Third a part in a triology (first and second will be published later...). a millennia has passed since the Exodus of Terra now the Alterra Imperium Magica is an empire spanning three galaxies. Now a major power in the known universe, The Imperium is asked to honor the Alliance Of the Great Races and protect the younger races of the Milky Way galaxy form a race of machines that seek genocide of organics. Darkness approaches the Milky Way but all is not lost for Alterra will come and with it Magic. For after all MAGIC IS MIGHT!

harry potter/star wars/star gate/mass effect CROSS OVER. OOC!AU!GREY!harry fleur.

(beta needed)


hey guy,

This plot has been wreaking havoc in my head for almost a year now... Only now i have managed to gather enough courage to put it to words... This story is kinda like a backward trilogy (as in first book last and last book first). so if some things are a bit confusing at first don't worry it will be cleaned up soon enough...

this story is a massive cross over between harry potter/star wars /star gate/mass effect/battle ship Galactica/and possibly many more...

there will be little if any similarities to any of the canon and events in them, i am only taking the basic plot of the original works...

so if the time line is all jumbled up... no comments.

Also this fanfic is very heavily inspired by great fanfic works like THE RISE OF THE WIZARDS, RISE OF THE WIZARDS : CRYSTAL BLOOD, THE HARBINGER OF CHANGE, THIS CRUDE MATTER, ECT.

And one other thing people no flames. I'm a new writer and this happends to be my first story... so understandably i am no JKR or RickR any time soon or maybe ever... Constructive criticism is always welcome along with plot ideas (both major and minor)

. PM me the plot ideas and put the constructive criticism in the reviews.

Some parts of this story can be very, very cliche (...what can i say i have always been a bit dramatic...)

In this story harry is the Master of death and several millenia old and he is currently the emperor of a intergalactic empire (it spans several galaxies). so it understandable if he is a bit OOC.

So last but not least my school life demands (literally) that i spend some (more like hours) time studying... sooooo updates can be a little tricky... but worry not my friends i will try and update once a week and it will be a 2 - 3 chapter update (hopefully big chapters). And if some one is ready to beta my more difficult chapters (fight parts and like), i will be eternally thankful...

That's it guys hopefully i will have the first chapter in a few hours...