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"What was Kubo and others doing at that moment?" Hiroto wondered.

"Weren't you listening? They were sleeping!" Stacey hissed with a hint of annoyance.

"Hey, no fighting!" Guchio thundered. At once, all the children became silent.

"Guchio, you didn't have to scare them." Mary Beth chided before she turned to the children and added "But he's right. You shouldn't be fighting."

Mary Beth cleared her throat as she said "As I was saying…"

As Kubo slept he had a strange dream, when he opened his eye he was greeted with the sight of fireflies and then he heard the familiar sound of a shamisen playing. Kubo looked up to see that it was being played by an old man dressed in white robes and white hair tied up like Kubo's own hair. Kubo looked around to see that he was on a strange island of some kind that was surrounded by waves. Then his thoughts were interrupted with the old man who said "Hello, my young friend. Why don't you join in my song?"

As he continued to play, Kubo looked up at the old man in confusion as he asked "How did you know? You're twice as blind as I am."

The old man chuckled as he said "That means I'm twice able to see the truth."

As the old man finished speaking, his blind eyes briefly glowed yellow.

"Oh my goodness! It's the Moon King!" Cole cried out in shock.

"Hey! Don't spoil it!" Demanded the whole group at once.

"Still, How did you figure it out so quickly?" Mary Beth wondered, feeling impressed in spite of herself.

"I watch and read a lot fantasy novels and movies and a strange person who appears in a dream has to be the moon king." Cole explained.

"What makes you sure it's the moon king?" Ella inquired as the rest of group added "Yay."

"Well, Sariatu said that the moon king wanted to make Kubo blind to humanity like he is, so I took it mean that the moon king is blind too, considering what he tried to do to Kubo." As Cole finished speaking, he shuddered. The rest of the group shuddered as well before Mary Beth said "You would make a good detective, anyway back to the story…"

Kubo looked around again as he realized "This is a dream, but is it a good one or a bad one?"

The old man chuckled as the waves continued to crash into the island. "That depends on you." He added.

As the old man finished speaking a Japanese palace rose out of the ocean.

"My father's fortress!" Kubo gasped. The old man chuckled as they flew into the building. Once inside, Kubo was greeted with a surprise. Floating in the air was the helmet!

"The helmet is here?!" Kubo cried out in excitement.

"You're right. It is a trap." Danny, Ella, Naomi and Stacey all said at once as they turned to look at Cole.

Before Cole had the chance to say 'I told you so.', Hiroto suddenly cried out "It's a trap!"

The group glared at him as he said "What? I always wanted to say that."

Mary Beth cleared her voice before she continued the story with...

The old man said "Follow the sun and it will lead you to the place that might've been your home. Claim your birthright Kubo and give this story a happy ending."

As the old man finished speaking, Kubo suddenly woke up. He rushed over to Beetle and Graciela as he cried "Beetle! Graciela! Wake up!"

A sleepy Graciela moaned as she muttered "Kubo, I'm trying to sleep."

Beetle and La Murete laughed as Beetle said "She sure is a heavy sleeper isn't she?"

La Murete smiled as she nodded her head.

"Graciela, I know you're tired, but it's daytime now. The Moon King can't see us during the day and neither can his daughters, besides as soon as we find the helmet, we can go home with both of our families." Kubo explained as he gently rubbed her back.

At once, Graciela's eyes shot open. "Kubo, I still can't believe it. Why would Tia Sariatu just change her form and not tell us it's her? Why would she let us think she was dead?"

As soon as Graciela spoke those words, Beetle, Kubo, La Murete and even Little Hanzo became silent. For what seemed to be a long time, no one said anything, then Kubo broke the silence with "I don't know. How could Mother not tell me? I'm happy that she's alive, but I'm angry that she didn't tell me."

As he finished speaking, his mind flashed back to after they sailed back to land.

When they arrived back on land, Beetle muttered "I can't believe we got the armor! We did it! Whoo!"

