Meeting The Legendary Trainer Of Heroes

Harry Potter POV

You would think that having your body ripped to shreds then burned, your soul incinerated and your mind crushed would be just a bit sore wouldn't you? Truthfully it's not that bad, probably because the mind shuts down from the pain, so you know it's there but you simply can't comprehend it. The last thing I saw was Nymphadora Tonks and Albus Dumbledore charging in through the door, before my vision flashed red, only to keep going through a multitude of colours for what felt like hours, the pain already numbed by my mind slowly eroding. Well the last thing I saw was a beautiful woman right? Yeah... That doesn't make this situation any less crappy.

Is this the afterlife? The so called next great adventure? At least I feel better than I ever have, clean and powerful. No longer tainted by that damnable Horcrux. No longer weakened by the leech that was once a powerful Dark Lord. Looking up I see the stars, constellation after constellation clearly showed off in the bright night sky, the moon shining brighter than ever. Beautiful. The grass under my feet was soft, like walking on a water, all around for miles ahead there was nothing but grass and hills. In the distance snowy mountains rising up to the heavens. All in all it was pretty OK. If I knew where the hell I was.

I looked down upon my body expecting it to be damaged, only to find a body that was never mine. Muscles looking like they were overflowing but not huge, just lean. Ah, that's where the drafts coming from, I'm currently but naked. As I raised my arms, looking them over, seeing nothing but perfection I felt like I could run a hundred miles and barely sweat! Damn being dead is awesome.

Just as I was about walk forwards, a foreign weight was felt on my back, like having ropes trying to hold me back. As I looked back to see what the problem was my vision was obscured by beautiful angelic wings, looking powerful and dangerous, yet soft and silky. The black being darker than the deepest pits of the void, only for the feathers to be a slightly lighter black tipped of with blood red on the very edges, as with a knife that just slit a throat.

Fuck I have wings.

As if I've been using them my whole life, I commanded them to open wide, capturing the faint wind in the metallic yet almost weightless feathers. Facing skyward towards the constellation of Hercules, the wings gave an almighty wave sending me high into the sky. Gods this must be what it feels like to live. Ironic huh. As I flew in the night sky I looked over the many fields of grass, the small and big hills covering the lands and then to the mountains, beautiful white snow resting peacefully.

Now what do I do?

As I continued flying in random directions I finally noticed a large lake filled with sparkly light blue water, looking as clean as the day the world was made. By the side of the lake the was a forest, not too large yet large enough to get lost in. On the edge of the forest, dipping slightly in the magnificent lake was a small, wooden house. One floor, a door facing the direction of the woods, and a balcony hanging just above the lake. The wood, oak, standing brilliantly. A few small windows scattered around, one viewing the lake, one the woods, and another the grasslands. On the rood was a massive window looking above into the shocking night, facing directly into the constellation of the Centaur.

I decided that the best course of action was going to the only inhabitable area. After all I had no idea what was going on, or if I'd get hungry or tired wherever I now am. Landing gracefully with a beat of my magnificent wings I cautiously walked towards the door. On the door was a sign, a bow ready to fire in front of a full moon shining brightly. Slowly yet loudly knocking on the large wooden door I waited with baited breath. Hearing a distinct walking sound I tensed my muscles, not knowing if who ever was here was friendly or hostile. After all, CONSTANT VIGILLANCE! The tell-tale "click" of a door opening signalled the beginning of a tedious situation.

As the large door opened, I saw the face of a middle aged man, shock and joy written clearly on his royal features. The high cheekbones clear signs of pure blood families, light brown hair just turning silver, and kind, wise old eyes looking straight into my eyes.

Looking at him lower I could see he wore no shirt, showing of his well defined chest, only to descend into a horses body, hoofs and all. Shocked, I stared for a while before blinking rapidly wondering if I was in a really fucked up dream.

"Hello there young one, I am Chiron, what would your name be?" Said the newly named Chiron, the fucking centaur. Just as I was about to answer, the days events caught up with me. Making me promptly feint, falling backwards onto my soft wings.

