Explanations and Training

"Ah, yes training. There are many, many branches of magic. All of them unique, some help one another, others require another, and others are limited by others. I guess the question is, what do you wish to learn? Do you wish to start with the most difficult, the most taxing and give it a shot? Things like War Magic, maybe ancient magics long ago forgotten? Do you wish to start with magics for supporting others, maybe Healing and Warding? Do you wish to start as the hunter, learning stealth and how to use a bow? Or maybe none of the above. Maybe you wish to cross one with another, or make your very own class? It is your choice, Damien." Chiron said wisely, looking into my eyes trying to discern what the best course of action would be.

I look away, towards the sky. Seeing the beautiful constellations, bringing me peace of mind through their sheer beauty. Slowly I start tapping my fingers on the desk, in a strange yet melodic rhythm. New things like these, small things, I have come to realize is my inner personality finally making its appearance. I'm becoming who I am meant to be, who I am deep inside. Let's see, I'm a Gryffindor, and yet the hat said that Slytherin would lead me to greatness... maybe that's who I am, deep inside? Maybe I am the cunning hero? The ambitious adventurer? I certainly am cunning and ambitious. Two traits I would once abhor because of a silly prejudice. So the hunter training will certainly be useful to use myself to the fullest. Peace of mind... Occlumency, that will be necessary. I will be able to not only protect my mind but also learn faster and forgot nothing. Maybe even use my emotions to the fullest? Emotions, I am an emotional person. Maybe elemental magic then? I once heard Hermione say that elemental magic, though rarely ever seen, is recorded to be fuelled by emotions. What always happens to me? I always get into some sort of possibly fatal situation. So transport. Wings are good and all, definitely useful for both protection and getting around but apparition will be far better for instant travel. I wonder if they have a unique apparition? A backup plan for when I'm weapon less will certainly be needed, so a bit of wandless magic perhaps? But I'll need more than just Hogwarts level spells so add in a bit of offensive magic. All right so what do we have... Archery, Stealth, Occlumency, maybe legillimency? Elemental Magic, Apparition, and Wandless Magic. Actually having a sword for close range could be useful. So there we have it, my training regime. 8 subjects in total, I mean sure I'll certainly not be a master in a month or so but I can certainly gain the basics. Now without the Horcrux, I feel confident I can learnt it all.

After five minutes of silence, with Chiron trying to work out the same thing I finally answer "Al right here it is: Archery, Stealth, Occlumency and maybe a little legillimency, Elemental magic, apparition, wandless magic and learning to use a sword. How about it? Most of these reflect who I am or things I could certainly have used in the past. Oh and if we have free time how about seeing my Animagus form?" I state, looking at him for a reaction.

Chiron raises an eyebrow, looking curious. " That certainly is a lot that you wish to learn... And are you not curious of what other ancient magics there are out there?"

"Curious? Certainly. But I feel that this will be the best beginning. I'll learn these, then I will learn of all the ancient magics that you speak of. Maybe parselmagic? Is there a thing like parselmagic?" I asked

"You're a parselmouth? Curious... Yes there certainly is a branch of magic called Parselmagic, it is very powerful, but the basics are incredibly easy. Just say the incantation in parseltongue and the spell will be much stronger, usually destroying any shield it hits." Chiron answered.

I nodded, expecting as much, looking back to Chiron I asked

"So what do we do first? I'd rather try to start Occlumency to see if I can do it now that the leech is gone. It would probably help me learn the others as well wouldn't it? Since I could organize my memories I wouldn't forget anything and I'd recall it easier."

"Ah Occlumency, such a wonderful art. The basics of Occlumency are still well known, this I know for the gods are telling me so, but several parts have been forgotten or twisted. Peoples minds are not of equal power. Those with great power will have great minds. Your minds power relies on several things. First, your magical power. Everyone's magic is unique to ones self. Your magic might be chaotic, maybe calm, it could be like a lightning storm or a raging ocean. Before you even try to enter your mind, you must enter your magical core. Something that has been long forgotten. I will explain later just how to do this, but through this you will be able to expand your reach to your core, making you able to use more of your magical core, and improving the flow of magic within your body, from that of a trickle to that of a stream. There's also a rare possibility that your journey into your magical core will give you certain gifts, which if it does I will explain.

