Der Klang Der Stille

Summary: The mutant gene overrides one's magic- so when a mutant Harry Potter ran away from the Dursleys due to an accident, he disappears from the wizarding world. For years he grew up on the streets before becoming one of Magneto's most trusted agents, now known as Ergo. However, when one of his few friends tells him about his godfather's impending execution, he must learn about his past and decide his place in this new world- is he still Harry Potter? Is he still their Savior?

Chapter Four: Conversations (Part 2: Ergo and Scorpion)

A/N: (And yes, Scorpion is who you think he is) Hopefully I explained Ergo's ability well enough! Tell me if its still confusing

Ergo leaned back in the chair, a sigh falling from his lips. It had been a hectic day so far. The Order had been really, really, really talkative and wanted to know everything about him and his life. On one hand he understood why. They all had thought him lost, forever. Apparently when he didn't show up to Hogwarts was the moment when most of them gave up hope of his speedy return. The fact that he had vanished without a trace meant they had no leads.

Of course, "Without a Trace" in terms of magic. If they had looked for CCTV footage they may have stumbled across him. There weren't many CCTV cameras in the places he was loitering around when he was in the streets, but still, it simply showed how inadequate their "Magic Only" system was. Granted, Ergo wasn't entirely sure he wanted them to have anything more complicated than this.

Scorpion was sitting next to him, still very jittery. Ergo gave him a reassuring pat on his shoulder. He knew the other guy's self-esteem was a wreck and it would be a while before he was confident at all. It was rather sad to see yet another life destroyed by the intolerance of others. This is why he was glad to be gone from regular life. With Magneto and his crew, there was no judgement for being a mutant.

Scorpion cleared his throat, "S-So, um, Ergo, if you don't mind me asking…. What exactly is your mutation?" He asked genuinely curious. It was obvious he wasn't sure how Ergo was able to absorb the heat he was always putting off.

Ergo shifted in his seat, unsure of how to reply to that. He and Magneto had strove to keep his ability well under wraps. His ability fully evolved would be a force to behold as he got older. Even know he was able to do far more than most mutants could. But, on the same note, it was probably best for Scorpion if Ergo told him what his ability was.

"Well, Scorpion," Ergo said, stressing the mutant's name to get him used to using it, "I function more or less like a battery." He stopped when he noticed that Scorpion was just looking at him confused. Ergo sighed and rubbed his temples, "You don't know what batteries are do you."

The blond shook his head, "N-No, not if it's a muggle thing. I never had many Muggle things, aside from clothes." He mumbled out, obviously embarrassed. Ergo groaned, his best avenue for explanation gone. He tried to think of a way to explain it that the other boy would understand.

"Ah, how about a trunk?" Ergo said, suddenly struck by a way to explain his powers. Scorpion nodded curiously. "Alright, so basically I function as a trunk for energy. Heat for example, I can absorb. I can do it with light as well since it's a form of radiation-" He stopped and coughed in embarrassment as Scorpion got lost again.

"Well anyways, I absorb any form of energy that comes into contact with me. So if for example someone tried to punch me, I could stop their attack as soon as their fist made contact with me. I'd just store the punch's energy in me." Ergo said as he propped his feet up on a coffee table.

"That's half of my power at least. The ability to absorb and store energy has a limit, and storing too much would eventually cause me to spontaneously combust. That's where part two of my ability comes in," Ergo said, his eyes glowing like he was fond of doing, "I can release the energy, in small amounts or large. Larger ones I can use to create attacks, while I can add the energy to objects to speed them up. However, I can only use the energy I have stored."

He wasn't like Gambit, who could create kinetic energy freely and however much he wanted. However, to offset that limitation was the fact he could absorb any type of energy. He couldn't absorb from a distance yet, but so long as whatever it was made contact with him he could leech it as he pleased. It made hand to hand combat a breeze as soon as they connected he could prevent his opponent from moving at all by taking away whatever energy they used to try and move.

Ergo really only had one weakness, and that was the fact that he could only use his ability on things he saw coming. It wasn't a passive ability, meaning he needed to see the attack coming and actively use his power to stop it. While that could be an issue with ambushes, his main fear was a well-placed sniper round.

There was no way to see such an attack coming or know from where it came from if he did happen to hear the report of the rifle. He'd never see it coming and he would have no way to stop it. This was partially why he and Magneto kept so quiet about what exactly his powers where. The last thing they need was for someone to order a hit on him, knowing he wouldn't be able to stop it. Or some mutant trying to eliminate them.

Scorpion cocked his head to the side, chewing on his lip, "Huh, that's really interesting- that's a really powerful ability isn't it? Is that how you killed The Dark Lord?" Ergo blinked and straightened despite himself.

"You mean the guy who murdered my parents and earned me that ridiculous Boy-Who-Lived moniker?" Scorpion nodded a bit and Ergo sat nack, hands running through his green-tipped hair, "Maybe? Why do you think that may be what happened?"

"Well," the blond said, "Magic is basically just energy right? Its always been described as a supernatural power but, well, it would explain how you deflected the killing curse," Scorpion offered unsure.

Ergo got up and paced as the idea swam through his head, "Yes, yes, hn, magic is always considered a super-natural ability, however, energy can be used to create matter and vice-versa. The Killing Curse can be blocked by physical objects so obviously it doesn't work on an astral plane per-say, it very much works within the boundaries of our world."

