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The exams came and went, accompanied by people panicking and groaning in frustration. Nothing out of the ordinary. What was out of the ordinary, however, was the fact that Hermione and her friends where expected in Dumbledore's office when the exams were over.

"Why does he want us to come to his office?"

"I don't know. Not like we've done something wrong."


"Yeah, not like we've done something wrong yet."

Lily just rolled her eyes. Once a marauder, always a marauder. These boys would never change. Maybe when she was younger she would get annoyed or be angry about it, but now… Now she didn't mind. She got to know them better and knew they didn't mean any harm. It also helped – kinda, maybe, depends how you look at it – that one of them was her boyfriend.

"Glad you came," Dumbledore told them the moment they stepped inside.

"Professor, what is this about?" Lily asked.

"I'll tell you in a moment but first I wanted to congratulate you on your exams."

"Oh… thank you, professor."

"Now the reason why I called you in here." His small smile vanished from his face as he took on a more serious tone. "I'm sure you all know about Voldemort and the threat he poses?"

Everyone's looks turned serious and disgusted, angry. Hermione and Remus shared a look. She knew exactly where this was going and by the looks of it so did Remus. She didn't like it. Not one bit.

"There is a secret order that fights against Voldemort, called the Order of the Phoenix. A group of wizards and witches trying to stop him. And to be frank, I want you to join us."

Everyone was quiet for a moment, letting it sink in. Then he added, "Miss Granger and Mr Lupin already decided to join us."

At this everyone turned to look at them. "You knew about this?" Sirius asked them.

"Only recently," Remus told him. "I was asked to join just before the exams and I just couldn't say no."

They were waiting for Hermione's answer but she stayed silent. Then Sirius looked at her. "Mione?"

She let out a sigh, already knowing it wouldn't end well. "I've known since the beginning of the schoolyear." Lie, she had known for years now. But she couldn't tell them that. And technically, when she was talking about this timeline alone she wasn't really lying.

"You've known for –" Sirius was cut off by the Headmaster.

"I'd like to know your answers before you leave the school permanently. But know that if you say no, I'll have to obliviate every memory that has the tiniest bit of information about the Order. It is of the utmost importance that it stays secret, only the members having knowledge of it."

They nodded in understanding before saying one by one they'd join. Muggles, muggleborns and creatures like werewolves didn't deserve to be treated badly, didn't deserve to be killed. Of course they would fight for such a cause.

With that he dismissed them, the group returning to James and Lily's quarters. Hermione looked at Remus and he shook his head slightly, knowing what was about to happen. She ignored it and just started speaking.

"Guys, are you sure you want to join? Shouldn't you think about it more?"

Everyone looked at her, Sirius scoffing. "Like you have any right to say that. You don't want us to join but you're joining yourself. A little hypocritical, don't you think?"

She had to hold herself back from flinching physically. It had been a long time since that tone of voice was directed at her.

"I'm just saying –"

"We know it's dangerous, Hermione," the redhead told her. "But this is our chance to help muggles and muggleborns. Not to forget all the other creatures Voldemort and his followers are harming."

"I know but I just want you to think this through before you make a definite decision." She was grasping at straws, wanting for things to go differently this time around. And if they didn't join, there was less of a risk of them being targeted.

"We made a decision and we'll stand by it," James directed at her.

"But –"

"Why are you so against us joining? You're fine with joining yourself and with Moony joining but not us?"

"No, that's not –"

"And then there's still the fact that you knew about it for almost a year and you've kept quiet all this time." He was getting angry but instead of yelling his voice was turning colder by the second. She didn't like this.

"Dumbledore –"

"I wonder what else you've been hiding from us."

"Sirius," Remus tried to intervene. He knew things his friends didn't but he had promised to keep silent. And though he knew he couldn't say anything, that didn't mean he would just sit by and watch as the other was taking his anger out on her. Yet before he could say anything else Hermione yelled her next words.

"I didn't say anything because Dumbledore made me promise to keep silent, just like he did with you today!" Sirius was about to retaliate but she just kept going. "And I don't want you to join because I don't want to worry about whether or not you'll die during a fight!"

Sirius' face changed immediately, the anger replaced by understanding, by regret. He huffed out a breath, raking his hand through his hair before walking over and taking her into his arms.

He kissed her forehead. "Me and James were going to train to be aurors anyway, we would've been in harm's way either way. And Lily and Peter can stand their own."

"I know but as an auror you'll have more people at your side than with the order and now I'll worry every moment you guys are out on missions."

"The same could be said about you. Ever thought about the fact that we'd worry about you if you joined and we didn't?"

"If you didn't join you wouldn't know I joined, he'd obliviate you, remember?"

"Shush you, I'm just trying to make a point."

"He's right, Hermione. We're all worried about each other but now we know that at least we're together and we've got each other's backs."

She pulled back a little from his embrace, her eyes big and the worry so clearly evident in them. "Please, please, think about it again."

"Sorry love, my decision is made and I'm not changing my mind. Nor are the others changing theirs, right?" he asked the group.

They all nodded in agreement, "Right."

She laid her head in the crook of his neck. "Stubborn," she huffed out, trying her hardest to keep her emotions in check. "Stubborn, all of you."

"You're one to talk," he said with a chuckle.

Remus looked at her. Something wasn't right. He knew she was worried, knew she was from the future so she knew certain things. But he had never seen her this desperate before. What had happened in her time that made her try so hard to convince their friends from joining the Order?

Hermione had hoped that this time around Dumbledore wouldn't ask her friends to join. She had given him her memories, he knew how things would play out. So why did he let them join?

On the other hand, she knew it wasn't completely farfetched. If they didn't join, things could change drastically and her memories would be worth as good as nothing. Now, they could at least try to follow the events as well as they could and prevent them from happening.

She could see the logic behind his decision but that didn't mean she had to like it.

She looked at her friends, taking in every one of them. However, she looked a little longer at Peter. She couldn't believe that this sweet boy would betray his friends. Was he already planning to save his own skin or would he decide it later, when things really became dangerous? Would he make the same decision this time around? And if he did, could she stop him?

There was only one way to find out. She had to wait and let everything take its course. Hermione let out a breath, letting it sink in that this was happening. She would be right in the middle of the first Great War, her friends right there with her.

One thing was certain: she felt absolutely terrified.