The Charmed Kitsune


Naruto x Halliwell Siblings


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The first three chapters will focus on setting up and focusing more on the Halliwells. If you find it absolutely necessary to immediately get to Naruto skip to chapter four or five.


Story Start


Throughout many realms compromised of mass, stars, and boundless energies existed many entities. These entities were of immeasurable differences and customs that took many forms depending on their environments. On one such planet, many different species resided. Of those species in this domain, they used a source of power composed of many forms without limit. This was known as magic.

In these domain creatures that use this magic was of both of heavenly and peaceful disposition as well as demonic and ravenous. As such an eternal struggle between the bodies of entities that developed their own customs took place.

In one such axis was a domain known as the Underworld, home to many creatures of the dark domain. This was just one of the many planes of reality that sat upon the axis of the universe. This underworld was a haven for creatures that practiced dark and forbidden magic. While many took on the appearances of beasts from fairy tales, the most dangerous were the ones who hid in plain sight. These demons, warlocks, and other beasts were nearly indistinguishable from the demons they hunted.

In one of the recesses of the cave-like dimension was a castle that existed in its own dimension. Looking out a window, a single figure sat as he gazed upon a single mirror-like object that floated out of arm's reach showing visions of the surface world above. Most of his features were hidden by the black cloak that shrouded his room.

Another figure approached him, wearing the same cloak as outfit with only bits of raven black hair dangling out from the side. Despite his otherwise youthful features, there were distinct marks on his face that made him look older than most would assume.

''The third sister is on her way should I continue surveillance?'' the speaker's voice was detached, distant, void of any emotion or care.

''No...I'll handle this myself.'' The second voice answered, self-assured and eager.

In another part of the city, a young woman with short blonde hair walked through her apartment carrying a tray of food and water for her cat. As she walked into her kitchen, thunder was heard, accompanying the sound of rain outside the apartment. "Come on, baby." She called softly as she set the tray down. Almost immediately the cat meowed and ran to the food. "Good girl" She finished. She pets her cat and slowly stood up, careful not to step on her long dark blue dress. She walked off into an adjoining room holding a silver goblet in her hands. She knelt before the altar set up in the room and placed the goblet in the middle, amidst the candles and spices. With just a touch of her finger, she lit the candles before her.

Outside her apartment, a figure wearing a long black cloak could be seen climbing down a ladder. The heavy rain no doubt muffled the sounds of his approach. Her concentration unbroken, she began to chant. "Ancient one of the earth, so deep master of moon and sun I shield you in my Wiccan way. Here is my circle round, asking you to protect this space, and offer your sun force down."

The dark figure entered the house through the kitchen, effectively scaring the cat out of the room. It approached her quietly as she continued her chant. Just as she finished the chant, she spun around in a panic. She sighed in relief, recognizing the intruder. "What are you doing here?" she asked, a slight smile appearing on her face. In response, the intruder pulled out a knife and plunged it into her stomach. She let out a short scream before falling, lifeless, to the ground.

At that moment in another part of San Francisco, California sat a manner that stood long and proud for over a century. A figure crept up 1329 Prescott Street, waiting and watching for the last light in the manor to go out before he made his journey.

Phasing through the door, he kept silent and vigilant as he silently crept about. He crept up the stairs, coming to a hallway. Walking past portraits, he stopped in front of a door. He turned the knob slowly and entered the room. He crept over to a woman who was sleeping in her bed. This woman had dark brown hair of moderate length with bangs, sleeping peacefully.

Taking a knife out of his pocket, he raised it above her chest and was about to plunge it in, when he heard, "Embrace death." he turned around, only to come face to face with another unknown man whose features were shrouded by a black cloak, with the exception of his eyes. They were crimson slits that held the very promise of death. Before the mysterious man could retaliate, the figure pulled out his own weapon of choice, a kunai, and plunged it into his heart. The man cried out as he disappeared in a brilliant flash of fire.

The woman woke up, startled, moving into a sitting position in her bed and looking around. She was a bit drowsy, to say the least. The woman got up slipping on her slippers and putting on her robe. She moved to her door and noticed it was ajar slightly, 'I could have sworn I closed this door…' she thought to herself.

She opened the door slightly, poking her head out. She noticed no one was in the hall and, after a minute or two, dismissed what she heard as just her imagination. She returned to her bed, pulled the covers up to her neck, and drifted off to sleep. A few moments later, the figure in black stepped out of the shadows. He moved over to the woman's bedside and softly brushed her cheek with his finger. "Pleasant Dreams Prue." the figure whispered as he faded away.

Some hours had passed and a storm soon set upon the city of San Francisco. A woman with dark brown hair of moderate length with bangs and conservative clothing walked through the front door of a lavish Mannor. Once inside, she put away the umbrella she was using to keep herself dry when she took notice of another woman with dark brown hair, nearly indistinguishable from black, standing on the ladder, working on the chandelier in the next room.

''Prue?'' The woman said, putting up her raincoat and umbrella.

''In here Piper I'm working on the chandelier.'' The woman, now identified as Prue, replied.

''Sorry I'm late,'' Piper responded, finally gathering enough of her courage to face her sister.

''Well, what else is new?'' Despite the tone, there was hostility in the woman's voice. No, it was more along the lines of annoyance. ''Piper, I would've been there myself to meet the electrician but you know I can't leave the museum until six.'' With her sister unable to make it back in time, her errands holding her up, the older sister had to hasten to meet the electrician, who had come and gone, leaving the sisters with a broken chandelier. It was evident by Prue's tone that she didn't have a good day today.

''I guess I just didn't realize how long I was in China town. Has Jeremy called?'' Piper asked as she took a bag and placed it on the dining room table. Piper smiled slightly at the thought of her fiancé.

Prue couldn't help but return her little sister's hopeful smile. "No, but he had some roses and a package delivered." she pointed toward the dining room and began leading the way to where she'd placed them.

"For me?" Piper asked excitedly, running after her older sister to the table in the dining room where they were laying.

''What were you doing in China town? I thought that you had an interview in a restaurant in North Beach?'' Prue asked, her eyes set on the package Piper was opening.

"I did, but I went to Young Lee market after my interview to get the ingredients for my audition recipe tomorrow," Piper explained as she continued to fumble with the stubborn material that refuses to tear and give her access to the object inside.

Prue rolled her green eyes and took the package from Piper, opening it with little effort. "So that Wolfgang-puck knockoff didn't hire you, then?" she asked, handing the opened box back to Piper, who was giving her a disconcerted look.

"Nooo… but this may just get me the job." Piper responded as she held up a wine bottle; the contents of the mysterious package at last revealed.

