as they walked.

This made Ethan chuckle. "Yeah! But we still act like a bunch of teenagers most of the time, though! Mainly, you, B!" he said amusingly.

Benny playfully rolled his eyes. "Pish! Well, what do you expect! We're only in our early 20's! We've just barely hit our adulthood years, babe! So, of course, we're still gonna act like teenagers!" countered Benny exuberantly while in a good mood, as if it was all perfectly normal.

"Yeah, but...you're still not the most responsible person I know, Benny. Especially, when left alone to your own devices." replied Ethan earnestly.

Benny frowned for a minute at that, but then quickly perked right back up again with a smile. "Yeah, but that's why I've got you, E! With you by my side then I'm always grounded cause you're the one who keeps me in check when I do think about doing something stupid!" he said happily with a bit of arrogance in his voice.

Ethan only shook his head at his boyfriend's response while also smiling, too. Knowing that he was right. He was the one who always kept him in check. Most of the time, that is. Assuming Benny doesn't pull out the charm card on him, to get him to go along with whatever cockamamie idea he's done come up with, though. Benny's charm might've not worked with the ladies most of the time, back then. But it sure did work on him most of the time, though! But that's ok because Ethan also has his own ways of getting Benny to do what he pleases, as well.

"And you're the one who always keeps my life interesting, too. With all the dumb ideas you like to come up with that usually land us in trouble in the end." commented Ethan mockingly out of amusement with a smile.

Benny chuckled but said nothing. He simply just kissed Ethan on the cheek, as they walked down the street as a couple would.

After spending their little daytime outing together going sightseeing, shopping, talking a nice walk along the beach, and even enjoying a nice relaxing spa treatment together; the sun was beginning to set. As it looked to be on fire with it's reds, oranges, and yellows all blending into one another so perfectly. With hints of pink and purple added into the mix, as well. The sky looked like a beautiful painting in the background, off in the distance, as the sun said it's goodbye to the people of Earth for the day. Slowly fading away beyond the horizon. That's when Ethan and Benny decided that it would be nice to have a nice romantic early dinner at some cute and fancy little restaurant that they saw on their stroll together through town.

The place was nice and the decor was lovely and of course, the food tasted excellent, as well. According, to Benny the unofficial food critic, it was amazing! Although, it still doesn't compare to anything that Ethan makes, though, in his opinion. To Benny, Ethan's cooking always got a 6 star rating in his book. Granted, there's no such thing as a 6 star rating as restaurant ratings only go up to 5 stars, not 6. But Benny always thought that Ethan's dishes deserved an extra star, though, because they're so delicious and he loves Ethan very much, too. So, what if he was a being little bit bias! E's his boyfriend, after all! It's his duty to make sure that he feels special and loved! Ok?!

Anyway, the two were just about done with their dinner date, as they were currently eating dessert while chatting about this and that. When suddenly, the whole place began to violently sake around them. At first, everybody there was confused as to what was going on until they realized what was happening.

"IT'S AN EARTHQUAKE! TAKE COVER!" yelled out somebody in the restaurant.

Everyone in the restaurant immediately began to panic and took cover where ever they could. Ethan and Benny did the same, too. They took cover under their table, as many of the other diners did the same. Both of them were really scared, as they've never been in an earthquake before. They've heard of the major damage they can cause sometimes if they're big enough from school and the news, but living in Whitechapel, Canada there are no earthquakes. So, actually getting to experience what it's like being in one was a first for them. And it wasn't very fun, either.

"Benny...I'm scared." said Ethan fearfully, as he saw things beginning to break and fall over from the quake.

Benny pulled Ethan closer to himself, as he kept his arms around the seer protectively to comfort him. "It's ok, babe. I'm here." he said comfortingly to Ethan. "It'll be over soon. Don't you worry." assured Benny in a calm and soothing voice, although he was scared as well on the inside. But it did nobody any good if they both were panicking, right now. So, he tried to keep it together for Ethan's sake.

