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Nuk Nuk Nuk.

Mabel waited patiently outside her brother's new study in the mystery shack. Her hands were clasped in front of her as she awaited an answer.

"Can't talk now," her brother said through the door. "Busy."

"Ahh, but Bro bro," Mabel complained. "You said that you would take a break and go to the pool with me. It's Twin Day!"

"I said I'd do that tomorrow," Dipper said.

"Dipstick, it is tomorrow," Mabel said in an aggravated tone.

The door opened, and Mabel was hit with the stale odor of BO and chinese food. Dipper walked out. The bags under his eyes showed that he had not slept in days, and his clothes were wrinkled and covered in stale sweat. His hair was in a mess and his breath smelled like a week's worth of garbage in a hot Texas day.

"It is?" he said. "Oh, shoot. I'm sorry Mabel. Let me go freshen up."

"Please! We may have to take you through the carwash," Mabel said as the pinched her nose for emphasis. Dipper chuckled as he moved past her and up to the bathroom. Mabel smiled to herself as she was about to finally spend time with her brother like she wanted. If Weirdmaggedon had taught her anything, it was that Summer won't last forever, and that you have to enjoy it while it's here. Well, that, and to not replace everyone she loves with demonic glittery illusions. She should write a book about that someday. You know, after her fashion business takes off. But back to the matter at hand. Today is going to be awesome!

That was until she heard a weird swooshing noise outside. Many loud beeps and buzzes emitted from Dipper's study. Mabel ran outside to see what the cause of all the commotion was, but saw nothing. Soos soon followed her, looking just as confused as she was.

"What was that?" Mabel asked.

"I don't know, dude. But I think I heard a woosh," Soos replied.

"Huh, well everything seems normal," Mabel said. In fact, everything was just how it was supposed to be. Squirrels ran to and fro in the trees. A woodpecker dug into the bark to look for it's next meal. The gnomes were seen in the distance, chasing Lazy Susan and her pie. Everything seemed normal.

"Guys! Guys! Something completely not normal just happened!" Dipper said from the porch. He seemed to have just gotten out of the shower, for he was dressed in only his towel. He was holding one of McGucket's laptops in his arms and was typing furiously at something. "A rift just opened somewhere, then closed immediately!" He turned the computer around, showing them a screen full of sciencey symbols and equations that neither Mabel nor Soos could understand.

"Soos is confused now," Soos said.

"That means that Ford's theory is correct!" Dipper said ecstatically. I have to look into this more. Maybe I can discover what's causing all this!"

"But I thought we were going to the pool today," Mabel said, knowing exactly where this was going. It wouldn't have been the first time.

"Sorry, Mabel. Raincheck. I have to collect as much data as I can before the anomaly fades indefinitely." And with that, Dipper headed back into the house and into his study, not even bothering to put on any clothes.

"Guess that's so much for twin day," Mabel said, defeated.

"Ah, don't worry, Hambone," Soos said as he knelt down next to her and put a hand on her shoulder. "You wanna help me and Melody shop for some new zombie-proof doors. I've been a zombie before, so I think that I would be a good test subject."

"Thanks, but no thanks, Soos," Mabel said as she looked down at her shoes.

"Well, why don't you go hang with some friends?" Soos asked.

"Grenda's in Austria this weekend and Candy has food poisoning," Mabel replied.

"What about that Pacifica dude? I saw you guys hanging at the party a couple weeks ago."

"You know what, Soos," Mabel said, perking up. "That is a great idea." She gave a quick hug to Soos and ran down the dirt road.

Mabel stood in front of the small house. After Weirdmaggedon, the Northwest's received enough money from selling the mansion to rent a humble little home on the south end of town. With the stories that Mabel has heard after she left, she could tell that the transition was hard for the Northwests. Pacifica is perfectly fine with it now, given that she slept under a box for two days in a potato sack. But her parents hate it, which then translates to their parenting methods.

Mabel rang the doorbell. The door opened to reveal a statured man in a cheap suit with a mustache. Upon seeing the teen, he instantly slammed the door.

"Who was that, honey?" Mabel heard a feminine say from the other side of the threshold.

"It's that rug rat Pines girl," A male voice replied. "We can't have her here. She will contaminate our status!"

"Preston, we don't have any status."

"Exactly! So we must protect what we still have."

"Just ask her what she wants, then tell her to go away."

The door opened again, revealing the same man. "What do you want?" he said in an irritated tone.

"I'm here to see Pacifica," Mabel said, not at all fazed on what she just heard.

"No. Go away." Preston said. He then slammed the door. Mabel knocked again. "I said go away!"

"What are you doing here?" A curious voice said from above. Mabel looked up to see Pacifica peering out of her window on the second floor.

"I wanted to see if we could hang out," Mabel replied. "Dipper cancelled on me because of his stupid sciencey biz."

"Sure," Pacifica said as she started climbing out of her window and onto the ledge. She then jumped and landed gracefully onto the grass. "Any excuse to not listen to my parents bicker for the ump-teenth time. I'm still grounded for going to your party without their permission."

Mabel gasped as they started walking. "But that was, like, weeks ago!"

"Yeah," Pacifica said solemnly. "But let's not talk about me. You said your brother ditched you for some sciencey thing?" Pacifica's mood seemed to lighten as she mentioned Dipper. And, did Mabel see a blush hiding beneath those cheeks?

"Yeah, he's looking for some sort of interdimensional rift thing that, I actually stopped listening to him then," Mabel said.

"Well, It sounds important," Pacifica replied. "So what do you want to do?"

"Me and Dipper were gonna go to the pool."

"Sounds fun. But I don't have a swim suit."

"Don't worry, I have a spare. This'll be fun. Oh, and I'll make sure to tell Dipper that you're into him."

Pacifica looked flabbergasted. "I… pfft… I didn't… how… uh?"

Mabel laughed. I've watched too many episodes of Duck-tective to know how you feel. Don't worry, Paz. Mabel's got your back!"

"Don't call me Paz."

Mabel walked down the dirt road in her flipflops, getting slightly annoyed whenever a rock found its way between her toes. Her swimsuit was still a little damp, but the summer sun had dried up most of the chlorinated water. She and Pacifica had a blast. Splashing around, having races, talking about boys, spilling hot dogs on themselves. (Mabel's was more on purpose.) That was exactly the kind of day Mabel needed to take her mind off Dipper and his stupid poop-headedness.

As she rounded the corner, she saw her twin sitting on the porch steps, looking strangely sad. She walked up and sat next to him.

"What's up, Bro-bro?" she asked.

"I couldn't get anywhere in my research today," Dipper said. "I was unable to gather any data on the rift, and I don't know when, or ever, a fluctuation like that will happen again."

"Well, maybe this means that it's going nowhere. Then you can spend more time with me - I mean - your friends."

"Maybe your-" Dipper was cut off by a large booming noise overhead. He looked up to see a tear in the sky. Some sort of silver ship flew through it, closing it behind. The vehicle landed in the parking lot, right on top of a squirrel. Dipper stood up and stepped forward. He could hear his machinery going crazy in the shack behind him. A side hatch opened on the vehicle, and a figure stepped out. It wore some sort of purple armor with a helmet. The helmet had a black T-shaped visor.

"Who are you," Dipper asked as he approached cautiously.

The figure lifted his hands to take off his helmet. Dipper could now see his features clearly. He had a tall head with a patch of short, green hair on top and a large, square-like nose in the middle. However, his most distinguishing feature was the scar that passed from his right temple, over his eye, and down his cheek.

"My name is Ferb Fletcher," the figure said. "And I am looking for my brother."