Prompt: Costumes/Dress up

Prompt Summary: Edge learns a little bit more about Earth's past.

Special Guests: Some of my OCs.

"What do you think?" The seven-year-old before him posed in what Edge presumed to be an imitation of a posh and elegant manner. "Do I look fabulous?"

Edge stared, scrutinizing, at her for a moment. The seven-year-old, Victorea's second daughter by the name of Freya, wore a black dress that reached her knees. It wasn't a drab or shapeless black dress, either, but one that fitted the girl well enough and adorned with black sequins and with a silver sash cinched about her waist. A black, conical hat – what everyone kept referring to as a witch's hat – sat atop her head. Her honey-blonde hair had been combed and now tumbled down to her waist. Silver and green glitter lined her eyelids, along with smudges of black, giving the child a more sophisticated and mature look for one her age. When he didn't answer her questions right away, thanks to his scrutinizing, Freya threw her hands up in the air and declared, "You're hopeless! Impossible!" before bursting into a fit of giggles.

"Of course, you look fabulous," Edge assured her, grinning a little. "I'm just not sure why you're dressing up tonight. That's all. Halloween isn't until the end of the month"

"She's attending a Halloween party hosted by one of her friends," Ryan answered, entering the kitchen.

"How do I look, Daddy?" Freya asked, twirling for him.

"Like your mother," he answered, kissing her on the forehead. "Beautiful."

"Yay!" Freya beamed. "Is Mommy almost done with the cookies?"

"More than done, she's boxing them up as we speak, while your aunts finish up with the sugar treats and pumpkin carving."

"Yay!" Freya cheered again then tore out of the kitchen. Edge chuckled and shook his head.

"She seems to be quite the handful," he remarked as Ryan placed some newspapers onto the counter then sat across from him.

"She and her sisters take after Victorea, for sure," Ryan said, chuckling a little as well. He then tilted his head. "You're still having a hard time with all of this, aren't you?"

"Yeah, a little," Edge admitted sheepishly after a minute. He glanced around the kitchen then shifted his gaze to the window. Outside, the elder girls, all teenagers, roamed amongst the apple trees. "It's just hard for me to connect our planet with technology and with the beliefs of supernatural entities. It just doesn't seem to jive well to me. It seems like such a waste."

"Everyone needs something to believe in, though, be it themselves or some outside force," Ryan answered. "To demand someone to believe exactly as we do is wrong. Faith is an extremely powerful tool. We can build mountains with it or destroy entire civilizations because of it. The choice is entirely up to the person in question."

"Yeah," Edge murmured, thinking of Faize and his reactions to Roak's archfiend, Asmodeus, an evil entity Sarah believed in wholeheartedly and with a great amount of fear. "I . . . that makes sense." His mirth faded. "I just wish I knew how to get back to my time."

"That's easy enough to answer," Ryan answered. "Find the answers you're seeking. Finish what you started."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means find out why you're here in the first place," a second male voice added, this one belonging to Thor. The elder blond stepped into the kitchen and plopped a rather large pumpkin onto the counter where Ryan had set the newspapers. "What's the last thing you recall doing before you woke up here?"

"I was on my ship," Edge frowned. "I'd seen Victorea's ghost, and I was talking to her. I asked her what she wanted. The commander asked that we –"

"We?" Thor echoed.

"Yeah. Two of my friends, Crowe and Bacchus, and myself, we'd seen Victorea's ghost floating around the Moonbase," Edge answered. "When we told Commander Kenny and his assistant this, he asked us to speak with her. Find out what she wanted."

"And if Victorea hadn't been reincarnated at that point, she'd have a purpose," Ryan murmured.

"She would even if she had been," Thor joked. "That's how she's always been."

"True," the dark-haired man conceded.

"I don't understand," Edge muttered.

"In another time, you will," Ryan promised. "I guess the thing to find out now is what's exactly going on in the future for Victorea to be even more of a pest than usual?"

"She mentioned space exploration with guidelines when I woke up," Edge offered. "That if the commander knew he needed to do something, no matter how hard it was, that he needed to do it."

"And if she's told you that already, then what else is there for you here?" Thor asked.

To that, Edge didn't have an answer.