Benny would've thrown up a protection spell to protect them from all the debris that was falling around them from the ceiling, but he couldn't. Even though things were in complete chaos right now, there were still too many people around that might see the protection barrier around them. As well, as the strange way that all of the pieces of debris have landed around them. It would've scattered about around them in a circle while, within the circle, everything else would've been perfectly neat and tidy, still. No way could he risk exposing his magic like that. Even in an event of a natural disaster happening. If they were alone then maybe he could use a spell or two without worry of being seen, but they weren't. So, they had to wait it out like the rest of the ordinary people there. And just hope that they just make it out alive, as well.

After about 30 seconds of shaking (but what felt like much longer than that to the boys), the earthquake had stopped. Once things had finally settled down, the people in the restaurant all came out of hiding, but cautiously. Everyone was still a little bit shaken up and frightened afterward.

Ethan and Benny both came out from under their hiding place, too. When they looked around the room to see the destruction left behind from the quake, they were both stunned. There were large broken pieces of the building's walls and ceiling laying everywhere. Wires and some of the ceiling lights were dangling down from above, with sparks flying out now and then from some of the broken electrical wires. There sounds of others moaning and groaning, too, from injuries that they had sustained from some of the falling debris. Others were coughing at the dust that lingered in the air around them. Some of the tables and chairs laid about in pieces on the floor. The whole place looked a wreck. It was no longer the lovely little restaurant that it once was, anymore.

Ethan let a few coughs, as well, from the dust that infiltrated his lungs before speaking. "Benny, are you alright?" he asked in concern to his boyfriend standing next to him.

"Yeah, E! I'm good!" replied Benny, also coughing a bit as he tried to knock some of the dust off his clothes. "What about you? Anything broken or damaged?" he then asked, looking over at him with concern.

"You mean besides this place and my now newly ruined good clothes? Then no." replied Ethan half-jokingly a little, as he shook his head afterward with a smile.

Benny couldn't help but chuckle at his little joke. "Well, I'm glad you're alright physically, at least." replied Benny back in amusement. Also smiling back. Then his face grew serious again, as he glanced around the destroyed building with a concerned frown, though. "But seriously, though...this place is a wreck. I hope nobody was terribly injured." he commented out of concern.

"Yeah...me, too." replied Ethan, as he too looked around at the devastation that the earthquake had left behind. "Who would've guessed that out of all the times for an earthquake to hit Santa Monica, it would be during our vacation here. But then again...earthquakes are unpredictable, though. Even with all of today's advanced ways of trying to predict them more accurately. You still can't predict when one will happen way in advance before it does happen, though. Like you can with severe weather. So, that you can properly warn people to be prepared for it when it does hit." he stated simply, then.

Benny then turned to him, giving him a smug knowing look on his face, though. "Except maybe you, that is." he said cockily in a teasing like manner.

Ethan turned to face him with a straight face. "Benny. You know my powers don't work like that. I can't just automatically will my visions to come to me, you know. They only happen at random times. And even then, they're usually about things that are supernatural or unnatural related. Not regular natural disasters." reminded/stated Ethan seriously.

Benny, always the joker between the two, raised his hands in defeat. "Alright! Alright! Yes, I know, E." he said submissively in a calm and easy tone. When he put his hands back down, though, he shot Ethan another knowing and teasing like smirk. "But if we're being honest here. You actually can call forth your visions at will, babe. The ones you get whenever you go into other people's minds. Those visions you can actually do at will." he stated in a matter-of-factly kinda way.

Ethan didn't say anything because he knew that Benny was right. That part of his seer powers he can actually do at will. But he didn't want to give his boyfriend the satisfaction that he was right, though. Right now, they had a bigger problem to deal with. Like, helping anybody in the restaurant that needed it after that earthquake hit. As well, as trying to get the hell on out of there since clearly the original exit is a no go, at the moment. The door was blocked by large chunks of concrete and wooden support beams. No way were they getting through there, any time soon. Not until outside helped arrived, that is.

"Come on, B! Since we're ok, we should probably go help those who aren't." suggested Ethan.

"You're right! We should help out! Let's go!" agreed Benny with a nod, ready to help those that needed it.

After about 10 minutes of helping other people out, Ethan suddenly stopped with a puzzled look on his face as something seemed off.

"Hey, Benny? Do you smell something weird?" asked Ethan, as he tried to rack his brain around what that strange smell he was smelling, was.