"Jeremy sent you port?" Prue finally asked, taking the bottle from Piper to read the label.

''It's the ultimate ingredient for my recipe. '' Piper said with a grin.

''What a nice boyfriend. '' Prue responded, which despite her happiness for her sister she was at the same time a bit jealous.

''Mm-mmm.'' she spotted the spirit board. ''I don't believe it. Tell me that's not our old spirit board?'' she picked up the spirit board and examined it. She'd thought they'd lost those years ago…

''Yeah, I found it in the basement when I was looking for the circuit tester,'' Prue explained, smiling at her sister's enthusiasm, as well as the fond memories that the spirit board helped resurface.

Piper then began reading the inscription on the back. "To my three beautiful girls may this give you the light to find the shadows. The power of three will set you free. Love, Mom.'' the spirit board was one of the few things all three sisters could share and remain civil with for even a short amount of time. "We never did figure out what this inscription meant,'' she said, putting the board down.

''Well, we should send it to Phoebe. She's so in the dark, maybe a little light will help.'' Prue suggested sarcastically as she turned and left the room.

''You're always so hard on her,'' Piper said, taking the bag toward the kitchen.

''Piper, she has no vision, no sense of the future.'' Prue insisted, turning around to stare at Piper as if she couldn't believe Piper still stuck up for Phoebe after everything that had happened.

''I really think Phoebe's coming around.'' Piper tried to persuade Prue, once again finding herself playing mediator in spite of the fact that the other sister wasn't there, but just ended up looking down at her hands unable to match Prue's gaze.

''Well, as long as she doesn't come around here, I guess that's good news.'' obviously there was some sort of animosity between the two sisters over an unspoken incident in the past. With that, Prue disappeared into an adjoining room. The creaking of the stairs followed Prue's ascent up the stairs, most likely to finally change out of her work dress. Prue started making her way to the ladder as the phone began to ring. Piper answered it.

''Hello? Jeremy?'' She asked, only taking a moment to recognize the tone and then asked, ''How are you? Where are you?''

Police detective Andrew Trudeau was driving to the location of the latest murder. He had just received a call from his partner, Darryl Morris, who had told him another woman had been stabbed. This was the fourth one within a short time frame and the police were no closer to finding out the identity of the murder. Andy pulled into the parking lot of the apartments that the victim had lived in. He quickly shut off his car and stepped into the heavy rain. As he traversed around the police, paramedics, and bystanders, he pulled out his police mark and flashed it to the officer prohibiting the curious bystanders from entering. Morris was waiting for him at the door of the apartment.

The woman in question was in her mid-twenties and lived alone. Detectives Morris and Trudeau shuffled through the crowd of people as the latter informed his partner about a lead. "One that didn't go anywhere." he finally answered, glancing at his watch in frustration. Every minute this person wasn't caught, another woman could end up dead.

"That woman up there I bet she was killed with an athame." Andy guessed. An athame was a Wiccan tool used for many years. Lately, a lot of murders had been connected to the occult.

"Wrong. Double-edged steel knife." Morris replied, turning to face Andy with a look of triumph.

Andy just grinned. "Right. That's an athame." he countered. "It's a ceremonial tool. Witches use them to direct energy," he explained, looking around to see if anyone was listening to them. He seems too invested that these women were witches.

"That woman didn't direct jack. She was stabbed, plain and simple." Darryl insisted, refusing to give in to his partner's logic.

After determining that no one was paying them any attention, Andy lowered his voice so as not to be heard just in case. "Was she found near an altar?" he asked.

"Yes," Darryl replied shortly.

"Were there carvings on that alter?" Andy pressed, smiling as he realized Darryl was trapped.

Darryl rolled his eyes as he realized that what Andy was implying almost made sense. "Look. Just do me a favor. Don't ever follow a lead without checking with me first."

"You want to go to occult shops?" Andy joked, grinning at his partner's reaction to being cornered.

Darryl laughed at Andy's joke. "Get to work, okay?" he ordered, turning around and walking into the room where the victim's body was.

Andy began to follow, still smiling to himself until a voice called out behind him. "Inspector Trudeau?" he turned around to face a young reporter. "Jeremy Burns. San Francisco Chronicles." he introduced himself and then continued, "Care to comment?"

"A woman was stabbed. Plain and simple," Andy responded cryptically, echoing his partner's earlier words. He turned back to follow Morris and finally get to work.

"Well, that's the fourth one in three weeks." Jeremy countered, obviously hoping to pull more information from the inspector. Andy spun around as if to say something, but caught himself as he was unwilling to be quoted incorrectly on something this serious. Instead, he just turned his back on the reporter and followed Morris to the body of the victim.

Some time had passed at the Halliwell mansion and Piper was sitting in the living room, looking out the window as the thunder roared and the rain continued to pour. Prue went back to working on the chandelier after coming from the basement, trying to get the old light to finally work. Outside, the horn of a car cut through the rain and the silence within the manor, causing Piper to jump to her feet.

''I don't get it. I have tried everything, there's no reason why the chandelier shouldn't be working.'' Piper walked up to her as Prue got off the ladder. The frustration of the older sister was evident. Being a Mr. Fixit was not Prue's thing.

''Uh, you know how we've been talking about what to do with the spare room? I think you're right, we do need a roommate.'' Piper slowly said, trying to ease Prue into the news she had been hiding from her for quite some time.

''Well, we can rent the room at a reduced rate in exchange for some help around the house,'' Prue responded, picking up the toolbox.

''Phoebe's good with a wrench.'' Piper pointed out, another step in easing Prue into the news she was going to tell her.

''Phoebe lives in New York,'' Prue said as she headed towards the kitchen.

''Not anymore.'' She said. Prue stopped and turned around, slamming the drawer shut.

"What?" She snapped, turning around to face Piper in disbelief.

Reluctantly, Piper replied, "Phoebe left New York… She's moving back in with us."

"PIPER!" Prue yelled, "You have got to be kidding!'' The eldest Halliwell sister turned her back on Piper and walked into the conservatory, fuming.

''Well, I could hardly say no. I mean, it's her house too. It was willed to all of us.'' She said. Prue placed the toolbox down and began cleaning her hands. ''Well, you haven't spoken to her.''

Prue stopped cleaning her hands. Prue turns around with the rag still in hand.''No, I haven't. Maybe you've forgotten why I'm still mad at her. '' she replied angrily as she twisted the rag in her hand.

Piper instantly felt guilty, but she still felt she was in the right. "Of course I haven't! But Phoebe's lost her job and she's in debt. She had nowhere else to go!" she insisted, almost pleading with Prue to understand.

