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Hariel looked out her window in discontent. She had just turned 19 not to long after she fully finished her schooling at Hogwarts. Thankfully at school she was mostly left alone except for the few younger students who all wanted autographs from the Girl-Who-Lived. Now that she graduated, the Auror Division had already sent out an invitation to join them along with the Unspeakables.

What she truly wanted was a quiet life where she didn't have to be worried about being recognized in fear of being mobbed by either fans or reporters. While Ron and Hermione were fine with using their new celebrity statuses as part of the Golden Trio to further their dreams and careers, it wasn't what Hariel wanted. Besides, with their new budding professions, the two hardly ever had the time to speak anymore. Which she understood, but it didn't stop her from feeling out of place when her two friends could move on but she was still stuck in the past.

She wanted change. She wanted a new life where nobody recognized who she was and where everyone would know her as just Hariel.

"You look lonely for someone who is world famous for defeating one of the most nefarious Dark Lords in history," a smooth female voice said.

Hariel immediately turned around with her wand in hand.

"Who are you?" Hariel demanded, keeping her eye on the mysterious woman who suddenly appeared in the middle of her living room.

"I'm Fate."

"No really, who are you?" Hariel asked with a wary tone.

"You may not believe me, but I really am as I say," the woman shrugged. "Now then. I heard your wish. You want to go to a place where no one could possibly recognize you. A place where you'd be acknowledged for your own merits rather than fame, fortune, or family name."

When Hariel stayed silent but glared at the woman for hitting the nail right on the head.

"I'll grant it for you," the woman said with a smile.

"Let's say that I believe you," Hariel said with narrowed eyes. "What would be the catch?"

"No catch this time. You've fulfilled my prophecy. In return I can give you a new chance at life. It's not like I'm giving you immortality or anything," Fate said with another shrug. "I'll give you 30 minutes to write some goodbye letters before I send you off."

Without another word, Fate disappeared.

Hariel stood there stunned before scrambling to write said letters. It didn't seem like Fate (if that was who she really was) was going to give her a choice and she'd rather leave some sort of explanation behind for Hermione and Ron rather than them thinking she'd been kidnapped…even though that was kind of what was actually happening. But something in her gut made her excited for something new.

The 30 minute timer soon ended just as she signed her name on Ron's letter before she felt herself go weak.

Then it was black.

Hariel groaned when she woke up in a cave.

A cave of all things.

Looking around, she spotted a campfire, a green backpack, and a surprisingly comfortable navy blue sleeping bag she was lying on.

Instead of the simple white nightgown she had been wearing prior to being transported, she now wore a black jacket with green lining and a furred collar, a grey cowl collar shirt, dark blue skinny jeans, a black belt with red and white ball charms on it, and brown hiker boots.

All in all, it wasn't a bad outfit to wear when she was now apparently camping in the middle of nowhere.

Having nothing better to do while she got her bearings, she decided to have a look through her pack to see what Fate packed for her.

She dumped out all of the contents and laid it out before her. More books than she thought, but perhaps Fate had a reason for them. There was a book on First Aid, a book on Pokémon Care, an Introduction to being a Pokémon Trainer/Coordinator/Performer guide, a guide book to Foods and Herbs in the Wild, a book of Pokémon, a water bottle, a GPS device, a tourist guide book to the Hoenn region, a picture of a Victorian style manor, and 8 block device things that she had no idea what they were for.

The last two things that popped out of the bag was a wallet and a letter.

Snatching the letter up, Hariel could feel a headache coming on when she read the contents.

She had been sent to the world of Pokémon. No wonder the word sounded familiar. It was a game that Dudley got really into before he quit because he couldn't defeat the last boss or something. She had also once caught Dudley watching the cartoon show about Pokémon during the summer when it was too hot to go out.

All the supplies she would need to get started were in the capsules (the cube block device things she found) and they were color coordinated depending on what kind of things they contained. Red for First Aid, green for camping and cooking supplies, blue for water, yellow for food, pink for hygiene and grooming products and tools, purple for clothes, black for miscellaneous, and white for Moo Moo Milk. She thought the last one was odd but she wasn't going to question the use for a milk capsule after being sent to a different dimension where it was a mere video game back in her world.

