X-Com: Contact Wars

Prologue The stage is set

Location: Sol System, Earth, (Classified) April 5, 2015

"How can a relative new organization have so much damn paperwork!?" Cmdr. Alexander Shepherd wondered going over the reports and updates on his desk. It had been just under a month since the aliens invaded and the X-Com project was activated and so far it seems they were up shit creek with out a paddle and sprung a leak. Doctor Vahlen believed that her team made a break through with the alien material they were studying and would have a new armor for the troops to wear that should increase survivability, meanwhile Dr. Shen was reporting that the thermal generator would be up and running in twelve hours.

'Good,' the commander thought to himself "we lost half our squad last mission, maybe with this new armor our troops will last longer God willing.'

Mission Control

Central Control Office Bradford studied the holo-globe trying to predict were the aliens was strike next the last mission was while a success they had lost half the squad for only four confirmed kills when suddenly the alarm went off there were getting reports of adduction happing in Mexico.

"All right people I want satellite coverage there asap, I want as much info as possible before we send our boys out there lets see if we can bring them all back home this time."

Location: Unknown ,on route to Sol System.

The Elder one watched on through his slaves eyes as the harvested specimens from the new planet so far this experiment had been a failure these humans were not putting up much of a fight but then again it was only the beginning and they have yet to show there true worth they could be what they had been looking for or just be more fodder to throw and the Great enemy when the came once more. If so then they would have to move on maybe one of the other races would work, the exiled were frail in body but they were strong in mind perhaps they were the ones or even the hardy ones surely such strength could come in handy it didn't matter all will serve in time.

Location: Widow Nebula, The Citadel Bachjret Ward ( One earth month ago)

Capitan Peesena Milos entered her apartment she had the Citadel when she was not aboard her ship, she had just came back from a meeting with the council that had shook her to her very core. The council had decide in all of there wisdom to begin reopening closed relays, there reasoning two fold first they were running out of garden worlds to colonize not counting the ones it the skyllian verge that the Batarians had loudly claimed as theirs ,that the council would never give them, and two better to find to next threat when they were ready before they find the unprepared. So she and the best they could find among the various species would jump aboard the newest and most advance light cruiser ever made and begin the months long, maybe even year long, mission to boldly go were no one in there right mind had gone before all in one month.

The date on the Earth calendar was 03/05/2015 when the question was answered
"Are we alone in the universe?"
And the answer was NO
But little did we know that answer would lead to a galaxy wide fight for survival
Because in the depths of dark space Old gods slept and dreamt of a cycle never ending.

Well that was the prologue of X-com Contact wars yes its short but like I said I'm not much of a writer and this is the best I could do if anyone would like to help let me know