In the Percy Jackson Universe

Annabeth stood on the sandy shores of Camp Half-Blood, gazing upon the calm ocean waves as they gently lapped at the soles of her bare feet. The moon was full tonight, reaching its peak upon Night's blanket, and shining its silvery light onto the darkened water.

The demigoddess listened to the roar of the waves and the chirping of the crickets with a serene expression and a lax stance. She leaned back against Sam's chest as he wrapped his strong arms firmly around her waist and gently placed his chin upon her head.

The two stayed in silence, not a word was spoken as they feared it would disturb the calm setting.

Annabeth dug her toes into the sand, letting her feet sink into the ground as the water washed over the appendages. She sniffled, and rubbed her watery eyes. She'd recently been told about Percy's fate. It was unfortunate as he was her first love. Luke may have been her crush, but she didn't love him as much as she had Percy, but that was all for not now. He was gone, banished to another realm far from her reach.

Poseidon and Athena had come to her two days before as messengers, telling her about what happened in the throne room that day. She was heart-broken and looked to Sam for comfort. She hated how her mother dared to have such a triumphant look on her face at Poseidon's sorrow. It was clear that the Sea-god was in grieving and that the Wisdom goddess was enjoying it.

Annabeth wanted to strangle her mother but refrained when she remembered that Athena was a goddess – an Olympian no less. It would have been fruitless to try.

"Annabeth," Annabeth recognized the voice as Sam's. His words carried a sort of worry for his lover, knowing that she was suffering emotionally. "It's late, we need to get back to the cabins. The Harpies will see us if we stay any longer."

He was right, and Annabeth was grateful. The beach reminded her too much of Percy. She remembered this spot being the exact same place she and him would sit at as they looked to the ocean. Percy would tell her some corny jokes about the beach, fish, or Sally's famous blue chocolate chip cookies. Oh, how she missed Sally, the poor woman. Annabeth couldn't imagine how Percy's mother might be feeling about this.

Not good, she assumes.

The demigoddess nodded at Sam, turning around to face him, then smiled. She stood on her tippy toes and kissed him on the cheek, said goodnight, then walked off to Cabin 6.

She would brood on her bunk but thought against it. She knew that if Percy was still with her, then he would have scolded her, gave her his goofiest of grins, and then walk her to her cabin holding Riptide in his fist in its pen form.

Annabeth shook her head as she tried to shake away those thoughts, but she knew she couldn't. She missed him too much to do such a thing. It reminded her of how she felt those eight months of him being taken away from her again and sent somewhere far away from her thin fingers, but she knew this was a different scenario altogether.

Before, Annabeth had hoped she would see him again, but this time she didn't. The brightest of Athena's children didn't believe that she would ever see those sea-green eyes or that lopsided smile ever again. She didn't think she would ever be able to run her hands through his smooth inky-black hair or judo flip his Seaweed Brained ass to the ground.

A sigh escaped her as she snuck around Cabin 6 and reached the door. She entered her mother's children's sanctuary, recognizing the smell of books and the soft sound of her sibling's snores as they journeyed through the realm of Morpheus. Annabeth tiptoed her way to her bunk at the far right, making sure not to make a sound and wake her brothers and sisters, but it was all for not when Malcolm's bleary eyes set their calculating gaze upon her sneaking form.

"Annabeth? What are you doing? Shouldn't you be in bed? Where have you been?" he whispered, voice hoarse from lack of use.

She shushed him, "Go back to sleep Malcolm. Don't worry about me, just worry about going back to sleep."

He nodded, then yawned as he turned in his bed with his back facing his sister. "Fine, but I want answers in the morning."

"Thank you, Malcolm. Goodnight."

"Goodnight, 'Beth."

Annabeth rolled her eyes at her brother's choice of name and went to bed, wondering how Percy was doing right now in an unfamiliar dimension before she succumbed to the wills of the gods of sleep and dreams.

With our current protagonist/antagonist (however you want to see it)

"So Isley, how long do you think it would take us to get from here to Musha?" Percy asked as he elbowed the Abyssal One in the side.

"I thought you would know that saying that you are time, you big oaf," Isley said as he frowned, annoyed at Percy's consistent questioning.

You see, Percy had been getting bored of walking in silence, and had decided to play a little game with himself. The game was "How Many Stupid Questions Can You Ask Isley Before He Kills you"? H-M-S-Q-C-Y-A-I-B-H-K-Y, for short. Percy's current score was five.

"True, true, but I want you to answer that, my friend, because, as a god, I cannot interfere with your life questions and quests for answers," Percy said as he brought his right fist to his left pectoral and dramatically puffing out his chest.

Isley's eye twitched, his patience running thin, something Percy happily took notice of.


