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Chapter 2- Meet the tables of Hogwarts

"You will be in..." Everyone held their breath waiting for the verdict.

Kise was busy praying with his hands clasped together mumbling out a chant. Freaking out the boys and making the girls swoon with how cute he looked. Aomine yawned and rested his elbow on the table with head in hand but continued to look up front with his sharp dark blue eyes.

Murasakibara took out some snacks that he had in his pockets and started to eat but they were quickly taken away by magic with Professor McGonagall smirking. Murasakibara quickly glared at the teacher and a silent glaring contest continued between them. Akashi was patiently sitting with legs folded and piercing red eyes gleaming with excitement. While Midorima was filing his nails but every now and then his green eyes shifted to the front.

Tetsuki sighed out and looked around the room at each table. The Slytherin table had ambition but she sensed no real team work among them. She looked over at the Ravenclaw table and saw power and knowledge, but she also sensed distance between table mates. Gryffindor, she felt teamwork and comradely, but she sensed cockiness as well.

She finally looked at the Hufflepuff table sensing that it was a table of balance of skills and diverse talents but the thing that she completely certain of was a sense of friendship between table mates. She then smiled and thought of her answer making the hat nod in agreement. Meanwhile after waiting a few minutes, Aomine lost his patience.

"Just tell us already" he shouted out and banged his hand on the table while glaring up at the hat.

The teachers quickly whipped their heads at the Gryffindor table, his team mates acting fast, quickly hushed him with glares and dragged him back down again. The Generation of Miracles just shook their heads at their ace and sighed, already use to his antics.

The hat grumbled out something about "rude kids" and "dramatic effect" but he slowly cleared his throat and giving Aomine a stink eye, which riled up Aomine again. But with a lot of glares from his table mates, wisely kept his mouth closed.

"Hufflepuff" he cried, and her table mates clapped out and gave her a warm greeting. Fat Friat joined in welcoming her with a cheerful smile while her tablemates made room for her. After everyone settled down an old booming voice sounded out in the dining hall making everyone look to where an old man stood.

"Very best evenings to you all" the man said.

He wore gray wizarding robes and had a long beard that went down to his chest that was tied at the end with a small rope. He wore small circular glasses and a small circular hat that matched his robes.

He stood behind a gold-plated owl stand, its wings spread open like it was in midflight. Eight candles rested behind the owl, on candle holders, some of their wax dripping onto its wings. It stood on a black orb with a snacks tail wrapping around it and its body winding around the base of the stand, where its mouth gaped open ready for prey to jump in.

"My name is Professor Dumbledore and I am the headmaster of this school" he introduced himself to the students.

"Now that everyone is comfortable in their new tables, I would like to welcome all the new students to the school of witchcraft and wizardry!" Dumbledore announced and many students clapped.

"Now before we start eating, I will set up a few rules that everyone must follow. First you must not go into the Dark Forest unless you want a gruesome and horrible death" The sentence making many first year's shiver in fright.

"Second is that, there is a curfew that all students must follow it. Third is to have fun. Now please enjoy this wonderful feast" he said. He then waved his hand and suddenly the tables were filled with delicious food.

Murasakibara quickly dove right in and grabbed an entire stock pot of cream stew. Many of the kids stared in shock and some in disgust (mostly Malfoy and the gang) as Murasakibara started to eat the soup, all 32 Qt. of it.

Akashi unperturbed by Murasakibara's outrageous eating habits just sipped his tea and started to spoon himself some tofu soup that was nearby. Midorima sighed at the two and grabbed some traditional Japanese rice and fish.

He then started to dig into his robes for a few seconds. His team mates looked at him in curiosity and then soon flinched when his hand appeared with that. It was a warm can with red bean soup in it but luckily none of his table mates seemed to mind his exotic tastes in food.

Aomine snorted at all his teammates and started to pile lots of teriyaki burgers on his plate. Suddenly two hands interrupted him in his teriyaki burger raid and he soon glared up at the offending hands. To meet the eyes of George and Fred Weasle. They were both smirking at him their eyes lighting up with mischief.

"Oi hands off the burger now" Aomine growled out and the twins smirked, raising Aomine's temper but soon let go. Aomine huffed and went to bite into the now freed burger not noticing the red sauce leaking under the bun.

