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The wind blew across the sleeping grounds of the farm, old turbines that needed greasing squeaked as the tall grass rustled, the echo of a distant howl from a dog rippled across the flat plains as the clouds that were lit by moonlight drifted apart like curtains to expose the starry sky.

The white twinkling against the dark blue sky was a sight John barely got in the city, pulling his coat closer as the biting wind assaulted him, tossing his hair wildly as he reached his now numb hands towards his telescope. Rare moments were of peace for him was when he was out among the distant stars by himself, and though he loved and cherished his family so dearly it ached his heart, he felt at home whenever he saw the lights above at night, beckoning him to join them in space as their own.

Looking back down he adjusted the lens with delicate hands, his attention focused on the stars that converge around the Earth, the cold still nibbling on his skin. He was so engrossed by the sight of the distant stars that he failed to noticed the crunching footsteps behind him.


The small voice of the boy speaking his name startled him so much that he jumped, turning around to see the face of his youngest brother lit by moonlight; Alan had a habit of following his brothers, and John regretted not checking for potential followers.

Alan stepped back as John's eyes focused on him, his brother's greens eyes shone brightly despite the dark shadow from the moonlight overcast his face. It was enough for Alan to let out a whimper of fear; though John was the last thing to be frightful towards, the alien glint of his eyes, as well as his big brother noticing him was enough to send Alan into tears.

Ugly sobbing erupted from Alan's throat tore the serene silence, followed by the hushing and 'I'm sorry's and shushes from John as he crouched down to comfort the boy. An embrace later Alan was quiet, something John thanked both him and the stars for. Soon the ugly sobs faded into tiny whimpers into small, short gasps, and minutes later the two brothers turned their attention to the starry sky.

"Where's Mars?" asked Alan, looking up from the telescope that John adjusted just for him to take a peek into their minuscule corner of the universe, eyes wide and questioning as he looked to John.

"Mars is not out tonight, Alan." John replied with a hushed tone, looking down towards his enthusiastic brother with amusement, "Just the stars and the moon."

"There are a lot of stars, Johnny." Alan said, turning back towards the glittering sky and just missing the small wince that John displayed on his face, "Like on your skin. Are you space?"

Alan turned round with excitement on his face, John smiling at how wide Alan's eyes were, the blue in them glistening in the moonlight. A smile of amusement curled on John's face as he turned back the stars.

"Maybe, Alan." he replied, brushing over his arm with his hand in response.

The universe. The reality that we live in that is ever expanding, the laws of reality that govern us holds many secrets. Galaxies with stars and planets and moons that surround us stretched far, is where this story starts; for there was a planet which harbored life in which we can no longer reach as its existence eroded in the sea of time; a center of a kingdom named Teriaa.

In this planet named Teriaa there lived a King and Queen that ruled the planet wide kingdom, in a castle with spires so tall it pierced the clouds. Their planet was a prosperous and thriving one, with their citizens were happy and content. It was when the planets in their system were aligned where the Queen gave birth to their only son: Ares.