Freeruka Week

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Chapter 07: Moon

The moon hung above them, it would have been nice if it hadn't turned into black and almost nipple like or better yet if it hadn't become the homes of madness.

They sat at the balcony of the school and looked up to the moon.

If anything the moon was one more thing, it was the site of a huge battle one they were sort of a part of.

They almost died, so that was pretty messed up.

Still they survived so that was pretty good. The world united somewhat after that, the world nearly died but witches and humanity were closer to harmony than ever before. For a while they could have something akin to peace. They never wanted to go into a battle like that again, they really hoped such madness would be released either.

Still something good did come from it. The peace that came from it did give them a chance at new lives, ones that weren't in prison or any sort of nasty punishment from the witches.

It gave them a chance to have a life together. Free held Eruka close, and gave her a big kiss on her cheek. She smiled brightly placing her hand on his. She loved how it felt to have his big strong arms around her.

Free held her close.

"Ah, Free?" Eruka whispered to him. "Are you feeling me up?"

"Ah… maybe?"

"Okay, is just because of the moment or that stupid boob madness from the moon?"

"Can't it be both?"

"Ribbit." Eruka groaned. "Let's just go home."

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