"You really don't have to keep eating okayu everyday."

"But Hitsu-kun is still sick!" Kagome nearly yelled.

"Believe me. The okayu isn't going to help. And it's Hitsugaya Toshiro."

"Too long," the little child complained as she threw random items into a pink and yellow backpack.

The bedroom door opened. "Kagome-chan, time to go." Haruna expected the girl to be hiding in bed but was surprised to find her daughter ready without complaint. She usually hated going to the doctor.

Kagome squeezed her eyes shut and held her arm out far from her body as the doctor administered her routine shots.

"It's normal for children to have imaginary friends," the doctor assured Haruna. "As long as it doesn't seem to be detrimental to her everyday life, playing with Hitsugao or Hitsu-kun should be fine." The older man attached a princess bandage to her arm and patted her head. "You did such a good job, Kagome-chan!" Usually she was bawling tears.

"Hitsu-kun said this might make him feel better…," she sniffled. "Sensei, am I strong and healthy?"

The doctor blinked. "Kagome-chan is a big strong healthy girl now! Passed all my tests!"

"Yay! I have to stay healthy for Hitsu-kun!"

"Does Hitsu-kun like me?"

Kagome tilted her head to the side for a moment. "I dunno. He's not talking right now. Or, I can't hear him."

The doctor opened his drawer of candy. "How old is Hitsu-kun?"

"He's over a hundred!" Kagome cried out excitedly.

"Over a hundred?! My my. He's an old man then! He must be very wise."

"He knows all kinds of things!" She wondered if Hitsu-kun was actually really over a hundred though because he sounded like a kid. A bigger kid than her though. The child's eyes finally noticed the candy drawer.

The doctor smiled at seeing the girl zero in on the sweets. "Would you like to pick a piece of candy for being such a brave girl?"

"Yes please!" She snatched up a green apple gummy, ripped open the wrapper, and pooped the sweet into her mouth all in one movement. Shyly, she looked up at the doctor. "...Can Hitsu-kun have one too?"

"You know what? Usually I don't give one to kids I don't see. But because he's your friend, you can pick one for him too."

"Yay!" She picked a watermelon lollipop from the pile. "Thank you!"

Kagome immediately sucked on the lollipop as soon as she left the office. For Hitsu-kun's sake, of course.