Benny turned and looked at him curiously before then sniffing the air himself. Once he did, though, he immediately scrunched up his nose at the weird smell. "Ugh! Yeah! What is that?" he confirmed in disgust, as he covers his nose with his hand and used his other hand to fan the air in front of him.

"I'm not sure. I've been smelling it for a couple of minutes now, but ignored it. Since there were bigger things to deal with other than figuring out a strange smell. But...now it has my full attention since it seems stronger now and because I can shake this strange bad feeling I keep getting, too." replied Ethan worriedly, as he expressed his concerns about the smell.

Benny then took another whiff of the air. When he did that's when it hit him. "Oh, my gosh, E! I know what that smell is!" he exclaimed alarmingly from fear. Causing Ethan to look at him with a raised brow. "It's gas!" stated Benny loudly.

Now, both of the seer's eyebrows shot up in astonishment as his eyes grew big with concern and fear. "That's bad, Benny! If the gas's pressure builds up too much in here then it'll lead to an explosion!" exclaimed Ethan worriedly.

"I know! Assuming we don't all die from carbon monoxide poisoning, first, that is!" added Benny, just as equally worried now about the situation. "But where is it coming from though?" he then asked curiously with a confused expression on his face.

"It must be coming from the kitchen. One of the stoves or oven pipes must've got damaged or broken in the earthquake." reasoned Ethan rationally.

"What are we gonna do, E?! This is bad!" exclaimed Benny.

Ethan shook his head with a frown. "I don't know, B." he answered before looking around the place again. "If we don't get out of here quick then we're all goners." concluded Ethan grimly.

That's when Benny remembered something about earthquakes that he learned in school one time. "E...we may not be done with this quake just yet, I'm afraid." he stated ominously in fear.

"What do you mean?" replied Ethan, looking at him in confusion.

"I mean, that after an earthquake usually hits, there's normally more to come after it. As in...the aftershocks!" explained Benny worrisomely to his boyfriend. Making Ethan now extremely worried, too.

"If that aftershock hits us while there's a gas leak in the kitchen then..." trailed off Ethan in fear, as he pieced it all together.

Benny nodded, then. "It could also trigger an explosion to happen." replied Benny gravely, as he finished his boyfriend's statement. The two stood there staring at each other in fear and worry for a moment. But before they could do or say a thing more, their worse fear happened.

The building then began to suddenly shake, again. It wasn't as strong as the shaking from earlier when the earthquake first hit, but it still did some damage to the place, though. Adding on to what was already there and maybe causing a few of the people who were standing to fall on their butts on the ground, after losing their balance from the shaking.

Once the mild bit of shaking settled down, that's when it happened.

About a minute after the shaking had ended, a large explosion from the kitchen erupted. Sending a blast of heat and fire everywhere. Thankfully, though the blast wasn't stronger enough to completely demolish the place, though, as the wall separating the kitchen area from the dining area acted as a bit of a barrier. Protecting them from taking the brunt of the explosion's force, but it was still powerful enough to do some major damage, though. And probably even caused a few more serious injuries to some of the earthquake survivors trapped within the restaurant, as well. If no maybe even killing a few of them, too.

But seconds before the explosion even took place, it was like Benny's spellmaster instincts had kicked in. Sensing the impending danger of the explosion. At that moment, the only thing his brain could think about was Ethan, as he instantly grabbed his boyfriend and protectively pulled him close. Covering the seer's body with his own in an attempt to shield him from the explosion's impact.

As he did all this, though, it was like time had slowed down and everything was in slow motion for Benny. As his life flashed before his eyes. Showing him all the good times and the bad times he's had throughout his life. Mainly, ones that involved him and Ethan, and how their relationship reached the point to where it was today. Those memories he would always cherish forever, as he mentally smiled at himself. Ethan was his everything and if he was to die here today from saving his life, then so be it. At least, he could die happy knowing that the love of his life was safe and that the last thing he ever got to see before biting the big one was Ethan's wonderful face.

Time then picked right back up again for the spellmaster, as he felt the brunt of the explosion's powerful force hit him. Sending him and Ethan to the ground. But as they were sent flying to the ground, something had hit Benny in the head, hard. It was a small piece of debris that was also sent flying from the explosion's blast that had hit him. After feeling the debris hitting his head hard, Benny blacked out and lost consciousness soon after as his body hit the floor.

