SOMEWHAT OF A MARY SUE OC (I can't tell you why cause that would ruin the surprises=) BELLA IS A BIT DIFFERENT AND THE OVER ALL STORY WILL HAVE SOME SMALL CHANGES AND DEFINETLY SOME SURPRISES. My OC isn't emo or goth she just loves the color black but she does wear other colors as well. Leave a review and enjoy. I have made all of my chapters extremely long (at least they are to me) except the last chapter because it ends where the book/movie Twilight ends and the next chapter will pick up where New Moon begins.

I sighed and ran my left hair through my hair messing it up, it had been hip length and dark red the last time my little twin sister, Bella had seen me two weeks ago when I had left for a contest that our High-School Art Program had been involved in, it had taken place in Tokyo, Japan.

I pursed my lips as I got lost in my thoughts of what had happened in those two weeks before I felt a sensation on the back of my neck telling me that I was being watched.
I kept an eye on the luggage for my large black duffel bag and my white guitar case covered with a large intricate spider-web as I moved the black and green backpack I had been holding in my hands onto my left shoulder so I would have my hands free just in case. I didn't give an indication that I knew I was being watched, preferring to play it cool as I waited.

I heard a pair of footsteps getting closer and louder and waited until they were just behind me before I whirled around and hollered,

"Boo!" Startling the people around me but causing Bella, who had been trying to run up and scare me from behind to stick her bottom lip out in a pout.

"No fair!" She said, before she took in my new hair style and color.

"I love your new hair Gem." Bella said as she gave me a tight hug keeping her left hand which was holding a small cactus away from both of us.

"Thanks Bells. You know you could experiment a little with your hairstyle and color to." I said as I grinned as she gave me a look before pulling out her cell-phone and taking a picture of my hair I knew she was going to send it to Renee.

I looked up and over Bella's head as I scanned the airport knowing that Charlie should be here to pick both of us up since I had landed only twenties minutes after Bella's plane. The boot's I was wearing boosting my already tall height of 5'11 to a 6'3 and since Bella only stood at 5'6 I had the height advantage. Sure enough I saw Charlie, looking the same as I remembered him coming towards the two of us.

I saw Charlie's eyes take in my appearance with surprise and figured Renee hadn't told him anything about me probably since the day I had decided to start going to Fine Arts and Music camps when I was ten instead of spending a month of summer in Forks. I watched him take in my New Rock Black Flame Boots, my black and white horizontal stripped tights, my dark purple short shorts, my dark purple tank-top covered by my black long-sleeve mid-riff baring shirt. My tight black leather dog-collar necklace that had small multi-colored skulls coming off of it on short and thin metal chains that connected around the dog-collar like a spider web.

My vertical labret lip piercing which I kept simple with a curved silver bar-bell, and my multiple ear piercings in both ear's as well as my Mermaid Aqua Blue Long layered haircut. Combined with the four tattoos he could see, a small black music note on my left ring finger, the small black skull surrounded by blue and black roses on my left index finger and the cute owl on my right middle finger and the small but beautiful cursive words 'Lux in tenebris,' alongside of my right thumb, caused his eyes to widen to their full capacity and I swear I saw several of his black hairs turn white. Briefly I wondered what he would do if he knew about the rest of the tattoos that he couldn't see or what he would look at me like if he knew what Bella knew about my past.

Shrugging those thoughts away I gave him a small smile,

"Hi Charlie." I said before turning to watch for my duffel bag and guitar case which were now coming towards me. I grabbed them and turned back to Bella who had went and grabbed her two suitcases and back-pack and Charlie who was now holding one of her suitcases.

"I'm all ready." I said,

"Here let me help you." Charlie said reaching for my guitar case, I pulled it back and held out the duffel bag,

"I don't like anyone touching my guitar case." I said by way of explanation, he nodded and grabbed my duffel bag and as we walked to the Police Cruiser which he had parked near the entrance of the airport. As we walked Bella told me about everything that had happened in the past two weeks that we had been apart. I listened interjecting a sarcastic comment in every once in a while. When we finally made it home Bella and I followed Charlie up to our old bedroom.

