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It was a pretty normal Saturday afternoon. The sun was shining, the birds were singing. There wasn't a cloud in the sky.

And Jaime was dragging Bart into the dentist's office.

"FUCK YOU. PUT ME DOWN, ASSHOLE!" Bart screamed venomously, hitting at Jaime's back and shoulders angrily. Luckily, he was wearing his Blue Beetle armor, so it didn't do much damage. Still, it didn't help with the looks that they were getting. Jaime sighed, throwing Bart down into a waiting room chair. The boy instantly got up and attempted to make a run for it, Kid Flash costume sticking to his sweaty chest. Jaime grabbed him and forced him down before he even could.

He sighed once more.




The looks they were receiving grew in numbers. Jaime felt his face heat up from inside his suit, but focused on holding Bart down nonetheless. Scarab vibrated angrily, and Jaime shifted his attention to trying to get Khaji Da to not shoot a plasma cannon at Bart's face.

"Dios mio, cariño, you have a cavity. What do you want me to do?" Jaime hissed. Bart himself vibrated angrily to match that of Khaji Da, arms crossed over his chest and a dangerous glint in his eyes.

"I want you to get me the hell out of here! Cavities are moding! No thank you!" he exclaimed, waving his arms about for emphasis. Jaime all but face-palmed. Khaji Da muttered something about throwing Bart out the vicinities nearest window. People around them moved from their seats in fear.

Jaime supposed it wasn't every day you saw two superheroes in the waiting room of a dentist office.

"You do know that's why your tooth has been hurting, right? You could get really sick! This is serious!"

"Serious my ass."

"Bart, I swear to everything that is holy-"

"Hello. Do you two have an appointment?"

Jaime turned to see a lady leaning over the desk, giving them both wary smiles. He blinked, eyes widening slightly. Bart took this moment to make another escape attempt. Jaime scooped the boy up in his arms, and Bart let out a series of curses under his breath.

He cleared his throat.



Jaime glared over at Bart, for the extra response had not been necessary at all. Bart simply grinned. Jaime turned back to the lady, who now wore an annoyed look on her face, but was going through her computer files nonetheless.

"What name am I looking for?"

"Allen. Bart Allen." Jaime answered, and Bart let out another curse, wiggling around in Jaime's arms. The hispanic simply held him tighter. A few kids sitting next to them shifted and whispered to one another. They stared at them with wide eyes.

"Ah. Yes, Allen. Here you are. Dr. Lambsmith is already waiting for you right inside. You can go in." she spoke up, and turned her head to another co worker before Jaime could even manage out a thank you. It was clear he didn't want to talk.

Honestly, if Jaime had been in her position, he wouldn't have wanted to talk either.

Bart let out another scream. Jaime moaned.

"BART. Walk your ASS to that ROOM."




Jaime picked Bart up and threw his boyfriend over his shoulder. Bart screamed and kicked and whined, but Jaime held strong.

This was how Jaime ended up carrying Bart to his dreaded dentist's appointment whilst the boy had a temper tantrum the entire way.

How embarrassing.

"E-excuse me…"

Jaime blinked, and turned to stare at the younger boy who had walked up to him. He had been one of the ones staring at him from before. His friends sat, staring from afar. Jaime raised an eyebrow, and the boy cleared his throat.

"Y-you wouldn't happen to be...the Blue Beetle, would you?" he asked, brown eyes wide and curious. Jaime blinked once again, eyes zeroing in on the kid. He had soft, brown eyes and dark, fuzzy hair. There were two triangles face-painted on his cheeks. He had a dog plush with him.

Looked like an ordinary kid.

Yet he was asking the guy in Blue armor who had tried to take over the world whether or not he was that same guy?

"Yeah. I am." he said, eyes narrowing in confusion, "Why?"

The kid's face just lit up. His smile was so bright, Jaime almost fell out of his seat. He bounced up and down excitedly.

"Oh wow! Oh wow, wow, WOW! You're the Blue Beetle! The actual one!" he exclaimed, giggling and turning back to his friends with an "I Told You So" look on his face. They all stared wildly back at him. "Could I PLEASE get your autograph, mister?"

Now Jaime was pretty sure he was hallucinating. No way was this kid coming up and asking for his autograph. Hell, nobody had ever asked him for that. It was completely unrealistic. Jaime had almost destroyed the entire planet when he had gone on mode. That was what he was publicly known for; being the REACH's scapegoat. Not a hero.

Not somebody likeable.

"I think you've got the wrong guy, kid." he offered, turning to look worriedly in the direction he had left Bart. The poor dentist. Jaime shouldn't have left him alone in there. Bad idea. Very bad idea.

"No way!"

Oh. He had almost forgotten the kid was still there.

"There were three Blue Beetles. The first was a long, long time ago. Like, when my mom was still young and beautiful! And, then there was the second one. He died in, like, a really big explosion, i'd like to think. And then there's you! It's because you all have different costumes! And, no offense to those other guys, but you're the best of the best!"

Jaime's jaw dropped. What the hell was this? There was a Blue Beetle expert? And he was a kid? Jaime was aware that Ted Cord had been pretty popular with everyone, but this was just taking it to a new level.

