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"People talking."

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xX • • • Xx is time change, place, and flashbacks.

Chapter 3 Part 2

The Heisei-Holmes placed his fingers on his chin with a slight thoughtful expression on his face, before him stood no other than Hakuba Saguru, a detective from 1776 . Beside Shinichi stood Heiji, a detective from the past as well, who was "trying" his best to muffle his laughter with his hand, which was the reason why the Half-British sent a murderous glare towards him.

"Just as I thought. Well, looks like you'll be burrowing mine." Said the modern detective after seeing his father's clothes which were just too big for the blond, except for the tan detective, it had fit him quite alright.

"It is probably because he is fat."

"Did ya just called me fat ya moron-brit?!"

"Of course I did, or are you just deaf?"

'Not this again.' Thought Shinichi as he sighed with no amusement at all, they had been fighting nonstop since this morning and it was getting on his nerves, as well as a migraine. Sometimes KID would join in, then hell would break loose. But mostly it would only be Heiji and Saguru.

"Guys stop it, you both are acting like a couple of kids." At that, the modern detective moved to leave the room to get his clothes when the magician grabbed his arm, who had been sitting on the bed, juggling not so long ago.

"That would not be a problem." Kaito said then snapped his fingers as a puff of smoke surrounded the blond detective. After a few seconds, the smoke faded away until they could see Saguru in modern clothes, at that the Half-British sent his glare at the thief and crossed his arms. "How is it you give me clothes, except him?" He pointed at Heiji.

Kaito shrugged and started juggling with one hand. "No reason."

The blond raised an eyebrow and sent a suspicious look at him, not buying it. "With you there's always a reason, so do not give me that crap."

Kaito rolled his eyes, getting annoyed already. "Not everything I do is for my own, Hakuba. Sometimes, I just want to help for no apparent reason. And I'm not helping you, it is Shinichi." He gestured his head at the said detective.

"So now you are helping him? To what, to gain his trust so you would not get into prison?" The thief's facial expression turned to anger as he stood up from the bed to the blond. "I am not taking advantage of him."

Cold sapphire eyes looked at Saguru's. "Hakuba-san, I thought we already talked about this, that in this time Kuroba-san is not a criminal. If you guys won't stop, might as well leave. I can't stand it everyday that you guys keep fighting over things that are already been fixed."

Shinichi sighed mentally.'What have I got myself into?'

xX • • • Xx

Three detectives and a thief sat inside a taxi vehicle, Shinichi at the front and the others at the back. They were now on their way to the mall, to buy clothes of course. Who knows how long they would be here and clearly, they can not keep burrowing the Heisei-Holmes' clothes forever. Of course, he got the money for it, mind you for his parents being really famous all over the world. The cab stopped in front of a huge building.

"Keep the change."

They got out of the vehicle as the adults walked up the stairs and into the mall. The time-travelers actually jumped when the glass doors suddenly opened, afterwards, closed by itself. Three astonished eyes looked around, quite fascinated by everything around them. So many has changed, it was.. beyond amazing. The past blond detective stopped when he saw a pet store, he missed his own pet,.

xX • • • Xx

The man with sapphire eyes grabbed a pair of dark blue pants and a colored-striped T-shirt, as he handed it to the tan male, then told the past detective to try the clothes they picked inside the changing room. Now that he thought about it, it has been a while since the blond went in to try his own pants, what was taking him so long? Shinichi walked closer to the room where the Half-British was at.

"Is everything alright over there, Hakuba-san?"

"Everything is fine."

"Are you sure?"


The modern detective was about to walk back to Heiji when the blond stopped him. "Actually, I am having trouble.. and I really need your help with this."

"Why didn't you just say so?" Shinichi crossed his arms.

"It's very embarrassing for me to say.. please, Kudo-san. How do you button up this thing? It's more complicated than it looks, I tried finding any buttons but there weren't any. I am completely stuck."

Oh. Shinichi uncrossed his arms."Grab it, then simply pull it up."

"Hmm.. Oh, I got it." The Half-British did what Shinichi instructed, and it worked. "Thank you, Kudo-san."

"You're welcome."

"Shin-chan!" The modern detective sent an annoyed look at the smirking magician before him. "I thought I told you not to call me that."

But the thief just ignored what he said. "What do you think?" Kaito was talking about the clothes he had picked by himself, he knew it looked good on him, but he wanted to see the younger man's reaction. Sapphire eyes merely glanced at his new jacket and stylish shoes, truth to be told, it looked really good on Kuroba. He knew that was what the thief had thought as well, if the smirk on his face was any indication. 'Smug bastard.'

Shinichi smirked as well. "It really looks good on you, like you were born from this century."

"I know, right?" The thief placed his arm around the detective's shoulders. "Now I'm handsome like you, well, perhaps I'm more handsome than you– Ouch!" He covered his sides from where Shinichi had elbowed him, and glared at the man's amused face.

"You're an idiot."

"You're just jealous." The magician grinned.

"To someone like you? Never."

"Or maybe.." The thief suddenly moved closer, and whispered hotly on the detective's ear. "You're jealous of them~?"

That caused the Heisei-Holmes to blush and acted to kick on Kaito's shin, who yelped and quickly moved away from the man.

"That hurt, Shinichi!"

"After what you did, you deserve it."

xX • • • Xx

Three detectives and a thief sat together in a cafe, strange right? The blond glared at the magician before him, who had literally picked every chocolate meal on the menu. Chocolate short cake, chocolate shake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate.

"I cannot imagine how you could eat all of that, and would not get a stomach ache after."

"I can eat whatever I want."

"Whatever, I simply do not care."

Heiji happily ate his jumbo burger, savoring the yummy taste. 'Future food is the best!'

"Here is your vanilla milkshake, sir." Shinichi smiled at the waitress and thanked her, before sipping his vanilla milkshake. Someone had bumped the waitress, causing the person to drop the bag he was carrying, who was just about to leave.

"I-I'm sorry." Said the female, but the suspicious looking man quickly picked up his things and left without another word.

"Stop." Shinichi stood up, the man had a bomb inside his bag! But before he could give chase, Hakuba grabbed his arm.

"What are you doing?" The modern detective demanded. The blond had a serious frown on his face. "We saw it too."

They quickly left and ran after the man, but he wasn't alone. Three more men with the same clothes and glasses were carrying the same black bag!

"We'll split up!" Told the Heisei-Holmes to the others while running.

"I'll go with you." Said the time-travelers in unison, causing them to sent annoyed glances at each other.

"I'll go with Kudo!"

"Listen to yourself, I am with Kudo-san."

"I am better than ya, so clearly I should–"

"Let's meet up when we're done then!" Yelled Kaito back as he ran to Shinichi's side, causing the past detectives to get annoyed.

"If that is how you play it, Kuroba."

As Kaito and Shinichi ran after the bomber, Heiji and Saguru split up and chased after the others. The people who were inside, shopping, eating, talking, and watching, had no idea there was something bad that was going to happen.

To be continued..