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Alan wandered the hall just outside the room where John currently was, pacing anxiously across the marble floor as Ares merely looked over the rail down towards the entrance of the building. Though it had been minutes since John requested solitude to ponder about his future, it already felt like an eternity to the younger Tracy. He dared not ponder on the events that led them up to this moment. The thought of John not being human, and the mere suggestion that another anchor of his family will be lost scared him.

He turned to Ares, who was still focused at the view over the railing, as if not wanting to glance at the youngest Tracy. Alan wondered whether Ares was just as quiet as John, or was just shy to talk to him. He approached the holographic man with caution.

"I'm Alan, by the way."

Ares turned to Alan with hateful eyes, startling the young Tracy.

"I don't care." He said simply, each word carefully pronounced as he gazed down at Alan before turning back down to look at the floor below. Silence once again settled between them, Alan shocked at the hostility Ares had shown towards him, the AI showing kindness to his brother just moments ago. Another round of circling the floor passed before Alan dared to speak to Ares again.

"So, John is a Starchild."


"And, what is a Starchild, exactly?"

"Were you not listening?" Ares snapped, impatience in his tone as he continued to avoid Alan's gaze in disgust, "He is the child of the universe, born to unite the galaxies and to rule it, a higher purpose than you could ever hope to achieve."

"Yeah but, why does he have to stay here?" Alan asked as he walked closer to Ares, the man merely shuffling away in response.

"Because, this is where he belongs." Ares answers, now staring off into the distance of the corridor.

"But, he's my brother."

"Your brother?" Ares asks in disbelief, turning to meet Alan's eyes for the first time, bright neon eyes now boreing into blue as his mouth curled into a sinister grin, "Your brother? He is not your brother, stupid child. His home, his place of belonging is here, with me. Just because you found him and decided to adopt him to accommodate your otherwise lonely existence does not change that."


"Why can't you accept the fact that he will never be part of your family?" Ares asks Alan, impatience in his voice. Alan took a step back from Ares' oppressive gaze, anger swelling up his chest as tears pricked from his eyes. The subject of family was always a sensitive subject for the youngest Tracy.


"Because what?"

"Because he has a family on Earth! He was born to our family on our planet! And you can't just take him away from us, we need him."

Alan's voice had gone quiet, but his words rang in Ares' head. The dead king looked at him perplexed, before his green eyes widened.

"Earth?" Ares asked, his eyes and tone void of the anger which he previously displayed. Alan noted this terrifying change of emotion, yet was willing to answer Ares' question.

"Yes, Earth." Alan answered.

"Does this Earth have... life?"

"Yes." Alan responded, unease beginning to settle in his stomach like a stone, his answer echoing the hall in which they both were in. It took a while before Ares had a look of understanding, as if Alan had given him something Ares was looking for.

Yet, the dead King clearly did not like Alan's answer, turning around to look away at the boy. Squeezing his eyes shut, he grabbed the railing, seemingly collapsing under his own weight. A sob escaped from Ares' throat.


"Why must you always ruin my plans." Ares mumbled bitterly, Alan barely being able to hear his words.

"I'm sorry?"

The apology Alan said to Ares only made Ares grip the railing tighter, his shoulders tensing as the dead King uttered a laugh; a small, yet cold laugh that pricked Alan's skin and sent a cold shiver down his spine.

"You're not sorry." he spat, and the feeling of unease in Alan's stomach grew to his chest, , "First you killed me, and now you led my descendent astray."


"Don't you know how long I've waited!?" Ares shouted, his voice shaking with rage as he turned to look at Alan, his green eyes glowing hauntingly at him. Alan took a step back. The unease he was feeling transformed to fear as Ares stepped forward.

"I don't-"

"Of course you don't." Ares spat, interrupting Alan as he continued to walk threateningly towards him, Alan stepping back as Ares got closer and closer, "Even after death you taunt me, Hermes. Something I should have expected."

"Hermes? Who's Hermes?" Alan stuttered, his back now pressed against the walls, Ares looming over him, and could only watch helplessly as Ares' gaze trapped him in place.

"Do not lie to me, Hermes." Ares hissed, "I don't know how you were able to return to the realm of the living, but the moment the Starchild, MY Starchild, did not even know of me, I knew you had something to do with it."


"And now you are trying to lead him astray!" Ares snapped, his words echoing across the hall. Alan could not help but whimper in fear of Ares. He shrunk down onto the floor, and was about to escape the presence of the Dead King. Ares noting his attempt to escape blocked his path. Before Alan could react, Ares grabbed him by the neck.

"I won't let you escape again. I won't let you win; you have already ruined my life, my legacy, and I won't let you do it again you disgusting parasite!"

The projection of the Milky Way galaxy swirled in front of John, a calm image that eased his racing, uncertain state of mind. He knew that his decision to stay or to go would affect the universe on such a grand scale that he could not yet comprehend. A higher calling, his family and his home in need of him. Two paths with equal importance lay in front of him.

A sigh escaped from his lips, the weight of his choice too great for him as he reached for the projection. He dipped his fingers, tiny specks resembling stars slowly surrounding his fingers, and he pulled his hand back in mild surprise.

Shouts came from behind the door, John recognised in alarm to be the voice of Ares. Words that seethed with hatred echoed from outside, and John anxiety only worsened when he could faintly hear the violent threats towards his brother.

He ran to the door, opening it to find Ares gripping Alan's throat, his younger brother pinned against the wall, struggling desperately to escape his grip as Ares held him tighter. John could only look in horror, helpless as Alan's eyes met his.


His name whispered from Alan's lips caught the attention of Ares. He turned, dropping his grip from Alan's neck, the boy gasping and coughing as Ares looked at John in shock.

"Starchild, he was trying to lead you astray!" Ares defended himself as Alan scuttled towards John, Ares' attention shifting from him opening a window of opportunity. John barely acknowledged the words of the Dead King, instead crouching down to embrace his brother. Alan's arms latched onto his waist. His gloved hand drifted towards his brother's back, touching Alan to comfort him.

"It's okay, Alan. You're safe with me."

John looked up to meet Ares' eyes, his eyes changing from a soft and gentle gaze to a gaze that rivalled Ares.

"I'm not staying here." John simply declared to the king. Ares looked at him, and shook his head.

"I was too late."

"Too late?"

"There's only one way to fix this."

Ignoring John, Ares stretched his arm towards John, his hand out wide, small, white lights resembling stars that previously danced between John's fingers surrounding his own slender digits. A long, thin rapier appeared before Ares, and he coiled his fingers onto the grip.

"This is for our own good, Starchild." Ares said, John quickly ushering Alan up to his feet as Ares swiped the newly materialized sword down, "You are too far gone, corrupted, your purpose lost as my descendant; no, my reincarnation."


"SILENCE IMPOSTOR. You have no right to speak. Now, I will ask once, and only once: give me your life and the life of that brat before I take it for myself."