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'Once upon a time there was a race of people who went on a great journey to the stars across the universe…

They went seeking a new name for they had lost their and a new home for they had their taken away from them…..

After much time, they found a great string of stars that they can call home they named the stars Avalon, new home Terra and called them self Alterrans or 'Of Terra'.


An excerpt form 'the story of our ancestors the aqueiteas.'

Book found in vaults under Camelot (suspected prothean site).

Nova Lightship Orion,Command Center

The Duke of Andromeda sat in the Command chair of the Orion staring out at the multi-coloured tunnel of the hyperspace with his jade green eyes. His thoughts were filled with the transmission they received a mere weeks ago. No. It was not the transmission that had him bothered, it was the way it came. An ark stone. It came through a freaking Ark Stone. It had Bothered his father the Emperor too. That being the reason he was here. Personally.

'But it simply shouldn't have been possible' he thought to him self. 'they are all gone. all gone except for us.' a sudden sadness hit him at the last thought. As it was always when he or others of his kind thought of the Great Races. They were the last of the brethren. The last Magicals. Sure the others could never do things they could. But they still Magical. And that's all that mattered.

He bowed his head as he thought back to the fall. The Fall. What an incorrect term. It was by no means a simple fall that lasted days or even decades. No The Fall of The Great Races took two millennia to complete.

The Furling were the first to fall. They were short lived race, with lifespans barely completing seven decades. As such they craved war, as most short lived races do. They destroyed them self's in the end. Yes the furling were the first to fall, but sadly not the lasts.

The Asgard was the next to follow. Having seen what happened to the Furlings, The Asgard seemed eternal life. Cloning. Cloning was their answer. There was no other word his kind hated as much as cloning. Sure they grew back their lost limbs using structure pods. But Clone their whole body as a way to stop death? Blasphemy. The Asgard was proof enough. Their degrading DNAs made it so that their cloned bodied eventually just stopped being able to host their consciousness. And they kept it quiet too. Proud Bastards. The Coven never knew until they just stopped attending one day. Delegations were sent to enquire and what they saw that day made most Alterrans present to seek the path of solitude. Empty cities. Thousands And Thousands of empty cities. An entire Race just gone.

And Then the last was The Nox. Beautiful, peace-loving Nox. So naive that they refused to put up orbital defence platforms claiming no race would be so evil as to destroy an entire planet from the orbit. The Ori was. When the Ori struck them in the back, even the Nox 's hidden cities could save the any longer. Not form the planet killer missiles. Oh, The Ori Paid alright. They paid in blood for every Nox life the took. The Imperium saw to that. A million Alterran light ships saw to that. Their useless, primitive weapons clashed again and again with the unyielding Alterran shields while the Alterrans hunted them into extinction. Such fools thinking they could stand against a great race, Even with their infinite fleet.(1)

A mental nudge brought him out of his thoughts. The ship was approaching Heliopolis. It took a week to get their. 'Not surprising' he thought 'We were all the way back in Andromeda'.

"Commander" He called.

And immediately a young looking man marched up to him and gave a crisp salute.

"Yes, My Lord" he said in a reverent voice. After all how could he not? sitting before him was one of the first of the Alterrans. Son to The man who created the Imperium out of a war torn people. A man who's age could only be assessed in eons... A True Ancient.

"We approach Heliopolis commander." the Duke stated stand up. "Take command of the vessel. I must get ready."

"As You wish my Lord" The commander bowed.

Commander Atateas B'onse Turned towards the deck window as his Admiral walked out of the command center. He did not sit n the chair. No the chair was the admiral's. Nor did he give orders, it was not needed the crew knew what was to be done. but rather he too was lost in his thoughts. He had been a mere decade old when the exodus was taken.

'Avalon - the first stars' he thought 'We are Home again' .

Abroad Dreadnought Palaveen's Might,CIC

Admiral Desolas was having a bad day.

"Shields down to 20% Sir"

No that was wrong. He was having a very bad day. The day had started easily enough. it was supposed to be a very normal police action. Take care of a few Batarian slavers who was using a remote system as a base. Very easy, can be back in two days they said.

'Then by the sprits! how the hell did it go so wrong?' he thought to himself in desperation.

But all was not lost. The Turian ships still had the numerical superiority, and come on it was just some sprits forsaken pirates and slave traders. The only reason they was being pushed back was because the pirates bloody ambushed them.