The capsules were used as storage devices meant for travelers. It worked like an undetectable extension charm and would keep the food inside fresh indefinitely and in the form they were deposited in. So she could put in popsicles or ice cream into the capsule and not have to worry about it melting away.

Her identification was in her wallet and any story she came up with to explain her appearance and background would automatically alter her history and identification.

Her magic was now wandless as Psychics (the real ones rather than the muggle phonies) existed in this world. Since Psychics were widely known for their range of mysterious and unknown powers, any magic she could do would be chalked up to her being born as a psychic. Apparently 0.01% of the population were psychics in some form or another.

All her family's fortune (except for the gold she deposited for Teddy's trust fund) including the Black fortune had all been transferred into this world's currency. The knowledge of having the Black fortune made her curse, for she hadn't yet transferred the vaults to Teddy and Andromeda like she had planned to.

(In the game, they use Pokémon Dollars and in the Anime, they use yen. For the sake of the story and since this will be taking place in the anime with only a hint of game elements, the currency will be yen.)

Fate decided to do the math for her. One gold galleon in her world was worth 5 pounds to make them affordable to muggleborns. Five British Pounds was approximately 800 yen (or 7 US dollars (as of 2016)).

She knew that both the Potter Family and Black Family were Ancient Noble House, which meant they had a lot of wealth to fall back on.

At least she knew she wouldn't be broke here assuming you could probably buy a can of soda for about 200 yen or something along those lines. She wouldn't know until she found some sort of supermarket to compare dimension prices.

All her family's belongings were also put into her house, which was the picture of the manor. At least she had a clear image in her head of where she would need to apparate to if she ever wanted to go home, which was most likely the purpose of the photo in the first place.

Hariel sighed and decided to get started on reading so she could get a foothold in this world.

Her backstory was a bit vague, so she hoped that Fate would be kind to her to fix any holes in her story.

She decided to go with the fact that her parents had died in an accident when she was a baby, so she was raised by her grandmother. Nearing her 10th birthday, when aspiring trainers/coordinators/performers were allowed to leave for their journey (seriously, who let's 10 year old kids out into the world on their own? Hariel supposed the world could be safer than it was back in her old dimension), her grandmother fell ill. Rather than go on her journey, she had decided to stay and take care of her grandmother who passed away a few years later when Hariel was 18. After getting her affairs together, she decided to go on her journey at last, albeit late, as per her grandmother's last wishes.

She was now supposed to be heading for Littleroot Town to get her first pokémon.

Which was why she was travelling now.

Feeling another headache coming in with the influx of information, Hariel decided to take a break and explore her surroundings. She wouldn't go far from the cave, but she pack up everything just in case. She didn't want to be robbed or anything.

After putting out the campfire, she headed out. Thanks to the watch provided for her, she deduced that it was mid-afternoon. She could afford to spend an hour or two exploring before heading back to the cave to plan out her route better.

It wasn't an even an hour later until she ran into some sort of trouble. Up ahead saw some sort of white dog-cat thing with a black sickle shaped horn growing from its head. The dog-cat was being cornered by a man with a net and three creatures she assumed were his pokémon.

"Just come quietly and ya won't be hurt! Don't you know that your species sell for a lot in good condition?" the man growled. "If you come quietly, I promise I'll sell ya to just some rich lady instead of the underground battle rings!"

Hariel observed the situation. From what she had heard, the white dog-cat was apparently either rare or in high demand, and the man was some sort of illegal poacher like the ones back home where they would take down elephants for their coveted ivory tusks.

"Absol!" the white dog-cat growled before swinging its head at the man, causing white blades of energy to fly at him with the intent to harm.

"Scizor, Iron Defense!" the man ordered and the red humanoid bug flew in front of the man and gained a blue aura and briefly gave a metallic shine before meeting the attack head on.