Scorpion was listening in fascination as Ergo thought aloud, "Even necromancy could be explained if the afterlife is simply another dimension- necromancers could then just be bridging the gap between the worlds and pulling someone back. Magic would be the energy used to open and maintain the portals," Ergo thought, mind racing.

"You can't bring the dead back," Scorpion interrupted. "Well, at least no one believes you can. We do have Inferi, which are basically just animated corpses, but no soul." Ergo nodded and waved aside his thought.

"Well good to know-" He paused, a bit shocked, "You all have evidence of the existence of the soul?!" He asked astounded. The existence of the soul was one of the great questions of the world, followed directly by what the hell would happen to it if it exists. Ergo had never been a religious boy, but fuck, if he had a soul then he might be converted.

"I mean, kind of?" Scorpion said, head cocking to the side, "Dementors will suck out your soul, leaving your body alive but the person like a vegetable. Plus supposedly there's a bunch of soul magic, bit given as its forbidden and extremely dark, no one really no for sure- or willing to risk it. So its more just assumed?" He said with a shrug.

Ergo sat down, head swimming, "Well hell, so you don't really have any ideas if its true- heck, it could just be some type of stasis spell and not actually eating your soul. Or you could be just mind raped so they can't respond." He muttered, "I'm assuming you all have some type of religion to explain it?"

Scorpion shook his head, "No official one, no. Some of the wizarding community are Wiccans, others worship older pagan pantheons like the Norse or Celtic gods, and there's an order of wizards who worship some beings they call the Celestials or something. Some just believe in the Cosmic Entities, primarily Death and don't venerate anything else."

The green-eyed mutant listcened to this all with a raised eyebrow, "But most wizards are atheists? I haven't read much mentions of religion in your texts."

The blond nodded, "Mostly that's true yes. I personally follow a rather obscure one," Scorpion admitted, "It's a family tradition really though, something from the Malfoy line. We in general are very tight-lipped about it." He said timidly.

Ergo looked over at the blond and walked over, a hand resting on the other boy's shoulder in comfort, "Its' alright, your father has no control over you. You are not in your heart of hearts a Malfoy. You are your own."

Scorpion nodded, resolve firmed and looked up at Ergo, "My great-grandfather had traveled the world in his youth and for a time was admitted into an order called the Masters of the Mystic Arts. They taught him a new type of magic that dealt with soul and told him about how this world is but one of many planets with sentient beings, and only one of the parallel dimensions that exist."

The blond got up and walked slowly over to his window, Ergo following closely, "This order claimed to have been protecting the Earth from other-wordly beings for thousands of years. I'm not sure whether I believe them, but its traditional in the family to follow it. Its why my father is so anti-muggle and disowned me. With no magic, I was just another useless squib, one of the lesser race," He said bitterly.

Ergo's hand landed on his shoulder again, squeezing him gently in comfort, "Can you not do this other tcype of magic? If its so different from the rest of Britain's magic, maybe you could still use it. If this group believes in souls, maybe it's a soul magic, not a physical one. Have you ever tried to find out?" He asked curious.

Scorpion paused, "No…. I never had thought to. I didn't have magic so I never thought that I might be able to use it…" He said, sounding a bit more hopeful than he had just half a hour ago.

Ergo grinned, "Exactly; look, we'll get you to these people somehow, get this figure out. For now though, I'd like for you to come back to the States with us when we leave. I doubt I'll be staying long." The raven said with a grunt.

The other boy's eyes flashed with amusement, "Not enjoying the wizarding world?" Ergo laughed at that comment.

"I am a little I'll admit. But I am a mutant first and foremost, and I have a duty to those of my race. I'll help save my godfather, but unless DUmbleodre comes up with a damn good reason, we are not staying." Ergo said cracking his neck. "Anyways, we'd be going back to where I live with a bunch of other mutants. Would you like to at least visit there, for a time?"

Scorpion's eyes were wide but he had a grin on his face, "I'd love that!"

So obviously I am crossing over not just with the X-Men movies, but merging this into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The main issue is deciding where the X-Men movies fall in the timeline; this story is going to take place in between X2 and The Last Stand- once we hit our two missions, it'll mosyt likely be a two-part epilogue detailing what happens in The Last Stand with Ergo around and what happens in The Wizarding World without Harry.

My timeline is X2 happened during what would be Harry's fourth year. X-Men: The Last Stand will happen during Harry's sixth. Then the Marvel movie's will come about naturally.

1994: XMen (Ergo is 14)

1995: X2 (Ergo is 15)

1996: Ergo (Ergo is 16)

1997: X-Men: The Last Stand (Ergo is 17)

Now, the reason for all this is that I have been considering doing a sequel to Ergo that follows Ergo when the rest of the marvel universe rolls around. I have placed the Marvel Cinematic universe at the time of their releases, so that we have a decade plus for people to get used to mutants being a thing. This way, the classic "why would people hate mutants but love the Avengers" problem can be solved, if that makes sense. In the case I do that, Ergo's age would be:

2010: Iron Man (Ergo is 30)

2011: Iron Man 2, the Incredible Hulk and Thor (Ergo is 31)

2012: Avengers (Ergo is 32)

2013: Iron Man 3, Thor 2: Dark World (Ergo is 33)

2014: Captain America 2: Winter Soldier (Ergo is 34)

2015: Avengers 2 (Egro is 35)

2016: Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange (Ergo is 36)

This is of course all before I go in and begin mucking around with the timeline. And please, let me know what your opinions are about all this! Till next time!