"That's not the only thing, I can believe." Graciela muttered under her breath.

"What are you talking about?" La Murete asked.

Graciela became quiet while Kubo said "While we were in the garden of eyes, they showed us something that we didn't think was possible."

Once, Beetle started listening. Kubo then took another deep breath as he took Graciela's hand as he said "The eyes showed us that my mother was alive the whole time, she just transformed into monkey."

"WHAT?!" Both Beetle and La Murete cried out at once.

Then, the ruler of the land of the remembered said "I don't believe it."

"I don't want to believe it." Kubo added as Graciela wrapped her arms around.

"Why would she do this? Why would she let us think she was dead?" Graciela questioned.

"I don't know, but I'm going to find out." La Murete as she took a deep calming breath.

Then, the group was pulled out of their thoughts as Beetle said "Maybe, she has a good reason for doing what she did?"

"Like what?" Graciela, Kubo and La Murete all hissed at once.

"I don't know, maybe to protect you guys from the moon king or something?" Beetle offered.

"Anyway, where did you say the helmet was again?" Graciela questioned as she changed the subject.

"Oh, it's in my father's fortress." Kubo answered.

"How are we going to your father's fortress? Do you even know what it looks like?" Graciela questioned, surprised at the mean tone her voice was taking and yet something didn't feel right to her. This sounded too good to be true.

Taken aback by Graciela's sudden hostility, Kubo replied "Of course I do, I saw it in a dream."

Upon hearing those words, La Murete's face grew even paler than usual, if such a thing was possible.

"What happened in the dream?" La Murete asked in a deadly serious tone.

"What's the big deal? It's just some dream?" Beetle muttered.

Graciela and La Murete glared at him and Beetle became silent.

"Well, I was on a island and I was sitting next to an old man…" Kubo started to say, however before he could continue, La Murete once again interrupted with "Was he blind?"

"How did you…?" Kubo started to say, but the ruler of the land of the remembered uttered "Oh, Candle maker! It's the Moon King! He sent you that dream!"

"Wait, are you sure?" Beetle, Graciela, and Kubo questioned.

"Yes, Sariatu told me about him. He's not only blind to the good of humanity, he's literally blind as well." La Murete explained.

"Then, he sent you that dream to lure all of us into trap." Graciela as a look of realization and horror appeared on her face.

For a moment, Kubo was speechless as he wondered How could I have been so stupid? I was so desperate to find my whole family and go home, that I didn't think to...

Then he was pulled out of his thoughts as Beetle wondered "If the location to the helmet was a lie, then where could the real helmet be?"

"If I were Sariatu where would I hide the helmet?" La Murete muttered to herself as she tapped the fingers of her right hand under her chin. She did his for several minutes before she answered "A village!"

"Which one?" Beetle, Graciela and Kubo all questioned at once.

The ruler of the land of the remembered paused before she answered with "I don't know."

"You mean we have to search through every village in Japan?" Graciela questioned before she added "Also you, me, Beetle and Little Hanzo will stick out like sore thumbs?"

La Murete smiled as she ripped off three pieces of thread from her sleeves. As she tied them around Beetle, Graciela and Little Hanzo, she said "This will make you look like ordinary Japanese citizens to all those who see, aside from ourselves and Xibalba."

"But how will Mama, Papa, Tia Sariatu, Tio Joaquin and Tia Elena recognize us?" Graciela questioned as Kubo nodded in agreement.

"By your voices." La Murete said as the group of five left the cave and went to look for the rest of the group.

Meanwhile at that moment, Xibalba, Manolo, Maria, Joaquin, Elena, Sariatu, Fermina, '

Miguel, Reneta and Ulises got up and worked on making a plan.

"How about we try a new strategy this time?" Xibalba asked in as much of a friendly voice as he could muster.

"What is it?" Graciela carefully asked.

"I was thinking that maybe we could split up into groups, that way we could have a much better chance of not only finding my wife, but your families as well." The ruler of the land of the forgotten explained.