Once the dust had settled and the explosion was over with, Ethan sat up coughing a little. He was a bit sore from hitting the ground so hard, but other than that he was ok. When he was able to finally stop coughing, though, he looked over and saw his boyfriend laying face down on the ground with his head turned away from him. The explosion had separated them when they fell, but not by much, though. Only by maybe a couple of feet or so.

"Benny?" called out Ethan, a little bit dazedly. As he was still feeling slightly disoriented after the explosion. But when Benny didn't answer back, Ethan got a bit worried. So, he carefully scooted on over to where Benny laid. "Benny? Are you ok, babe?" he asked again, but this time with more worry evident in his voice, as he then flipped the spellmaster over so that he could see his face. "Benny!" gasped Ethan in a panicked/worried tone when he saw Benny's eyes were closed and he was bleeding from his head a little. He then quickly glanced around at the rest of his boyfriend's body for any other major injuries, but thankfully he didn't see anything that was visibly wrong on the outside. Although Benny may be ok on the outside, Ethan still worried though that there might be something wrong on the inside of his body, internally. He wasn't about to relax until he was absolutely sure that his boyfriend was going to be a hundred percent alright. Which meant getting him to a medical professional immediately to get him checked out thoroughly.

"Benny?! Wake up, Benny! I need you to open your eyes for me! Ok? Please!" begged Ethan frantically to his unconscious boyfriend, who was now being cradled in his arms. Tears of worry and fear were starting to form in Ethan's eyes at the thought that he might be dead.

Thankfully, though, that wasn't the case as Benny then slowly began to open his eyes. "Ugh...mmm...ow. What hit me?" moaned Benny groggily, as he came to and started to sit up, now. His head was throbbing like no other, along with the rest of his body. "And...what's with the waterworks, babe? Did I miss something?" he then asked Ethan, as he looked over at him with a curious look.

Ethan smiled happily to see that Benny was awake and not dead. "What are you talking about? I'm not crying, you big dope." replied/denied Ethan lightheartedly, as he tried to rub away the few tears that had ran down his face with his arm. Only to wind up smearing some of the dirt and grime that was on his face, though. But he didn't are. All he cared about was that his boyfriend was still alive and talking to him.

Benny just smiled back at him. "Sure you weren't." replied Benny sarcastically in a sincere manner.

Then Benny was taken off guard by Ethan suddenly bringing him into a bone-crushing hug. Leaving the spellmaster now a bit confused.

"Uh...not that I don't enjoy the feeling of your arms wrapped around me, babe. But um...what's with the hug?" asked Benny curiously, who still being held tightly by his boyfriend's arms around him. It was like Ethan almost didn't want to let go of him. Ever.

After a couple more minutes of holding his boyfriend close to him, Ethan finally let go. He sat there staring down at his hands shamefully, not being able to look Benny in the eye. "I thought I had lost you, Benny. When you didn't answer me and I saw that you weren't moving, either. It...it...it really scared me!" explained Ethan calmly at first, but then raised his voice in a desperate tone as he looked up at him with tears in his eyes. "Don't ever do that again, you big dummy!" he cried, lightly punching the spellmaster in the arm playfully.

Benny smiled and let out a chuckle. "Well, I'm sorry to disappoint, babe. But when it comes down to you or me in the safety department, then I'll choose you every time. Because I love you, Ethan Morgan. And I'll do anything to keep you safe. Even if it means using my body as a human shield to protect you. To me, no life is as more important than yours, E." declared Benny genuinely in a kind and loving manner.

Ethan smiled and if it wasn't for the dirt and grim on his face, right now, you'd be able to see a small blush for on his cheeks, too. Ethan then leaned over to kiss him as his way of showing how much he really appreciates him. With that kiss, Benny then quickly forgot all about the aching he felt in his head and body after taking the brunt of the explosion's force with his body. As all he could feel right now was the love of his boyfriend flowing through him from that kiss.

"I hope you know, that I feel the same way, too." commented Ethan, after the kiss was over.

