It truly was a beautiful end to the day. The sun rays ascended from just behind the great, green mountains, getting ever shorter. The birds sang their songs of nightfall. Oh, how innocent they are. How frail. Chipmunks and squirrels jumped from tree to tree, chasing each other in an endless game of tag. A doe, followed by a newborn fawn, legs still weak and shaky, wandered among the grass and flowers, snacking and munching on the luscious green salad called nature.

The doe never noticed the cold wind that ascended into the valley. Not cold as in temperature, but cold as in death. The fawn certainly noticed, and huddled closer to its mother. A flaming hand, cold as ice, placed itself utop the doe's head as it ate. The being of which the hand belonged to dissolved into the doe. It's large, dark eyes morphed into a sickening bright yellow; its pupils stretching into a thin sliver. A disturbing laugh escaped through the doe's teeth.

The fawn, not sure what was happening, didn't know whether to run from its mother or to cower to it. However, the choice was never made. A luminescent had sprouted itself from the deer's back. The hand placed it's middle finger onto its thumb, and snapped. The fawn, not knowing what hit it, dissolved into a blue flame, leaving nothing but a pile of ashes and an odor of burnt hair.

The demonic cackle continued as a second arm emerged from the deer's back. The two arms, each placed on the ground on opposite sides of the doe, pulled out the mind maggot. After releasing the doe, the damned dorito laughed again.

"Oh, finally!" he said. "Bill Cipher is back, baby! Now my powers are more powerful than ever!"

The doe, broken from the spell, started to call out for its fawn.

"Ugh, you're ruining my rebirth," Bill said. He, growing to twice his size, gave a strong kick to the animal, causing it to be launched over the tree line. A loud, heavy thunk was heard. Followed by the cries of several startled birds.

"Oh, this is so exciting!" The Cipher said. "Now my plan can continue! I just need one more pawn." His eye turned from a white to a black, his elongated pupil morphing into a shooting star with a pink glow. The demon floated deeper into the forest to plot, while behind him, vultures started to circle in the sky.

"Umm, I thought you were going to show me your lab," Dipper said, looking around, seeing only forest. "Is the lab concealed with a cloaking device, or is it hidden under ground like crash site Omega? Maybe it's one of those invisible doors that leads to another dimension!" Fletcher put a hand on Dipper's shoulder to stop him from talking, then, with his other hand, he pulled out a small remote from a container on his utility belt.

"Sometimes, you just need to think smaller," he remote was fairly simple; nothing but a small, grey box topped with a large, red button. Fletcher's armored thumb descended unto the button and, once pressed, he through the remote out in front of them, landing about 500 feet away. The remote then spit open, enlarging itself. Then it did so again. And again. And again. Dipper wasn't really sure what all happened, but in about 15 seconds, there was a large shed in front of him, still too small for a professional lab, but still impressive nonetheless.

Without saying a word, Fletcher ushered Dipper into the shed. Needless to say, Dipper was very surprised when he stepped in and saw the interior. He could throw a ball, well, Mabel could throw a ball, across the room and not even come close to hitting the opposite wall. It was similar to that one British show, Doctor Why, with that phone booth that was bigger on the inside than on the outside. Everything was a pristine, sterile white. Glass test tubes and beakers decorated the many steel counter tops. At one end of the lab, there were several rows of bookshelves displaying various trinkets and objects. One of which was an entire horse skeleton that appeared to be sitting in the bookcase.

"This place is amazing," Dipper said as he stared around the room. "How did you fit all of this in here?"

"It's all about spatial manipulation," Fletcher replied and Dipper wandered ever closer to the bookcase to study the objects. There were so many. One in particular was a strange, green, triangular mineral floating inside a transparent pink bubble.

"Don't touch that," Fletcher said.

"Why? What is it?" Dipper asked, drawing his hand away but still eyeing the strange stone.

"It's the last remaining remnant of one of the most vile villains in universe 14.92," he said. "I would recommend not popping that bubble, unless you want your Earth to be eaten from the inside out."

Dipper just stared at the gem in thought. "Sounds like a long and horrifying story. But, we have work and research to do, so we can reminisce about points in our past that have scarred us another time."

"Agreed," Fletcher said. He then moved over to one of the computer banks on the adjacent wall. "Now, I know that my brother's powers create a faint radiation signature that can only be picked up by machinery specifically calibrated to anamolitical fluctuations in gravity, temperature spikes, and other such physical shifts. The computer then triangulates this data to create a geographical map of current and previous spikes of this radiation."

"Me and my Great Uncle Ford had something similar setup," Dipper said. "Of course, my sister decided to call it 'Weirdiation', but hey, it's what lead us to the vortex spikes that your IDIOT created."

"Hmm. This Ford sounds like he's quite the genius," Fletcher said, dismissively as he poured over the computer data currently on his screen.

"Yes. He was once trapped in an interdimensional limbo for thirty years, trying to find a way to defeat Bill."

Fletcher looked up from his screen. "Let me guess, he's the guy that the Oracle installed the metal plate in his head?"

Dipper stared at Fletcher for a little big, his face turning a single shade paler. "Y-yeah. That's the one. How did you know that?" He said tentatively.

Fletcher look off in the distance, his eyes empty of emotion. "The Oracle and I are close. Let us just say that my life isn't the only one my brother ruined."

A beeping sound from the computer console broke Fletcher from his thoughts. "Look's like we have a trail," he said, moving his attention to the screen. "It looks to be several weeks old, but it's a start. I'll have the equipment continue to monitor the surrounding areas while we go check it out."

Dipper looked at the screen over Fletcher's shoulder. "It appears that the trail is over into the woods on the North-West end of town," he said. "I'll go get my equipment and we'll meet back here in ten."

Fletcher nodded in affirmation before turning and walking to the other end of the building.

As Dipper neared the Mystery Shack, his sister jumped out from behind the brush next to the main road.

"Dipper!" she yelled. "It's bowling night! C'mon! Get your ball. I invited Soos, Melody, Candy, and Grenda, and even Pacifica! It'll be so fun! Oh, and I love the food there. There's just something about deep-fried nachos, ya know? And then, the milkshakes are good to, though not as good as-"

Dipper just held up his hand until she stopped talking. "I'm sorry, Mabel, but we got a lead on the hunt. It's very important that we follow up on this. Maybe next time."

The light left Mabel's eyes as she heard this. "But Bro-bro. We've seen each other almost never since that weird space guy came through that magic vortex thing."

Dipper sighed. "Look, I'm sorry that it has to be this way, but this is very important. As soon as this is over, I promise that we can go bowling then. Now, I have to go and get my equipment. Try not the light anything on fire while I'm gone."

As Dipper walked into the house, Mabel's heart deflated like a sad balloon. As she walked on towards the town, thoughts started to swim through her mind. Although she didn't know it, yet, not all of those thoughts were hers.