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Without Friends

Both us were tired, the fighting had been going on for a while. There was not much we could throw at each other anymore. No more great secret weapons to win us the battle. It was all about attrition now. A battle of endurance. Ulquorra had activated his second resurrection, apparently only he'd known how that works. I'd lost myself in the hollow for a time, as his cero had pierced my heart. But now, we stood there. Without Bankai or Resurrection, bleeding... exhausted. This needed to end soon and it was with the thought in my mind that I saw Aizens betrayal.

"Watch him!" I plead to the strongest Espada I knew, waving my hand towards the two people not far from us. We could both see it's always been part of the powers we have. Ulquorra watched as Aizen slashed away and stared in disbelief as Tia … I mean Harribel was cut down. Slashed across her beautiful chest. The wound would remain there for the rest of time. We saw her fall from midair, down towards the sandy ground.

"That's what your loyalty gets you, cut down by the one supposed to deliver you into peace. To victory over soul society. Do you not see?!" It was hard to speak, to yell as I was doing. Neither of us could tell how long we'd been fighting. I'd tapped deeper than ever into my hollow powers in this fight. A remnant was still there as my voice was deep and echoing, part of my usual dark orange hair was now grayed, nearly white. I knew my eyes had taken on the black and yellow that I'd come to expect when transformed. My mask was gone... cut apart by Cifer Ulquorra, he'd done terrible things. Had, so I believed kidnapped Orihime from our world. But none of that mattered anymore. If we did not fight together, Aizen would win.

Finally he sheathed his sword. "How can a warrior, such as yourself, not want to fight?" He truly was confused. The whole story with Shinigami's and Hollow's and their wars. It was always something I got dragged into. I fought because it was expected of me, and truth be told a lot of what the Shinigami tell you as facts is as far from the truth as the sky is wide.

In the end, the truth is everyone wants power. There are those who don't care how this power is achieved. Backstabbing, betrayal... personally I was always partial to alliances forged. Friendships made, working together everyday to prove that you are better than those who would resort to underhanded and downright evil methods.

We gathered, all those still able, Shinigami and Hollow alike. My so called friends stared as I walked up donning my mask again. Ulquorra and I had shared the very rest of our Reiatsu to be able to continue fighting. I remember Orihime standing back. Fear, horror. The fact I'd safed her long forgotten...

We passed them. As a group, and for a moment. I was part of the Hollows. I was allowed to stay. To fight as they did. I remember the childlike form of Nel, long since regressed back from her older version. Like this she was adorable. Though part of me remembered the curvaceous jade haired woman that had fought to protect me.

A fact I've never forgotten, perhaps that was the reason why... I remember standing with them as the captains and vice-captains of the Gotei forces joined us. Thanks to my fight with Ulquorra I had learned to create and fire of a fairly powerful Cero... one last time before I would be empty as so many others, already were.

What would be impossible for one man or woman, can sometimes easily be achieved by simply working together and pooling your strength.

Naturally, that was a whole new feeling to the Espada, Arrancar and all the other halfway powerful hollows around. Some had fled, most had fled terrified not only of Aizen but of what the Shinigami might do to them. A thought and fear I can appreciate today.

And so we fired off absolutely everything we had, no more finesse, no more holding back. There was Aizen and he was caught dead centre in all the Cero's, Bankai's, Shikai's and kido attacks we could muster. Together as one, we blew the fucker out of the sky.

Sometimes... I can still feel the mask slipping off of me as part of a nightmare, as the power drains and I'm left as I was, a powerless human, watching as Aizen falls.

He screamed as he crashed to the ground. I feel Nels small hand take mine as Ulquorra is carrying Grimmjow, steadying him. Sighing of relief as Harribel groans of pain from the still open wound across her upper chest.

The one who moved forward was me, the first to check as I felt the distrustful eyes of my friends at my back. I reached out my hand to plug the small orb from Aizen Sosuke's body. For the first time I felt it's power coursing through me. A frightening discovery that Aizen and Urahara had made.

Then suddenly... everything changed.

My left arm suddenly left me the smell of burnt flash around me. Hollows were screaming and running. As I looked back I saw the reason for it all.

The Shinigami decided to do clean up. I remember clearly being beaten and cut by Renji and a few others I'd never met.

I couldn't do anything, we had gathered to help... to work together. We shared the rest of our power, small sparks to recreate swords, to enable the shooting of Ceros and of course. The recreation of my mask.