"Good! Because the next 'being a human shield during an explosion' is on you, then! That blast hurt like a moe-foe! My shoulder is killing me, after that landing!" joked Benny sarcastically, as he rubbed his shoulder painfully with his hand for effect. Even though, it didn't really hurt all that much, as he claims it to be.

Ethan just rolled his eyes playfully at him, for that one. But then smiled at him fondly. "Deal." he then said to him sweetly.

Benny smiled back. Then he decided to get up from the ground, so they can find a way out of here. "Now, come on! Let's find a way out of here before we both wind up dead here!" suggested Benny sincerely.

Ethan looked up at for a minute with a slightly confused look on his face, before then finally getting up himself. He then looked at Benny with concerned written all over his face. Remembering the blood running down Benny's forehead and how he was just unconscious for a few seconds after the explosion.

"But B. Don't you think we should just wait here for help to arrive? I mean...you were just unconscious for like a minute or two earlier! Plus...you're bleeding, babe! What if you have a concussion or something?" fretted/asked Ethan concernedly.

Finally noticing the wet and funny feeling on his forehead, Benny reached up to where he felt was bleeding at and touched it with his fingers. Wincing slightly from the sting he felt when he did. When he brought his hand back down and looked at it, he saw a small amount of blood on his fingers. But he decided to not let that phase him in the slightest. Right now, the main goal was getting him and Ethan and whoever else the hell on out of here before things got worse again. As in, the building possibly collapsing in on them.

"What? This? Pish! It's nothing to worry about, E. It's just a little bleeding. Probably from a small scratch or something. I'll be fine." reassured Benny confidently, as he brushed the issue off as if it was nothing to be concerned about.

But Ethan didn't buy it. "Yeah, but...you were unconscious, though! How can I not worry about that?! I really think we should stay put, Benny!" urged Ethan worriedly.

"E, I'm fine! Alright?! The impact from the blast just knocked the wind out of me, which caused me to temporarily blackout for a short while, is all. I'm perfectly fine, now." replied Benny in an easygoing manner, still not sharing his boyfriend's concern over his own health at the moment.

But when the spellmaster went to take a few steps he stumbled over a bit and almost fell if it weren't for Ethan rushing to his aid to help hold him back up, again. Feeling a throbbing pain in his head, again, Benny's face scrunched up in pain as he placed a hand on his head.

"Alright, B! You are definitely not fine! I think you need a medic or better yet, a doctor!" stated Ethan seriously in a worried/panicked tone, as he supported his boyfriend's weight like a human crutch. "It'd really make me feel better if you did, Benny." he then added with a sympathetic plea and look.

But Benny being the stubborn person that he is, still refused to believe that he probably needed medical attention. Even with the horrible headache pounding at the forefront of his skull.

Removing his arm out from around Ethan's shoulders, Benny stood back up on his own, again. "Ethan, I already told you. I don't need any medical attention. I just um...lost my balance for a second, was all. Yeah, that's it! See! There's nothing to worry about! I'm one hundred...percent...fine, ba-..." replied Benny back insistently as kindly as possible, but then his speech began to slow and trail off before he got to finish what he was saying, first. Because before the spellmaster knew it, the world in front of him began to spin and blur until suddenly everything went black on him.

Ethan panicked when he saw Benny's eye roll to the back of his head, as he passed out and fell to the ground like a sack of potatoes. "Benny!" gasped/shouted the seer, as he instantly dropped down next him to see if he was alright. Worry and fear evident in his voice and expression. Tears started to fall again from his brown eyes, as he felt his heart began to crumble and panic begin to set it. Fearing the worst for his unconscious boyfriend who urgently needs some medical attention, asap.

Benny slowly began to wake, as his eyes blinked themselves open. Allowing light to filter in through his eyelids. He was a bit confused and groggy still, but as the blurriness left his vision and things began to clear, it was obvious to the spellmaster where he was currently at.

"Uh...the hospital? How did I end up here?" he wondered softly to himself, as he was now fully awake and aware.

As he tried to sit up more, he felt a sharp pain shoot through the temple of his forehead. "Ah!" hissed Benny painfully, as he flinched from it, too.