Second, your body. Wizards in your time no longer care for their bodies because they believe that it doesn't matter, after all they have magic. But your body must always be healthy, for it is your body that communicates with your magic, letting it flow from your core to wherever you wish it to go. You will have no problem with this however, as your new body is created completely using magic to the highest possible standard. Third, your will. Wizards and witches have always been a weak willed people. In your time and mine, they simply didn't have the determination, the resolve to get things done. Everyone needs will. It is a necessary part of magic after all, it is part of what shapes our spells. It shapes our very magic. Therefore everyone with a strong will, checks another box in Occlumency. These three things are absolutely vital in becoming a master of Occlumency, and you, Damien, have more than enough of all three.

In your previous life you were at almost minimum magical power and yet you drove away a hundred dementors with your patronus.

The gods have told me of your story Damien. I know you will be a accomplished Occlumens."

Damn. So I can do Occlumency... Sweet, can't wait! Magical power? Hell I can feel my magic raging inside of me already. Healthy body? Baby I'm built like a god now. Will? Damn right I have more than enough will, took almost 16 years to break me with a Horcrux trying every day. And even then I still survive. Seems like Occlumency will be a certified victory! Damn when did I get so confident? Wasn't I all meek and humble just a few days ago? Probably the Horcruxes fault. Fucking Voldemort.

"All right, so basically I have everything I need to do Occlumency right? Well then lets get started! What must I do to reach my core?" I asked excitedly.

Chiron gave a little chuckle at my excitement. "Better not do this on the chair, might distract you." I moved of the chair and sat down with my wings spread wide, finding the wood oddly comfortable.

" Now that you are comfortable, it is very similar to meditation. First of all, you must take deep slow breaths, releasing them slowly. Good , good your doing great. Now you must close your eyes and visualize what you think your magic is. This is never wrong, for when you imagine your magical core it is a instinctual." I did as he said, calmly closing my eyes I tried to imagine my magical core. What would it look like? I don't really know who I am, so will I know my magical core? Maybe my magical core will help me find who I am? The sky maybe? Constantly changing, either cold or warm never in the middle. Pushing? No, no certainly not. How about a fire? A feisty one, either being warm and welcoming or a raging inferno, uncontrollable by even myself? No. No I am now in control, and always will be. The ocean. Yes, the ocean. Possible of being calm and carefree, helping along those abandoned, beautiful when I want to be, but also terrifying if I so wish it. Possible of being the raging ocean, waves too high to see, the destroying force of a pissed of entity. Capable of producing Tsunami's to destroy my enemies. Yes the ocean, that is my magical core, that is who I am. I am like the ocean.

" The ocean... The ocean is my magical core." I said aloud, without opening my eyes. My breathing remained calm and deep, my mind visualizing my magical core as the ocean that it is. Both calm and beautiful, inviting, and raging and terrifying, destructive.

"That is great Damien, your doing this faster than most. The next part is sometimes the trickiest. You're already calm, you have your core visualized, now you must feel your core. You must latch onto the feeling of your magic pouring liking the waves of the ocean. The feeling when you are casting a spell, the tingling going down your arm into your wand. That is your magic. Find it, and hold onto it Damien. Hold onto it." Chiron instructed.

I could feel the magic since I was reborn. It really is pouring out like a wave, ready to be used, hating being restricted. I barely felt it as Harry Potter, but as Damien NightFall the magic is clear, it's powerful, it's the ocean reincarnated. I latched onto the feeling, it felt like trying to hold onto water but I did it, I held onto it as strongly as I could. I could feel it's anticipation. Apparently Chiron could too.

"Amazing Damien! Now the last step. This one requires more will than the others, you already hold your core within your grasp, now you must go to it! Imagine the power your are holding as a fishing hook, reeling you into the ocean. Go, Damien, Find your magical Core, will yourself to be there."