Whatever the white dog-cat did didn't seem like it did much to the red bug.

"Now then, Rhydon, use Take Down!"

The bipedal rhino roared and started to stampede towards the creature. The creature's horn enlarged dramatically and glowed a bright green before it met the Rhydon halfway, actually throwing the other back.

Who knew such a small thing could pack so much power?

Even though it seemed like the white dog-cat could hold its own, 3 on one just wasn't fair at all.

"Hey you, what the hell are you doing?" Hariel demanded as she revealed herself.

The man turned around and sneered. "None of your business, girl! Stay out of the way!"

"No! Three on one isn't fair at all!" Hariel refuted and jogged closer.

"You don't even have any pokémon! What can you do to stop me, huh?" the man asked smugly. "Fearow, blow her away!"

"I don't need pokémon to stop you," Hariel snapped before she threw out her hands in a sweeping motion, using her raw magic to throw them away from the white dog-cat, who looked at her with surprise.

"What the?!" the man exclaimed with surprise as he was thrown back with his 3 other pokémon.

Hariel muttered a sleeping charm and concentrated her power within her hands. With a wave, the pokémon fell deep asleep.

"I-I get it! You're one of those freaky Psychics!" the man cowered, his confidence gone now that his three pokémon were asleep and virtually useless.

"Leave and never come back!" Hariel said and stood in front of the creature protectively. With a glance she spotted it favouring its left leg, which was probably why it was able to be cornered in the first place.

The man returned his pokémon to his pokéballs and ran for the hills, throwing Hariel a snide glare as he sped off.

Hariel sighed in relief before turning to the white dog-cat thing behind her.

"You should be safe now," Hariel said, crouching down to meet the creature's eyes.

"Absol," the animal said with a nod and Hariel could feel the gratitude mixed with wariness directed at her.

Huh…she had never been great at reading people, but maybe this whole psychic thing gave her some sort of empathetic abilities with pokémon and maybe people as well. Her first encounter with another human being hadn't exactly been a pleasant one.

"I'll be going now. Take care of that leg and try to stay out of trouble alright?" Hariel said with a gentle smile before getting up to walk back to her cave. With the encounter with the poacher, she decided to study up a bit more on pokémon. She could explore tomorrow.

Maybe she could look through her book of Pokémon. She had only skimmed through it but it seemed to give basic overviews of hundreds of pokémon. Maybe she could find out whatever the white dog was.

Okay, it was official, she was in love with Moo Moo Milk. The liquids she had in her life consisted of water, hot chocolate, pumpkin juice, butterbeer, a once trial of Firewhiskey, and tea. Occasionally she would use milk in her tea, but in general she found milk to be a bit plain tasting. It wasn't bold tasting like pumpkin juice.

But if Fate decided to give her a capsule just to hold Moo Moo Milk, it had to be worth a try. And it was. According to the book of Pokémon, it was a Miltank that provided the Moo Moo Milk. Its milk was highly nutritious and delicious to both humans and pokémon alike. Kids who drank it often would grow up to be healthy and strong. Moo Moo Milk also made delicious ice cream and yogurt.

There were also other fascinating products created by pokémon. Like honey and some rare fruits from Snover and Tropius.

Perhaps it was a message to eat healthy. Since she was going to be travelling a lot, she might as well be in shape to make the trip easier for herself.

Not to mention, when she was with the Dursleys, she had been underweight and a bit malnourished. It took nearly the entirety of her first year at Hogwarts to gain a proper weight for girls her age and height.

When it was getting dark, she started to get hungry. Looking at the screen on her food capsule, she mainly saw sandwiches. They would have to do for now.

As she lit her campfire, she saw something out of the corner of her eye.

"Absol," Hariel said with surprise.

She had only found out the name after giving her book of Pokémon a thorough search.

Absol was peeking around the entrance of the cave before its eyes settled on her.

"Absol, what are you doing here?" Hariel asked curiously.

"Absol sol!" the Dark Type said.