The Weasle twins grinned in excitement watching the event like it was in slow motion. Suddenly they felt something enter their mouths, they were so surprised that they swallowed whatever was in them, very quickly regretting it.

"Hot!" Both of the twins cried and soon ran back to their seats to drink some nice cool pumpkin juice.

"Who knew hot sauce was so effective" Aomine said smirking and went picked up a different burger without hot sauce in it. Everyone gaped in amazement that the Weasly brothers were defeated so easily and many were snickering at the brother's misfortune. Everyone thinking 'they've finally met their match!'

Kise looked over the Gryffindor table in confusion when he heard the screaming. He saw two boy who looked like twins, run back to their seats holding their throats.

"Eh, it seems like Aominecchi making trouble again" Kise said.

A spoon of onion soup hovering just under his lips. Many girls from every table were sighing dreamily with hearts in their eyes, all looking at Kise. Hermione huffed at the love-struck girls and went back to her smirking friends. Who were looking at the Weasly brothers still drinking pumpkin juice to relieve their burning tongues while looking at Aomine who was ignoring the glares burning at the back of his skull.

"Tetsuna-chan" Akashi said once he was finished eating his soup.

"Yes Akashi-kun" Kuroko answered suddenly appearing right behind the red head. Scaring the Slytherins, causing many to swallow their food the wrong way. Ignoring many of his tablemates coughing fits he continued like it was nothing.

"I want you to tell Aomine to behave since his actions reflect all of Japan, that means not causing people to shriek in agony or there will be severe punishment" Akashi said narrowing eyes at the oblivious ace.

"Only I'm able to do that" he muttered out causing Kuroko eyes to sparkle with amusement.

"Hai Akashi-kun, I will pass along the message" Kuroko said then like a ghost fade out of existence. This caused many Slytherins to rub their eyes in astonishment and some pinching themselves.

At Aomine's table

"Aomine-kun" Kuroko voice whispered in his ear causing him to spit out his food, much to his tablemate's horror and disgust.

Quickly turning around, he glared at his conniving partner and shouted" Kuroko don't do that" but she just blankly stared at him.

"I brought a message from Akashi" she calmly said not at all phased by his glare.

She then started to whisper his message to a very uninterested Aomine. When she neared the end of the message Aomine once tan skin was as pale as a ghost. He then slowly turned to see a menacing aura coming from the Slytherin table with red eyes gleaming. Aomine gulped turned to his tablemates who were also glaring at him. Many of them were students who sat across from him with some of his burger stuck in their hair or cloths.

"Good luck Aomine-kun" Kuroko said then faded out again.

"Oi Kuroko get back here you idiot" Aomine cried and tried to stop her from disappearing but only got air in return.

"Kuroko you traitor!" Aomine cried but soon stopped his shouting when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He quickly turned around to see his tablemates.

He gulped "I guess a sorry not gonna cut it huh" Aomine said and the students glare was enough of an answer for him. He quickly got up and sprinted towards the exit with a horde of students behind him. Many of the tables were watching the interaction with amusement while the Prefect's of the Gryffindor house were rubbing their foreheads, a headache promising to appear in the near future.

They soon looked up and saw the horde chase Aomine around the dining hall, since he didn't make it to the exit before it was cut off, waving their wands at him with their faces red with anger or embarrassment. They looked at each other and sighed. Getting up to follow the horde to try and calm down the enraged students before they do anything they would regret.

At Midorima's table

Midorima just shook his head and mumbling out what suspiciously sounding like "Ahomine."

He took another gulp of his drink and placed his chopsticks down. He then turned to a tablemate who was staring at him for the entire duration of the meal but when their eyes meet the student quickly turned away. Midorima just shrugged his shoulders and leaned down to grab a book he's been meaning to read.

When he got back, he came face to face with the exact same student. Startled he quickly leaned back away from the student, his book held like a weapon. The student was a girl with dark black hair that was in a pony tail going down to her waist and striking onyx eyes. She had a high collar shirt on and wore a pendent that was a paper fan with a red top and white at the bottom.

"Um I was curious but mind telling me what that hat is for?" The she asked. Pointing to his lucky item of the day. Midorima shoved his glasses up his nose creating a very creepy gleam.

"My lucky item of the day, nanodayo" Midorima said short and clipped.

"What's a lucky item?" the she asked tilting her head in confusion. Like a bolt of thunder all the Generation of Miracles that were in hearing range sat stock still.