"I'm calling you out on bullshit. You wouldn't have stopped Pricilla from killing Teresa if you were bound from doing so, AND THISISN'T A LIFE THREATENING QUESTION THAT I AM ASKING MYSELF!"

Percy shrugged his shoulders, not really caring. "Alright, you have me cornered, but I still want you to answer my question to the best of your ability."

Isley growled but answered anyways. "At this rate, we'll be there by the end of the next month."

Percy nodded, "You couldn't be any more correct. We'll be there in fifty-two days and eleven hours if we stop for some rest every once and a while."

"How long would it take for us to get there without any breaks?" Isley asked eyebrows scrunched together in contemplation.

Percy chuckled, mischief glistening in his currently-bright-blue eyes. "Now that's a question you yourself should answer."

Isley growled and whacked the side of the Primordial's head, forcing Percy to the ground by the sheer force. "Why you…"

"Six," Percy said as he lifted his face out of the snowy ground.

Isley paused, "What?"

Percy sat on his knees and looked up to Isley with the most innocent eyes he could muster. "Six questions were needed to get you angry."

Isley growled at Percy, baring his fangs, and eyes flashing gold menacingly. "I'll kill you, you annoying old man." Then pounced.

Percy yelped in surprise as he scrambled himself away from the angry Awakened. "Now, now, Isley, no need to be rash. It was only a joke!" but Isley wasn't listening anymore. He just wanted to beat the divinity out of the divine.

Now, before we forget, Pricilla had been silently watching the two men duke it out on the snow with a glimmer of anticipation in her eyes. She really wanted to see who would win this little match; it was clear that Isley wasn't going to stop until he had his fill of pain-giving. She giggled, Percy had quickly become a pain the moment he decided to play his "game".

Yah, she noticed. It was kind of obvious. Percy always had a mischievous look in his eyes whenever he asked Isley a question and was enjoying the Silver King's frustration a little too much. Thus, being why she was anticipating his possible defeat, and this anticipation was further fueled by the added resentment for his interference that day. Oh, how she wanted to see him in pain…but, alas, it was not to be as Percy had melted into the earth and began making small waves of dirt and snow in his more earthen form.

Percy's earthen form towered about thirty feet from the torso up, where skin should have been was dirt and grass and hardened stone served as his chest plate and armor with magma filling the cracks (think of Lava Girl's armor from that one movie I forgot the name of)*. The dirt covered humanoid grinned an ore-filled grin as he tried to whack Isley away with his gigantic hands.

Percy's voice was gravelly (pun intended) and powerful, holding an ancient rumble (pun also intended) in its tone, "Come on Silver King, is that all you've got? I expected better from an Abyssal One, but alas, I seem to be wrong." Yep, Percy was so having fun.

Isley's anger spiked, but he took a breath. He reminded himself that Perseus often liked to trick his opponents with words and strike when they were firmly in his grasp. "Is that so? Or are you too scared to face me in your human form that you needed a boost of power to believe you even had a chance of winning?" he taunted back, grinning through every word as he dodged the Primordial's strikes.

Percy frowned, "A boost of power? I don't need to be in this form to kill you, it's just more fun to whack you around with!" With that said, Percy dove at Isley, his entire form coming down at the Silver King. "Now, enough of this! I've grown bored of this fight!"

Isley jumped high into the air, away from the attack and looked down at the Primordial's disappearing form as the entity crashed into the snowy earth.

Upon impact, the ground rumbled, and chunks of dirt and snow flew into the air and fell back to the earth.

Isley landed gracefully on his feet as he looked around for Percy, wary and on guard, but he didn't expect the earth under his feet to form into a giant hand that grabbed him and lifted him into the air.

From the hand came an arm, and from the arm came the rest of Perseus' upper body as he rose to his imposing thirty-foot height with Isley clutched firmly in his grasp.

Isley struggled to free his arms but froze when he felt the cold golden claw against his throat. Percy had extended the nail of his thumb into a sharp sword-like claw, and set it against the front of Isley's Addams Apple, daring the Awakened to move.

"I think I won this little scuffle, don't you think?" Percy smiled as he brought the nail closer, threatening to slit Isley's throat.

Isley glared but refrained from speaking for obvious reasons.

"I'll take your silence as a yes." With that said, Percy dropped Isley, causing the man to fall thirty feet into a conveniently placed snow dune, burying himself in the cold, white powder.

Percy dusted his hands together and looked expectantly at Pricilla – who had relocated herself a bit farther from the two – and Isley – who was spitting snow out of his mouth. "Well? What are you two waiting for? Permission? Let's go! We have a family to reunite."

Isley grumbles out something along the lines of "Stupid Primordials and their boredom" and "Why do I have to be stuck with this one in particular? He's crazy."

Whatever could he mean?