I understood, I understood perfectly. And so I did as was told. I willed myself to be there, to be hooked into the ocean of my magic. I could feel myself being pulled in, slowly, but getting faster.

Finally after a indeterminate time of being sucked into the ocean, I appeared.

It was magnificent. I'm standing on the water, it's calm and sparkling clean. The ocean goes on forever, the mist only rolling in miles and miles ahead of me. The ocean ahead of my seemed to be calm, it was beautiful. The ocean seemed to be deeper than the earth itself, the water a sparkly light blue reflecting of the son. I looked behind me, and it was chaos. The ocean was raging, a full blown storm. Waves rising high into the heavens then crashing back into the ocean to be used again and again. A different type of beauty, a chaotic beauty. I made it. I'm in my magical core! But something wasn't right. My core was separated, as if I can only use one side or the other. That wouldn't do. I wasn't even sure what I was about to do would work but I would try. This is my core, my choice. I willed both sides, the chaotic and the serene to merge. And they did, the ocean was both calm and raging, both beautiful and terrifying. A strange combination yet it felt completely natural. Next I willed it to have whirlpools, each whirlpool was a connection to a part of my body, my hands for better connection while casting, and better control. My legs, to be able to boost my legs with a little magic, making me faster or quieter. My heart, this will be for healing myself, if I am hurt in any way I will be able to use magic straight from my core to heal myself. Also as a boost for stamina, in case I'm running low yet need to keep going. Another two for my throat and lungs to improve my breathing and oxygen capacity, making me able to go longer without air, and improving my intake and speed of intake of oxygen. Another few for the senses, ears, eyes, nose, mouth. All of it to improve my senses to higher than werewolf levels. And finally, my brain. This one, I'm not too sure about. I hope it will improve the strength of my Occlumency, or simply improve my brain capacity making me a faster learner and reader, etc. Finally done I looked around. All of those improvements didn't even create a dent in my magical core. Damn I'm powerful... Hell yes.

Shit, how do I leave?

Maybe I just will myself out? Yeah lets go with that. Willing myself to leave, I imagined the room I was in with Chiron. A sensation spread through my body, like being summoned through the accio spell.

Opening my eyes I looked up to see the proud face of Chiron.

"Well done Damien! That must have been the fastest I have ever seen anyone accomplish it. So what did you do in your core?"

I blinked a few times, getting used to my new and improved senses, I could actually see the grains on the wood, smell the forest outside and hear Chirons heart beating.

"There was something weird about my core, it was split in two parts. One chaotic and one serene, it felt off so I merged them. Now it's a strange kind of chaotic serenity that just feels right. Oh I also designated a bit of magic to parts of my body, improving the flow of my magic like you said I could. Some to my senses, some to my legs and arms, one to my heart and one to my mind." I answered honestly.

Chirons eyes widened comically, almost making me laugh. Instead I raised an eyebrow.

"Damien, never have I met someone that did so much on their first try. Most don't even get to the part they must pull themselves into their core till their fifth try. That you did so much is a sign, you will do amazingly in Occlumency."

I felt pride shoot through my body, widening my still firmly placed smile from hours ago. Scanning over my body I realized I felt weightless, as before the muscles weighed a bit now its as if I was wearing cloth. Breathing was actually sweet, so easy that I could do it incredibly slow and still have plenty of air. Then I realized something. My mind was quiet, stray thoughts passed here and there but nothing was distracting, I was thinking and processing everything at quadruple the speed I once was. Awesome.

"Awesome. Well, what are we waiting for? Lets go!" I say with a large grin, impatiently wanting to practice Occlumency.

Chiron copies my grin, obviously happy with the prospect of teaching such a prodigious student.

"Occlumency is a very personal art, Damien, I can teach you to enter your mind but from there on you will build your own defences unique to yourself. I can, of course, examine them at a later date but until then you must build for yourself. Don't get discouraged if you don't manage much on your first try. Building defences can be very taxing on the mind and magic." Chiron explained. I nodded vigorously, happy to do something else unique to myself so that I may know who I am.

