Back in the Los Angeles Shatterdome, in the future, the TARDIS materializes in the control room, surprising a lot of the scientists who weren't absorbed in their work. Stacker is the first to go out, followed by Lee. "Don't be alarmed, they're with us." Stacker reassured the scientists as the Doctor and Clara also followed suit. "You discover anything during the five minutes you were gone?" asked Choi from the computer. "Actually, we've found out that these Kaiju have scoped out the Earth before," responded Stacker, "But they decided it was unsuitable thanks to the Silurians, so they went away-" "-in order to try again a few thousand years later." finished Lee. "Wait, so you're sayin' that the Kaiju are actually Dinosaurs?" asked Choi. "Yes... Well, some of them anyway." said Clara.

"But now General Stacker," says the Doctor, turning to the official, "the question is what are you going to do with the information you just learned?" The General thought for a minute. "I suppose I should send a Jaeger through the rift where the Kaiju are coming from. Then we can blow it sky high to prevent any more aliens from coming through from the Anteverse." the Doctor sighed. "No quite what I was thinking, but we can give it a go. What Jaegers do you have available?" "Let's see," said Choi, pulling up a list of the Jaegers in the Shatterdome that were available for assistance, "Do any of these look good?" The Doctor skimmed the list, and shook his head with every option. "They're all way to violent. What I hope to do is NEGOTIATE, not just blow them up." Clara had to agree with the Doctor. She knew his peaceful tendencies, but she could also see that the General did not like that response. "Yes, Doctor, but if we don't destroy them the first chance we get, then they will come back to finish us off!" "Sorry to interrupt," said Clara, "But the Doctor is well-known throughout the universe. If they knew he was here they would turn tail and run." General Stacker looked surprised. "Trust me Pentecost," said the Doctor, "This has happened before with another race of aliens, the Sycorax. Plus, if we let the Precursors get away, they can tell all their little buddies that earth is defended." Stacker reluctantly nodded, and sighed. "Very well. But what Jaeger should go down there? You're not going to listen to my recommendations, that's obvious. So what are we going to do then Doctor?" The Doctor smiled. "Finally, I have my chance. What Jaegers do not have pilots?" "We only have one, and that's our backup," responded Choi, showing a picture to the Doctor. "That's perfect." "Perfect?" Clara looked at the Doctor, "What's your plan then? You can't every well go and pilot a Jaeger by yourself even if you're a Time Lord." "And it's not like I can drive you," added Lee, "I don't have a drift-compatible partner." "Oh, I have a much better Idea." The Doctor began walking towards his TARDIS and beckoned Lee and Clara to follow him. When Stacker also began to follow, the Doctor halted him. "You need to stay here, General. How long will it take to get the spare Jaeger ready?" "About a Month, as it needs to be repaired and upgraded. Where are you going?" "To get some pilots. I'll be back in exactly a month." As the Doctor ducked back into the TARDIS and slammed the door, Stacker turned back towards Choi. "It's time to get to work."

Amy Williams, the author of the best-selling book series starring Melody Malone, sat at her typewriter in frustration. She tore the page of manuscript from the blasted machine and crumpled it up, tossing it onto the already overflowing trash bin. "Rory!" she called, "I'm so fed up with not having a backspace! When does it get invented, anyway?" Rory Williams, who had been washing the dishes, walked into the room and shrugged. "I don't know. Did you mess up again?" Amy huffed and crossed her arms. "Obviously." Her red hair was tied up into a messy bun, and she had a pair of round glasses perched on her nose. Rory, on the other hand, was blonde and worked part time as a nurse at a nearby hospital. In fact, thanks to his nurse training from his original time (2012), he had improved some of their techniques and made the hospital the best in New York.

"Maybe you should take a break, Amy." recommended Rory, massaging his wife's shoulders, "You've been working day and night on this book, and the lack of sleep is not good." Amy sighed tiredly. "I suppose you're right. But this book has a deadline, and I don't know what to write." Suddenly, a knock sounded at the door. Both adults made a move to get up, but Amy stopped Rory. "I'll get it. Its probably another salesperson I'll have to chase off." As Rory made his way back to their small apartment kitchen, Amy went to answer the door and was surprised to find an older man standing on the porch with a young woman and man. "Yes, can I help you?" asked Amy. The older man hesitated briefly before holding up an ID from the Scotland Yard. "I'm Doctor John Smith from the Scotland yard," he said in a Scottish accent, "And these are my associates Clara Oswald and Chang Lee." Amy was taken aback. She wasn't expecting visitors, much less ones from the Scotland Yard, of all places. She hoped she wouldn't have to be deported. "Please, come in," invited Amy. As the others walked in, she asked them to pardon the mess, as she wasn't expecting visitors. "Just let me get my husband," said Amy, walking towards the kitchen.

As soon as she was out of hearing range, the Doctor sighed. "It's been a long time since I've seen them," he told Clara. "And they travelled with you before I did?" The Doctor nodded. "In fact, you arrived right after they... left." "You're meeting all sorts of old friends nowadays, aren't you, Doc?" Lee sat on a wooden chair and surveyed the apartment. The living room, which the trio now sat it, had a simple television set in one corner of the room, and a sofa, as well as a desk and a wooden chair in which Lee now sat. The Doctor suspected that his old companion had been working on a novel, as there were pages scattered everywhere and a dented typewriter sat on the desk. However, the fact about the room that surprised the alien was the assortment of toys strewn about the room, mostly army toys and a few building blocks, but also a few hair pieces that would belong to a little girl. When Amy and Rory walked into the room, the Doctor shook hands with the nurse and his wife, and both Clara and Lee followed suit. "I'm mister Williams, and my wife's told me you're with the Scotland Yard?" "Yes, we are," responded the Doctor, carefully, "But before we get to the matter at hand I must ask: Do you have a daughter?" "Yeah, One," responds Amy, "Her name is Melody, and she's at school right now." the Doctor nodded, and made a mental note to ask more about it later. "I'm sure she's brilliant," said Clara with a pleasant smile, "But I'm afraid we aren't here to talk about her. We, um-" "Need you to come with us," finishes Lee, who saw that Clara was uncomfortable, "It's for an urgent matter in which the fate of the world hangs in the balance."