Percy reached down and scooped them up into each hand. "I believe a change of pace is in order, so I have decided to give us a little boost in speed. Don't get me wrong, adventures are fun, but I'm not that patient, and walking in this weather with nothing to do except bother you to the point of rage is getting boring."

Isley scoffed at Percy's words. "Is everything boring to you?"

"No, but repetition is something I'm not very fond of, and even with all my years of living I still have partial ADHD. Old habits die hard, I suppose." Percy said as he began to rise higher until his entire body was unearthed. Legs of cooled lava rock and trails of magma were now visible and where his feet should have been were humongous tree roots that were still rooted in the ground. Percy began to glide as if he was roller skating through the snow.

"ADHD? What is that?" Pricilla asked, looking up to Percy's face curiously.

"Sorry, I forgot you might not be familiar with these terms. ADHD is an abbreviated version of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. It is when a person is unable to control behavior due to difficulty in processing neural stimuli, accompanied by an extremely high level of motor activity. In other words, I'm just very hyper and impatient. It's something I can't control."

Isley held his chin in though, "I see, so is that why you're so annoying?"

Percy scowled at him disapprovingly, "Don't patronize me, Silver King. It is out of my control, and you're my only source of entertainment so that I don't go on a boredom-induced rampage."

Isley shivered. He couldn't imagine what would happen if Perseus went on a rampage because he was bored. Anything could happen when Percy was thrown into the mix. "Anyways, how fast are we going?" He noticed that they were zooming passed the tundra and quickly reaching more tropical land.

"About eighty miles per hour, we'll be in Rabona in a few days. Once we arrive we can rest for a bit and carry on to Musha from there."

Isley nodded then turned his attention to Pricilla – who was sitting with her knees to her chest and her arms wrapped around her legs as she looked out into the distance, seemingly in deep thought. "Pricilla! Are you alright?" but his voice was muffled by the wind as Percy decided to move faster. He looked up to Perseus and yelled as loud as he possibly could. "Perseus! Can you bring me closer to Pricilla?"

Percy didn't respond with words, or question the silver-clad male, but brought his left hand to his right, allowing Isley to jump to the other.

Isley dropped down to the right hand where Pricilla currently sat, and decided to sit next to her. "Pricilla, are you alright?" he asked, furrowing his eyebrows at the strangely quiet girl.

She didn't respond immediately, but nodded her head and said that she just wanted to see her family.

"You will, but you need to be patient. You heard Perseus, it will take time to get to the Southern Lands."

This time she did look at him, "But I want to see them NOW!" her out-burst was completely unexpected, and Isley's sensitive ears nearly popped at the sound.

Isley covered his right ear in mild pain. "Lower your damned voice! I'm right next to you!"

Pricilla hesitated, then looked down at her hands. "Sorry."

Isley sighed at the child. "You will see them again, I give you my word."

The two Yoma didn't realize that Percy heard the entire conversation. He heard every word spoken, and he smiled when he heard Isley's promise. 'I'll hold you to that oath, Isley.'

Two days after in the Organization's Headquarters

"Tell me, Ermita, has Galatea sensed anything new in the North?" an old man of indeterminate age with sparse, silver, swept back hair, and prominent wrinkles on his forehead said to a man wearing what appears to be black bandages covering his head and face with yellow eyes being the only visible facial features. The old man was wearing a long, black coat with a gold, metallic collar as he sat on a throne-like chair surrounded by other, smaller chairs.

"Yes, sir. She has sense a large power spike near the town of Pieta. Further investigation is currently in session." The black-clad man said, voice completely neutral.

"Good, how powerful?"

"According to her, it was unsettling. She believes it to be an Abyssal One."

"I want you to investigate this spike of power, and, if possible, eliminate it. I want Dae to conduct thorough research on the remains."

"Yes, sir. I will send an attack squad right away."

"Excellent. You are dismissed." Ermita nodded then left the room, leaving the old man alone.

He folded his hands and placed his head on his knuckles in silence. Without looking, he spoke to seemingly no one in particular. "I know you're here, Rubel. What is it?"

Out of the shadows in the far right corner, a tall, thin man wearing dark sunglasses, a black hat, and a black suit with a rather pointed nose smirked as he walked to the center of the large room. "You always seem to know when I'm here, Rimuto."

"Yes, now what do you want?"

"Nothing in particular, I only wish to serve."

"Tch, enough of your games, Rubel. How is your current charge doing?"

Rubel knew Rimuto wasn't asking for her sake, but only for the results of the rather unique experiment. "She is doing well, but she hasn't shown any signs of potentially being in the single digits like Teresa. I would say she'd be lucky enough to reach the Forties."

"As expected of one who is only a quarter Yoma. Very well, I want constant updates on her progress. Do not disappoint me."

Rubel brought his hand to his chest and gave a curt bow, smiling like he always does. "As you wish." Then left the same way Ermita did without another word.