Chapter 1

It was my 11th birthday I was once again on a mission with Dante for the Huntik Foundation. Dante Vale my mentor and closest thing I had to a father was the top seeker for the Foundation. Seekers are people who can call upon being that typically reside within amulets or in rare cases they reside in rings. Those that reside within rings are extremely powerful. These beings are known as Titans. Every titan just like seekers have their own personality. The Huntik Foundation uses seekers to ensure that no one is abusing their powers and to retrieve undiscovered titans. In six months I was going to be allowed to take my seeker exams and be the youngest seeker to be accepted into Huntik.

My birth name is Harry Potter. My parents died when I was one years old and I was given to my aunt and uncle. They abused me until I was five that when I found a green amulet and by accident bonded with the titan inside it. When I bonded with it Dante was watching and seeing how my family treated me he decided to adopt me. He took me to the Foundation headquarters where I was trained to use titans and seeker powers.

Dante and I were sitting by a campfire outside of an exuviation that we were supervising having dinner when an owl flew towards us. I watched it curiously as it came right towards us. It landed right next to my foot and there was something tied to its leg. It nipped at my leg indicating that I should take what was tied to its leg. I bent down reaching for its leg when it didn't bite me I took the letter.

The letter said that I had been accepted into a Wizarding School. I snorted finding it amusing deciding that it was most likely a prank from one of the Huntik members. I said handing the letter to Dante to read," Get a load of this Dante. I think one of the members is trying to mess with me again," I stopped once I saw the look on his face. Dante had grown very pale and looked like he was going to be sick.

He rubbed his eyes tiredly and said," Harry this isn't a prank. Hogwarts is a real school led by a group of normal humans well technically they are wizards. I have had some dealings with them in the past. They hold some extremely powerful titans within that school," he thought for a moment then said," It was where your parents went to school if memory serves me right. They were both wizards and normal in essentially we still don't know how you became a seeker. I'm glad you did though. You changed me for the best."

I sighed looking to the exuviation and asked," We are going to leave this to another team aren't we?"

Dante smiled softly and said," We will have to. Go to bed I'll talk to Guggenheim tomorrow and alert the Huntik Council."

The next morning I awoke bright and early to go for my morning five mile run. The workers were giving me looks that said I was insane. Some days I agreed with them because even in the mornings it could be really hot. When I was walking back a helicopter was in the camp and Dante whistled for my attention. Our camp had already been packed up and our bags were in the helicopter. Dante explained that we were to leave immediately and that we were flying to the nearest airport where we would take a plane would take us to England.

It took us two hours to get to the airport and after a quick security check we were ushered onto the plane. Once there we breathed a sigh of relief in unison. I gave a grin to Dante who returned it. I asked after a moment," Do you have a house in England, Dante?"

He nodded and said," Yes I have a small flat that should house us and Charot nicely. Guggenheim asked me to tell you that you will be getting your Huntik mark before you leave on September 1st."

That made me sit up and stare at him. He grinned and said," Yes I'm completely serious about that. The council seems to think that having a fully trained seeker in Hogwarts would be in their best interests and well I agreed. You even as young as you are, are one of our best. No one can doubt that."

I gave him a shy smile before leaning back in my seat.

The trip to Diagon Alley was interesting especially when we found out they wanted me to get a wand to use magic. I tried to argue with the wand maker that I could use my powers perfectly fine without one but he wouldn't hear of it. Eventually he convinced us that I had to have a wand to perform magic in Hogwarts and that they wouldn't let me in without one. I also got robes and books that went without issue.

When September 1st finally arrived we went to the train station trying to find terminal 9 ¾ proved to be more difficult than it should have. It took a kind red haired lady to set us down the right path. It was almost time for the train to leave when Dante pulled me into a hug and said," Harry whatever you do don't go anywhere without your titans. Write to me at least once a week just letting me know you're ok. Keep your nose clean whatever you do don't antagonize anyone. And dear god don't you dare tell anyone about being a seeker. They won't understand I promise you. Our world is different from theirs."

I hugged him back before pulling away," Don't worry Dante I won't do anything stupid I promise. Who knows maybe I'll come back at summer vacation with some new titans."

Dante paled significantly before saying," If you take any mission please be careful. You're still a rookie within the Foundation."

At that moment the whistle signaling it was time for all students to get on the train sounded. I grinned and said," Don't worry Dante. I won't do anything that you wouldn't," with that I ran onto the train. After much searching I found an empty carriage and sat down pulling out my holotome. I was reviewing the notes that Guggenhiem had sent me on Hogwarts when a red haired boy walked in. He looked at the holotome then back at me and asked," Is it alright if I sit here? Everywhere else is full."

I nodded giving him a small smile. With a smile of his own he took the seat across from and said," My name is Ron Weasley."

"Harry Potter-Vale."

His jaw dropped it was practically scraping on the ground and he asked failing to gain his composure back," Do you… do you have the scar?"

I nodded lifting my bang to reveal the scar. He seemed to think for a moment before asking," Why is your name Potter-Vale?"

Closing my holotome then stashing it in my bag I said," Because I was adopted when I was five by a man named Dante Vale. It's a long story as to why but im glad he did."

Ron nodded but before he could ask anything else the trolley came and I ended up buying one of everything just to try. The rest of the passed fairly quickly even though Ron had failed at a spell his brothers had given him. When we arrived a half giant took the first years onto the lake and through a back entrance into the castle.

While we were waiting a blond haired boy in expensive robes came forward and said," Hello my name is Draco Malfoy," He stuck his hand out to me. Even though I had grown up all over the world I knew it was rude not to shake someone's hand when it was offered. I said mustering up a small smile," Harry Potter-Vale. Nice to meet you."

Ron looked like he was going to be sick but the young Malfoy looked… thoughtful. He asked," Why do you have a second last name?" I sighed realizing that I was going to get this a lot and said," It's because I was adopted by a man that your culture calls a muggle named Dante Vale. He took me in when no one else would and showed me a proper path. Now I bear the same mark on my shoulder that he does on his back."

Draco asked curious now," Can I see it?"

I pulled down the collar of my robe on my right shoulder revealing the tattoo given to all Huntik Foundation seekers when they passed their final tests. Ron said in a mere whisper," Wicked." I looked at them and said seriously," You cannot tell anyone about this tattoo. It is important that it is kept an absolute secret."

They nodded and at that moment one of the professors made her appearance to take us into the great hall.