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"People talking."

'Thoughts' and emphasis.

xX • • • Xx is time change, place, and flashbacks.

Chapter 3 Part 1

He felt.. warm. That wasn't the issue here, but the unknown figure embracing him. Sapphire eyes fluttered open, and met a couple of indigo orbs staring into his own, which was too close for comfort. Blue eyes widen.

"Good morning gorgeous."


xX • • • Xx

"They're from the past? You must be kidding me. I mean, how could that have happened?"

Inspector Megure rubbed the back of his neck. "I wish I knew too, Shinichi-kun. Somehow they were time teleported here all of a sudden and they don't know the way back to their own time."

"Nothing like this has ever happened before, there must be a logical explanation behind this." Said the Heisei-Holmes as he placed his fingers on his chin. Shinichi had left early from his house to speak with Megure-keibu at the station, leaving the 3 time-travelers behind. He really was shocked to find Kaito with him in his bed at 5:45 AM, for any reason he didn't know why, but it really scared the wits out of the detective.

"Ah well, we'll worry about that later," Said Megure Juzo, Shinichi glanced at him. "In the meantime, look out for them. I suppose being suddenly teleported to the future is a big shock for them, so it probably would take some time to adjust to their surroundings. But with you there with them for sure it wouldn't be a problem!" The man smiled. "Show them how everything works, now that I thought about it they need clothes."

"But Megure-keibu, I have work–"

"That will have to wait Shinichi-kun, you're not the only one who works here remember? Besides, someone who is hard working like you deserves a vacation once in a while you know? Just listen to me and look out for the time-travelers, I'll take care of everything."

Shinichi looked unsure about this, so Megure insisted. "Think of it as a serious case, while we figure things out, you'll get to teach them how to do things here."

'He really is serious..' Thought the Heisei-Holmes with no amusement. "Alright, it still feels like I'm babysitting them though." Shinichi then turned around and walked to the door, and glanced at the inspector with a smile by the shoulder and a wave. "Call me if you guys ever need something!"

Exiting the 3 story building, the detective shoved his hands in the pockets of his dark blue jeans and started walking down the street. Halting at the edge of the road, Shinichi waited patiently for the stop light to turn green from red. After a few minutes, he continued making his way towards his house.

'I wonder what they would like to eat for breakfast,' Shinichi stopped infront of the gate of his house, still unsure if time-traveling was really possible. But so far this was too real to be considered as a dream, they also had evidences that they did came from the past, and they haven't done anything wrong.

Shrugging, he opened the gate and walked towards the entrance. 'I guess I'll cook pancakes and eggs for breakfast then.'

As Shinichi opened the door of his house, he was tackled by the ever-so-hyper Kuroba Kaito. "SHI-NI-CHI! You are back! Where were you?! I missed you sooooooo–" The thief was cut off when he was pulled back harshly by several hands, which were from Heiji and Hakuba's.

"You idiot!"

"Can ya not see ya 're traumatizin' 'im with the way ya were actin'?"

Kaito pouted, then crossed his arms. "What? It is not my fault I cannot resist his cuteness," Shinichi blushed slightly at that. "And what is with all the get up? I know you both thought so as well."

Hakuba stuttered while Heiji glared at Kaito. It was like Shinichi wasn't even there at all, causing him to get annoyed.

"Okay that's enough." He closed the door behind him and started walking towards the kitchen. "Breakfast will be served in a moment."

"You will be cooking for us?" Kaito beamed as they followed the Heisei-Holmes, Shinichi looked at him over his shoulder like the thief just said something stupid. "Of course I am, unless you guys want take outs instead, which I don't mind." He added as an afterthought.

"What are take outs?" Asked the tan detective. They entered the kitchen.

"Take outs are the food you bought from stores and eat them later, usually after you get home." He pulled out the box of pancake flour before grabbing the eggs from the fridge and placing them near the stove. Shinichi placed the frying pan on it before flicking it, making flames to burst under the pan and causing the time-travelers to stare in awe.

"I did not know you were a magician as well Shin-chan!" Kaito happily exclaimed. Shinichi flinched at the nickname his mother usually calls him, much to his embarrassment. As the thief casually placed his arm around the modern detective's shoulders.

"I'm not a magician, obviously. And don't call me–"

"Shin-chan? But it is cute! Like you."

Heiji grinned as Hakuba made a small smirk, making the Heisei-Holmes redden, which just makes him cuter. While preparing breakfast, he denied that he was anything but "cute". Still, the others thought of it indifferently.

xX • • • Xx

Kaitou KID was known to be the gentleman Phantom Thief who stole jewels from different countries. True to be told, he was charming which women from all ages swoon before him. Cunning, but most of all arrogant.

"But suddenly vanished along with the two famous detectives. Many years has passed, people lost hope and came to believe that they have died that night. No one had ever seen the missing bodies of these men until today, as well as KID's targeted jewel that night. His Highness was furious. Inspector Nakamori was the only person who never did gave up searching. Until he grew old and died in the age of 80."

Sullen faces stared at the screen before them, the time-travelers had a hard time believing this piece of information.

"This is.." Heiji trailed off, running a hand through his hair.

Shinichi gave the tan detective a sympathetic look, then looked back at the screen. Eyes narrowed, he put his fingers on his chin, his usual thinking pose inherited by his mother. The Heisei-Holmes looked at Kaito.

"KID, do you still have that jewel with you?" There was a shred of hope in his voice.

The thief shooked his head. "Sadly, I do not have it. I must have lost it when we were time traveled here."

"What does it look like?"

Searching the said jewel, tons of information as well as pictures about it popped up.

"That is it." Said Hakuba.

Its shape was a heart with the color of blood. "The Maiden's heart. Betrayed by her lover, she slowly became not 'erself 'nd gone raving mad. Not able ta live through her life without da person she loved with all her heart, she killed 'im while cutted out his heart, afterwards she went to da place where they first met then killed 'erself with a knife." Read Heiji beside Shinichi.

"It may be the only way to get ourselves back to our own time, but the question is, where is it kept?" Asked Kaito to no one in particular.

There was a long silence.

"I'm going to tell Megure-keibu about this, we may get information about where it is with their help." Shinichi stood up from his seat.

"What abou' 'im?" The tan detective pointed his thumb at the thief.

Hakuba narrowed his eyes. "He is a criminal. And criminals belong behind bars." He took a threatening step forward.

Kaito got defensive but remained emotionless, but mentally he wanted nothing more but to bring suffering towards the other.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you Hakuba-san. More than anything right now we need his help in finding the jewel. He may be an infamous thief in your time, but we are currently in the 21st century. Thus, any criminal record he has is useless in this area." Shinichi pointed out.

The Half-British's shoulders sagged down. "You are.. you are right. But if he so much has done something illegal, I will not hesitate to put him in cuffs."

"Done." Said Shinichi with a smile that doesn't reach his eyes, then his face turned annoyed. "Now that is over with, we have just enough time to take the three of you to shower, you smell bad and I don't want the stench to spread all over the house."

The three froze. "..What is a shower?"

To be continued..