"How long have you known about this anyway?''

"Just a couple of days." Piper lied casually, but upon seeing Prue's glare Piper sheepishly added, "Okay, maybe a week or two.''

"Thanks for sharing!" she remarked sarcastically, ''When does she arrive?" Prue asked her gaze on Piper, making sure she didn't lie this time.

Before Piper was able to answer, the front door behind the two sisters opened and in rushed Phoebe, her brown hair damp from the rain. "Surprise! I found the hide-a-key.'' her voice rang through the tense atmosphere.

''Phoebe, welcome home.'' Piper ran over and hugged the girl. Phoebe's hair was done in a bob style and, unlike the other women's more conservative clothing; the younger woman's was more reminiscent of current teenage style. "It's so good to see you. Isn't it Prue?''

''I'm speechless,'' Prue replied, offering a fake smile and obviously still annoyed. A car horn beeped in the background, drawing Phoebe's attention.

''Oh, oh. I forgot about the cab.'' Phoebe muttered as she began digging through her purse.

''I'll get it" Piper offered, grabbing Prue's purse from the end table and heading out the door.

"Piper that's my purse!" Prue called after her but didn't get a response. The door shut as Piper ran outside, leaving another tense silence in its wake.

"Thanks… I'll pay you back!" Phoebe offered.

''It's okay save your pennies.'' Prue gave an unconvinced nod and looked down at her one suitcase. ''Is that all that you brought with you? '' She asked. Phoebe looked down at it as well.

"That's all that I own. That and a bike," she answered. Again silence reigned. "Look, I know that you don't want me here…" Phoebe began but was interrupted by Prue.

"We're not selling Grams' house." Prue stepped closer as she spoke to accentuate her point.

An annoyed looked flashed across Phoebe's face. "Is that why you think I came back?"

''The only reason Piper and I gave up our apartment to move back here because this house has been in our family for generations.''

''No history lesson needed I grew up here too. So can we talk about what's really bothering you? ''Phoebe asked.

''No, I'm still furious with you.'' The older woman retorted, sounding all but furious as the younger woman sighed and calmly exclaimed.

''I never touched Roger.'' she reacted, going on the offensive. ''And I know you think otherwise because that's what the Armani-wearing, Chardonnay-slugging, trust-funder told you… '' She said as Piper came back into the house.

''Hey, I got a great idea. Why don't I make a fabulous reunion dinner?'' Piper said, trying to resolve the argument.

''I'm not hungry. '' Prue said as she walked off.

''I ate on the bus.'' Phoebe also replied as she too walked off.

''We'll try the group hug later. '' Piper said to herself in a sigh.

Unknown to the girls, a figure was watching the whole exchange from outside. He decided that things would need a bit of a jump start. So, channeling a bit of power, he began to move the spirit board. He watched as Piper and Phoebe sat at the table playing with the spirit board. Each of the girls had a glass of wine by them. He watched how the women talked about problems until he heard a question that he found amusing as the girls messed with the spirit board.

''I asked if Prue would have sex with someone other than herself this year.'' Piper said putting down a glass of wine.

''Oh, that's disgusting. Please say yes,'' she said with a disgusted look that quickly changed to amusement. A…T… the board spelled as the figure smirked.

''What?'' Piper questioned as Prue came into the room.

''What did you guys do now?'' she asked, still feeling a bit hostile.

''Me? I didn't do anything.'' Piper said in her defense.

''The pointer on the spirit board. It moved on its own.'' Prue and Piper stared at Phoebe. ''I am serious. It spelt 'A' 'T'.''

''Well, did you push it? '' Piper asked.

''No. ''

"You used to always push the pointer,'' Prue said, rolling her eyes.

''I was barely even touching it. Look.'' She put her fingers on the pointer and nothing happened. Prue and Piper turned and began to leave when the figure moved the pointer back to T. ''There, it did it again! It moved! '' Phoebe cried out, pointing to the object. Prue and Piper turn back around and look at the board.

''It's still on the letter 'T'.'' she pointed out.

''I swear it moved.'' Phoebe said as the pointer moved again. Piper saw it too now.

''There! Look! Did you see that?'' Phoebe asked, wide-eyed and mystified as the figure moved the pointer again.

''Prue, can you come in here a sec?'' Piper asked as Prue came back into the room.

Phoebe started to write down the letters. "I think it's trying to tell us something." she held up the paper and read out loud, "Attic." as a loud clap of thunder echoed in the background and the power went out. While the older sisters went towards the basement to check the circuit breaker, Phoebe decided to head towards the attic.

''Phoebe! She should be back by now.'' Prue said, wondering where their missing sister was.

''You go first.'' Prue headed up the stairs, flashlight in hand, as Piper followed her.

Meanwhile, Phoebe was trying to open the attic door, only to find it was locked. She gave up and turned to walk back down the stairs. When she reached the stairs, she heard a creak behind her and turned to see the attic door opening. She walked inside. A light shined on a trunk. Curious, she walked over to it. She opened it and found a heavy looking book inside. She picked the book up and blew most of the dust off so she could open it.

"The Book of Shadows." she turned the page and started to read aloud, "Hear now the words of the witches, the secrets we hid in the night, the oldest of Gods are invoked here, the great work of magic is sought. In this night and in this hour, I'll call upon the ancient power, bring your powers to we sisters three, we want the power, give us the power."

Unnoticed by the sisters, the old chandelier in the foyer lit up, sending blue and white lights through the house. The picture on the mantle was taken several years earlier began to change. Once, the picture was of the three girls, with Prue and Phoebe on the very edges, obviously wanting to be as far apart as possible, with Piper was almost in the background. Now, though, Piper was brought down to a lower step as Prue and Phoebe were brought in and all three sisters looked closer than they had before.

When Phoebe had finished chanting, Prue and Piper entered the attic. ''What are you doing?'' Prue asked.

''Uh…reading an incantation. It was in this Book of Shadows. I found it in that trunk.'' Phoebe said, gesturing to the trunk over by the wall.

"Let me see that," Prue ordered, taking the large book from Phoebe and flipping through it. "How'd you get in here?" Prue asked as she continued looking through the book.

''The door opened.'' she simply said, unsure on how to explain it.

''Wait a minute, incantation? What kind of incantation?'' Piper pressed, crossing her arms in a disapproving manner.

''Well, it said something about there being three essentials of magic. The first is your feelings. The second is Timing and the last is the phases of the moon. If we were ever gonna do this, now - midnight on a full moon - was the most powerful time.''

''This? Do this, what?''

