What soul have you, O darkened creature -
What hold have you of prayers and grace?
No reflection shows you fully -
You cannot help but hide your face.
You take the lives of many others,
You die to rise and fall again -
What hope is there when such a monster
Walks without and enters in?

What soul have you, O agéd creature -
What words have you to justify
The terrors that you walk through daily,
That you return each time you die?
You see a world that's long been poisoned -
You drink the cup that drains your soul.
There is no peace – torment eternal
Now reminds your final role.

What life have you, O faded creature -
What hope have you of ever an end?
You look around but all is mirrors
Showing none but fallen friends.
You breathe in deeply of the ashes
Of all that you've left in your wake -
Nothing ends and nothing's given
But the fragments you must take.

What are you, O shadowed creature -
Where do you turn when all is gone?
You will walk when all is silent -
From the start, all would be wrong.
You see all end and you continue -
Your soul is lost in forgot past.
The pain is torment to the undead,
And will remain until the last.

AN: Title taken from Euirielle's song City of the Dead. Translates to: 'damned, hated everywhere'. I was rereading my Van Helsing story and thinking on religion, and then got thinking about vampyres. After that, it went to Immortality and Forever And here we are. 11-29-2015