"I cleared some shelves off in the bathroom." Charlie said as we passed the bathroom and headed into our bedroom.

I was surprised to find that besides a new pair of dark purple colored sheet's, a black fluffy blanket and white pillow-case's with black and dark purple colored stripes on my bed and polka dots on Bella's bed, the large room Bella and I had shared when we were younger, nothing had changed. Charlie set my duffel bag down on my black blanket and put Bella's suitcase down beside her bed and shoved his hands in his pocket an awkward look on his face,

"The sale's lady picked out the bed-things you two like purple right?" He asked.

Bella and I answered in unison, "Purple's cool."

To which Charlie nodded and looked around the room again, "Well um, nothing's changed so…welcome home Bells, Gemma."

He said looking un-sure on if he should hug us, give us a handshake or just leave. I put my guitar case down on my black blanket and stepped forward giving him a quick hug,

"Thanks Charl…dad." I said stepping backwards, I saw the corners of his mouth pull upward in a true smile before he gave me and Bella a nod and left the bedroom.

As soon as he left Bella and I exchanged glances before we both started to un-pack our things. The identical large wooden wardrobe's that had been a great hiding place when we were kid's, seemed a bit smaller as I started to fill mine with my clothes and my three pairs of shoes besides the boots that I had taken off downstairs and left by the door.

Within seven minutes I had completely emptied my duffel bag. I had Bella help me move my wooden dresser with its circular mirror over to the wall right across from the door. I put all of the jewelry I had brought along with me on the top left side of my dresser and put my hair products to the right side of the dresser so I had room for my makeup which I placed in the center. And I helped her move her identical wooden dresser to the left side of the large window that looked out at the back of the house. I moved my small white nightstand from my childhood from its old spot right beside Bella's identical pink nightstand and put it directly next to my bed.

It had two drawers which I put all of my jewelry and CD's as well as the three iTune's cards that I still had money on and my iPod and it's speakers and head-phones into. I set the three empty note-book's I had bought for school on-top of the nightstand and after plugging my cell-phone into its charger and putting my guitar on my bed and its case under my bed I was all done un-packing, at least for now. Renee was going to ship the rest of our things that we wanted in boxes so the our clothes and shoes as well as our CD's, my X-box, both our laptops my two dozen X-box games and our dozens of DVD's and books were going to need a place to be put.

I bit my lower lip as I thought over what all we would need, since our room only had our two beds, the identical wardrobe's and dresser's, our nightstands and the single desk we had enough room for at least two floor to ceiling bookshelves and a desk as well as a small couch that we could put near the backyard window….hmm. Shaking myself out of my thoughts I looked over to see if Bella needed any help but she was sliding her now empty suitcases underneath her bed so that was a no.

Suddenly a horn beeped right outside, Bella and I walked over to the large window that faced the front of the house and saw a red truck parked in the drive way. There was a teenage boy with mid-back length straight black hair and a man in a wheelchair with a black cowboy hat on talking with Charlie outside, Bella recognized the man as Billy Black the dad of Rachel and Rebecca Black her friends during her summers in Forks so she went down to great them. I watched from the window for a second longer mentally marking down window curtains as another item we needed before heading downstairs, catching the conversation outside as I pulled my boot's back on,

"Bella you remember Billy Black." Charlie said by way of introduction. Bella nodded, "Yeah, you're looking good." She said.

"I'm still dancing. I'm glad you're finally here. Charlie hasn't shut up about it since you told him you were coming." A male voice which I guessed to belong to Billy Black said. I decided to grab a water bottle from the fridge before I headed outside and was surprised to find Charlie in the middle of the road with Billy as I walked down to stand beside Bella. I saw the boy up close and realized two things one he was cute, and two he looked to be the same age as Bella and me. I held out my hand,

"Hi I'm Gemma." I said introducing myself I hid a smirk as I watched him look me up and down twice before catching himself and shaking my hand,

"I'm Jacob Black." He said.

"So are they always like that?" I asked nodding my head towards our dad's who were still fooling around.

"It's getting worse with old age." Jacob replied with a smile and fond chuckle as our dad's started coming towards us.

"So what do you two think?" Charlie asked as he patted the truck.