"OK now Damien this is what you must do..." Chirons voice faded as I closed my eyes and willed myself to enter my mind. Immediately I faded into a grassy planes area similar to the planes outside Chirons house. There was a large lake in the middle of the planes, brilliant yellow sand standing proud. The night sky above beautiful. Stars clear, the moon glowing a magnificent silver. No constellations? Now I don't like that... Will is a necessity in Occlumency, so is magic... Well why not combine both to shape this domain, into my domain? Screw it lets try. As I called upon my magic it came easily, like a flowing river that I can bend to my desire, as I willed constellations to appear in the sky I tried to push my magic to do the same. Closing my eyes, I imagined any constellations I wished. Maybe a dragon? Yes... The gods, as homage to the Olympians for naming me. A hunter, warrior, mage... A basilisk, a phoenix...The marauders, A stag, a grim and a werewolf. Myself, Chiron. Maybe... Should I? Yes, yes they died for me, they deserve it more than anyone. My mum, Lily, Dad, James, and the father I never had... Sirius. It's decided. When I lose someone I love, I will place them in my sky, to forever shine down upon me giving me light to walk the path I wish to walk. Never forgotten. A single tear escapes my eyes as I look upon the brightly shining constellation of my family. Damn that was emotional. But truly... It feels like I was holding the weight of the world on my shoulders and now I'm free. My mind is something personal, there's nothing more personal than the people that shape who you are. Looking away from the brilliant stars I looked towards the moon, enlarging it slightly and making its glow grow to a brighter shade of silver. The planes are now bathed in a ethereal silver light. I look towards the lake, it's too plain. I make hills surround the lake, a large mountain at the far end and from the very top there's a waterfall, streaming into the lake sending ripples throughout. A cavern inside the mountain, hidden by the waterfall. Large pine trees covering the mountain, the grass still a bright green. I conjure a slight wind, it's warm air sending a calming feeling throughout my body. The wind ruffles the grass sending ripples throughout, as if throwing a pebble in an ocean.

I look forwards, just ahead of the lake, opposite the mountain and waterfall, I force the earth to extend upward, causing a slightly slanted platform to rise from the ground. I force the edges to come down to the earth, creating a rough yet pretty slope that's impossible to climb, covered in grass or rock. Stairs. Large, marble steps appearing out of nowhere, folding upwards towards the mountain. Obsidian banner, so that one doesn't fall off. Statues all the way to the top. Phoenix, basilisk, stag, grim, werewolf, doe, horse and on it went until the stairs stopped just as the slope stopped. Now, a platform high in the heavens, on a mountain of gargantuan size... A city. A kingdom. First, the gate. A swirling mix of marble and obsidian rising even higher, far too high to jump or climb. The doors... Mithril. A goblin metal that has rarely ever been seen. Said to be nigh indestructible through any means. A silvery blue colour. The doors, enchanted to open to those who are worthy or whom I allow. The towers surrounding the gate of the same material, beautifully carved to perfection. Carvings of runes for protection and durability that I did not even know of, made to look like a work of art. The towers seem to unfold, the walls appearing through nothing. The walls of the kingdom now surround the entire top of the mountain. Unfurling my wings I gave an almighty heave, flinging myself into the sky, high above the walls. It was beautiful. The walls, a mix of pure white and the darkest black. The carving still seen from faraway as a work of art. The towers rising slightly above the walls, giving an optimal location for archers. Looking in front of the gates I could see the mountain below, an infinite lake on the very top, leading to a waterfall to the massive lake bellow, perfectly hiding an enormous cavern on the inside, behind the waterfall. The pine trees, giving the mountain detail, an identity.

