Chapter 1

Jessie pov
Let me rest for 5 minutes.
Luke: Hey Jessie get ready I have a party.
Jessie: No I finally get some rest and your having friends over how many people are coming over.
Luke: 1 person is coming!
Jessie: thank goodness okay bye.
End conversation
Jessie pov
Bertram we are having Luke's freind over cook some freezer food.
Bertram pov
It's to far! Find I'll do it Jessie said.
All kids pov
We're home Jessie!
Jessie pov
I cooked some freezer food it not Bertram.
Zack pov
That sound just like Bailey I think.
Luke pov
Dude who's Bailey!
Zack pov
My brother old girlfriend and she looks just like her. Bailey is that you?
Jessie pov
Yes it is I tried to hide my name so they would not find out I dropped out of Yale.
Is Cody here. I stop calling him because he stopped calling me.
Zack pov
He's back at the hotel with our mom.
Jessie pov
Ok you can tell him our you don't have to tell him he found me ok.

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