Waking up I could feel myself lying on a soft surface, wondering if I just had the weirdest dream ever I slowly opened my eyes. The light from the bright sun shining directly into my eyes yet not burning or hurting any, only giving a feeling of warmth. Looking around I could see myself in a small wooden house. Nothing distinct about it, apart from the horse dude currently crafting what looks like a bow.

As I began to comprehend that I wasn't actually dreaming, I let my head fall back with a quiet "thump" alerting the centaur, Chiron, to my waking.

"Ah, I see you have woken. The last one to come here was out for almost two days. Let me reintroduce myself, I am Chiron. And yes, yes I am a centaur. What would your name be young one?" He said with a kindly smile, his voice wise and soft.

Rising up to a sitting position, I realise the soft surface were my wings, folded around myself, keeping me warm and comfy. I look at Chiron for a second before deciding I had nothing to lose.

"Names Harry, Harry Potter. And where exactly is here?"

He looked at me for a few seconds, as if judging me before looking skyward.

"Where we currently are is a place that not many have visited. I will tell you soon, first I must ask you one thing. Do you know who I am?" He asked looking at me questioningly.

Thinking through that question I could only come up with one answer. "I'm guessing your the Centaur Chiron, the one legends say was a trainer for the heroes of old?" He smiled at me widely before continuing

"Ah yes, I see legends of my teachings are still well known. Well yes, I am Chiron, the one of whom you speak. May I ask, what year is it?" Looking at Chiron confusedly, I answered "It's 1995"

Eyes widening slightly Chiron murmurs " So long since one was worthy..." Raising an eyebrow at Chiron I kept staring, hoping for an answer. "Ah I'm sorry about that, it seems it's been centuries since someone was last here. Yes, yes your definitely wondering where here is. Well Harry Potter, we are currently in the lands of the gods. Shocking yes I know. Many do not believe for quite some time, but the gods, many of them, do still exist. They simply no longer visit earth as they once did. The planes we are currently on are where many of the greatest heroes were once trained by me. If it was magic or physical, it did not matter. The gods always helped, for they are the ones that decide if you may come here. Blood and sweat was poured into every inch of the ground." He explained.

Looking at him for a little longer, I stared dumbly at him.

"So the, um, gods chose to bring me here? That's... Weird." He laughs lightly at my understatement.

" Yes Harry, the gods only choose those they believe are worthy of coming to their lands and learning their ways."

"Bloody Hell. So I died, got transported to the lands of the gods, got a new body that looks like I was sculptured out of marble, gained bad-ass wings and now am talking to the legendary trainer of heroes. Could you, like, give me a second? I need to catch up. Going from horrifying death to chosen by the gods is a little much." I said numbly, trying to comprehend what the hell is happening.

Chiron simply nodded, understanding the need to slow down.

After around a minute of silence I looked back into his eyes and said. "OK so what's going on? The gods chose me but for what exactly? To fight in their army of godlings or something? To train me to be a hero? Because personally I'd pick option number 2."

Chiron smiles at me warmly, as he begins to explain. "Well Harry, you have two choices, everyone who is brought here has two choices. Both take you back to the land you came from however. Your first option is to go back right now, as if nothing ever happened. Forgetting this entire ordeal and living your life as you were meant to, the prophecy and all. Your second option, however, is far more complicated. You would stay in this world for a few days, learning the basics of what you must be taught. Then return to your world with no destiny, prophecy forgotten, and forging your own path in life. This would be filled with dangers, for you will become like the heroes of old. You would travel to lands unknown, temples and tombs long forgotten holding treasures of immense value. You would learn any and all magic you wished to. You would become something great, someone that legends are told of. You would complete quests given to you by the gods, either finding rare items, killing monsters as a task or a challenge, saving people that you do not know, be they royalty or innocent. You would become the greatest hero to ever live because of your own accomplishments, not something that you wished never happened. You will find out the truth, behind who you are and who you want to be. You will know things lost in time, gain abilities that will aide you in the things you wished to accomplish. You would rise beyond any for the past centuries. From time to time you would return to this land, to travel it and unravel it's secrets, to aide the gods in things they aren't allowed to do. This is your second option Harry Potter. To make a name for yourself from the things you will do, to become whoever you wish to be, to help the innocent of your world and this world. To become better than anyone every thought you could be, breaking the limitations and making the impossible possible. Chose wisely for there is no going back." Chiron said gravely.