"But who will go with who?" Miguel wondered.

Despite themselves and the situation they were in, the whole group couldn't help but laugh.

"Simple, the Sanchez family will stay together and so will the Mondragon family. The Sanchez family will search leftward while the Mondragon will look rightward. We'll all meet back here just before sunset." Xibalba added.

With that, both families huddled together as Joaquin remarked "You really thought this though haven't you?"

"What can I say? I am a ruler of the afterlife after all." Xibalba states in a tone filled with pride.

Then, the Sanchez family walked towards a path that went to the left, while Joaquin's family walked towards a path that led to the right.

Once, the Mondragons were out of sight, Fermina looked up and said "Do you think that Mexico might enter World War 2?"

Manolo paused as he exchanged uncomfortable looks with both Maria and Sariatu as he turned back towards Fermina and said "I don't know."

Fermina looked worried, through her parents think she didn't pay attention to the news, she did and knew that Japan attacked that base in America. Now, America was rounding up all of it's citizens of Japanese descent and taking them to who knows where, now America was demanding that Mexico and other Latin American countries turn over their citizens of Japanese descent.

Taking a deep breath, Fermina once again looked up at her parents and said "Mama, Papa, if Mexico ordered us to turn over Kubo and Tia Sariatu to the Americans, would you do it?"

"Of course not! I'd tell them to go ahead and stuff it. Kubo and Sariatu are family and if the Americans want them, then they have to take us too!" Maria vowed with passion in her eyes.

"What makes you think something like that will happen?" Manolo asked with concern in his voice.

"I've been reading the newspapers and I learned that America has joined the war and what they're doing to their own citizens just because their ancestors come from Japan. They weren't apart of the bombing!" Fermina shouted.

"Did America really do that?" Edison asked as looks of saddness and betrayal appeared on Hiroto, Bradly, Isa, Naomi and his own face.

Mary-Beth and Guicho exchanged looks of sorrow as the rest of class could only look at them in disbelief.

Mary-Beth cleared her throat as she said "Sometimes the truth can hurt, but knowing your history is always important and you can use what you have learned to make sure that it never happens again."

As she finished speaking, the whole class turned towards each other and had a group hug that seemed to last for a very long time.

Then they broke apart as Mary Beth continued the story with…

"Let's not worry about that now. Let's just focus on finding Graciela, La Murete and Kubo." Sariatu interjected firmly.

With that, the group continued to walk down the path, calling out Graciela, La Murete and Kubo's names. As the Sanchez family was searching their children and the ruler of the land of the remembered, the Mondragon family was doing the same.

"Do you think they're okay, Papa?" Reneta asked worriedly as she looked up at her father.

"They'll be fine. Graciela and Kubo are Sanchezs and La Murete won't let anything happen to them." Joaquin assured her.

"What about Beetle?" Ulises asked.

At his words, the whole Mondragon family felt guilty. They were so concerned about Graciela, Kubo and La Murete, that they completely forgot about Beetle.

"How could they forget about Beetle?" Isa demanded.

"What a mean thing to do!" Marina stated, feeling outraged.

"I thought that the Sanchezs and the Mondragons were the good guys!" Edison muttered as the rest of the class nodded their heads in agreement.

Guicho loudly cleared his throat. As the class turned to look at him, Guicho said "I understand this story can get emotional at times, but please stop interrupting."

"There's no excuse for forgetting Beetle." Isa interjected. "He helped them too, mostly."

"You'll learn what happened next if you continue to listen to the story." Guicho reminded the class.

At once, the whole class became quiet as Mary Beth continued the story with…

"What have we done?" Manolo muttered.

"We'll get him back too and we'll make it up to him." Maria vowed.

"Where do you think they could be?" Miguel wondered.

Sariatu thought to herself before she realized "They could be looking for the helmet at our old home."

"What does your old home look like?" Miguel asked Sariatu before he added "Can you remember it?"

