It's such a human feeling, something that helps Danny remember that he is still human, even if it is only half of who he is. Or who he was. This pain was in his chest that was bleeding heavily as he sat on the metal table that had once held him down when he had fought tooth and nail against the inevitable. Feeling as if his head was filled with helium Danny took slow and deep breaths as he tried to focus on feeling steady once more.

Blue eyes looked up to see that his ghost counterpart was fighting their nemesis with an anger that he never knew could ever be present in any human or ghost. Phantom's green eyes glowed with a brightness that Danny was sure that power like that was rare for a ghost, but Danny remembered that when they were one they had scored an eight on a power level scale for ghosts. Ten was the highest as one the lowest- those low ghost had no real form and are nothing but blobs of green goop.

Pain stung in his chest once again making Danny curl into on himself, but he felt his hands were being coated in his blood. Blood. He was losing blood, a lot of it. His eyes opened once again to see fire but he wasn't afraid because he knew that Phantom would be able to get them out of there. For once Danny was glad that Vlad had been in his human form when he touched everything in the room, he wasn't one to wear gloves so Danny and Phantom could get Vlad put in jail for this.

Arms slipped around his body making him feel a comforting warmth. Despite Phantom having an ice-based core, his body temperature was lower than a normal human, but it still felt warm to Danny.

"Stay with me, Fenton," Phantom called towards the human. He flew fast to FentonWorks before knocking loudly on the door. A few moments later Maddie came out with an ecto-gun faced on him. "Please, stabilize him and I will tell you everything."

Maddie didn't hesitate when she grabbed Danny and allowed Phantom in her home. She brought them to the basement where Phantom would then explain what had happened to Danny.

Danny sat on the steps of the porch of his home as he was still able to hear his parents fighting back and forth. They had been fighting about their relationship and putting blame on the other that they were unhappy, then they began to blame him of them having to stay together. It was hard for Danny to hear so he transformed and took off towards the sky.

Not even ten minutes in the air did Vlad and a clone as Plasmius came and knocked the boy out. When the boy woke he saw that Phantom had been fighting Vlad and Plasmius knocking both out. Danny grabbed his pack and placed a belt on Plasmius which made him scream in pain before he flew off. Phantom had taken that chance to handcuff Vlad so he could get the authorities.

Maddie grimaced at the story, but she didn't seem to really care, yet she called the police acting distressed. Phantom heard that her heart was steady when she told the authorities that the mayor had attacked her son and she needed to stabilize him before taking him to the hospital. She didn't even smell like she cared, but none the less, she still did as she said she was going to.

Phantom had led the police to the crime scene to see Vlad with the belt on and still cuffed to the wall that he had him on. It then hit Phantom that he and Danny were no longer one. They were separated. They had to tell their friends as soon as Danny was stable.

Danny woke to the sounds of beeping. His eyelids fluttered opened and closed quickly, those lights were too fucking bright. When he opened his eyes again he made sure to turn his head so he wasn't looking at the lights above, he caught a glimpse of Phantom and his friends talking quietly by the closed doors.

Phantom was talking to his friends.

Not Danny.

Danny was in bed.

Shit. They were separated.