"H-how do you know all that?" he managed out. The kid just grinned again, spinning around on his heels.

"Duh! You're my favourite super hero! You're even better than Superman!"

Jaime stared in disbelief.

"But," he began, "Blue Beetle tried to ruin the world. To take it over with those REACH aliens, remember?"

Jaime was aware he was referring to himself in the third person. It was easier to cope with it that way, at least. In his mind, Bart's voice told him that it wasn't his fault. It couldn't have been. Khaji started on the reasons why he wasn't to be blamed.

Jaime shut them both out.

No matter how much he and others tried to deny it, it had been Jaime standing up there, preaching for the REACH and their dumb peach drinks. It had been his voice, his actions, his body.

All on him.

But, the kid in front of him gave him the most skeptical look. He laughed it off, like it was some kind of joke. Jaime wanted to tell him it wasn't. That it was a really big deal. That he had an alien clasped onto his spine that could burn the kid to a crisp in an instant.

But he smiled. And laughed.

And Jaime was confused.

"Yeah, no. You couldn't have known that they were trying to do that. You were only trying to help out! See, that's the best part about you. The first Blue Beetle is one that nobody remembers. The second was a superhero in all of his glory. But, you? You're human. You make mistakes. And, the thing with the REACH was definitely a mistake, yeah?"

He inhaled deeply.

"The thing about that is that you learn from your mistakes. You get better. I don't think it was your fault at all, but if you do, then it was a mistake. That's all."

He smiled, taking Jaime's hand in his. He stared down in shock, and the kid grinned.

"That's what makes you human! It's what makes you the best! Not all superheroes are like Superman, and lots of people don't get that. You're just like us. You have feelings. You're not indestructible! You're not...what's that word again…" he mumbled, trailing off. His eyes were unfocused, trying to place a word that he couldn't quite find.

Jaime knew it instantly. It slipped from his mouth in a whisper.


In an instant, he was back in the old grotto of Mount Justice. Before everything had gone wrong. Before the explosion and the red, burning pain. And Bart was there. And he was smiling.

"You're carrying on the tradition!"


"Blue Beetle becomes the biggest, baddest, big bad in history."

'Not yet. Not now, not ever. I won't let it happen. I can change it, and I will.'

Jaime vaguely remembered signing the kids plush. And he vaguely remembered smiling for a picture. His mind was foggy, eyes far away. The kid said thank you over a million times.

Once more, Jaime couldn't manage out a thank you back.

It was only when the kid was long gone that Jaime realized just how wrong he had really been. All this time, he had been focusing on the negative side of things. He had been over thinking the hero that was Blue Beetle. He had been trying to make a point of living up to Ted. He had never felt good enough.

He was, after all, just the boy who had been caught in the crossfires. Everything up to this point he had counted towards pure luck.

But it wasn't.

Jaime wasn't supposed to be living up to Ted's legacy, he was supposed to be creating his own. He wasn't supposed to be overthinking Bart's future, he was supposed to be stopping it. There was so much negativity in his mind, all he could stay focused on was that.

And, all he needed, was to just let it all go.

A nine year old boy had taught him that.

When all was said and done, Jaime had indeed tried to take over an entire human race. His hands had harmed his friends. His grin had made people shiver. He and Khaji weren't the best pair.

They made mistakes. Plenty of them.

But he couldn't focus on the past. He couldn't obsess over those mistakes. His mind was chained to the thought that his actions could harm other people. That their lives were placed in his hands, and he was to balance them.

All he had to do was let go. To learn. To move on. To live.

When all was said and done, Jaime was no wiser sitting alone in that dentist office, shuffling around in his Blue Beetle suit.

But he was beginning to learn. Beginning to grow.

And all it took to light a fire was a spark.

"All in all, it wasn't that bad." Bart admitted when they walked out from the clinic, "I mean, it was actually pretty crash. He gave me candy after. The dentist. Gave me candy."

He laughed. Jaime smiled, but his mind wandered over the streets packed with cars. Bart turned to him, a worried look on his face.

"You good?"

Jaime turned to him and couldn't help but smile. He nodded, taking Bart's hand in his own. The boy blinked in confusion.

"Yeah. I've never been better."

Bart raised an eyebrow. "Oh? Did I miss something?"

Jaime chuckled. "Nothing really. I met a kid." Bart looked mildly concerned.

"Did you get a new boyfriend. Oh God, did you replace me?"

Jaime busted out laughing. Bart grinned.

"No. A fan, actually. Can you believe that? I have fans?"

Bart's jaw dropped. "Totally unfair!" he exclaimed, "You can't have fans before I do!"

The two burst out laughing. A car honked at them for stopping in the middle of the street. Jaime rolled his eyes. Apparently, his armor wasn't as intimidating as he previously had thought. Bart went on to tell him that, despite how much fun the trip had actually been, he refused to return to the dreaded dentist. Jaime proceeded to tell him that he would drag his ass there if he had to.

The two laughed once more. They turned another corner.

Jaime found that the road ahead had never looked brighter.