Edit: So, you may like this story, but I want to know if you would be mad if I decided to change it. It would be called Torn, still, but I would like to change this into a Dan x Danny story...please let me know.

Danny wasn't having the best of days. He had been awoken by his parents arguing once again, the same old argument that caused him to be separated from Phantom in the first place. To top it off, he had heard that both of his parents had agreed to leave him, as well as each other. The raven-haired boy was not happy when he heard the door open and shut multiple times in the middle of the night up until seven in the morning. It didn't come as a surprise when the house was stripped clean of everything but furniture and electronics. When he looked for food, he sighed at the lack of food. The lab hadn't been touched, so there was that, but he saw the blueprints for the newer inventions gone Danny broke.

Why was everyone leaving him?

Phantom watched from behind, his green eyes glowing vibrantly in his rage at the ones that Danny had considered close. Well, maybe not all, there still was Jazz; who was at college. The demon sat beside the hurting teen.

"I'm still here," Phantom said as he brought his human close to him, "plus you got new friends."

Danny shoved Phantom off and walked out of the house towards school. He didn't care what was going on, Danny just couldn't get the thought that he was alone once more. The words Phantom spoke was just a phantom of a whisper in the back of his mind. Those words bounced around in his mind as he walked towards the school. He was alone, no matter what Phantom said. How could he trust the A-listers? They probably only want him around now because it was a free ticket to see Phantom on an almost daily basis. Those people don't know him. They don't know the pain he went through for so many years, and now they are suddenly being nice to him.

Why? Because they said that he was nothing like his used-to-be best friends. Those friends who had caused many to kill themselves, even Paulina's cousin Isabella? He forgot about that. Sam and Tucker caused many suicides to those kids and he was friends with them. They killed one of the sweetest little girls Danny had ever met, his little Bella Bear.

"Phantom is right," Danny mumbled to himself. "They don't deserve my time thinking about them."

"Who don't?"

That voice. Dash was beside him now, looking around he saw that it wasn't only him but all the main A-listers as well as Phantom. Looking at the green-eyed demon Danny couldn't hold back as he ran at the demon. Phantom will always be there for him, that was all he needed for now. Other's can wait.

Faintly Danny heard a thump, but he wasn't focused on that as he allowed himself to cry. Phantom was what Danny needs right now. His parents just left him. Those friends were never real friends. Phantom was there for him from the very beginning, the beginning being the portal accident, and never once had him ever feeling alone.

"Hey," Phantom said lightly towards the emotional human. "I am not going anywhere. I am not one of them."

For the rest of the day, Phantom kept his body pressed against Danny's as to comfort him. Though, it would get difficult when Danny's need for personal space came upon him and would do almost anything to get the demon away from him. The only times Phantom left willingly was when Danny had to use the bathroom or when there was a ghost attack.

The demon knew it frustrated Danny, but he also knew that Danny was very grateful under all of the negative feelings. Then there were the A-listers who often included Danny in their conversations, but they would feel kind of awkward when Danny and Phantom would argue.

"I so did have a real kiss," Danny hissed at the demon.

Phantom groaned, rolling his shoulders as he pinched his nose, "fake-out make-outs don't count. Neither does what happened yesterday count. You still haven't had your first kiss."

"You were the one who kissed me," Danny jabbed a finger at his white-haired doppelganger.

Stunned, Phantom looked Danny in the eyes as he assessed what Danny had said. He thought what he did yesterday was a kiss? Suddenly Phantom laughed loudly startling everyone at the table.

"He did kiss Danny," Star asked lightly to the other three at the table.

"That's what I saw," Kwan said lowly. Dash just made a hum of agreement towards the couple but looked down at Paulina to see she had a soft smile on her face as she looked between the two.

"They are hot together," Paulina said more to herself than anyone.

Phantom heard all of what was said as he snaked his right arm around Danny's middle, bringing his body to sit behind his human. "I wasn't really kissing you, I was forcing my healing powers inside of you to heal you. There was mental healing I had to do, but it seems as if I made it worse if today was anything to go by. That or I just pushed everything more to the surface and you just burst from the overload of having all of your feelings pushed in your heart."

Danny was embarrassed. "Then I'll kiss someone here."

The smile on Phantom's face disappeared as he growled deeply, "it better be me. You are mine." Phantom felt the fear come flooding around the table, but he also felt deep satisfaction from Danny. His face was leaning forwards towards Danny's when warm hands pushed his face away from his goal. "Don't tempt me."

"Then tell me you won't leave like everyone seems to have," Danny whispered into Phantom's ear.

Phantom's lips landed lightly onto Danny's in a chaste kiss, "never. You are someone I want to keep beside me."

The two kissed, but when they both gasped and almost passed their lips they groaned lightly. Sometimes ghosts were too much, Danny thought to himself.