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Toshiro braced himself against a tree. No, he couldn't fall like this, cut down by former comrades. He still had work to do. The snowy haired boy stumbled towards another tree and used his sword to keep upright. He needed to bring down Kusaka. It was his responsibility.

With every drop of blood he left as a trail, the disgraced captain came closer to the ground. The tree line broke and he laughed dryly at the sight. A cemetery? How fitting. Coughing blood into his hand, he took stock of himself. His ragged cloak was more brown and red than beige now and he could tell his reishi body was barely keeping itself together. Not surprising as he had been fending off captains and lieutenants from all sides. Hitsugaya actually was surprised he lasted this long, being the youngest of the captains.

He wanted to examine the crime scene again and so had returned to Soul Society. He didn't deserve the label of 'prodigy' for such a mistake. Disappointed accusations of injuring Shunsui met him and the kill order was set. He barely escaped to the Living World but not before being impaled by a grinning Kenpachi in consequence of dodging a fatal blow from Senbonzakura.

"Break's over," he gritted out as he pushed himself to standing to face the approaching reiatsu. He was mildly insulted they didn't even bother to hide their spiritual pressure. 'Because they know they don't need to at this point…'

His sword came up to block on instinct and his eyes widened at the newcomer. "Urahara…"

"Oh ho ho. What good reflexes you have while at death's door," the store owner said as he stepped back.

"What are you doing here?" Hitsugaya didn't relax, still watching for the original source of the reiatsu he had sensed.

"I'm here to save you of course. Such a waste to have someone of such honor and talent be sentenced to death. And one oh so adorable too! You're going to be a looker when you're older," joked the former captain.

Despite his situation, Hitsugaya found the energy to be pissed off and a vein throbbed at his temple.

"If you aren't going to help, leave. Somebody's about to join us." The fugitive turned his gaze away and held his sword at the ready.

"I would say I'm happy to see you here but I really am not." Soul Society's resident mad scientist captain appeared with Nemu by his side.

"Oh if it isn't my old student. Figure out how to use all my old inventions yet?" The blond hid his eyes underneath the rim of his hat.

"I don't have time for this. This is prime opportunity to test out my new creation." The clown-faced shinigami pulled a ray gun out of seemingly nowhere. "Behold! My reishi particle destabilizer!"

"Oh! That's interesting since I brought my new reishi particle condenser with me." Urahara revealed a pen shaped device from his sleeve. "Toshiro-san, hold still now, I don't think this will hurt."

"Hold on! None of you are testing anything on me!" The 10th squad captain gritted out as he pointed his sword towards Mayuri. "And I'd kill myself before I'd let you be the one to defeat me."

"Oh, come now. Chances are, your form will explode into reishi particles instantaneously before you could even register the pain. No clean up necessary. The most efficient, no hassle way to get rid of bodies. Or really anything. Haven't tested it on such a large body though. But you're not much taller than the goat I evaporated last week…," the head of R&D mumbled to himself. "Nemu, get ready to record notes."

An angry tick mark would've appeared on his head if Hitsugaya wasn't in such a serious situation.

The tip of Kisuke's pen started to glow and a visible ball of bright light grew at its end. "Don't worry Toshiro-kun, your reishi form will be condensed into a ball no bigger than a gumdrop soon. Temporarily of course. It'll seal up all those oozing holes in your body until I can get you a doctor. Basically, a gigai alternative to stabilize broken souls in the short term. You'll be able to restore energy much quicker, but that's partly because you can't do anything at all while in that form...you'll look kinda like a mod soul. You'll be super easy to transport! Fit right in my pocket! And nobody will be able to follow you either since your reiatsu will also be contained."

"Well, I'll know." Kurotsuchi interrupted.

"I'm not worried about you. The student has not surpassed this teacher yet," Kisuke aimed the pen at the bleeding captain.

"Wait a sec-" Hitsugaya switched his sword to point at his supposed savior.

"Why you-!" Captain Kurotsuchi also took aim.

Simultaneously, two beams of bright light reached out to the young captain. He went to throw himself out of the way but both rays hit him in the leg and then his form started to glow.

"Hmm...Nemu, make sure you're recording this."

"Ara ara….that isn't supposed to happen…"

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN THIS ISN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN?" Hitsugaya's body glowed increasingly brighter and he struggled to fall to the ground with dignity despite his insides feeling like they were literally shifting. "ARGHH AHHH!"

Kurotsuchi felt a brief moment of glee as the youngest captain's body and sword did eventually explode into hundreds of balls of reishi. But that wasn't quite right. Every single particle was supposed to break apart, and essentially, they weren't supposed to see anything. Hitsugaya was supposed to just disappear from existence.

Urahara, on the other hand, was about to cast a kido spell to contain the balls of light that were Hitsugaya Toshiro before any more damage could ensue or one of the balls floated away. It wouldn't do well for the boy to be missing a body part when Kisuke figured out how to put him back together.

"Kagome-chan! Stop running!"

Captain and former captain's eyes flew to the side as a little girl came barging in on the scene, blind to the events in the area, and ran right into the sparkling lights.

"NO!" The little girl shouted with tightly closed, teary eyes. And she let out a long, loud wail. Whether it be because the small child was throwing a tantrum and was upset or because she was standing in a reiatsu heavy spot, the researchers did not know.

It happened faster than the two men could react. "Hitsugaya" glowed brighter, and the next thing they knew, no sign of the ice captain nor his reiatsu could be detected.

"Well, that was not how it was supposed to go but the end result was desirable. Come, Nemu, we shall return to the lab and review the notes. Good bye, Urahara Kisuke." The captain opened a senkaimon and disappeared.

"Toshiro..." the shop owner let his bucket hat shadow his eyes. He watched as an anxious mother collected her upset child and dragged her away.

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