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Chapter 1- Welcome to Hogwart's

The Japanese and the English magic branches have never been on good terms since World War 2 and the relationship has been declining ever since. That is until the very first Triwizard cup that has not occurred in 200 years was revived. In attempt to get the Japanese magic branch on their side they welcomed the country to send 6 people to attend and be put into the cup to represent Japan. So, the generation of miracles was called to enter the tournament. Not knowing what awaits them and the snake that is already poisoning England.

"So, this is where we are supposed to go right Midorima?" A boy with golden blonde hair and golden eyes asked a boy with green hair with green eyes wearing square glasses and Kororo hat from S*T Fr*g comedy show. Midorima looked down at a ticket and back up at the train indicators of 9 and 10. He looked down once more and it read 9 3/4, he smiled.

"Yes, this is the place now let's go before we are late, Oha Asa said that I will have bad luck if I'm late-nanodayo" making both of his companion's groan.

Aomine was behind both of the boys and had dark blue hair along with dark blue eyes and with dark tan skin. Behind the boys was three carts full of language. Each held an animal. One held a slick black cat with piercing yellow eyes. Another held a small golden retriever pup who was busy playing with a dangling string. The last had a tank with a frog inside it happily swimming around.

All of them grabbed their respective carts and started to walk to the stone pillar that was between nine and ten. Going one by one they calmly walked to the pillar and suddenly, like there was no stone there in the first place, they went through it.

When they came out, they weren't on the other side of the pillar but in a different train station all together. An old steam train sat in the train station and was painted red and black. The pure white numbers embed on its steel plates were 5972 with a red name plate reading Hogwarts Express.

Kids like themselves were boarding and talking with either their friends or family. Some had black robes on while others had ordinary cloths. All of them had carts with animals on them ranging from cats, owls and even frogs. The multi colored group had eyes turning when they entered and soon whispering could be heard.

"This is unpleasant" Midorima said while pushing up his glasses with his middle finger.

Kise and Aomine just rolled their eyes 'it's because of the hat' they both thought. Aomine tired of being stared at lugged his luggage over to the conductors to be brought on the train. Kise and Midorima soon followed his example and brought their luggage over taking off their animals.

They quickly boarded and went to look for an empty compartment but found none. So, they picked one randomly and entered. The compartment held three people already inside and they instantly looked up when the door opened.

Two boys and one girl occupied the compartment. One had flaming red hair with blue eyes and a freckled face. The girl had wavy brown hair and piercing brown eyes that stared up at them, folding her newspaper. The last boy had dark brown hair and jade green eyes that were covered by circular glasses. The boy with red hair sat on the right and next to him was the girl with a ginger cat sitting in between them. The boy with dark brown hair and circular glasses sat across from them.

"Kon'nichiwa is alright for us to join you?" Kise asked in broken jumbled English, awkwardly scratching the back of his head.

They narrowed their eyes and Midorima sighed in exaggeration. He shoved Kise out of the way and his green eyes narrowed at the group.

"My name is Midorima and we would like to join you for all of the other compartments are full...if that is alright" the last part sounding as if it was an afterthought. The girl and boy with red hair looked at each other then they then looked at the boy with the glasses and he just shrugged his shoulders making the girl sigh.

"Yes, it will alright for you to join us" she said moving over and snatching her cat letting it sit near the window instead. The boy with dark brown hair reached up and grabbed his luggage from above and moved it to the other side and plopped down where the cat use to sit.

"Arigato" Kise cried and went to hug her but was stopped by Aomine who grabbed the collar of his shirt.

"Thank you" Midorima said and quickly went inside while Aomine pulled Kise inside and closed the door. They let their animals out and set their cages above. The trio raising their eyebrows at the animals they had especially the golden retriever. They quickly settled down and looked at the group.

"Let us properly introduce ourselves" Midorima said, looking up at the group.

"My name is Shintaro Midorima, this is Daiki Aomine and Ryouta Kise but we would appreciate it if you called us by our last names" Midorima said.

"Ah so that means your Japanese" the girl said, and they nodded.

"Really but I thought Japanese's hair was supposed to black and complexes white" the boy with freckles asked the girl.

"That is the stereotype in Japan but there are many people with a range of skin color and hair color" Midorima said with an irritated face.

"Ron that was very rude of you" the girl said and elbowed the boy named Ron.

"We're sorry about Ron but as you can see, he has no filter" the girl said.