"You followed me?" Hariel asked, trying to get a read on the pokémon's emotions.

Absol nodded and slowly inched closer to her, still limping slightly.

"You're still hurt! Give me a moment!" Hariel said and looked through her bag for the first aid capsule. With a press of a button, a red spray bottle with an orange handle popped out. A Super Potion according to the First Aid guide. It was used to heal, bumps, bruises, scrapes, sprains, and small cuts.

With the spray bottle in hand, she slowly approached Absol.

"May I use this on your leg? It's medicine and it'll help," Hariel said gently.

Absol looked at her with searching eyes before nodding, watching her sharply as she applied the medicine to its leg.

It gave a sharp sting, but with a stretch of its leg, Absol could tell that it was healed.

"There you go," Hariel smiled before backing off.

Inwardly she sympathized with the Pokémon. According to her books, Absol could use their horn to sense the subtle changes within the land and sky to predict when a natural disaster would occur and would often try to warn people when one was approaching. Unfortunately this led themselves to be blamed of the impending natural disaster. People would often mistakenly accuse them of being doom bringers and symbols of misfortune.

It reminded her of her 5th year in Hogwarts. How when she and Dumbledore tried to spread the word that Voldemort was back, the people chose to ostracize them with the backing of the ministry and called them liars, choosing to remain ignorant of the situation at hand.

Hariel then pulled out some berries and a bowl of Moo Moo Milk for Absol in case it got hungry as she would continue to study about pokémon.

She could feel Absol watching her and it only stopped when it decided to take the offered meal.

When the moon was high in the sky, she decided to get some sleep. After brushing her teeth and washing her face, she put out the campfire and settled into her sleeping bag.

In the middle of the night, she didn't notice Absol curl up beside her.

When Hariel woke up, she was pleasantly surprised to see Absol sleeping soundly beside her. Slowly inching out of the sleeping bag, she decided to prepare breakfast. Two slices of toast (toasted using a frying pan) with Pecha berry jam and a glass of Moo Moo Milk for herself, and Sitrus and Oran Berries with a bowl of Moo Moo Milk for Absol.

The capsules were incredibly convenient. It spouted out the Milk and Water like the muggle water fountains back in elementary school.

It made her wonder how she was going to refill them. The water was an easy fix since it purified water as it was stored, allowing her to refill from fresh water lakes or streams. The milk was another matter. Maybe she would figure it out when she visited a supermarket.

When she saw Absol stirring awake, Hariel settled the food and milk bowl down.

"Good Morning Absol. Thank you for keeping me company last night," Hariel smiled, making the pokémon give a bashful blush.

After eating together and packing up the campsite, Absol followed Hariel out of the cave.

"I see. Would you like to accompany me?" Hariel said, looking happy that she had already made a new friend.

"Absol!" Absol said happily.

"Now I know that I should have asked earlier, but are you male or female? Or perhaps you are neutral in gender?" Hariel wondered. "Female? (Shakes head) Male? (Nods)"

Hariel grinned.

"Now that that is settled, let's get going!"

Apparently Absol knew a way to get down from the mountain she was on. They would have to take a shortcut through another cave, but Absol was a great guide.

The cave was dark, but Hariel easily just pulled out a flashlight to help light the way. Within the cave, she could sense many different things, and found one of them wedged between two rocks on the ground. If it wasn't for her senses, she would have missed it completely. It was a crystal that looked to be made of water if that was possible.

It gave off a strange power so she decided to hold on to it for now. As they traveled through the cave, Hariel would occasionally pick up more of the strange stones if it was possible. Absol was more than happy to help out.

That was until she sensed something big in one of the large boulders to her left. It gave off the strange power that the crystallized water except it was much more powerful.

"Absol, could you break this stone here?" Hariel asked politely.

Absol gave her a questioning glance before his horn glowed a bright purple colour. With a swing of his head, he let loose a blade of crescent-shaped purple energy.

It was wicked powerful since it was able to smash through the rock with relative ease.

