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"People talking."

'Thoughts' and emphasis.

xX • • • Xx is time change, place, and flashbacks.


300 years ago..

11:55 PM

It was almost time. People became more impatient as each minute passed by, needless to say, something bizzare was bound to happen tonight when the clock strikes 12. Fans were screaming at the top of their lungs, most were carrying a banner obviously for a certain thief. Outside of the Emperor's estate, guards stood tall yet alert at the same time. Nakamori-keibu was shouting orders to his men, like he usually does in every KID heist.

"This time for sure, I will capture Kaitou KID!"

"Yes, Nakamori-keibu!" Shouted his men back, which causes the inspector to laugh out loud. Two detectives just rolled their eyes, both men obviously used to the older man's habit in every heist. It was futile, due that the man failed to capture KID in every heist. But both detectives kept it to themselves.

"Tche, why are these two idiots here? Hmph! It's not like they could capture Kaitou KID." That got the tan detective to loose his calm, as he gritted his teeth and was about to say something mean back to Nakamori when the blond detective grabbed his shoulder and pushed him to the side.

"As you know probably as well keibu-san, you have not captured KID yet too." Replied the Half-British towards the inspector, who's face becoming pink at his statement. Nakamori harshly grabbed the blond detective's collar of his robe, making them look at each other face to face. "What did you say brat?!"

The detective only narrowed his eyes at him. "I suggest that you move your face away from me before we will both regret the consequences of our own actions." The blond harshly pushed himself away from the older man, who made a 'hmph' noised and recomposed himself before turning away from both detectives. "Just don't get in my way."

The tan detective glared daggers at the man's retreating back. "Seriously what a jerk. Just 'cause he'd been handlin' to capture KID doesn' mean he coulda act all superior to us."

"You do not get it do you, you idiot?"

"What did ya say ya moron-brit?!"

Hakuba narrowed his eyes at him, annoyance clearly visible in his every appearance. "Obviously, you haven't." He pinched the bridge of his nose. "That just proves me right about you. I was talking about the lost of his only daughter you twit."

Anger slowly faded away from Heiji's face, but the annoyance from the blond was still there. "Ya talkin' about the last heist are ya?" Hakuba looked at him like the other detective raised his stupidy to another level. "What else could I be talking about?" He cast his look away from him, and glanced at his foot instead. "His heists were supposed to be unharmful, and now I'm starting to doubt about his safe-policy of nobody getting hurt. Yet he announced to have another heist like Aoko-san's death was nothing!" He gritted his teeth and clench his fists at his sides. "I just can't forgive him."

More people started to gather, growing more louder and started to count.











All the torches around the estate died out for a second, then there was light to a particular spot where the gentleman thief was standing, flashingly appeared all in his white glory.

"Ladies and gentleman!"

Fans started to scream, yell, push, and shout. Nakamori-keibu immediately barked out orders. "Get Kaitou KID and arrest him!" Men sprang to action. If he didn't know any better, he thought KID looked at the inspector with guilt in his facial feature for a split second, but it soon vanished as it did as the chase begin. Unfortunately, the two detectives caught the duo's exchange. Clearly, they weren't the only ones affected by Aoko's death.

"Stop right there KID!"

They have sucessfully cornered Kaitou KID, but they knew enough to never let their guard down. This was Kaitou KID, who always had plently of tricks in his sleeve, it was too soon to feel victory.

"Haven't you learned your lesson tantei-san? Well, it looks to me that you haven't at all." He said it with so much casuality, you'd actually think he cornered them instead of him. He never was one to back down from anything, if the smirk on his face was anything to go by.

"This is futile, KID. Surrender now and give yourself in." Suddenly, he was surrounded with more men. Behind him, was a cliff with a shallow river below that could possibly take him to his death. They made sure to corner him to a spot where the wind wouldn't carry him, making all escape atempt at lost.

But Kaitou KID just grinned. "Ah, but that is where you are wrong." He then spread his arms wide. "Enjoy my last performance of tonight's heist!" Fireworks started to erupt from the sky out of nowhere as Kaitou KID's white cape, instead of his usual glider, turned into some sort of rocket. A curse slip across the tan detective's lips.

"Hurry! Get him!" Shouted Nakamori.

But Kaitou KID was already up towards the sky, leaving a heavy smoke below him. As the smoke reside, two detectives were missing. The inspector looked up which made his eyes grew large.

Fortunately, the duo managed to grasped on the thief's white clothes in time. Fear was visible on his face, he couldn't believe he was seeing this! They were getting higher in the sky, KID was having trouble due to the detectives grabbing him for dear life.

"Oi! What do you think you're doing?!" Shouted the phantom thief.

"I'm going to die!" Screamed the tan detective.

"You should have thought of that before grabbing me!"

"KID get us down!" Yelled the Half-British, face becoming more pale each time they went higher.

It was at that moment when something glowed from KID's breast pocket, where tonight's targeted jewel was. It first glowed softly, before glowing more making it hurting their eyes.


Then the glowing stop, it was quiet for a moment. Nakamori-keibu looked for the familair white, but stars and a dark sky was all he could see. He couldn't move, he seemed to be frozen in his place. After gulping, he asked, "Where are they?"

And that was the last time they saw them.

xX • • • Xx

'Where am I?'

His whole body ached. He couldn't explain how badly he felt. It was like he'd been sucked to a whirl pool then got spitted out. It was not a good sign. Slowly he opened his eyes, he thought he was laying on something wet and dirty. To show his discomfort, he let out a pained groan and slowly started to sit up, ignoring the throbbing feeling in his head. He raised an arm and placed it on the left side of his head, when he pulled it back, he saw blood. He winced at the sight.

He flinched when he heard a pain groan and a curse coming from his side.

"What the hell happened?" Heiji's vision was blurry, but it soon reside and saw the obvious discomfort from the blond detective infront of him. "I thought I got sucked then got spitted out."

"I felt worse, tantei-han."

Both detectives literally jumped at the awakening thief behind them, his brown hair was messy and like them, he had blood on the side of his face as well. Unbeknownst to him, his hat and monocle were missing. Hakuba quickly tackled KID onto the ground, pinning him down in the proccess. With his incomplete clothes, his identity was clearly seen by the half-british ontop of him.

"Kuroba." Spat Hakuba, clearly not amuse by what was happening.

"Oi, oi, ya seriously goin' ta start that now?"

"Shut up Hattori!"

Unfortunately, Hakuba's shout got unwanted visitors who were slowly coming closer to their area. "Who's there?" Shouted a person. They three froze on the spot, as the footsteps got closer.

"Oh my god.." Right infront of the police officers, were seemed to be young adults with old messy century clothes and blood was covering the side of their faces. He placed the phone close to his mouth. "Uh, we got three people in an alley down 3 blocks from the station." There was a buzz. "Yeah, and the three of them seemed to be injured. Each got blood from the sides of their faces. Okay, we'll be right there with them." The man then put it back into his pocket, never leaving his eyes on the three suspicious men before him.

"Sirs, we need you to come with us to the station."

Alarm bells started ringing in their heads as instincts kicked in. They were not at their home anymore.

To be continued..

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