"Daijoubu we're used to it" Kise said and smiled his charming smile making her blush.

"Um we better introduce ourselves too" the girl said trying to hide her blush while the boy, Ron, glared at Kise who was innocently smiling.

"Our names are Hermione Granger, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley " Hermione said going from left to right.

"It's nice to meet you-" Midorima started to say but was interrupted by Kise.

"Oh, you're that famous boy, the boy who lived" Kise cried and people could practically see stars glittering behind him.

"Yes, your correct" Harry said while backing away from the boy who was in his face, literally.

"Kakkoii, I was hoping I could meet you, but I never thought it would be this soon" Kise cried.

"Hey, you guys have you heard of him, right?" Kise asked turning to his companions.

Midorima nodded "I have heard of you and it's remarkable that you survived a killing curse" pushing up his glasses.

"Eh so he survived a killing curse so that means it's not invincible" Aomine said with a laugh.

"Of course, it is invincible, he just got lucky you idiot" Midorima said, glaring at Aomine.

"I don't care about the dumb details but it's laughable at how the Dark Lord was defeated by a baby" Aomine shrugged.

"He's not dead" Harry whispered out, but it couldn't be heard over the bickering pair across from them but Ron and Hermione both exchanged nervous glances.

"Anyway, I heard you got a super cool lightening shape scar on your forehead can we see?" Kise asked excitedly and Harry nodded his head, lifted his bangs from his forehead.

"Awesome that's one badass scar there" Aomine said and slapped Harry's back, hard making him lose his breath. Midorima just shook his head and pulled out a Japanese book from his bag up top.

The train ride continued with Aomine and Kise entertaining themselves by either fighting each other or annoying Midorima. The golden trio hanged back to the side watching the strange group bicker and argue like an old married couple. They shuttered when they thought of that image. Suddenly they heard a familiar sound making Ron's stomach growl in anticipation.

"Anything from the trolley? Anything from the trolley?" An older woman called out and Ron quickly started to dig into his pocket for money.

An elder woman pushing a trolley quickly came into view the trolley holding a mountain of candies and sweets. She had short curly gray hair and wearing a white sailors cap and had a gray sweatshirt on with a white shirt underneath. A black spider was pinned onto her collar giving her a more festive look.

"Anything from the trolley, dears?" She asked and Ron immediately stood up still digging into his pocket for money.

"A packet of Drooble's and a Licorice Wand" he said eyeing the candy hungrily. She quickly went to get what he ordered. Finally finding some money he looked down and his gut twisted in disappointment.

"On second thought, just the Drooble's" he grumbled out and Harry standing up started digging into his pocket too.

"I'll get it, don't worry" Harry tried to say "just the Drooble's. Thanks" Ron said ignoring Harry.

Suddenly a voice that Harry recognized came up from behind and ordered some Pumpkin Pasties. He turned around to see his long-time crush Cho Chang who smiled at him. A petite girl with pale skin and long black ivy hair. A girl behind her was grinning at the pair with a secret smiling. The women finally fishing out the Pumpkin Pasties and gave them to Cho Chang who said thanks and quickly walked away.

"Anything sweet for you, dear?" The women asked and Harry quickly said, "oh no, I'm not hungry but thank you."

Taking a final look to where Cho Chang use to stand, he went back into the cabin where the both Kise and Aomine were looking at him with shit eating grins. Midorima was looking at his book though you could tell he was paying more attention to Harry then his book. Harry rolled his eyes and quickly sat back down.

Hermione looked at the trio and noticed something, "Where are your robes?" She asked inspecting them with narrowed eyes. They were wearing just ordinary cloths but no Hogwarts robes which were required.

"We're not new students but we are going to be staying here for a year" Kise said and the golden trio looking at them curiously.

"Your reason?" she half asking half demanding but Kise looked at them with an innocent smile, Aomine yawned and closed his eyes and Midorima went back to his book.

It was complete awkward silence until Kise decided to break it.

"I heard You-Know-Who might be back, is it true?" Kise said and the trio shot up looking at him.

"So, its reached even to Asian countries too" Hermione said and took out her newspaper once again.

"Hai it's headlines throughout the entire magical world," Kise nodded earnestly.

"It's not surprising with how dangerous You-Know-Who is and how much damage he did the last time" Midorima said pushing up his glasses.

"Yes, it's true but the ministry of magic isn't doing anything, like maybe security" Hermione huffed out.