Phoebe bit her lip, "Receive our powers…'' she replied meekly.

''Our powers? Wait, our powers? You included me in this?'' Piper asked, frustrated. She glanced at Prue as if waiting for some kind of confirmation.

''She included all of us.'' Prue interrupted, reading from the book. "Bring your powers to us sisters' three." she closed the book.'' It's a book of witchcraft.''

''Let me see that.'' Prue stood up and handed Piper the book.

Elsewhere, at a crime scene, a woman's murder was being examined. One of the cops, Andy, and his partner were among those investigating the scene. Andy looked at the tattoo on her neck. It was a full circle with three interlocking arcs inside.

''What is it? '' the cop asked.

''I don't know. It's the same tattoo that we found on the other three victims.'' he observed, turning to look at Darryl as he approached.

"So the murderer is killing occults," Darryl stated looking down at the woman.

Andy frowned and decided to bring up his theory again, now that there was a bit more evidence backing it. "No, the murderer is on a witch hunt." he insisted, covering the body back up with the white sheet.

"Oh, yeah, and he is five hundred years old and lives in Salem." Darryl agreed sarcastically with a roll of his eyes. "Look around, Trudeau. Pentagrams, altars, offerings, all tools of a freak fest." he continued, turning around and pointing towards the altar in the room.

"They call them Sabbaths. Which is hardly a freak fest seeing as she was a solitary practitioner. She practiced her craft alone." Andy responded, pushing his point.

"Right," Darryl replied in disbelief but decided it best to let it go.

However, Andy was unwilling to let it go. "Let me ask you something, Morris. Do you believe in U.F.O.s?" he asked.

"Hell, no." he quickly replied.

"Neither do I." Andy agreed, nodding. "But do you believe there are people out there that do believe in U.F.O.s?" he asked, eagerly awaiting Darryl's response.

"Yes, but I think they're crazy."

"Well, then why can't you believe there are people who believe there are witches?" a short silence followed Andy's question.

"Look, all I know is that if you don't stop talking about witches, I'm going to start questioning you," Darryl responded slowly. A cat came to Andy's feet and meowed. Andy leaned down and patted her, taking a brief glance at the cat's collar. It had the same symbol on it that was tattooed on the witch. "I'd stay away from that cat, Trudeau. It's been clawing the crap out of everybody." He warned and then began to walk away. "See you at the car," he called over his shoulder.

At the Manor, the three sisters were walking down the stairs as Prue began to rant at Phoebe. ''Spirit boards, books of witchcraft. It figures all this freaky stuff started when you arrived.''

''Hey, I wasn't the one that found the spirit board,'' Phoebe replied defensively.

''It wasn't my fingers sliding around on the pointer.'' Prue countered.

''It doesn't matter. Because nothing happened, right, Phoebe? When you did the incantation? '' Piper asked, trying to stop the fighting.

''My head spun around and I vomited split-pea soup. How should I know?'' asked an irritable Phoebe.

''Well, everything looks the same.'' Piper said as she glanced around.

''Yeah, you're right.''

''Yet the house still needs work. '' Prue pointed out as she and Phoebe left, leaving Piper alone with a flashlight.

''And everything feels the same, so nothing's changed.'' She looks over to where her sisters were. "Right?''

Morning soon came and the figure from the night before watched as another figure appeared outside. Whoever it was meant to bring the girls harm and he couldn't allow that.

Phoebe yawned as she walked into the kitchen. She had spent most of the night reading the Book of Shadows and didn't get much sleep.

''You're up early.'' Piper greeted Phoebe.

''I never went to sleep,'' she answered her as she rubbed her eyes.

Piper smiled wider and sat down next to her little sister. "Don't tell me you put on a black conical hat and spent the night flying around the neighborhood on a broomstick?" She questioned teasingly.

Phoebe rolled her eyes at Piper's question and shook her head. "The only broom I've ever owned was kept in a closet beside a mop." she retorted, laughing softly.

Piper narrowed her eyes in suspicion. "So what were you doing?" she asked, unsure if she actually wanted to know or not.

"Reading." She replied cryptically then looked back towards Piper. "Is Prue around?"

"She went to work early…" Piper responded, pausing for a moment. "Reading…. aloud?" she pressed nervously. Phoebe may think this whole idea of witchcraft was humorous, but Piper was against the idea of black magic.

"No…" Phoebe responded, wondering if she should even voice her suspicions with Piper. In the end, she was too excited to hold it in and decided to explain. "But… according to the Book of Shadows, one of our ancestors was a witch named Melinda Warren." she began, watching Piper's reaction closely.

Piper immediately stiffened at the mention of the book and took up the disapproving glance usually seen on Prue. "And we have a cousin who's a drunk, an aunt who's manic, and fathers who are invisible," she replied sarcastically, getting to her feet and heading towards her jeep that was parked on the curb.

''I am serious. She practiced powers; three powers in fact. She could move objects with her mind, see the future and stop time. But before Melinda burned at the stake, she vowed that each generation of Warren witches would grow stronger and stronger, culminating in the arrival of three sisters.'' Piper put on her coat and grabbed her purse. ''These sisters would be the most powerful witches the world has ever known. I think that we are those sisters.''

''Look, I know what happened last night was weird and unexplainable, but we are not witches and we do not have special powers. Besides, Grams wasn't a witch and, as far as we know, neither was Mom.'' she kissed Phoebe on the forehead. ''So, take that, Nancy Drew.'' Piper walked out the door. Phoebe moved to the porch.

''We are the protectors of the innocent. We're known as the Charmed Ones.''


''And I beg to differ about Grams.'' Phoebe went back inside and closed the door.

At the restaurant known as the Quake, Piper arrived, hoping that she would pass her audition meal with flying colors. Time had passed as she began fixing the meal that was assigned to her on the index card.

Just as she was pouring the port wine in a measuring cup, Chef Moore entered the kitchen.

Chef Moore, in his French accent, spoke while clapping his hands. ''Your time… is up." Chef Moore called, coming into the audition room, smiling expectantly at Piper. Piper jumped in surprise, nearly dropped the measuring cup, a look of fear crossing her features.

"Let's see. Roast pork with gratin of fennel and penne with a port giblet sauce." He read her audition recipe in his French accent.

"Uhhh… Chef Moore?" Piper responded softly, desperately trying to think of some way to gain a few extra seconds to add the wine.

"What?" he asked, picking up a fork, ready to sample.

"The port…" she continued, pointing behind her to the measuring cup, her face paling.

"Yes, without the sauce, it is nothing more than a salty marinara from a woman's magazine. Puh." Chef Moore replied, not casting Piper a look.