Suddenly a blur of yellow and red streaked by the student and right to Midorima. A pair of scissors soon found their way to being embedded into the wall while Midorima head got a date with the floor. Many students who were in the line of fire from the scissors sat stock still. Their brains trying to process that a pair of scissors just soar through the air and into the wall like a spell.

The entire dining room was stunned silent the only sound was made by Murasakibara snacks. They were all looking at the struggling pair. Midorima screaming at Kise to get off of him while Kise just cling to Midorima like a life line.

"No Midorimacchi don't do it" Kise cried still clinging onto a not so happy Midorima.

"Get. Off. Of. Me. NOW!" Midorima screamed at Kise but Kise shook his head.

The boys continued to wrestle each other, ignoring the enraged teachers and the chuckling Dumbledore. Kuroko sighed at the two and looked to where Akashi was. His hands quivering in barely contained raged. Murasakibara who was sitting next to Akashi slowly inched away from him while eating his sweets.

Suddenly the sweets he was eating were levitated from his hand and Murasakibara watched in horror as they were lifted far above his head.

"My Maiu-bo" Murasakibara whispered out in shock horror.

He quickly got out of shock and started to jump for them like a cat would a toy, causing mini earthquakes in the process. All the students sweat dropped from the childish behavior of the giant while others cling to their seats praying, they don't fall off of them.

Kuroko looked at the chaos her dear friends caused. Kise and Midorima were fighting while many of their tablemates desperately were trying to make them stop. Aomine was busy running for his life while a horde of angry students and a pair of Perfects were chasing him.

Murasakibara was so busy trying to reach his candy he didn't notice he was causing mini earthquakes because of his large body. Causing many students who were near him to cling to their chairs in terror while praying he doesn't land on them.

She slowly turned to look at Akashi whose head was down and bangs covering his face. Suddenly she swore she heard a thread snap when his head snapped up when a particular loud screech came from the bickering pair and Aomine who was finally caught.

Akashi was smiling but not in a good way. She shook her head at her team mates and swiftly faded out and into her seat at her table, no one noticing her sudden disappearance and reappearance.

"Enough!" Akashi voice boomed out.

Causing the two fighting to stop, Murasakibara to stop what he was doing and the horde of angry students to stop beating up Aomine. Everyone head turned to where the shout came from.

They all watched in amazement as the pressure around Akashi grew and soon swallowed the entire dining hall. Many students gulped with fear but couldn't look away from his presence. He elegantly stood up and slowly walked to the two who were sweating puddles of sweat.

"Um A-Akashi" Kise shuddered out and slowly started to get up.

"Sit" Akashi ordered and Kise obediently sat back down, everyone immediately imaged a puppy and an owner.

"Midorima finish your dinner then come with me to the medical wing and Kise you will do the same" Akashi commanded. The boys quickly nodded their heads and quickly went back to their dinners.

"Professor McGonall he has permission to bring in as many outside snacks as he pleases as per the agreement your country has made with ours."

Professor McGonall sighed and put away her wand causing Murasakibara snacks to fall into his waiting hands. Happy with his snacks back, Murasakibara calmly sat back down to his respective seat.

He then turned his sharp gaze to the pile of students, making them gulp. Giving a pointed glare was all he needed for all of them to get off of the now unconscious Aomine. Akashi sighed and went over to the aces side. Mumbling out a spell his body soon floated up.

"Madam Pomfrey I shall now be taking Aomine to the nurses office, is that alright?" Akashi asked his voice clear and commanding as ever and Pomfrey quickly got up.

She was an aging woman with her graying hair held in a bun and she had kind but sharp blue eyes. She wore a white apron and blood red dress under the apron. Her outdated white nurse hat sat on her head and a pretty blue brooch was pinned where her heart was probably showing she was a Matron of Hogwarts.

She soon followed Akashi who had already started to leave for the hospital wing of the castle. Suddenly Akashi stopped at the door causing Madam Pomfrey to nearly crash into him.

"Dumbledore do not worry he shall be up and running for when it is time" Akashi said. Pomfrey huffed at the kids' arrogant attitude and was about to say something.

"Do not worry Madam Pomfrey he will be just fine" Akashi said and soon walked away with a fuming Madam Pomfrey behind him.

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