Rory immediately shook his head, wrapping an arm protectively around his beloved. "No, no we can't do that, we promised-" he visibly stopped himself, "Ah, never mind. The point is, we can't leave." "Sure you can," says the Doctor, "And you kind of have to, seeing as I'm with the Scotland Yard. See?" he held up his psychic paper again, but Amy just grinned. "We got you there, buster. I kind of suspected from those clothes, but this psychic paper just confirms it: You're not with the Scotland Yard at all, Mister Smith." The Doctor nodded, proud of his former Companions. "Well done, Amy. However, you still have to come with us." "Why?" asked Rory defensively. "Please, just do it," pleaded Clara, "We'll explain in the Cab."

The first few minutes of the cab ride was quiet, and finally, Lee broke the silence. "So, as I'm sure you've figured out, we're from the fu-" "-rious government organization," glared the Doctor, cutting off Lee, "who has got a major problem on our hands." "Like, what kind of problem?" asked Amy, and then as an afterthought she added, "Just letting you know, I'm an Author, and Rory's a nurse, so I don't really see how we could be of help." "Well, the problem isn't exactly here in New York," stumbled Lee, "but we're actually going to our main mode of transport now." "Really? That's all you've got?" the Doctor shook his head. "Unbelievable." Rory and Amy looked confused. "What are you talking about? Who are you really?" Rory asked. The Doctor looked at him with a slightly bemused expression. "I'd thought you'd figure it out by now, Mr. Pond." Clara thought the reactions of the former companions were priceless when it finally dawned on them. "Oh my gosh, Raggedy Man!" The Scottish redhead smacked the side of the Doctor's arm. "You gave us a heart attack!" and then she hugged him. Clara knew he was a no hug person now, but she couldn't help cracking a small smile at the reunion. "You look so different, Doctor!" said Rory, smiling and looking at the time lord. "Oh yes, regeneration has that effect." he responded calmly. "And are these your companions?" asked Rory, gesturing to Clara and Lee. "I'm currently traveling with him," Clara says, "And Lee hasn't traveled with the Doctor in a while." Rory nodded and held out a hand. "Well, it's nice to meet you both." The cabbie ground to a halt and the crew got out, Rory being a nice enough person to pay the fine. They were way outside New York, in the middle of nowhere. "You sure you wanna be left out here?" the Cab driver asked, glancing around outside his window. "Yes, thank you." Clara reassured the driver, and he shrugged and drove the cabbie away. "Where's the TARDIS," asked Amy, looking around. "Did you turn on the cloaking device?" "As a matter of fact, I did!" and with a snap, the Doctor had opened the TARDIS doors, which seemed to float in thin air like a passage to Narnia. Lee smiled. "Welcome back to the TARDIS."

"Yup, still bigger on the inside," Rory sighed, looking around the spacious room. "Although, I like the new touches you've made. Seems cleaner." "Well, I've always liked the old design," Amy said, watching the turning rings above the console, "It was much more fun than this one." "What did the last console room look like?" asked Clara, trying to make conversation with the former companions. While they were busy, Lee decided to have a little chat with the Doctor. "Alright, Doc." said Lee, following the Time Lord as he flipped switches and pressed buttons on the console, "When are you going to get them started on Jaeger training?" the Doctor stopped and looked at Lee with a grin. "I figured that's where you'd come in." "What?!" he exclaimed, "But I don't even have a drift-compatible partner! You know what that means? I've never been actually on the field, and I've never actually fought a Kaiju." "Yes, I'm well aware of that, Lee." "Then how do you expect me to train totally inexperienced people from the 1940's?" "Trust me: they're HARDLY inexperienced." said the Doctor, "And they're not even from the 40's!"

"Hey Doctor," said Amy, wandering over, "Do you still have an outlet somewhere? I have a cell phone that needs charging." "A cell phone?" the Doctor seemed surprised. "You got stuck in 1940's New York and after I pick you up one of the first things you ask about is to charge your CELL PHONE?" "Yeah." Amy pulled out her cellphone and turned it on, completely unfazed by the Doctor, "I keep it around for emergencies. Melody knows I have it, and she knows the number." "Speaking of which," says the Doctor, opening a hatch on the console with an outlet in it, "what's the story with her?" "We found her wandering the streets," responded Rory, and after thinking a moment he added, "Well, actually she found us. At first, we couldn't believe it, and then it made perfect sense when she explained it. Remember the whole 'you dying thing', and it was really little River all along, in the spacesuit?" the Doctor nodded. "I remember. So you're saying that version of Melody regenerated into Mels and then came to live with you?" "Yeah, pretty much. Keep up with the party, Raggedy Man." Amy plugged in her phone and Clara headed over. "I think that we should explain what's going on here, first of all," she said. "I mean, we've already said the fate of the world hangs in the balance." "Yes, an explanation would be nice," said Rory.