"I didn't have time for the…" Piper began frantically trying to explain but was interrupted by a cough from Chef Moore, clearly telling her to keep silent. "But… but…" she stammered as he began to raise the fork to his mouth.

Piper panicked and put her hands up as if to make a frantic grab to stop him. Everything around her froze Chef Moore with his mouth half open. "Chef Moore?" she whispered in disbelief, waving her hand in front of his face, looking for a response. With no response forthcoming, she suddenly realized she could finish her recipe. She spun around and grabbed a baster, filling it with wine from the measuring cup and ran back to Chef Moore. She dribbled some onto the forkful of food that he was about to eat. Just as she put the baster behind her back everything unfroze and Chef Moore put the food in his mouth. He smiled in surprise and nodded slightly.

"Mmmm… it is very good… C'est Magnifique." he praised.

Piper was confused as her thoughts went back to the previous night. 'No. It couldn't be.'

Prue sat at her desk, fiddling with a pen as she tried to concentrate on the paperwork in front of her. She soon realized that she wouldn't be able to focus, so she dropped the pen on her desk, shut down her computer, and simply left her office. As she was leaving, she happened to overhear Roger's voice drifting out of the open door of his office.

"Well, it was my idea to spark corporate interest in private donations. Not only have I been with this project since its inception, but we both know who really secured the entire exhibit," he spoke into his phone as he swung his chair around, only to catch sight of Prue at the door, clearly having heard his every word. "Prue…" he froze for a split second but, before he could say anything, Prue spoke.

"I quit." she quickly said, crossing her arms across her chest.

Roger, who was shocked, suddenly remembered who he had on the phone and hastily whispered in it, "I'm going to have to call you back." before turning to face Prue again. "Think about this, Prue," Roger replied. There was a short pause as Prue humored him before speaking again.

"Lousy job, lousy pay, and lousy boss. What's there to think about?" she asked, a slight smile crossing her features as she put Roger in an uncomfortable position.

"Your future. Because, believe me, if you walk out of here without any notice, you can kiss any references…."

"Don't threaten me, Roger!" Prue countered, her eyes turning cold and fierce.

"You know me… had to try,'' he said, trying to play it off. "Look, you're hurt, you're angry, your pride is wounded. I understand all that… That's why you can't see that I'm doing you a favor." He added half-hopefully.

Prue couldn't help but send him a look of disbelief. "Excuse me?"

"I had to take the exhibit away from you. If I hadn't, the board would have come and put a total stranger in my place. Think about it, Prue. I'm here for you. Not some stranger. You should be thanking me, not leaving me.''

She nearly laughed and looked up at him, smiling. "Well, I'm not worried. I'm sure your intellect will make quick work of the 75 computer disks and thousands of pages of research I left in my office." she countered sarcastically, her smile growing as Roger's face fell at the realization of the consequences upon her leaving.

"You're going to regret this," he replied grimly as he advanced a step, but Prue didn't back down and held her gaze confidently.

"Oh, I don't think so. I thought breaking up with you was the best thing I'd ever done, but… this definitely tops that. Goodbye, Roger." she responded in a cheery tone as she turned and walked out the door for the last time.

Fuming and dumbfounded, he could only think of one thing to try and make her stay. "Your sisters… Think about your sisters. If you walk away now they'll…." he trailed off as Prue fixed him with such a look of anger that he immediately fell silent. She took a deep breath to steady herself and, with one last look of disgust, turned the corner into the hall, his voice drifted out behind her. "I hope there are no office supplies in your purse." he called as she disappeared. Prue clenched her hands around an invisible neck and pushed into an adjoining hall. As she did so, the tie around Roger's neck suddenly tightened and he struggled for breath. He tried to tug it off to no avail and he frantically searched his desk for a pair of scissors to cut it off. He managed to get it off, but fell from his chair in the process. "What the hell was that?" Roger wondered vaguely while lying on the floor.

In the meantime, outside on the sidewalk at the phone booth, Piper was attempting to reach her sister. ''Come on, Phoebe. You've got to be there. Phoebe, answer the phone. Answer the phone.'' she hung up and walked out of the booth, as there was no answer. Jeremy walked up to her. ''Oh, God, Jeremy you scared me!"' she exclaimed, still slightly frightened as she paused to compose herself.

''I-I can see that. I'm sorry. You okay? '' He asked as Piper took a moment to calm down.

''Yeah, now I am. I really am. Um, what are you doing here?'' she asked him, surprised. He usually didn't show up out of the blue.

''Well, I wanted to be the first to congratulate you on your new job,'' he said with a congratulatory smile.

''You always surprise me how did you know?''

''We prepared your specialty, and everyone's who's ever sampled your work can truly see how talented you are.''

''I get so turned on when you talk about food.''

''Hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza.'' they prepared to kiss when a bird flew over and shitted on Jeremy.

At that same time, Phoebe was out and about, riding her bike, when suddenly she had a premonition. In it, she saw two boys on skateboards on a sidewalk. Suddenly they crossed the street, not taking caution to their surroundings so they missed the car turning the corner and speeding down the roar. Before anyone could do anything the boys skated right in front of a car, which hit them. Phoebe looked around, the premonition finished. Phoebe continued riding and then saw the car and the two boys.

''No! Wait! Stop! Watch out!'' she shouted as she rode in front of the boys, stopping them from skating in front of the car. She fell over a parked car on the hill. The car honked and Phoebe fell off her bike, holding her right arm. Kit is nearby. Some guy and the boys go to her.

''Somebody call an ambulance! Try elevating her arm, but don't straighten it or you'll cause further injuries! Miss, are you okay?'' the blond haired man asked the witch.

''Yeaaaagh!'' pain surged through Phoebe's arm.

''Try not to move...'' the man said as he placed two fingers against her injured arm. Surprisingly enough, the pain began to melt. Instead of focusing on the relief, though, the young witch found herself being lost in the stranger's blue eyes. The ambulance had arrived shortly after to take the injured woman to the hospital.

Some time had passed and Prue arrived, walking up to the front desk, where Inspector Trudeau was standing, his back turned. ''Hi, um, I'm looking for my sister, Phoebe Halliwell.''

''Uh, one second please.'' the nurse said, and then said to Andy, ''What was the name again?''

''Uh, Detective Andrew Trudeau. Homicide. Dr. Gordon's expecting me.'' he replied, showing her his police mark. Surprise flashed across Prue's eyes and she looked at him closer as if disbelieving. However, to her annoyance, the receptionist left without telling her anything about Phoebe.

