She walks into her parent's home with Regina by her side, the day was going pretty well and she couldn't see how it could take a turn. Henry came running over to them and hugged both of them together before hugging them separately, "Thank god you're here, I thought you might decide to just stay home." He laughs and scratches his head to show his nerves with makes Emma relax even more because he seemed more nervous about this night than either of them.

"We wouldn't miss this for the world," Regina kisses his head and runs her hand up and down his shoulder as Emma nods in agreement.

"She's right kid, now go have fun and stop hanging out with us old folk."

Henry rolls his eyes and laughs but Regina's head turns to Emma with an offended face, "Excuse me! I am not old."

Emma raises her eyebrows and sucks her lips into her mouth before walking away from her towards the drinks.

"Miss Swan! I am not old," She follows after her and stops with her arm resting on the counter as she stands next to Emma facing her.

"You're like 60 years old Regina-"


Emma chuckles since the outburst caused people to look over, "technically you're somewhere around that age. I haven't done the exact math."

Regina rolls her eyes and lets out a frustrated breath, "Cursed years don't count."

"Maybe to you."

"To everyone."


Regina squints her eyes at Emma who was faking innocents, "I am not old."

"Okay," she says in a laugh as she pours the brunette a drink. "Okay, fine, you aren't old. Prove it and drink this." Emma slides a shot over to Regina and she looks like she's about to decline the offer but then puts on a serious face while staring Emma down and taking the shot like a champ.

"Anything else you'd like me to do?"

"You have no idea," Emma mumbles under her breath as she takes a drink of her beer.


"Nothing." Then she chuckles and makes a face, "old people say pardon."

"Educated people use it as well, just because not all of us got our education from prison walls..." She leaves the end of the jab to hang.

Emma laughs loudly and shakes her head, "I didn't go to prison until I was out of school Regina, but nice try."

Regina just shrugs and then pours herself a glass of wine.

Emma is sitting in the living room chatting with August and Lily when she sees Ruby sitting over in one of the chairs across the way. She has felt someone staring at her and she couldn't figure out who it was until she just saw Ruby. The brunette has been side-eying and keeping track of Emma all night without ever once trying to come to talk to her. Emma has had enough so she gets up and walks over to her, "Hi. Can we talk?"

Ruby looks up at Emma like she's in trouble but stands, "sure."

Once they are in private Emma doesn't waste a minute to start, "What's your problem?"

The brunette's eyes go big in shock, "I-"

"You know I'm not pissed at you right? Because for the record I'm not."

"You aren't?"

"No Rubes, I'm not. I'm over the whole situation and I miss talking to you."

"You do?" She's no longer shocked or scared, she looks excited and soft.

"Yeah," she shrugs it off. "I mean- you know what I mean, can you stop avoiding me now?"

Ruby bites her lip feeling embarrassed that Emma noticed but nods, "Yeah. sorry."

"it's fine, so we're okay?"

"Yeah," Ruby rushes forward and hugs the blonde before she could even say anything.

Everyone was at peace now, Ruby was finally acting like her normal self, Regina was a bit more intoxicated than she probably planned but was still smiling, Henry was laughing and hanging out with his friends while also spending time with others who showed up. He's such a good kid, she doesn't know how such a little man like himself came from her.

Emma and Regina are standing by the living room area along with Ruby, Archie, Lily, and August. These were the people that she liked, this is the kind of stuff she has missed while everything was messed up. In this moment she was happy for the first time in a long time, she couldn't stop laughing or smiling it was almost unnatural.

"CAKE TIME!" Snow shouts and Henry smiles in anticipation towards getting to eat cake because no matter how old he gets the kid will always have a super sweet tooth. Everyone's attention was caught, it was one of those moments where you just look around and see all smiling faces. Everyone was here to celebrate the little boy who ran away to find his birth mother so that she can save everyone, who is now turning into an adult.

Henry stands between Regina and Emma, it's his go-to place to be since he never wants either of them to miss anything that happens. Regina was smiling at him with such a proud mother bear smile and Emma felt so much love at the moment she wanted to burst.

Snow walks carefully towards Henry, the cake being held in both of her hands right in front of her. She has a giant smile on her face but something feels off, once she is standing right in front of the three of them Emma looks down and immediately her heart drops and the world around her turns into white noise.