"Oh there's loads of security especially since the death eaters were able to get past the security at the Quidditch World Cup" Ron said.

"Where did you hear that?" Hermione asked looking up from her paper raising an eyebrow.

"From dad" Ron said stuffing his face with Drooble's.

"That means your dad works at the ministry of magic, right?" Kise asked with excitement.

"Yep" Ron said and sat up a little straighter with a proud smile on his face.

While Ron and Kise were talking about ministry of magic, Harry couldn't resist anymore and started to scratch his scar. Hermione noticed and sent him a worried glance. Harry shook his head and Hermione dropped the subject but sent him a look saying it wasn't over. Harry leaned back and sighed listening to the chatter of Ron and Kise.

Finally, the train whistled sounded out signaling that they have arrived at Hogwarts. Everyone quickly unpacked and placing animals back into their cages. The golden trio quickly left with the forth years while Midorima, Kise and Aomine went to find Hagrid who was shouting for first years, who were getting off of the train.

"Who should we follow?" Kise asked Midorima who quickly went to where Hagrid was. Kise and Aomine shrugged and followed him.

"He's even taller than Murasakibara" Aomine whispered to Kise and just nodded his head in agreement, looking at the half giant.

"This way to the boats" Hagrid said carrying a lantern and started to lumber his way over to the lake.

A group of first years nervously following him and pointing to Midorima and his funny hat. They made it to the boats and Hagrid helped everyone get settled onto a boat, four at a time. One of the kids were holding a lantern and when everyone was given a boat. The boats started to go without any help and glide across the lake.

A dense fog rolled in and the students couldn't see anything until it cleared up showing a spectacular castle. The sun high above its towering towers and the lake shined. Everyone got chills when they looked up at its walls.

They soon docked and started to climb off the boats. Midorima, Kise and Aomine started to get off and climb up the stairs when at the top they saw two familiar face.

"Akashi, Murasakibara how was the trip?" Midorima asked while Kise and Aomine gaped at him. Akashi had short red maroon hair with a red eye and an orange eye with pupils like a cat or snake. While Murasakibara had long purple locks that went down to his shoulders and had a huge body and limbs that reminded everyone of Hagrid without the beard.

"What are you doing here?" They yelled and Akashi quickly turned his heterochromatic eyes at the gaping pair. New students quickly stopped and watch the group, whispering here and there.

"Yes, is that a problem?" Akashi asked making chills go down the spines of literally anyone in the room.

"Welcome new students to Hogwarts my name is Professor McGonall" an elderly witch suddenly spoke next to him startling students making them turn towards her. She wore a silk green robe with crooked pointed witch hat.

"Now in moments you will pass through these doors to become new students of Hogwarts. But before you can become new students you must be sorted into one of the four houses we have here. They are called Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. These houses and the people inside shall be your new family while you stay in Hogwarts. Your success shall earn you points called house points both teachers and perfects can give or take them. At the very end of the year the house with the most points shall be given the title of house cup. The sorting will begin momentarily" she said and walked away. She then left and went through the huge twin doors in front of the hall.

"Now, where were we?" Akashi asked but everyone knew what he was thinking. The pair gulped and started to stutter half-baked excuses to the irritated red head.

"We thought you were coming tomorrow not today" Kise stuttered out and Aomine quickly nodded in agreement.

"Well you were very wrong now close those mouths, you look like bumbling idiots" Akashi said narrowing at the two. They immediately snapped their mouths closed.

"We are ready for you" Professor McGonall said giving almost everyone a near heart attack.

She then turned and everyone soon followed her through the twin doors. There they entered a magnificent dining hall with a ceiling that showed the sky and candles floated near the ceiling creating a magical feel to the entire room. The new students gaped the scenery and started to form a line. In the middle a chair with an old musky pointed hat sat on a stool.

"I shall call your name and the hat will sort you into one of the four houses" Professor McGonall said and held up a long piece of parchment. She soon started to call names and one by one. Each student was given a house and a round of cheering from their new housemates. Finally, only five students remained standing.

"Ryouta Kise" Professor McGonall called out and Kise quickly went to the front. Whispers were heard with many of girls ogling the handsome boy while the boys grumbled at him.

"Please tell me there isn't any lice in that hat, right?" Kise nervously asked but Professor McGonall ignored him and placed it on his head.