Andy turned around to look at who had called his name, the surprise evident in his eyes. "Prue?" All the frustration with the case flew from his mind and he smiled as he realized Prue was no less surprised than he was. ''I haven't seen you since Highscho...''

''When we broke up.'' Prue hastily finished.

''So, anyway, what are you doing here?''

''I'm here to pick up Phoebe. She had some sort of an accident," she explained.

"Is she going to be okay?" Andy asked, worry evident in his voice. Prue bit her lip, not really knowing the answer to that, having not really been told.

"I think she just fell off her bike." was her response. She once again glanced back at the empty receptionist's desk. "What are you doing here?" she asked, pushing her thoughts away from Phoebe. There wasn't anything she could do until someone came back.

"Murder investigation. The latest victim was a nurse here," he explained, pointing toward the files that were still on the counter. Prue didn't really know what to say about that and she again looked down at her hands as an awkward silence fell between the two. Luckily, the receptionist returned at that moment. She spoke to Prue first.

"Your sister is still in x-ray, so it'll be another 15 minutes."

Prue felt slightly relieved by the receptionist's voice. She didn't sound like Phoebe was hurt seriously, but just to make sure, Prue couldn't help but ask, "Is she okay?"

The receptionist, who had turned to speak to Andy, turned back to face Prue. "Nothing serious the x-ray is just a precaution. After that is finished, the doctor will speak with you." she clarified before turning back to Andy, who appeared as if he was trying not to laugh. "Dr. Gordon's office is to the left and down the hall. He's with a patient right now, but you're welcome to wait outside his office." with that, she turned to leave.

''You know, Phoebe's busy, Doctor Gordon's busy. Can I buy you a black cup of coffee while we wait?'' he asked, surprising her.

''Sure.'' she accepted as they walked towards the coffee machine. ''So, you're an inspector now?''

''What can I say? In any other city, I'd be called the detective.''

''Inspector's classier.'' she agreed as Andy put the coins into the machine.

"Liking it better already."

"Your dad must be so proud." Prue thought aloud.

''Third generation. You bet he's happy. How about you? You take the world by storm?'' he asked as Prue let out a small sigh, thinking back to the past few days.

''Well, I'm living back at Grams' house, and as of an hour ago, looking for work.''


''I heard you moved to Portland.''

"I'm back," he answered and couldn't resist asking about Roger. "You uh… still seeing Roger?"

Prue narrowed her eyes suspiciously at him. "How do you know about him?" she demanded, giving him a piercing, but playful, look. Andy suddenly looked a little uncomfortable and obviously wished to get out of answering it. Finding no way out, however, he had to answer.

"I know people." Andy offered cryptically. Prue quickly puts two and two together.

"You checked up on me…" She accused, her green eyes watching him carefully in order to catch a lie. Andy tried to look away but found he couldn't.

''I wouldn't call it that.'' he disagreed. He was relieved that Prue seemed to find it funny and didn't appear angry.

"What would you call it?" Prue asked eagerly, seeing he was trapped.

"Inquiring minds want to know?" he proposed. Prue laughed and rolled her eyes. There was another moment of silence before Andy put his hand out formally. "Well… it's been good seeing you, Prue."

"Yeah. You, too, Andy. Take care." she answered and they both began to turn their separate ways. Prue was looking slightly upset at the formality and Andy apparently felt the same, as he turned back to her.

Sometime later, Phoebe was released with her arm bandaged in a wrap.


''We need to talk, and not about Roger. '' Phoebe said, hoping to avoid going down that road.


At the Quake, the two sisters found themselves sitting at a bar. ''The Chosen Ones? The Charmed Ones? Phoebe, this is insane.'' Prue said as the bartender sets their drinks in front of them.

''Are you telling me that nothing strange happened to you today? You didn't freeze time or move anything? ''

''Roger took an exhibit away from me. Look, Phoebe, you may think that you can see the future, which is pretty ironic. '' She remarked, considering her sister lived for the moment and rarely thought about the consequences of her action.

''Since you don't think I have one, that-that my vision of life is-is cloudy compared to your perfect hell? Even if you don't want to believe me, just once can't you trust me?''

''I do not have special powers!" Prue declared as the cream moved by itself in response to her anger.

''Really?'' Another glance and the cream moved from her cup to her coffee. Phoebe was the first to break the silence. ''Looks pretty special to me.''

''Oh my god. It just-I…I can move things with my mind?'' Prue asked, startled by what she just witnessed.

''With how much you hold inside, you should be a lethal weapon by now.''

''I don't believe it...'' Prue muttered to herself, feeling a major migraine coming on.

''This means that Piper must be able to freeze time.'' Prue grabbed a shot of tequila and drank it all.

''Are you okay?'' Phoebe asked, concerned.

''No, I am not okay. You turned me into a witch!'' Prue hissed.

''You were born one. We all were. And I think we better start learning to deal with it.''

With the Third Amigo, she was sharing a cab with Jeremy while holding a box of fortune cookies. ''Has anything weird or unexplainable ever happened to you? '' she asked, still uncertain if she should tell him or not.

''Sure. It's called luck or fate or some people call it miracles. Why? What happened?''

''Forget it. Even if I could tell you, you'd swear I was crazy. Open your fortune cookie.'' she said, handing him one.

''Okay.'' he opened it and read the bit of paper. ''Soon you will be on top,'' he said as the figure, who had hitched a ride on top of the cab, closed his eyes, trying not to laugh. That was one point for him. Too bad he had to kill her. Though, he would be sure to make sure the fortune at least came true in the future.

"It doesn't say that." Piper accused, glaring at him playfully.

"Yes it does." Jeremy insisted, smiling innocently. Piper, still doubting, grabbed the paper out of his hand and began to read it. "Is it a bad thing?"

"Of the world soon you will be on top of the world." she corrected, rolling her chocolate brown eyes and throwing the paper back at him. Jeremy laughed and got the cab driver's attention.

"Hey, can you make a left on seventh, please?" he asked rhetorically, pointing to the street.

"You got it." the driver responded, turning the cab in that direction.

"Seventh? I thought we were going to your place." Piper replied, looking at Jeremy quizzically.

"We are. But you reminded me of something I want to show you at the old Bowing Building. The view of the Bay Bridge… It's amazing." Jeremy explained, flashing a charming smile back at Piper.

Meanwhile, Phoebe and Prue had begun walking down the sidewalk. ''When I was looking in the Book of Shadows, I saw these woodcarvings. They looked like something out of a bosch painting all these terrifying images of these three women battling different incarnations of evil.''

''Evil fighting evil, that's a twist.''