I wondered, why was it all falling apart now? It was a hollow question. There was no answer. Like I said, in the end. It's always about power and what you're prepared to do for it.

The Captain Commander of the Gotei 13 had joined the killing and his flames burned us all. We were exhausted, all of us. Caught in an ambush. How was there any way to fight back? There was none. They killed us, and they were merciless in doing it.

"They told us." Chad said looking down at my bleeding and broken body. "That you would go for the Hogyoku first, and that this would be the sign that you'd fallen to your hollow. So as your friends. We'll end you before you become a monster."

When they both hit me, it didn't kill me instantly. They weren't powerful enough for that. But it hurt, with every punch and attack it hurt just a little more. When Rukia finally came to deliver the killing blow. I was thinking of the injustice.

There I was, having fought a war that was not my own. Used and discarded like a piece of trash. I felt sorry for the Hollows that had decided to come and stand with me, with us.

As the blade penetrated my heart, there was an enormous explosion. And then... everything went black.

The Gotei captains and vice captains woke from their unconscious states hours later. Las Noches was gone and in it's stead lay the ruins of what had once been the great Night Palace of the Espada. Now all that was left was a couple of rocks and a crater.

"Peace..." Orihime said teary eyed. "This is it, I'm done. I killed... I killed Ichigo." "We...killed him." clarified Chad. "We freed him." He tried to speak with conviction, didn't succeed completely however. He felt the wrinkled hand of the Commander on his shoulder.

"For now the war is won, it will take years for a new group of Espada to rise up and take control." Genryusai exclaimed happily raising his sword in victory. "WE HAVE WON!" He yelled. Cheers erupted around him, a great day for the Shinigami. Very few wasted a thought on the orange haired boy who'd made it all possible.

They took Aizen with them, "We can't find the Hogyoku!" One of the Lieutenants informed him. After an immense and week long search it was declared that the small orb was destroyed in the blast... whatever it might have been.

And so they returned.

Chad and Orihime intended to never set foot in the supernatural world again. Rukia retired the same day, not being able to cope with having killed the boy... no, the man that had once saved her life. This was the day Ichigo Kurosaki died.

Hueco Mundo

3 days later...

The Gillian, a Menos Grande rose from the ground, roaring above the others, freedom achieved at last. It had barely risen to it's full height when it fell over, impaling the Gillian next to it with the long horns coming from it's mask. Shooting an orange Cero at the dozens around it, the new born Hollow began it's killing spree. The mask opened wide revealing it's great mouth, and it bit down on the last living Gillian as though he were already dead.

"Kill that one!" There were a couple of Adjuchas coming, how much time had passed? Perhaps only a few hours. Perhaps a day or a week. They charged and so the horned Gillian reached out the hands it had recently grown to grab one, breaking it's neck easily. "Eat him before it eats us!" But it was already too late. A great tongue licked the mask, clearly enjoying it's meal.

The remaining Adjuchas watched the Gillian carefully as it dug itself into the ground, now ignoring them. It was too strong, for now they needed to evolve to kill this one, so they could be crowned the new king of Hueco Mundo. Even while resting it seemed to watch them. Even now...A cold shiver ran down their spine as though they had just been put on a plate for a grand feast.

A second Gillian, with much smaller horns, that might have as well been a human skull smashed another into the ground and began stepping on it, then it too, send of a large Cero attacking those around it. They all converged, the pack mentality doing it's work. The large creature feasted on them, to grow was it's purpose. Evolve it's goal. The hunger had to be stilled.

A third Gillian was just ripping it's way through a couple of it's brothers and or sisters. The eyes glowing of a dark dangerous green. It's mask split down the middle, as it didn't really have a mouth. The prey was simply sucked in, feeding and bringing the necessary mass of spiritual energy... soon it too would evolve.

A fourth Gillian had just levelled the surrounding areas with a bright yellow cero, opening the giant mouth on it's mask the energy was now flowing towards it. It was hungry, so very hungry. Why that was the case so suddenly it didn't know. But it didn't want to be hungry anymore. It wanted to be fed. As the moon shone brightly above it's head, and screams filled the air not just around this one. But around others who were just being fed on... It satiated it's hunger, soon to become more than it was.

A fifth Gillian was simply suffocating half of the Gillians around it. Using the spiritual energy it had... it then went for the throat. Tearing them open and apart. It roared out it's supremacy, it wanted to continue to prove itself. It needed more, more to eat, more enemies to fight, the lone Gillian wanted them to submit.