"Hmm you have the traits of Slytherin and Hufflepuff" the sorting hat said. It soon came to decision and yelled "Slytherin" it cried making the Slytherin tabled cheer, with the girls especially enthusiastic. The sorting continued.

"Daiki Aomine" Professor McGonall called startling Aomine awake and Midorima shoved him over to the stool. Aomine glared at Midorima before sitting down with a grunt. She placed it on his head and the hat started to think.

"Being in either Gryffindor or Slytherin will do you well" the hat said but Aomine shook his head on Slytherin.

"I am not going to be in any house that has Kise in it" Aomine immediately objected to Slytherin.

"Gryffindor" the hat shouted making the table clap and cheer for the new recruit everyone ignored the whimpering heard at the Slytherins table. The sorting continued.

"Shintaro Midorima" Professor McGonall called out and Midorima quickly stepped up and sat on the stool.

"Shintaro you must take off your hat" McGonall said to Midorima and he quickly looked up.

"No" he firmly said making people gasped and a tick mark quickly formed on her brow.

"Take off the hat" McGonall said while everyone felt the room turn a few degrees lower but Midorima firmly shook his head and refused to take it off.

"Midorima take it off" she gritted through her teeth and Midorima countered with a glare. They continued to have a staring contest when everyone felt a cold chill run down their spin making them shiver.

"Take it off" Midorima recognized that voice anywhere and grudgingly took off the hat while glaring at the red head who was standing with a smile on his face. McGonall sighed and placed the sorting hat on his head.

"The traits of a Ravenclaw shine but I feel you will be most welcomed in Hufflepuff too" the hat said and Midorima looked at the people of each table. "Ravenclaw" Midorima said and the hat nodded in agreement. "Ravenclaw" the hat shouted and the Ravenclaw table cheered.

"Seijuro Akashi" McGonall called and Akashi quickly stepped up and everyone held their breaths while he gracefully sat on the stool.

He radiated power and anyone with a half a brain could feel that he was a leader. The sorting hat barely touched his head before it screamed Slytherin. The table erupted in cheers welcoming a new powerful ally. While most people groaned and some sighed in relief glad that the scary boy wasn't at their table.

"Atsushi Murasakibara" McGonall called but no one came up and she soon called again.

A third time and she was getting frustrated and soon marched to the only student standing or Murasakibara's case sitting on the floor. She tapped her foot on the floor her shadow looming over the boy, but he continued to munch on his bag of snacks.

"Murasakibara please come to the stool to be sorted into a house" she said but Murasakibara just looked up with lazy eyes and went back to snacking. Ticked off she quickly casted a levitation spell making the bag of snacks float out of his reach.

"If you want them back, start walking" She growled, and he nodded. Lazily walking over to the stool in a few long strides. She placed the hat on his head while grudgingly handing him back his snack as well while the hat just sat there.

"You're a tricky one you have loyalty of Hufflepuff but that's where it ends. You don't have traits of any other house that stands out so which house would you like?" The hat asked at a loss for which house to sort him into.

"I follow where ever Aka-chin goes" Murasakibara mumbled and the hat nodded. "Slytherin" it screamed and the Slytherin house cheered once again. Everyone gulped knowing that Slytherin just got two more powerful players.

"Tetsuna Kuroko" McGonall called but no one was left. She scratched her head and looked around the room.

Everyone started to murmur, and people could faintly hear Draco saying that McGonall finally lost her marbles. Which insulted the Gryffindors who glared at the Slytherin table who smirked right back.

"Tetsuna Kuroko" she called again but no answer. She soon sighed and started to rub her temple in frustration knowing a headache was coming.

"I'm right here" soft voice said startling her and she looked down to see a petite young girl.

She quickly backed away startled with a hand over her chest and heart in throat. Everyone else blinked and surprise and some even screamed ghost. She had short sky-blue hair that ended at her chin and soft sky-blue eyes and a poker face that was very unsettling.

"Where were you" McGonall asked after she got over her surprise and her heart back into her chest.

"I was here the entire time you just didn't notice me and gomen'nasai for startling you" she said and bowed then sat on the stool, waiting. McGonall looked at her with uneasy eyes then placed the sorting hat on her head.

"You have many traits of both Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. You will also see success in Ravenclaw or even Slytherin, the choice is up to you" the hat told her and she smiled.

"Arigato, I would like to be in."

Kon'nichiwa means hello in a more polite way

Arigato means thank you

Hai means yes

Daijoubu means it's alright

Kakkoii means cool

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