''Actually, a true witch is a good witch. They follow this Wiccan lead, 'An it harm none, do what ye will.' If a witch violets this oath, they become known as a warlock. A warlock has but one goal: to kill witches and obtain their powers. Unfortunately, they look like regular people. They could be anyone, anywhere.''

Prue and Phoebe came to a stop. ''Okay, wait a second. And this has what to do with us?'' Prue asked.

''The women in the first wood carving were in the slumber, but in the second one, they were battling some sort of warlock. I think that as long as we were in the dark about our powers, we were safe. But not anymore.''

''Well, here we are.'' Jeremy said, introducing the Old Bowing building.

''I don't care how amazing the view is. I'm not going in there.''

'''Come on, come on. I have a surprise inside.'' they stepped inside an elevator. Jeremy pressed the button and the elevator began to go up. ''You are gonna love this. I bet you'll tell Prue and Phoebe the moment you see them.''

''I never mentioned Phoebe came home,'' Piper responded, suddenly becoming suspicious.

''Whoops.'' he muttered and stuck his hand in his back pocket, feigning casualness. The next second he had spun around with a knife pointed straight at Piper, who jumped slightly in surprise.

"What is that?" Piper asked, taking a step back, but not really frightened since she was with Jeremy.

"It's your surprise!" he answered, twirling the knife in his hand and taking a small step toward her.

"Jeremy, stop it… you're scaring me," she ordered, looking aggravated. He continued to advance. "Damn it! I'm serious!" she snapped, sounding remarkably like Prue. Jeremy grinned, enjoying her ignorance and continuing his slow advance.

''So am I. See, I've waited six months for this, in fact ever since Grams went to the hospital. You see, I've known for sometime that the moment that old witch croaked that all your powers would be released as soon as the three of you came together. All that was needed was for Phoebe to return.''

''It was you wasn't it? You killed all those women.'' Piper stated, almost in disbelief.

''Not women, witches!" Jeremy clarified.

"Why?" Piper asked in a small voice. Jeremy held up his other hand and flames shot out of his fingertips.

''It was the only way to get their powers.'' h, explained, grinning. His face began to contort and his voice became deeper and darker as he finished.

''…And now I want yours.'' Piper screamed as Jeremy raised his arm, about to stab Piper. She put her hands up and he suddenly froze, as did the elevator. She pulled away from Jeremy.

'Okay, think, stay calm. Think, think, think. I gotta get outta here. Okay. Okay.' she muttered to herself, seeing her only escape is to climb out of the frozen elevator. She carefully moved around Jeremy, watching him closely in case he unfroze before climbing out onto the next level. Just as she set foot on the floor, Jeremy unfroze and grabbed her leg, trying to pull her back in. Piper screamed again and reached for the stairs to grab on to. As her grip on the stairs was about to give way, she reached for a long piece of wood, which she turned around and hit him across the head with. Jeremy fell to the floor , unconscious, and Piper ran off as fast as she could for home.

''Prue, its Roger. Look, I'm sorry about what happened. Call okay? ''

Prue came in, holding Kit, and pressed a button on the answering machine. ''Well, Piper's definitely not home, unless she's turned into a cat.'' Prue opened the back door and put the cat down.

''Where did that cat come from?'' Phoebe asked curiously.

"I don't know. You must've left the window open.'' Prue closed the door. ''Did Piper leave a message?''

''No. She's probably out with Jeremy. Roger called.''

''Yeah, that's why I pressed the delete button.'' The front door opened as Piper stumbled in, her clothes and hair disheveled.

''Prue? Phoebe?'' Piper choked out, pushing into the Manor and slamming the door closed behind her, locking it shut.

''In here,'' Prue answered. Surprise suddenly filled her face as she went to Piper. ''Oh my God, what happened to you?''

''Quick, check the windows and lock the doors. We don't have much time. In the Book of Shadows, did it say how to get rid of a-a…''

''A warlock?'' Phoebe interrupted, guessing Piper's thought. Piper nodded silently. Piper began to explain what happened as Prue reverted to her first instinct, taking charge.

''I'm calling the cops.'' Prue picked up the phone.

''And tell them what? That we're witches?'' Piper pulled the phone away from her and put it down. ''That some freak with powers beyond comprehension is trying to kill us? Besides, even if the cops did come, they'd be no match for Jeremy, and we'd be next.'' Phoebe came down the stairs with the Book of Shadows in her hands.

''I found our answer. It's our only hope. Come on.'' Prue and Piper followed Phoebe up the stairs. They sat in a circle on the floor around a circle of candles with a bowl in the middle. They had placed candles in a circle around them. ''Now, we've placed the nine candles anointed with oil and spices in a circle,'' Phoebe instructed.

''Where are the roses that Jeremy gave you?" asked Prue.

''Right here.'' Piper showed them a rose.

''Okay. Then all we need is the poppet.'' Phoebe said as Piper gets the poppet.

''Okay. I'm ready. Your love with wither and depart, from my life and my heart, leave me be, Jeremy, and go away forever." Piper pushed two roses' thorns in the poppet. ''The spell is complete."

''Okay. Let's hope it works.'' Piper placed it in the pot. They watched the poppet and Rose burn. It then exploded and caught on fire. They screamed and jumped back.

Jeremy was walking down the street when suddenly he began screaming in pain. Hundreds of thorns tore through his skin.

''Do you think it worked?'' Prue asked.

''Let's hope so,'' Phoebe said.

''I still can't believe it was Jeremy.'' Phoebe suddenly stopped and gasped as she reached the dining room.

''What is it?'' Prue asked.

''What's wrong?''

''The incantation. It didn't work.'' a rather panicked Phoebe clarified.

''What?'' Piper asked in a panicked manner.

''How do you know?''

''Because I just saw Jeremy. He…'' Jeremy burst through the door.

''Hello, ladies.''

Prue stood in front of Phoebe and Piper. They slowly walked backward. ''Piper, Phoebe.'' Prue uses her power against the Warlock, who is flung into a wall. ''Get out of here now!'' The sisters ascended up the stairs.

''Cool parlor trick, bitch. You were always the tough one, weren't you, Prue, huh? You didn't even cry at your Mommy's funeral.''

''And I won't be crying at yours." she used her powers again, making him hit the wall. She ran upstairs to join her sisters. ''Phoebe, I'm sorry.'' Prue suddenly apologized.

''For what?''

''For not trusting you.'' An insufferable dark laugh echoed outside as a red glow appeared from the floor. The sisters backed up to a standing lamp. Suddenly, a fire surrounded them.

''What do we do?''

''We're trapped.''

