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If someone would have told him three years ago that he would be working for the Night's Watch, and dating one of it's best agents, Sandor would have laughed in the poor sod's face.

Yet here he was.

He knew full well that he had it bad for Sansa. She was as beautiful as she was kind, she was very empathetic and sympathetic with people -he had been on the receiving end of her sympathy, once he had decided to reveal the story of his scars.

He remembered how her eyes had misted over and had reached for his hand, giving a gentle squeeze and saying 'I'm sorry'. It had been the first time someone had been kind to him when it came to his scars, she didn't flinch at seeing them, nor avoided his eye contact as many before her had done.

Their relationship had bloomed quietly, step by step and without hurry. They were friends and colleagues first and foremost. He respected her bravery in working for the Night's Watch, she was fearless in battle and did her work thoroughly and cleanly.

He admired how she did what she could to help him. When the maesters decreed that to help suppress the vampirism, he ought to wears blessed silver and take in as much sunlight as possible, Sansa had gifted him with a dog charm that had been blessed, would invite him to lunch and seat themselves outside to eat.

It was during those lunches that he discovered that she had joined the Night's Watch from a dare from her younger sister. Arya, Sansa said, had a big sense of adventure and duty towards their homeland, and wanted to help too and had dared Sansa to join her. He had not been surprised to hear that she had cried on her first mission.

He had asked why she had stayed. Her answer didn't surprise him much. She had wanted to help people and while she had a distaste for violence, she didn't like vampires much. She had then winked and said that half-vampires were half bad.

Things would have in all likelihood remained the same had she not been injured on vacation. During on of her travels to visit her friend in the Reach, there had been an ambush and while Sansa and her companions survived the attack, she had been badly injured.

He had nearly driven himself insane by thinking all kind of scenarios. And it was then when he discovered that his affections towards Sansa were a little bit more than 'just friends'. He then resolve to tell her as soon as she returned.

Which he did, with a bouquet of blue roses that were native to her home. She had beamed and told him she felt the same.

It all had been happiness for him since. Yes, both of them still have their missions but now, they had one another. And as he checked for what he felt was the millionth time the location of the ring he had gotten her, he found himself excited for whatever the future had in store for them.

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