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CHAPTER THREE- Travelling by Box

Stacker raised an eyebrow as the Doctor climbed onto the truck bed and happily unlocked and entered the TARDIS. Clara also followed behind, but just as Lee reached for the door, Pentecost cleared his throat. "Lee, I trust you know what this 'Doctor' is doing?" Lee shrugged with a half grin. "I've seen him in action. Usually, he just makes up the plan as he goes but I trust him with my life. He's saved the world already multiple times, I don't see why he can't do it now." Pentecost scoffed. "You seem doubtful, General," said Lee, "I'm sure the Doctor won't mind you coming in to take a peek."

Needless to say, Stacker was shocked. Never had he seen technology of this design. Heck, never had he seen anything as dimensionally disproportionate as this, something that can hold more on the inside than its outside may suggest. "Oh, I see you've redecorated." Lee commented, looking around the console room. Bothe Clara and the Doctor raised their eyebrows expectantly. "Hm, I think I like it." "Finally!" shouted the Doctor, "Someone actually likes the way I redecorate things!" Clara smiled, remembering when the Doctor met his previous selves, and this had almost happened. She walked over to Stacker, who kept blinking as if he couldn't believe his eyes. "So, General. What do you think?" "It is certainly impressive. What kind of technology is this?" "Gallifreyan." responds the Doctor, beginning to work the controls on the console. As the TARDIS noises start up, Lee smiles and tries to watch what the Doctor is doing on the controls. "Man, I've missed the TARDIS noises. Where are we going anyway?" "That's what I'd also like to know. I was not aware that this box could move." The General had moved closer to the console and was currently trying to read the console screen, even though it was obvious he couldn't. "Well, it isn't exactly a box," said Clara, taking a seat on a nearby chair. Lee followed suit. "Like Clara says, this is merely a spaceship disguised as a box. Well, stuck really. This," the Doctor gestures to the console room, "Is a TARDIS, short for Time and Relative Dimension in Space. It can move anywhere in time and space, and right now," he glances at the console screen, "We're going to the Jurassic time period." "You're joking." "Not at all, General." Lee said.

The TARDIS noises suddenly stop, and the General points to the door. "So if I step outside, I'll see Dinosaurs?" The Doctor shrugs, his hand on the materialization lever. "It's likely. Hopefully nothing'll eat us. That, unfortunately, happened last time we were here. Keep in mind, General, that we're technically in the same spot, just a few thousand years in the past." Clara nodded, agreeing with the Doctor. Stacker gave them a strange look, but Lee was completely unfazed. He walked to the door, and opened it. "Hey, guys! It's like Jurassic Park out here!" the others stepped out into a green field where various herbivores grazed. However, the peace was interrupted by a roar of major proportions. The group looked around, immediately on defense, until the Doctor spotted what looked like a hunting party attacking a dinosaur nearby the TARDIS. Clara squinted harder. "Doctor, are those... Silurians?" "Yes, it looks like it." the Doctor withdrew a pair of binoculars from his pocket and looked through them. "Actually, Madame Vastra is in that group." "Really?" asks Clara, ignoring the perplexed looks from the other two men, "Well, let's go say hi!"

By the time they got to the hunting party, they had successfully killed the Dino, and both Lee and Stacker were interested in examining the fallen creature. However they were both taken aback by the Silurians, who regarded the Humans and Time Lord with disdain. "Hello, I'm the Doctor, and these are my associates, Clara, General Stacker, and Lee." "Go away," said a Silurian in the front, "We want no part in your activities, human scum. I suggest you scram before we kill you." The Doctor was taken aback. "Excuse me, I happen to be a Time Lord, and I don't appreciate that input. Also, we're just here to take a look at this fine specimen you've managed to bring down." A scoff was heard from the leader. "Managed? It was hardly a struggle! These Precursor scouts think they can have the planet, but as long as we're here, that will never happen." "Wait a minute," says Stacker, walking towards the Silurian leader. "You said Precursors. Is that what this is?" he gestured towards the fallen Dino. "Of course that's what it is!" responded the leader. Then a Silurian dressed in what the Doctor recognized as a General's armor stepped forward. "These scouts are clones specifically designed to scope out the area to see if it is habitable for the Precursors, who live underwater in a rift someplace out there-" she waves unclearly out to the Pacific. The Silurian who'd just spoken suddenly had her hand seized by the Doctor, who was shaking it enthusiastically. She yanked it away, shocked. "Vastra!" says the Doctor, still enthusiastically "It's been a while! For me at least..." then, seeing Vastra's confused and slightly alarmed look, the Doctor loses his smile and raises his eyebrows. "Oh sorry. I didn't realize we haven't met yet..." "Whoops," said Clara. The awkward moment was suddenly interrupted by Chang Lee, shouting from the top of the Dino's head. "Hey guys, I found something might help!"

By the time the small group got up to where Lee was, the Silurians had already tunneled a distance into the Kaiju's body. "Come down here! Quick!" Lee's voice echoed up. "There is no way I'm going down there," Clara peers into the smelly hole uncertainly. "I have no idea what kind of diseases I might catch." General Stacker also reflected the same thoughts as Clara, even as a seasoned veteran, even claiming that examining deceased Kaiju wasn't "His Division". However, the Doctor would not hear of it. "Aw, come on! You just discovered that Dinosaurs were actually Precursor scouts, and you don't want to explore that?" Clara shook her head, and the General simply said "I am a General, Doctor. I do not obey insubordinate orders." Vastra, who had begun to follow the Doctor down, smirked at Stacker. "O really? What about orders from a much OLDER General?" Pentecost sighed and slowly clambered down after the other two, and Clara figured if the well-groomed Stacker Pentecost could suck it up, so could she.

When they got to Lee's position, they finally saw what got him so excited. "What took you guys so long? Look what these awesome Silurians found!" The tunnel from the top of the head had finally brought them to the secondary brain of the beast, which wasn't a brain at all, but a giant computer chip, or something close to it. It glowed blue and pulsed slightly. The Doctor's eyes widened as he took out his green and gold sonic screwdriver and took a quick scan. He extended the tool to get the readings, and turned to his company. "Yup, definitely Precursor tech. Ma- Vastra, have you recovered these chips from every one you've killed?" "Yes, and our scientists have been trying to find a way to communicate with these aliens, maybe try to work out a treaty, but all they do is keep sending these massive carnivores to try and destroy our homes." "So, what do you think will happen if you keep attacking long enough, general?" asked Stacker. "Hopefully, they'll give up, go away, or even better, decide this land is unsuitable for them." responded Vastra. Clara pulled the Doctor aside. "What if that's what happened?" asked Clara, "What if the Silurians kept killing every scout the aliens sent, so they decided to wait a few thousand years before trying again?" The Doctor's eyes widened as he realized where Clara was getting at. "Oooh! OH! Clara, you are brilliant!" He turns to Lee excitedly. "Lee, we figured out what was going on! Vastra, if you'll excuse us." The Doctor briskly walked towards the exit, followed by the rest of his compatriots. "General Vastra, it has been a pleasure," says Stacker when they arrive in front of the TARDIS. "Your input has been equally of use to the Silurans, General Stacker. I hope to meet sometime again in the future." The Doctor pokes his head out of the TARDIS. "Oh! Speaking of the future and meetings, you might want to go to London later. I'm positive we'll meet sometime then." with that strange note, the Doctor walked into the TARDIS, followed by Clara, Lee and Stacker, and Vastra watches as the box dematerializes, not for the last time either.

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