When he gingerly reached up to where he felt the sharp sting of pain come from, he realized that the area had been bandaged with a piece of gauze and some medical tape to keep it in place. That's when Benny remembered that was where he was bleeding from, earlier. Back when he and Ethan were still trapped in that building after the earthquake hit and when the shockwave caused an explosion to happen not long after.

Benny's eyes then shot wide open with realization and worry about something. "Oh, my god! Ethan!" he exclaimed frantically, as he remembered Ethan being there, too. "I hope he's ok?!" worried Benny, as his heart rate went up a little. Setting the heart monitor machine that they had him hooked up to, to start beeping a bit faster, then.

He would've jumped out of bed to go find out if Ethan was ok, if it wasn't for the fact that at that very moment the door to his room then began to open. Revealing the one person he so desperately wanted to see, come walking in.

"Benny?" said Ethan astonishingly at first, but then instantly smiled once he saw Benny awake. "You're awake!" he then said happily, before going to the spellmaster's side.

Benny couldn't help but let out a small sigh of relief after seeing Ethan's face and that he was alright. "Thank goodness, he's ok." he sighed out softly to himself, before looking up at his boyfriend and smiling back. "Hey, E! Fancy meeting you here!" he then greeted Ethan charmingly, while also throwing in a some of that world-class humor he was known for, as well.

Ethan just rolled his eyes playfully at him, as his response. "It's nice to see that almost dying in an earthquake followed by a gas explosion didn't affect your sense of humor any, babe." replied Ethan sarcastically with a smirk and his arms crossed.

"Well, they do say that laughter is the best kind of medicine," commented Benny arrogantly with a smile.

Ethan tried not to laugh at that, as he muffled his mouth with one of his hands. But he couldn't help the small chuckles that managed to escape his lips. He then leaned over and kissed the spellmaster on the cheek.

"Boy! Maybe they were wrong about that! Kisses are the best kind of medicine, instead! Especially, from a cutie like you, sweetcheeks! I feel better already!" declared Benny delightfully and flirtingly, as he corrected himself. Sending a subtle little flirty wink at Ethan when he called him 'sweetcheeks'. Ethan's cheeks then turned a bashful red color at his boyfriend's comment. Not knowing what else to say.

"But seriously, dude. How did I wind up here in the hospital, anyway?" questioned Benny puzzlingly then, as he got serious about his current situation, now.

"You...you don't remember?" replied Ethan curiously and surprisingly. "About the earthquake and the explosion?" asked Ethan concernedly.

"Oh, yeah! I remember all that stuff happening! I jumped in front of you to protect you from the explosion's force and when I did, though, something hard hit me in the head and caused me to blackout for a little while. Then after that, I woke up and wanted to find a way out of the ruined restaurant. But you kept insisting that I should stay put until help arrived in case I had a conscious because I was bleeding from my head. I wouldn't listen and then...when I tried to walk... everything suddenly...started spinning on me. And then...nothing. After that, I suddenly woke up here with my head bandaged all up where that piece of debris had hit me at." recalled Benny, as he tried his best to explain what he remembered. Reaching up and touching where the bandaged wound was at on his head after mentioning it. Only to cause it to sting with pain again and for him to flinch from it, too. Causing him to immediately regret ever touching it. He then looked back up at the seer, again. "Which is the part I'm most confused about." he then added, looking at Ethan in confusion.

Ethan felt a bit of relief wash over him, knowing that Benny seemed to remembers everything just fine. So, no minor bit of amnesia here. He smiled knowing that his boyfriend was going to be ok, after all. "Well, after you had passed out for the second time (not to mention, almost giving me a panic attack for the second, too), a rescue team had shown up not long after and was able to remove the debris that was blocking the exit. After that, the paramedics rushed you here to the hospital. Saying that you might have a small concussion. After checking you over, the doctors then confirmed that you indeed had a concussion, but not a severe one, though. And that you should be alright with a little bed rest. They also had to give you stitches to patch up the nasty gash on your forehead, too. Other than that, they said you'll make a full recovery." explained Ethan sincerely to him, with a warm smile. "But they want to keep you in the hospital overnight, though. Just to make sure that you're gonna be ok with that concussion of yours, B." he added/informed sweetly to him, then.

