Hello friendlies, authors, and fellow readers! I recently watched Pacific Rim for the first time and being a fan of Doctor Who, I kept thinking to myself 'This would make a really great Doctor Who episode, with the aliens and cool tech and everything' so afterwards I go check and lo and behold, there are no crossovers for Pac Rim/Doctor Who yet! So, here I am, posting the first crossover fic between two fandoms. For Doctor Who, it takes place before Dark Water but after Flatline, and for Pacific Rim, it takes place before the movie. Enjoy, and without further ado, ALLONS-Y!

CHAPTER ONE: The Old Friend

"So, Doctor, where are we off to today?" Clara walked briskly into the TARDIS, a smile on her face. Fridays as a schoolteacher was always the best days, and this Friday in particular had been amazing, partly because Danny Pink asked her out for a fifth time, this time without stuttering at all! The Doctor was standing beside the console with a slight smile. He had grey hair, blue eyes, and a face that looked angry most of the time, and his Scottish accent didn't help with his sass, either. "Well, Clara," he said, starting to work the console controls, "I've decided to take you to the near future. Thought you might want to see the tech advancements to be made in a few short years." "Wow, I think I would like that," said Clara, watching the rings above the console turn in time to the TARDIS noises. In a few minutes, the TARDIS noises stopped, indicating that they had landed.

"Welcome to Los Angeles, in the Earth Year 2019!" The Doctor threw open one of the TARDIS doors and both him and Clara stepped out. They were in the downtown area, on a beautiful evening with a clear sky and many modern-looking skyscrapers surrounding their position. But despite being only a few years in her future, Clara suddenly didn't feel excited anymore. In fact, she felt sick to her stomach, like something was very very wrong. "Um, Doctor?" she said, looking up at him, "I get the feeling something bad's about to happen..." The Doctor sniffed the air, squinting and frowning. "You're not the only one..." he suddenly looked up towards the sky and his eyes widened. "Look out, Clara!" Despite her protests, the Doctor shoved Clara inside the TARDIS just as a massive robot crashed onto the street, landing- shall I say nimbly- on its feet, missing the TARDIS only by a few meters. It was blue, with a matching "helmet" and a grey visor screening the part where it's face would be. It also had a glowing orange circle on its chest that appeared to be part of a fuel or exhaust system for the bot. It gave Clara vertigo just looking at it.

After Clara and the Doctor watched the bot charge purposefully down the street, the Doctor shut the TARDIS doors and ran to the console, swinging a nearby screen around so he could get a proper look at the readings. "No, this can't be right! 2019's supposed to be the age of prosperity, not the age of-" a tremor shook the TARDIS, making Clara grab a nearby railing for support, and the Doctor lean against the console. "What are you talking about?" she asked, regaining her balance a bit, "What was that thing anyway?" "I don't know," the Doctor responded, "But it can't be good." Suddenly, a knock was heard at the TARDIS doors, making both the Time Lord and the Companion turn and stare. Who in their right mind would just walk up to and knock on a British Police Box? Especially with a giant robot set loose in the city. However, the knocker was obviously not fazed by no answer, because the person simply knocked again, this time a bit louder. "Well, I guess I'd better go and answer it." As the Doctor walked towards the doors, Clara trailed behind, very curious (and apprehensive) as to who it might be.

They opened the door to find a Chinese guy about Clara's age that looked very serious. He was wearing navy blue army pants and a grey tee shirt as well as shiny black combat boots. He had super wavy black hair tied back in a bun and looked a bit surprised when the Doctor opened the door. "Doctor?" he asked, squinting a bit. "Hi, yes. I'm the Doctor. Have we met?" the man's eyes widened. "Yeah, we have! New Year's eve, 1999." Now it was the Doctor's turn to squint in confusion. Smiling, the man gently laid his hand on the TARDIS' doorway, and the old machine's light brightened as it hummed happily. The Doctor smiled, finally recognizing him. "Chang Lee!" the two men embraced. "It's so good to see you! How has it been?" Lee's expression turned serious again. "Not good, not good at all." he quickly glanced around as an explosion was heard and yet another tremor shook the earth. "I'll tell you more back at the base. You and your friend Come with me." And with that, the Doctor, Lee and Clara set off into the night.

SO! First chapter complete! For those of you who aren't aware, Chang Lee was one of the companions featured in the 8th Doctor's movie, from 1996. You can look up the transcript or the Wiki page if you want, but basically the movie took place on New Year's Eve, 1999, and Chang Lee and another companion called Grace Holloway were both the featured companions in the movie. It's a long story, if you want the details, as I mentioned before, you should probably look up a summary or a transcript. (Don't get confused with the Peter Cushing films, look at Doctor Who: the Movie featuring Paul McGann as the Doctor!)