Wow. That's a lot to take in. What do I want to do? In one case, I'm weary of constantly losing. Taking option 1 would be easy, simply go back to my old life and live it like it was meant to be. Follow a path already laid down for me. But what if I don't want to live a life of failure? What if I want to accomplish something, make my parents proud. Stop being Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, and start being my own man. Someone to save those who need saving, as Hermione once said I have a saving people thing. Do I want to learn? I'm not too good at that, but then again I did have a Horcrux messing with me my entire life... Maybe I'm a lot smarter than I once was, more powerful? Maybe I would no longer fail at Occlumency now that I'm not being sabotaged. Maybe I would no longer be weary? Maybe I'd finally be free, free of the cages that I was surrounded by. Maybe I'd finally make a name for myself! No matter if it would be for being powerful, or being a hero or discovering a long forgotten temple, or a lost city! No matter if it was for discovering a new piece of magic, mastering a difficult one or becoming a warrior of unbeatable force! Yes, the second option is the one I will choose. The one I am choosing by myself, no one else. I will stop being Harry Potter, and become a man I make myself to be. Become a hero, a adventurer, a warrior. All of them. None will be left undiscovered. I will be who I was always meant to be.

"I'm going to need a new name Chiron, Harry Potter just died. Now a new man is standing in his place." I said firmly, conviction lacing every letter. I stood tall wings spreading wide, reflecting the light of the god Apollo shining down through the roofs window. Until I realized I was still naked and covered myself again.

Chiron looked into my eyes, hearing my conviction he smiled proudly. A sudden bolt of thunder striking the house making Chiron smile grow, As he stood tall on all his four legs, he stated.

"The Gods Of Olympus have spoken. Your name shall forever more be Damien NightFall." As Chiron finished speaking, I felt a foreign force entering me. Something I rarely ever felt. Pride. I felt pride at the new name, given by the gods themselves. One to make my own. One to make a legend known by all. One to choose the path for, consequences and prises all from my own actions. I smiled. For the first time in weeks, I smiled a true, genuine smile.

As I revelled in the amazing emotion of pride, I felt clothes forming on my body. A tight black v neck shirt with no sleeves showing my impressive forearms and arms, tight black jeans forming around my muscled legs, prominently displaying the packed muscles but not limiting any movements, plain white tennis shoes conjuring around my feet, all of it becoming a perfect fit, tight but not limiting any movements, showing of my newly formed perfect body. The clothes fitting like a second skin. Around my hands leather gloves started forming. Fingerless, fitting perfectly and giving me a good grip. Just as I thought it was done, I felt a sharp pain in my right ear, something piercing the bottom part of my ear and conjuring a earring. A simple wolfs tooth hanging from the piercing, glowing an eerie black.

I smiled, it was perfect. It showed of what I am, but wasn't describing, it didn't show who I am. That is something I must still discover. And it was all incredibly comfy and perfectly fitting.

I looked around the room, Chiron standing with a wide smile and sparkling eyes. Just as I was about to ask him how he did it a voice entered my mind. It was soft, silky and seductive, with an ethereal beauty. "Hello Damien Nightfall, I am Aphrodite, you may consider this a gift. The clothes are enchanted to forever repair, to grow with you so you may wear them forever and never get dirty. The shirts sleeves can extend towards the gloves if you will it to be done, and will intertwine with the fabric of the gloves to fit better. The earring has a enchanting on it to intimidate small beings, it will keep animals and insects away, or if you wish, to become a small beacon for animals, this will help you for when you learn to hunt. You can also summon the clothes wherever and whenever you wish, and make the disappear with your will.

I hope to see you soon, Damien NightFall. Good Luck." As the voice faded my smile kept growing, I looked skywards and whispered "Thank you, Lady Aphrodite." a small breeze blew past, with it a small feeling of love.

