The Last Chapter


In the end all of the Old Alliance showed up upon seeing my banner and we managed to defeat the Days of Darkness. It took three entire days of fighting before we managed to completely destroy our enemies and then two more weeks to hunt down and destroy the pocket of Old Witches who had been the ones behind the Days of Darkness.

After everything was finished I sat down and had a long talk with Jasper and Jacob and learned I was both Jasper's and Jacob's soulmate. I was confused and surprised by that turn of events but seeing as how I did have feelings for both of them I quickly adjusted to it. There were some pressing Queenly matters I had to take care of soon after that but directly after them I managed to have a chat with Aine.

I was surprised to learn that she and Bella were actually not the same person. As it turned out one of Aine's daughters had married a human and Aine's blood had traveled down Charlie's Ancestors and had awakened in Bella leading Aine's spirit into her.

Because they weren't actually the same person they were able to separate and Aine took back her natural form while Bella stayed human. Since I had become who I had always been the human 'Gemma Swan' and every hint of her disappeared from the human world and the minds of every human who had known of her, excluding Bella and Charlie since they were of Aine's bloodline.

I visit Bella and Charlie sometimes, usually with either Jacob or Jasper if not both of them with me as they also like to visit the human world and their families there. I told Charlie and Bella that they were both welcomed to come to the Fae world and visit if they wish to but if they do the memories that any human has of them would disappear and even if they returned to the human world the memories wouldn't come back.

So far neither of them are ready to leave the human world but I have the feeling that when one finally decides to, the other will as well. Their father-daughter bond has definitely grown stronger since Aine and Bella separated. Aine hasn't visited the human world at all since we returned to the Fae world and I don't think she will for quite a while. Afterall she had been married with seventeen kids when we had been taken so there was a lot for her to catch up on in the Fae world.

Currently I'm in the Fae world but I literally just came back from the Human world having visited the Hospital over there to confirm a suspicion of mine. As it turns out, I'm pregnant. I don't know any of the facts yet as it's too early in the pregnancy to learn anything other than that I'm pregnant. I am both happy and scared by this news as there's so much going on right now and Jacob and Jasper are still getting settled into the fact that they're known as the Fae Queen's Mates.

I don't know what the future holds but all I can do is shrug, accept things and move on. Who knows what the future holds? All I can do is focus on the present and move forward one day at a time. And for the first time I'm okay with that.