When the rock broke apart and the dust cleared, Hariel found a beautiful softly glowing and pale blue crystal half buried within the rubble. The witch picked up the stone and dusted it off gently, using a handkerchief to be able to see the shine of the stone more clearly.

Within the softly glowing stone was some sort of wave design in the middle. The little wave was pink with two green stripes on either side of pink stripe. It almost looked like the inside design of a cat's eye marble she had once snitched from Dudley when he received a bag of them for his 8th birthday.

Absol was looking at the crystal with awe.

"I wonder what this is…the power coming from this stone is incredible," Hariel said with awe before looking at Absol with a smile, "While we're still in this cave, want to explore to see if we can find even more of these?"

Absol nodded and the two of them searched out for more of the strange auras. She ended up with a couple more stones similar to the water stone she found, but it wasn't until they neared the end of cave chamber that they found another stone similar to the one she found earlier.

This one was also pale blue, but instead of the pink and green, it held the colours of orange and white.

"I wonder what these stones are for…" Hariel said before she followed Absol through another tunnel.

In the corner of the new chamber was a man picking away at the stone walls, trying to wedge out something.

"Aron!" a tiny white pokémon said when Hariel and Absol came into view.

"Hm?" the man said before turning around.

He was handsome, Hariel noticed immediately. He had light steel blue hair with a matching pair of eyes. His skin was fair, and he was rather tall. He wore his spelunking gear well, and Hariel could see the muscle tone on his arms. Age wise, she would have to guess that he was in his early to mid-twenties at the least. She passively wondered if he had dyed his hair.

"Oh hello, I didn't know that there was anyone else here," the man greeted politely.

From his eyes, Hariel gleaned no malicious or ill intent and relaxed slightly.

"Hello. Sorry to interrupt. I was just passing through with my friend, Absol," Hariel greeted back.

"No need to apologize. You did nothing wrong," the man said with a smile and walked towards her, holding out his hand.

Hariel immediately grasped it and gave it a firm shake, surprising the man a bit.

"Quite a grip you have there, interesting—huh?" the man cut off his speech when he spotted the softly glowing stone in Hariel's arms. "That's a Mega Stone!"

"Mega Stone? What's that?" Hariel asked as the man looked at the stone with awe.

"It's a special stone that when paired with a keystone can Mega Evolve certain pokémon for a short period of time, boosting their strength and ability drastically. Each pokémon require a specific Mega Stone, but a Keystone can be used to activate any Mega Stone," the man explained before he realized something, "Oh I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Steven Stone, and here is my little friend, Aron."

"And my name is Hariel Evans and this is my friend, Absol," she greeted back, deciding to go with her mother's maiden name to truly get a new start.

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Steven nodded with another stunning smile.

Polite and handsome. Back in Hogwarts, the girls would be all over this guy, Hariel thought.

"What pokémon does this Mega Stone evolve I wonder," Hariel said curiously.

"May I see it?" Steven asked and one could not mistake the excitement he held in his eyes.

"Of course," Hariel said and handed the stone over.

Steven took out a device and scanned the Mega Stone with it, widening his eyes when the results appeared on the screen.

"Incredible! This is a Metagrossite! I've been looking for months for one of these!" Steven exclaimed with excitement.

Hariel smiled slightly.

"What an incredible find," Steven said before handing it back, though his eyes shone with longing.

Hariel looked at the stone for a moment before pushing back into Steven's arms.

"You can keep it," Hariel smiled. "Consider it repayment for telling me about Mega Stones."

"This is too much!" Steven weakly protested, even though it was clear to her how much he wanted the stone.

"It's fine. It was by pure luck that I found it, and it would be a waste since I can't use it anyways," Hariel said, shrugging slightly.

Steven looked at her with gratitude before a thought came to him.

"How about this. It's close to dinner time so I'll treat you. Petalburg City is just down this mountain. That way we can get something to eat and I can get you something in return for giving me the Metagrossite!" Steven said with a smile more genuine than the polite one he gave before.

Seeing that Steven would probably not take no for an answer, she agreed.