Turning back to the kingdom I looked to the very back, elevating the earth a bit higher in a square close to the very back of the walls. Conjuring obsidian stairs leading to the very top, I closed my eyes. A house? No... Manor? Too purebloodesque. Library? Possibly... A temple... Yes a temple, with a library inside. I imagined it, a temple, styled like the Greek ones of old. Beautiful carvings of battles on each column... The entrance, a work of art through it's sheer simplicity, a obsidian black with white swirls leading towards the top... So is every column. In the very middle, a statue of the Marauders and Lily, standing proud. Made from Mithril, the eyes all emerald green. Their Olympian gowns created from the brightest white marble. The podium, obsidian. Walking up to the statue I create stairs going down right in front of the statue then enchant it to close, and only open at the phrase "I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good". As the floor faded I walked down the steps into a massive cavern underground. I force the walls to smooth over, transfiguring them to a polished oak. The floor... grass. Smooth, silky grass stretching the entire floor. The ceiling I enchant to look like the sky outside. I conjure walls separating the cavern into several rooms, each for a different purpose. A single room, a single subject. Be it a branch of magic, my Hogwarts years, my family, friends, random information with nowhere to go... Leisure activities like Quidditch. Anything I could think of, I created a room for it. Each with a homey feel to it. On each door it states what memories/skills lie behind that door. I conjure bookshelves, hundreds of them. Filling every room to the brim, but with more than enough space to move around. Each book shelve dated from earlier to later years. Then came the memories, like a flood I let them all pour out. Each took the shape of a leather bound book, the more important memories looked more ancient, the trivial memories looked unremarkable. Sending each one to the appropriate room and shelf. Damn Chiron was right, that was taxing. Looking through a lifetime of memories, remembering hundreds of skills I'd forgotten, I sorted through all of them... It felt like hours. Finally, the last memory was gone and sorted. Looking into the room I could see some were very close to full while others were close to empty. I walked through the corridor of the rooms of memories to the very end, then expanded it to make a decent sized common room. A warm, small fire in the fireplace in the centre on the room, comfy chairs and sofa's surrounding it, small coffee tables littered around.

It felt like home.

I walked out of the temple, flew over the walls of my soon-to-be kingdom and landed at the top of the mountain, right next to the waterfall. I stood there, peacefully looking into the constellations. The sound of rushing water bringing a calming presence to my mind, the silver glow of the moon bathing my domain in it's ethereal beauty. It's done, for now. Memories sorted, kingdom begun and terrain started. I'll get Chiron to check it tomorrow, it must be late.

Willing myself to leave my mind scape I flew back towards the position I left in, sitting on the floor. Opening my eyes I looked around, finding no one I stood up and walked to the other room, the one with a balcony to the lake.

Entering the room I could see Chiron softly petting Valkyrie the snake.

"I did it." I said simply, yet every word was laced with pride.

Chiron looked towards me with a wide smile "That's extraordinary Damien. Was it difficult?"

"Truthfully? Not that bad. I think connecting my core to my brain was extremely helpful, and then I just thought of what you said. I needed both will and magical power to be accomplished in Occlumency, so I used both. My magic flowed smoothly, so I commanded it to do what I wanted, while I willed it to happen. It became easy from there on." I explained.

"Incredible. I never thought of using your own magic to enhance your mind. Well, it is late Damien. We must be getting to sleep, there's a long day ahead of us."

"Of course, where will I sleep?" I asked, looking around,

"The bed in the entrance is yours, Damien. Ah, I almost forgot, do you still have your wand with you?" Chiron asked.

Eyes widening comically, I searched around frantically. After a minute of nothing I gave up. "Shit. It must have burned along with my last body. Fucking Voldemort."

"Ah, that may be a problem. All though it could be possible that your wand was no longer a match, after all you no longer have any connection to Voldemort."

I nodded slowly, sighing I replied "Yeah I guess, just a shame. Had it since I was eleven, helped me out of some tough spots. Guess I'll just have to make one, won't I?"

"Alas it does look so. Never worry, this wand will fit you much better than any other that a stranger could make you." He eased, calming me slightly.

"Well then I can't wait. Good night, Chiron."

"Good night, Damien."

Damien NightFall, the ocean of power with a mind stronger than any other.


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