The fire disappeared a big dust snake-like thing that circled around them appearing in its place. It's face looked like Jeremy's. They screamed. Suddenly, it blew away and created a tornado around them. The door burst open, revealing Jeremy. Shortly after, materializing out of a separate gust of wind, a black-robed figured appeared.

''Oh god another one.'' Phoebe cried out, feeling the situation was now hopeless.

''Relax…I'm not here to harm you girls. At least not at the moment.'' the robed figure spoke in a crisp and controlled tone. It was powerful and self-assured. ''Those powers of yours don't belong to the unworthy.''

''I don't know who you are but I saw these girls first. Unless you want to be turned to ash I suggest you leave.''

''A low-level weakling like this poses no threat!"

''Weakling? I'll show you weakling!" the Warlock screamed as he launched a fireball at the figure. It impacted and fizzled out, having no effect. ''Nooooo! Impossible!''

''Is that it? Now it's my turn!" he said as he lifted the Warlock into the air and snapped his fingers. A sickening crunch filled the room as the Warlock screamed in agonizing pain. His body slowly turned pale as he was covered up to his shoulders in solid ice. His body frozen and unable to move, he crashed down on the floor, motionless. ''You are of the Charmed! The incantation…the power of three…use it to vanquish him.'' the cloaked man said, kicking the spirit board towards them.

Phoebe and Piper began chanting the incantation. ''The power of three will set us free. The power of three will set us free. The power of three…'' they chanted.

''We cannot do this without you. Say it. You have got to trust me.'' Phoebe said to Prue, who nodded. The trio then held hands.

''The power of three will set us free. The power of three will set us free. The power of three will set us free. The power of three will set us free. The power of three will set us free. The power of three will set us free.''

''No! I am not the only one! I'm one of the millions! In places, you can't even imagine! In forms, you would never believe! We are all around you! You won't be the last! You will never be safe! And you will never be…free!" he turned his attention to the other demon. "But you...why would you help...'' Jeremy exploded and disappeared. The dust faded from existence.

''The power of three,'' Prue mumbled.

''Hhm good…I was afraid I wouldn't get a chance at you three myself.'' he said with a dark chuckle. Their eyes widened. ''Don't look so shocked… I don't really look like some kind of guardian angel, do I?'' he asked. He asked as he conjured a nondescript katana. Prue tried to use her Telekinesis to jerk the blade out of the figure's hand, to no avail. ''Sorry you'll have to try harder,'' he said as Piper wave her hands, attempting to freeze him, also with no effect. ''You're far too weak in your current state for your powers to have any effect."

''No, wait! I won't let my sisters pay for my mistake! Take me, but leave my sisters alone.'' Phoebe said bravely, albeit nervously as the figure rose its eyebrow under the hood.

''You idiot there's no way we'll let you sacrifice yourself for us,'' Prue said, standing protectively in front of her.

''If he wants one of us, he has to take all of us,'' Piper added, standing in front of Phoebe as well.

''Piper…Prue…'' Phoebe whispered, touched.

''A very touching scene and luckily for you ladies I don't get off on hunting down defenseless prey. I'll be seeing you three soon provided you don't die before then. The name is Tempest, remember is. '' the figure said as he disappeared in a column of wind and ice. The sisters could finally let out a breath of relief.

After spending most of the night hopped up on adrenaline and paranoia, the three sisters were finally able to get a few hours' worths of sleep before they could start the day. Prue picked up the morning paper and was about to head back inside when she was greeted with a ''Good morning!''

Prue turned around to find Andy standing at the bottom of the stairs. ''Hey, this is a surprise.''

''Yeah. I heard a neighbor complain about a noise last night. I was just wondering, is everything okay? Or did you throw a party you didn't invite me to?''

''No. I'm fine, and believe me, there was no party here last night. I don't know why anyone complained.''

''Some people are strange.'' She looked down and finally saw that Andy was holding a cup of coffee and a newspaper.

"I've been feeling really guilty about that bad cup of coffee. I just wanted to make it up to you." Andy explained, closing what was left of the distance between them.

"So, you brought me a good cup of coffee?" Prue guessed, eying the cup in his hand. He followed her gaze down to the cup.

"Oh, this? No this is mine." he clarified and then began to look slightly nervous. "I, uh, just wanted to ask you out to dinner. Unless of course, you're afraid." Andy added, watching her closely. Prue blushed ever-so-slightly and bit her lip nervously.

"Afraid of what?" She asked.

"Oh, you know, having too good a time, stirring up old memories, rekindling an old flame?" he joked casually. Prue nodded slightly as he spoke as if she agreed.

"Hmm…Good point. Better not." Prue replied, going along with the joke.

"Okay." Andy responded and then continued, unfazed, "Friday night; 8 o'clock?" his smile faded when she didn't immediately reply. "You hesitated," he observed.

"Yeah, but it's not what you think," she spoke up hastily. "It's just that my life has gotten a bit complicated…" she tried to explain cryptically. She was silent for a moment before finishing, "Can I call you?"

"Sure." Andy agreed as he pulled one of his business cards out of his pocket and handed it to her. She smiled gratefully and took it. Andy glanced at his watch and saw he needed to head on to work. "Take care, Prue," he called softly, turning to leave.

"Bye, Andy." she echoed and then looked back at the door to the manor which opened and her three sisters came running out, Piper in the lead.

''I told you I heard a man's voice,'' Piper informed Phoebe, alerting their sister and the cop to their presence.

''Hey Piper. Phoebe.'' Andy greeted them as Phoebe and Piper gave him a half wave.


''Hey stranger.''

Andy noticed the cat in Phoebe's arms. ''Is that your cat?''

''It is now,'' Phoebe said, scratching the cat's ear, causing her to purr.

''It looks familiar…'' he shook away the thought. "Well, I'll see you later then.'' he started to leave, only to stop and turn around.

''Yes?'' The sisters answered simultaneously, causing him to raise an eyebrow of confusion.

''Some other time.'' Andy turned back and headed back down the steps, getting into his car and driving away.

''Do you think Andy knows about us?'' Prue wondered aloud.

Piper answered her with a definite, ''No.'' Prue looks at Kit, who purrs in response.

''I think she knows about us?''

''Who would ever believe her anyway?" Phoebe asked.

''That's true.'' they started to walk back toward the house.'' So, what are we going to do now?''

''Same thing that we've always done. Borrow each other's clothes, hog the phone, but no matter what, we'll always be sisters, right?'' Prue said.

''Yeah. Sister witches." Phoebe said, walking into the house.

Prue looked back at the door, about to close it, when she smiled mischievously. Instead, she flicked her hand and it magically swung shut.