Henry looked sad, somehow she was able to see that and understand that but the rest of this she didn't get. More than anything she sincerely hopes that this wasn't everyone's plan. Why would she do this?

"What's this?" Emma says on autopilot, the whole room would've been silent if it weren't for the fact that they started to sing happy birthday. Instead of letting it happen she says the same thing over again but a bit louder, "what is this?" The singing stops and Henry looks over at Emma and then to Regina who was confused since she hadn't looked at the cake yet. The brunette only saw Emma's face and all that she could read was pain and hurt which were not two things that were on her face all night until this moment.

"It's a cake, Emma." Snow says with a dopey smile as she looks down at it and then back up to the blonde, "It's your cake. I wanted to wish you a happy birthday since you were making such a big deal out of the entire situation."

Emma flinches and swallows hard trying to stop the painful tears from showing Snow how much this sucks. "It's Henry's birthday, not mine."

"He'll still get a cake, Emma, I just wanted to surprise you. Since we forgot your birthday I feel like we've grown apart, just because I didn't remember doesn't mean I don't love you." The entire room has gone silent, most of the room was in shock and didn't know what to do the other people were uncomfortable and probably wanted to leave just like Emma does.

It hurts, that her mother would be petty like this. Taking away Henry's big party moment at the same time just because she wanted to. It felt like she was being made fun of, that this was all some kind of joke to Snow. The blonde couldn't help the tears that sprang to her eyes. Henry must have noticed because he grabbed her hand, "ma?"

Emma turns to look at him and gives him a really weak smile, it was almost a grimace. Today was going so well, she doesn't understand. "I'm sorry kid," she leans over and kisses him on the head as she squeezes his hand. A tear slipping down her cheek and then she pushes through the people all silently watching the interaction before making it out of the apartment.

Lily was pissed, she hadn't stepped in yet because she didn't know if she was drunk hallucinating a horrible mother or anything, "God, Emma was better off when she didn't know who her mother was. What the fuck were you thinking when you did that?" She took a step closer to the woman with the cake still in her hands, "Are you seriously telling me you just used your grandson's birthday party to be a bitch?"

Regina was all for listening to Lily rip Snow a new one but she was too focused on following after Emma. "Henry, darling, go sit with Archie and when Lily heads home please go with her."

"Yeah okay, just go find ma okay?"

Regina nods and immediately leaves the apartment after grabbing her coat and slipping it on. Her heels echo down the staircase while she runs as quickly as she can without falling. Once shes outside the cold air hit her and she has to take a deep breath, Regina looks both ways to see if the blonde started walking or got in the car. She catches a wave of Emma's hair a bit far down the sidewalk and immediately rushes after it.

Emma didn't know why that happened, all she could think about was the smug look on Snow's face as she did it. It was embarrassing and completely uncalled for, wiping away a few tears as she hears, unsurprisingly, Regina Mills calling her name to stop.


"Emma please stop!"

She doesn't listen just keeps walking but she can tell that the brunette is getting closer.

Regina grabs her arm in a gentle way to get the blonde to stop walking, "hey. Are you okay?"

Emma just looks at the woman in front of her and can't hold it in anymore, she starts to cry. Not just a few tears leaking down her cheeks but full force painful crying, "Why did she do that?"

No hesitation once she saw the savior whose life hasn't been the easiest crying out of pure pain from her own mother, she pulled Emma into her arms and hugged her. Emma started to cry harder because it was safe to, nothing she could do could make Regina run away and she's proven herself time and time again.

Purple smoke bursts around them and the next thing she knew they were in Emma's room, she pulls the blonde to sit on the edge of the bed. She feels much better now that she isn't having to worry about anyone else walking home or the freezing weather of Maine.

"I'm sorry, Emma."

The blonde just holds onto the woman as she lets herself cry in the safety of Regina's arms. "Can you just stay with me tonight?" Emma questions as she sits up to look at Regina, "I don't want to be alone."

"I'm not going anywhere," Regina spoke kindly then waved her hand to change them into comfortable clothes. "Why don't we lay down? You must be exhausted, dear."

Emma wipes her eyes and then looks at her spot before moving to it and getting all comfortable then holding her hand out so that Regina can reach it from the position she moved to lay in.