"About what?" Bella asked.

"You're guy's homecoming present." Charlie replied. I would have commented but I saw the way Billy was looking at me so I decided to introduce myself to him.

"I'm Gemma." I said holding out my hand.

"Bella's older twin right? I haven't seen you for a while." Billy replied as he shook my hand.

"Yeah I haven't been back home in years. I can honestly say I missed the vibrant green forest and almost non-stop rain." I replied with a smile, causing Billy to chuckle and relax from his slightly tense posture. I heard Bella squeal and turned towards her, automatically bracing myself from years of experience I easily caught her and twirled her around once before setting her back on her feet. I was going to ask her what she was so happy about when she held up a pair of identical keys and jingled them. I felt my eyes enlarge with surprise and growing joy as I looked from the identical keys to Charlie,

"No freaking way. You bought us a truck?!" I asked in surprise. Charlie nodded and I immediately took three very fast steps and pulled him into a tight hug before releasing him and meeting up with Bella at the driver's door.

I opened it and ushered her in before closing it so Jacob could go around and get into the passenger side. I listened closely to what he said about the truck, Bella repeated his instructions and he nodded. Bella and I exchanged excited glances before I walked around the truck taking it in from every-side and checking out the bed of the truck. After all there's no telling what we might need to haul around with us should we ever decide to go shopping. After a few minutes we all went inside, Charlie and Billy immediately went into the living room to watch a football game while Jacob stood awkwardly in between the small room that opened into the living room on the right and into the kitchen in the left for a minute before giving Bella and I an awkward nod and heading into the living room with our dad's.

I debated for a moment on if I should continue the song I had been working on for the past two weeks or if I should help Bella cook, since it looked like we were going to have guest. Helping Bella won so I took off my boots and moved into the kitchen my neon-green socks with their hot-pink bunnies and full black lip's making my movements soundless allowing me to sneak up on Bella. Seconds later a screaming Bella jumped into the air with the open egg carton that ended with both of us getting hit somewhere on our bodies with at least two raw eggs. We stared at each other in silence as Charlie, Jacob and Billy came running and wheeling respectively, into the kitchen. All at once Bella and I started to laugh causing Charlie to shake his head and mutter something under his breath to Billy and Jacob who laughed before all three of them turned and went back into the living room where they had been watching TV.

After Bella and I cleaned up the mess, she made the spaghetti and the sauce while I made two loaves of homemade bread, one garlic flavored and one regular. Then together we made a peach cobbler within the next hour the smells the kitchen was producing had everyone's stomach's talking. When everything was ready Jacob came in and wanted to help so we had him set the table while the bread and cobbler cooled a bit. When the table was set Bella and I put everything onto it except the cobbler which we left sit on the counter top. I went and got Charlie and Billy and we all sat down to eat. After supper I helped Bella put everything away and as was our usual custom we did the dishes I washed and rinsed and she dried and put away.

Then Bella, Jacob and I played several rounds of Go Fish which had a creative twist on it. By the time Jacob and Billy let it was after eleven thirty and the next day was Bella and my first day at the High School. "Oh joy!" I thought wrinkling my nose as I thought of what all could possibly go wrong on our first day things like getting separate classes, getting a horrible teacher or having to sit beside someone snobby. While thinking I turned to Bella and declared a challenge, "Bell's if I can get through the first day of school without starting a fight I get to choose the colors that we use to decorate the room. If I fail you get to choose deal?" I asked.

Bella smirked at me, "Deal." She replied firmly, in our old school everyone who didn't know me was scared of me because they heard rumors about me and my violent temper which had put half of the football team in the hospital with broken bones. "If only they knew what those guys had been planning to do to Bella!" I thought with a scowl before pulling out of those memories. I knew that with this being a new school and no-one knowing about me more than likely someone if not more would try my control on my temper. Nodding to her I grabbed my PJ's and took a quick shower, putting my dirty clothes into the hamper before going back into our bed-room and checking out my text's from my friends in Arizona and the several new friends I had made in Tokyo. It was after two in the morning before I said goodnight to all of them and went to sleep, making sure to set my phone alarm to go off at five forty am since we would have to leave our house at six to get to school in time.