After their escape, Tohru and Kuro returned home and much to their disappointment, Tohru's aunt was waiting for her by the door with a scolding frown, her piercing eyes staring at the young Eve and her cat. After a bit of scolding not to mention being grounded for a week, Tohru was sent to her room. Now alone, Tohru flopped on her bed exhausted from todays events. Kuro jumped on the bed and sat beside her, watching her as Tohru collected herself. "That old bat should really relax more often. Its not like you were out robbing a bank or anything." he says while he licked his paw. When he heard no response, Kuro looked at Tohru again and found her fast asleep. With everything that happened, it was no surprise Tohru would feel exhausted.

Alone and awake, Kuro jumped off Tohru's bed and he transformed back into his human self. Despite the chase he had with the C3 agents, Kuro was not tired. In fact, he something to take care of and that had to do within the letter he received. Kuro takes the envelope out of his pocket and stares at it. Its been decades since he's encountered the organization but somehow they managed to find him. Kuro wondered how they were able to locate him so easily and without him noticing. How were they able to find him not to mention find the address to Tohru's house?

'Have they been keeping an eye on me all these years?' he wondered to himself. Scoffing, Kuro crumbles the envelope into a small ball and tosses it into the trash bin. Kuro felt relieved to finally get rid of the letter but he still felt uneasy about the situation. What did they tell Tohru? Did they want something from her?

Well, no matter. He was going to make sure they wouldn't encounter them for as along as he was Tohru's Servamp.

Todays into that week passed and so far, C3 had made no effort to try and contact Tohru again. After their encounter, Tohru called Misono and Tetsu and informed them about her unexpected meeting with C3. She wanted to warn them and their Servamps to be careful in case C3 tries to contact them. They took her advise and when the weekend rolled by, they reported that they have not encountered C3.

With C3 out of the way, Tohru spent most of her time making plans for the anniversary of her mothers funeral. Tohru silently sat by her table, writing a list down of food she was planning to bring for the small picnic she, Arisa and Hanajima planned. While she did that, Kuro was laying on bed eating a bag of potato chips Tohru had bought for him. They were quiet that afternoon but it was comforting since this seemed to be the only time they've actually relaxed in a while. For Kuro, he was glad he was able to do nothing but sit down and finally find some peace without anything or anyone disturbing him. He needed to savor the moment now before it can be taken away from him.

Some time rolled by before Tohru's phone rang. Putting her pencil down, Tohru answered. "Hello, this is Tohru."

"Hello Tohru! This is Snowlily speaking."

"Oh Lily, hello! It's been a while since we've talked. How are you?"

"I'm doing wonderful, thank you for asking."

"Is there a reason why you called me? Is everything going okay? Did C3 contact you? Is Misono alright?"

Lily chuckles. "No, everything is alright. I'm calling to inform you that Misono will be released Monday afternoon and I was wondering if you and Kuro will come. I understand if you can't."

Tohru smiled at the request Lily had asked her. She eagerly nodded, happy to finally see Misono again. "Yes I would love to do that! We'll definitely see you and Misono tomorrow when he gets out."

"Good. We'll see you than." after saying their farewells, Tohru hung up and lets out a deep sigh. Tomorrow was her night off from work and she had no school on Monday so that gave her enough time to spend time with Misono and Lily. It's been a while since she saw them. With everything going on with school not to mention her meeting with C3 and her grounded, Tohru rarely had time to visit Misono. Sure she called him a couple of times on the phone just to hear how he was doing but calling that person was different than actually seeing them in person. She hoped Misono understands why she rarely visited.

"What did he want?" Kuro asked while he ate the last remaining pieces of the chips.

"Misono is being released on Monday and Lily wabted to ask if we can visit him when he gets out. I told him yes, that alright with you?" she asked him.

He shrugged. "Not really my place to decide. Its your choice anyways." he tells her between chewing. Tohru hums a response and goes back to her list. 'I wonder if I should bring Misono beef udon?' she thought in wonder. 'It's been a while since I made it. The first time I gave it to him, he was asleep if I remember correctly. This time I'll give it to him in person and we can enjoy it together. Maybe even Testu and Hugh can have some!'

Kuro glanced at Tohru when he heard giggles. He raised a eyebrow, wondering why she was laughing to herself but decided to ignore it. It's been some time since she's laughed so this was good.

The next day, Tohru sheepishly walked into the living room where her aunt was sitting Watching TV. She gulped nervously as she swallowed her nerves down. She has to ask him for permission since she wasn't grounded anymore but she was worried her aunt will refuse her to leave. Misono was set to leave the hospital in an hour and she wanted to get there before he left. But what if her aunt refused?

Tohru felt a slight tug on her pants and she looks down. Kuro waa clawing at herpants, trying to catch her attention when he noticed the nervous look on her face. When he caught her attention, he whispered, "Go and ask her. You're not grounded anymore so there's nothing to stop you." Well, he was true. There was nothing in the way to prevent her aunt from refusing her to leave. So, with one final release of air, Tohru walks to the living room.


Yuki looked behind her and scowled when she looked at her. "What is it that you want Tohru?" she asked bitterly. Tohru gulped. Why is she feeling nervous all of a sudden? Sure her aunt could be a little terrifying, Tohru wasn't this afraid of her.

"I...I was wondering if I could go out and meet my friend somewhere. It's uhh...its sorta important."

Yuki raised an eye, observing Tohru to see if there was something suspicious about meeting this friend. "And where exactly are you meeting your friend?" she asked.

"T-the park." she answered.

Yuki hums. She turns her attention to the TV and says, "Be back before dinner. I'm making dinner tonight."

"A-actually Yuki-chan...I'm going to eat dinner with my friend so..."

"Do what you want. Just be home before your bedtime."

"Are you sure you don't want your father to drive you home? He does have time you know." Lily asked Misono as they walked to the exit/entrance of the hospital.

" needs rest anyways since he's worked a lot. I thought it would be better if we walked home for a little bit."

"Mmm. If you say so."

When they walked out of the exit, Misono was shocked to hear Tohru's voice calling his name. Standing in front of the entrance was Tohru and a human Kuro. Tohru was waving happily at Misono while she smiled. It took a moment for Misono to register his thoughts before he said, "Tohru, what are you doing here?!"

She stopped waving and she confusingly blinked at Misono's reaction. Looking at Lily, she asked him, "Doesn't Misono know I was coming?"

"Clearly not. Lily, when did you plan this! Why didn't you tell me Tohru was going to come?!" Misono asked him angrily. Lily laughed as Misono started to bang his fists on his arm.

"What? You don't like my surprise!?"

"I would have liked a little warning you know!?"

Tohru and Kuro stood there as they watched the scene before them. Tohru silently giggled while Kuro rolled his eyes and turned his attention somewhere else. When Misono finally settled down, he turns his attention to Tohru, still slightly angry at Lily. "So what is it that you planned to do today?" he asked her.

"There is one place I would like to go."

"Lead the way than."

AN: Chapters where nothing happens are my favorite because this is where my imagination can run free and I won't have to worry about adding fight scenes.