"Relay orders to get into standard v-block formation" He ordered "let's teach these Batarian swages the foolishness of thinking that they can stand against the Turian fleet"

The effect was almost immediate. the attacking Batarians suddenly found their positions reversed. Admiral Desolas watched proudly as the fleet perfectly showcased the Turian discipline and pushed back the slave fleet rapidly.

"Sir we are pushing them back, twenty of their ships have been decimated" his XO informed him. "But a group of ten seem to be moving towards the relay."

Just as his XO finished speaking the Turian fleet destroyed the last cruiser in the enemy fleet. and the the escaping ships headed into the relay.

"Orders Admiral" The XO queried "Should were follow or not"

Desolas hesitated. their orders were clear, and it said noting about following the escape party into sprits knows what system. There could be any thing on the other side. if he played this wrong he would be putting the entire council space in danger. And they really didn't need another Richini incident. He needed orders. New orders.

"Get me the councilor Sparatus on the comm. right away" He barked.

Getting the call was easy enough. Under a minute his communications officer had his to the Turian councilor connected. 'as efficient as they are ment to be' he thought 'good Turians the lot of them'

The call connected with a beep and his omni-tool lit up with the counselor's face. "Ah, Admiral Desolas" he greeted "There has been some sorts of complications, I assume ."

"Yes councilor, we managed to destroy most of the Batarian ships but the capital ship and a small fleet of ten other ships managed to escape through the relay. The situation is unprecedented. We need new orders sir" the admiral replied.

The councilor looked thought full for a few moments and then answered , " Admiral, your orders are as follows - you are to follow the escaped ships into the relay, if they have a base on the other side you are to destroy it. If not you are to hunt down the escapees and destroy them so they dont cause us any further trouble. But Admiral if you are to encounter a new civilization do not attack them. Open peaceful contact with them and find out if they are the ones that opened the relay. If they are then they have broken the council law and as such you are to invade and subjugate them. That way we get a new client race and council law is kept"

"Yes councillor it will be done or we will die trying" Desolas said with a salute.

Sparatus nodded and cut the connection. Turning to the communications officer again he said "get a opened to all ships"

the comm. Officer nodded and said "Its open sir". "Attention all ships, we have received new orders from councillor Sparatus. we are to follow the escapees trough the relay and destroy them. In the unlikely event of encountering a new species we are to hold fire and not attack. I expect you to follow the orders without failure. Get into defence formation onece out of the relay. that will be all."

Desolas took a long, deep breath. 'by the sprits please don't let this get anymore complicated than it already is.' he prayed before ordering the jump.

Coming out of the relay you could hear a pinn drop inside the CIC.

"By the sprits what is that thing?" The XO said atlast, he sounded a little chocked.

Infront of them was a scene that the turians would never forget. A massive behemoth of a ship of a truly alien design that seemed as if it could fill the entire citadel inside was engaged in battle with the Slave Capital ship and the ten other cruisers and dreadnoughts.

'No, Not a battle... A pig Slaughter' thought the Admiral. because the ballistic fire of the slave fleet seemed to be bouncing of some sort of shape fittng shield that seemed to fit over the ship like a second hull. while the ship was firing what looked to be some sort of energy weapon that was destoying the Slave fleet left and right with a one shot one kill ratio. and what was even worse was it did not even seem to be firing its primary weapon. he could only guess what the gigantic turret that possibly fired the same energy weapon was capable of. And it was NOT a Good Picture.

Finishing of with the pirates the ship turned in their direction. It was then that the turians got a good view of the ship. The first thing on many minds was the notion that the ship was too perfect. The entire ship essentially looked like a work of art, what with the strange glowing blue lines running all over it. The second thing was the sheer absurdity of its design. there was essentially no visible engines or just about any thing the sprits damed thing looked to be cut from a single block of whatever dark metal was used.

"Sir" the voice of his XO brokbroke him out of his stupor "sir, there seems to be some sort of passive energy coming of the ship and its pointed towards us"

A glowing blue ball seemingly flew in through the hull and stoped in front of the Admiral. It cleared to form a holographic bipedal who seemed to be dressed it a flowing white robes with golden design. the entire seened so foreign to Desolas. And then the being Spoke.

"Greetings sentient"


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