"I don't know, but I can try." Sariatu answered before started to concentrate with all her might. After a few minutes, she answered "I vaguely remember my home with my husband being somewhere in the mountains."

"That's not very specific." Ulises added.

While the rest of the group frowned at the young boy's rudeness, Xibalba stated "Well, he does have a point."

As he finished speaking, a idea suddenly came to his mind. The ruler of the land of the forgotten turned to Sariatu and said "I think I have an idea, but I'm going to need your help."

Sariatu nodded as she said "What do you need me to do?"

Sometime later, Xibalba had transported himself and Sariatu towards the mountains.

"Do you think they'll be okay?" Sariatu asked as she and Xibalba started to look for her old home.

"They're fine. They're tough." The ruler of the land of the remembered reassured his fellow goddess.

They then walked up the mountains for what seemed to be for a long time before they got to the entrance to the old palace. It looked worn out and abandoned for years. Sariatu momentary felt guilty for leaving the palace to its current state, but she knew it had to be done for the sake of her son. However, before she could continue to dwell on it even further. Xibalba suddenly grabbed her by the waist as one of the witches attacked them.

"Well, Well, Well, isn't this a surprise? I was expecting my nephew, your meddling wife and that disgusting human companion of his to arrive, but you'll both do." The witch replied.

"I knew it! I knew this was a trap!" Cole cried out in a triumphant tone.

"Yes, you're very smart. Now be quiet." Guicho hissed.

Mary Beth let out a sigh as she continued the story with...

Xibalba growled. How dare she insult my wife! He thought to himself.

Then he was brought out of his thoughts as the evil witch said "I know you don't want to be a part of this, so I'm giving you the opportunity to walk away and go back to Mexico with your wife and all you have to do is help me find my nephew and that foolish little human girl."

For a moment, Xibalba was tempted, but he knew if he sided with the witch, his wife would never forgive him. Then, he replied "Suck it."

With that, Xibalba, Sariatu and the witch ended up in a three-way battle.

Sariatu kept dogging the witch's attacks as the ruler of the land of the forgotten threw energy balls at the wicked creature.

"To think, that fowl thing that fights alongside you is all that remains of my sister's magic." The evil witch hissed. "All because her love for the humans made her weak." She added.

"No, it made me stronger." Sariatu fired back as she lunged at the witch. Then the fight became much more violent as Sariatu pulled at the witch's hat and hair. In turn, the evil witch started to rip out chunks of Sariatu's fur.

Sariatu let out a yelp of pain as she scratched at her sister as hard as she could. As the sisters fought, they fell to the ground, but Sariatu was victorious...or so it seemed.

"What do you do to Hanzo that night? Is that what you're planning to do to Graciela?" Sariatu demanded.

The evil witch smirked underneath her mask as she replied "All this time and you didn't even know. Hanzo never died, we just transformed him into a more fitting form to suit the bug that he was, the bug that human girl is. He knows nothing of who he used to be."

At once, Sariatu felt a sense of rage over take her.

How dare she?! How dare she take away the love of my life, debt my son the chance to know his father and plan to subject my niece to the same fate?! She thought to herself.

With that, Sariatu got rid of her younger sister for good. However, before she had a chance to either dwell on her victory or mourn the loss of her sister, she heard Xibalba let out a gasp. Sariatu looked down to see that she was morality wounded.

"OH NO!" Cried the whole class at once.

They didn't need to be told to let Mary Beth continue this story as she added…

Sariatu barely had to look her wound before she fell to the ground. As the ruler of the land of the forgotten caught her, Sariatu whispered "Tell Kubo and my family how much I love them."

Then, she closed her eyes and breathed no more, as the life faded from body, Sariatu turned back into a monkey totem, only it was now broken.

Miles away, Beetle, Graciela, La Murete, Little Hanzo and Kubo were trying to find a way back to their family, when they suddenly felt a sharp pain and somehow knew that Sariatu had passed on.

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