Life is full of surprises. But after having to save my city, getting betrayed by my brother, sacrificing my beloved people and being on the verge of death, I had not thought it possible to be surprised anymore.

How wrong I was.

As I lay there, dying because of the three bullet shots fired at me, I heard a crack sound like a whip being lashed. Three people seemed to have appeared out of thin air in front of me. I was definitely dead. one of them- most probably a girl- came towards me, bent down by my side and murmured something in a different language. I instantly felt my pain get better. I thought that this was perhaps heaven, maybe I was forgiven for the lives I ended by sacrificing myself- until a heard a scream.

David's scream.

The scream of the person who killed me.

I was not aware at all now whether I was dead or alive, or whether this was reality or a figment of my imagination. The girl (I could tell now that she was a girl) said something that sounded vaguely like encouragement. Then there was more murmuring-this time from a male voice- and I fell myself falling asleep as if a trance had fallen over me. As if all the pain in the world had gone away...

The last thing I remember was a whoosh sound and the feeling like that of zip-lining.

When I gain consciousness, I see darkness all around me. My body is paining badly but still not as terribly as it should since I was shot 3 times. After living through a war, this situation makes me totally suspicious of everything. Who were those people? Where did they come from? They had tortured David, does that mean they're helping me, or do they think that I'm supporting the Bureau as well? They might be helping me as the girl seemed kind to me, but it could easily have been a trap...And what about my friends and caleb...And Tobias? It's the thought of him that pains me the most.

I don't know how much time I lay there, wondering about the past events and being reminded of all the times I had to hold hostage by the Erudite, by Jeanine - but eventually the door opens.

I close my eyes, not yet sure if those mysterious people are on my side or not. I hear voices talking very softly and i distinctly hear the words "dragons" and "vampires". i realise that they are probably some sort of code and if they are talking in code then either they have more people in this place whom they can't trust or they know I'm awake. or i maybe i just misheard them. two people come in and quietly close the door. One of them switches on the light while the other comes straight to my side and says, "I know you are awake and you have every right to be suspicious seeing what you have gone through, but we want to help you."

I open my eyes and look to my left. It takes some time for my eyes to focus but when it does, I see a girl of about my age with flaming red hair and striking blue eyes look at me. She looks kind enough but cautious, and has an air of command. She could be a dauntless. I look around for the other person, a woman about 35 years with brown hair and eyes. She seems to be the girl's mother as they have similar features and the woman too seems to be a natural leader. Her eyes look intelligent but she seems surprised to find me awake. An Erudite. I am about to speak but the girl cuts me off, "I'm Rose and this is my mother Hermione. We belong to a very different world than yours. I would love to explain it all but-"

"But you need rest." Finishes the woman, Hermione. Rose rolls her eyes.

"How are you feeling, dear? Shall I give something to make your pain more bearable?"

I'm too shocked to say anything. My throat feels parched anyways. Before I can do anything, Rose takes an empty glass, turns away for a second, and she turns towards me the glass is full. I don't see a bottle anywhere. "Look, don't stress yourself with all this information, we'll tell you everything and mom, I think she does need something for the shot on her spine." I stare at the girl. She somehow knew what I was thinking. "Yup, I can read minds. It's not unheard of in our world but still quite rare. And you are not dead. And I'll give your head total privacy once you are able to speak."

"Don't stress her!"

"She doesn't want to be totally ignorant herself!"

Rose earns a glare from her mother and huffs, defeated. I would have been quite indignant if under other circumstances someone had tried to read my mind, but now it comforts me. It feels good to know that someone understands how very confused I feel. She doesn't seem like the person who will take advantage of my looks at me with concern and respect but not pity. It is in that glance, that i realise i have to trust her, and somehow it doesn't bother me. All my suspiciousness goes away. Rose suddenly smiles at me and whispers, "Don't worry, I'll become the substitute for your friends, and try my best to unite you with them." Her mother who is mixing something pretends not to hear it, an effort which shows that she is keen on giving me privacy. She brings whatever the liquid is to me and tells me to drink it and sleep. And somehow I trust her. I don't think they'll harm me if I let my guard down. I drink the liquid and slip into the bliss of oblivion.

Days pass by. I feel better. The pain lessens considerably. I'm able to get up and walk about the room. I'm also able to speak but Rose doesn't usually give me the chance.

Rose and her mother are still the only people who come to this room. I don't know much about their world till now, except that thete world seems to have amazing medical techniques. I ask questions. I get very short answers or downright refusal to reveal anything. I sleep and eat and tell Rose some of my story. Most of the time I just think about it instead of speaking it out loud.

They take care of me. I heal.

One day a different girl comes into the room with Rose. She seems younger than her. She comes with a bag and a broad smile.

"Hello! I'm Lily, Rose's cousin. My mother his Rose's father's sister. i am absolutely amazing at healing. blessed by Apollo himself. and you are? "

"Let me introduce you both properly. Lily, this is Tris Prior. She belongs to the future world-oh yes you do-and has gone through quite a lot of trials. And this Tris, is Lily Potter. My most talkative cousin."

It is one of the rare times Rose has used her humorous sarcasm. As most of the time we talk about my gloomy past, there's hardly any reason to joke or be sarcastic. But I'm not paying much attention to that. I'm still trying to process this new piece of information.

"I belong to the future?"

"Yeah, you do. We had to travel in time to get you. It was because of a..umm, a warning, I guess, that we got to know about you. And...your world wasn't the only one suffering from war. And look, I can't tell you everything. You aren't supposed to know." Rose whispers in a gravely. Then she raises her voice to normal.

" At this moment mom and I have done pretty much everything we know. Now more detailed healing has to be done. Lily will do that.Keeping her tongue in control" she glares at her cousin for a moment, who pretends to look heartbroken.

"Will you leave then ?" I ask. She must be having her own family and friends and work. She can't look after me forever.

She looks at me and for a moment I read her thoughts too.

"No. I'll be with you. I'll be your friend. Until the very end."