As I broke out of my enchanted state I looked back towards Chiron, unfurling my wings I stood proud. I walked a step forwards and barely felt the clothes as I moved. Feeling better than ever before, with a smile firmly stuck onto my face.

"That was awesome. Are all gods as brilliant as Aphrodite?" I asked, seriously hoping the answer was a yes.

Chiron eyes twinkled merrily as he looked upon me "Most of them certainly are, there are a few who are less kind towards others or more broody, but yes most of the gods and goddesses are nothing like the stories tell of them"

I nodded happily, looking around the room for the first time. Seeing bows on the wall, swords in stands. A window facing the woods giving more light into the room. Chairs and a table with a small kitchen in one corner and a bed in the other. I looked at Chiron questioningly. He laughed lightly understanding my question

"Even if I do not do it often, I can morph my body into that of a human. If I could not, how would I train you in the art of swords?" He explained. I nodded understandingly.

"Go to the back room Damien, the one with a balcony leading to the lake. In there you will find a mirror, you may want to see just how you look nowadays." Chiron said.

My eyes widened, not even realising I may not look like I once did. I walked to the room stated with powerful steps yet quiet and graceful steps. My whole posture screaming with the power of a warrior and the grace of a hunter. My wings furling slightly to let me fit in the corridor leading to the room.

As I entered the room, I could smell the aroma of the sea, strange since there is only s lake here, no matter how big it is. The air itself was clean, untainted like it has become back on earth. On one side of the wall was a magnificent bow, silver arrows in a quiver hanging right next to it. A large opening in the back wall lead out to the smallish balcony hanging above the lake. On the railing of the balcony rested a snake lying lazily across the hanging. As I moved into the room the snake looked at me with questioning eyes.

"Who are you? You smell not of humans stranger, but partly of a snake?" It hissed as it raised it's head, slithering down the railing and heading towards myself.

"I am Damien NightFall, and I probably smell of snakes because I am a parselmouth. Who are you, great serpent? How is it you are the first animal I have seen?" I hissed back in parseltongue, the ancient language flowing fluently out unlike in the past when it was difficult to say a few words. Must have been Voldemorts fault. Fucking Voldemort.

"I am Valkyrie, and I am a friend of Chirons, I live in this home when I am not hunting. If you wish to see more animals then you must go into the forest." It, probably a she, hissed back to me. I nodded.

"It was nice to meet you Valkyrie, I will be here for some time. Chiron will be training me, or so he said. Now rest, I must see what has changed about my appearance." I hissed back, Valkyrie turned around and slithered back to the railing, closing its eyes once it got comfy.

I shook my head, damn my life is weird. I turned to the wall opposite the bow and arrows, seeing a mirror wide enough to fit thrice my size and going from ground to ceiling. Looking over my body and wings I realized I looked really fucking bad-ass. Like a Dark Angel. My body like that of a gods, and I was taller than I used to be. Coming in around 6 foot tall. My face however was the closest to what I once was, it was recognizable but certainly different. More defined. More handsome. A strong, defined jaw line. More square rather than how it once was round. Sharp features littering over my face. All in all it was a powerful and beautiful face with a youthful look. Then the eyes, they were works of art. Bright glowing emerald green eyes, outlined with a prominent metallic silver, beautifully captivating. Then red mist seemed to fade in out of nowhere, not too obvious but clearly seen, floating in random directions, then fading out and repeating the process again. My hair the usual untameable crows nest, the hair blacker than the deepest pits of the void, tipping of with a bright red on each hair, giving a rebellious and bad boy look. Overall, I was damn sexy. Shit, I groan loudly realising the fan-girls will be even worse now. I certainly look different from the scrawny, tired and dirty little boy I was.

I look away from the mirror, turning around and heading back towards Chiron with a smile still on my handsome face, eyes twinkling madly from the overload of good emotions. As I made it into the previous room I saw Chiron sitting in one of the chairs in his human form, wearing nothing but a pair of trousers. I walked forward, confidence in every powerful step. Nearing a chair opposite Chirons I sit down gracefully. Leaning back, putting my hands on the table I smirk, wings furling behind my back I ask.

"So, about that training?"

Damien NightFall has been born, named by the gods, I will forge my path forwards.


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