Benny smiled at that, but then frowned as he looked down sullenly. "I'm sorry, E." he then said disappointingly.

Ethan looked at him in confusion. "Sorry? For what?" asked Ethan.

"That our little getaway vacation together for our anniversary wound up turning into a total bust in the end. I can't believe how something that started off so perfectly, in the beginning, wound up turning into a complete disaster." answered Benny disappointingly.

Ethan shook his head and smiled lovingly at the spellmaster, then. "Don't be. How was you suppose to know that an earthquake would just so happen on our stay here in Santa Monica, B? If anybody should've known ahead of time, it should've been me!" reassured Ethan sweetly to him, giving a small chuckle at the end at his little joke. "Besides, our trip here wasn't a total loss. I mean...we still had plenty of fun before the quake and once you get released from the hospital tomorrow, we still have a few more days left of our vacation here. I'm sure we can still find something fun and exciting to do somewhere that the earthquake didn't do much damage to in town." he added honestly.

This made Benny look at him with a look of satisfaction on his face, as he smiled at him gratefully. "You're right, E! We did have some pretty wonderful moments together before the quake! Didn't we?!" he declared happily. "Just...the next time we ever plan to take a trip somewhere for an anniversary. How about we go someplace that doesn't have natural disasters from time-to-time, eh? Or better yet! How about we just stay in Whitechapel and plan something nice and romantic there, instead?! Cause dealing with Mother Nature is a BITCH!" quipped/suggested Benny in feign exhaustion, as he leaned his head back on his pillow like he was done.

Ethan laughed. "Deal!" he agreed fondly back to him with a smile.

Benny lifted his head back up again to smile at him, then. Ethan then leaned down and kissed his boyfriend on the lips tenderly, as if to seal the deal.

Ethan then pulled out of the kiss suddenly as he remembered something important. Which, of course, left the spellmaster a bit dissatisfied, though, at having his boyfriend's lips leave his.

"Oh, yeah! I almost forgot!" exclaimed Ethan in realization. "I already called everybody back home and filled them in on what's happened, while you were busy sleeping, babe. Of course, they were all worried about you, but I told them what the doctor told me and that you were going to be just fine. I didn't want to wake you, so that's why I wasn't in the room with you earlier when you woke up. Oh! And also, too! Your cousin called to let us know that one of her neighbors had called her to let her know that her house wasn't affected by the earthquake and that it's still standing. Isn't that good news?!" informed Ethan enthusiastically with a smile.

The bedridden spellmaster knew that, of course, it was all good news and stuff. And that he should feel happy and grateful that his cousin's house wasn't hit by the earthquake at all, giving them a place to stay at, still. But...right now all he cared about was kissing his boyfriend, again.

So, instead, Benny simply mocked rolled his eyes at the news, like he didn't care all that much. "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! That's all wonderful and all." he commented sarcastically in a carefree and unenthusiastic way, as if he could care less. Not that he did, care less about it at all, though. It's just...right now, he didn't.

Benny's not too thrilled reaction had left Ethan baffled, as he looked at the spellmaster in confusion.

Then Benny grabbed ahold of Ethan's shirt collar and grinned at him seductively. "But...all of that can wait for later. Right now...I wasn't done kissing my very sexy and hot boyfriend, yet." purred Benny sensually and flirtingly, as he pulled the seer by his shirt closer to him until their lips locked in a heated, but tamed kiss. Making Ethan smile, as he melted into it and climbed onto the bed a bit for better support. Giving his back some relief from leaning over like that for so long. And too, so he can wrap his arms around Benny's neck while still deep into the kiss, as well.

A/N: Holy, moly! That was some romantic anniversary vacation away from Whitechapel, huh?! Lol! :D But regardless of the earthquake and the gas explosion, they still had a good time on their little getaway trip in Santa Monica, though. :)

And I think Benny's had enough life-risking moments for one day, huh? ;) Lol! XD He may like explosions and think they're awesome looking, but that's only when HE'S not in them, that is! Lol! XD But when it comes to his beloved seer's safety, he'll do anything to protect him.

Anyway, that's it for now! I hope you all enjoyed this latest Bethan Short! :D

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