Charmed Kitsune


Naruto x Phoebe x Prue x Piper x ?


Author's Note


It really is great to be back updating some of these stories that have been on hiatus forever. A bit difficult to be switching between so many genres and lines, but working on trying to get back into the groove of things. I will continue updating but for those who want to give support and see some of these chapters early I do have a Same name as here Kyuubi16 so when you have the time I appreciate the support.


Story Start


Out of her sisters Piper was always the enthusiastic when it came to training. She couldn't help but let out a grunt as her legs were opened as wide as they could go while she was bent forward and reaching out as far as possible with her arms. Naruto was behind her with his hands on her shoulders to make sure she kept her position. She noted that there was a little pain coming from her inner thighs and back because of the muscles being stretched in unfamiliar ways. She pushed the uncomfortable feelings aside.

"We gotta work on your flexibility. Your boost from the Wendigo has made you a physical powerhouse, but all the strength and toughness will mean nothing if you get hit by a speeding attack or stabbed by a weapon before you could react."

"What about some sort of shield or something? Isn't that something I can create with a spell or something?" she questioned.

"Unfortunately, the powers you've been gifted with as an active power doesn't go down that line. So, the next best thing is being able to avoid attacks."

A few moments of silence passed while Naruto supported her while she tried to sink down to the ground with her legs going in opposite directions in front and behind her.

Well at the very least she was finally getting in shape, The best shape of her life in fact and if she had to admit it this beats those terrible diets she went on.

Piper turned her eyes to Naruto while he directed her to stand and bend backwards again, this time staying upright. With her knees bent and arms outstretched, she rotated her upper body around.

She was going to be sore this evening. She was going to have to take a long nice ice bath before heading to P4 tonight.


Phoebe slowly dragged herself to the bar where Piper was working. She had a newspaper in her hand that she used to fan herself with, but it did little to relieve the sweltering heat. "Oh, I cannot believe this heat wave. It's two a.m." She groaned while sliding into a seat across from Piper. "There's no sun and it still being this hot is ridiculous."

Piper smiled from where she stood behind the cash register. She was a little bit exhausted from this morning's training, but recovered thanks to the massaging she received along with an organic energy drink. She was using money as a make-shift fan for herself. "Tell me about it. The Cranberries are playing an animal right benefit in here on Saturday and it's gonna be a million degrees in here." Piper agreed. She narrowed her eyes slightly as Phoebe leaned over the bar and grabbed an ice cube. Her younger sister then proceeded to rub it along her neck. Piper dropped the money back into the cash register and closed it before turning back to Phoebe. "Uh, Phoebe, you keep making like you're on red shoes diaries and I'm gonna have to bust out a can of man repellant." She pointed out with a glance at two of her workers that were staring at Phoebe none-too-subtly. "Alright, people, move along. Nothing to see here. Go on." Piper ordered, waving her hand at the two guys for them to get back to work. Phoebe just smirked at the attention and Piper turned her gaze back to Phoebe.

"Down girl. Do we need to call Nar to ice you down?" She joked.

"It's not my fault. I am in a highly excited state right now." Phoebe explained, leaning forward slightly for emphasis. Piper narrowed her eyes as Phoebe continued. "Not that I'd mind being iced down by our lover. I feel like I'm on fire. Feel my forehead. "Piper placed the back of her hand against Phoebe's forehead before giving her a concerned look. "Phoebe, you're burning up." She stated, worry evident in her tone.

"I know. Tell me about it. Something's happening to me, Piper. Something really freaky." Phoebe insisted.

"Sweetie, I think you need to call a doctor." Piper suggested. She pulled out a hand towel from the ice bucket and walked around the bar to give to her sister. Phoebe shook her head slightly. "But I-I- I don't feel sick." Phoebe argued, gratefully taking the ice-cold towel and placing it against her head. "I just… I feel- I feel hot, aroused." She tried and then frowned at the memory of her recent dreams. Piper was staring at her funny but proceeded to fan her with the newspaper. "Uh, I've been having this dream, Piper. This… sex dream. It's not like I haven't dreamt of sex before because I have, you know, but this… this is different. This feels real. Swank penthouse love den, candles, satin sheets." Phoebe described. "Okey dokey, I get the point." Piper interrupted before she got too much information that she didn't want to hear. "But every night it's with a different man… telling me that I'm irresistible and then we…" Phoebe trailed off, unwilling to actually say it. "… Well, let's just say we could win the golden medal in the Hugh Hefner Olympics." She offered with a sheepish smile. "And this is a bad thing?" Piper inquired curiously. "No, it's a good thing. It's a very good thing until I kill them." Phoebe admitted. Piper bit her lip, attempting not to laugh at the dream. "That's how your dreams end? You kill the guy?" She asked in disbelief. "Each and every night, Piper. I told you. Something is wrong with me." Phoebe reiterated with a sigh. Piper rolled her eyes slightly. "I'm sure its just because Nar is out of town. I mean if you're that frustrated you can just give him a call for a quick…you know." Paige irritably dropped into the chair on the other side of Phoebe. "Ugh, no guy talk, please." Paige grumbled, throwing her purse down on the bar.

"I thought you were on a date." Phoebe stated with a curious glance in her little sister's direction.

"Yeah, I thought I was on a date too." Paige admitted. She wasn't going to say anymore, but seeing the prying looks of her sisters to spill with the gossip she reluctantly relented.

Alright, here's the deal. One minute we're enjoying dinner, then the next thing I know some blonde bimbo saunters up to our table and the next thing I know Glen is totally all over her. She's not even his type. I mean, she's…blond." She strongly spouts out at the end of her rant.

"Oh, honey, I'm sure it was just a little flirting. Guys just can't help themselves sometimes." Piper offered sympathetically.

Paige sighed loudly. "I mean…what ever happen to commitment? Fine I get it, looks and all that play a part in attraction, but real relationships never carry without being able to stay committed to each other."

"Well, the problems between men and women be nonexistent if we could understand each other." Piper sent Paige a sympathetic look. "Look honey I'm sure by tomorrow Glen will realize his mistake and will come begging your forgiveness with flowers and the whole shebang."

"Okay, that's enough men talk for me!" Phoebe interrupted before another conversation could start regarding Glen and Paige. "I need to go home and take a long, cold shower and have a good night's sleep. I hope." Phoebe added, standing up from her seat at the bar. Piper smiled slightly at her younger sister's expense. "Sweet dreams. Don't kill anybody." She teased. Phoebe just waved her hand to show she'd heard. "Oh! And use the downstairs bathroom!" Piper called after the departing Phoebe. "She still dreaming she's miss Kreuger?" Paige guessed.

"Yep." Piper answered with a short nod.


Phoebe tossed and turned in her bed as her dream began to heat up.

"I can't believe we're doing this. You've gotta be the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on." The man complimented as he lay back on the large king-sized bed. "Either I'm dreaming or I'm falling in love." He continued. 'Phoebe' licked her lips slightly and began to unbutton the man's shirt. "Oh man, I'm definitely falling in love…"

'Phoebe' pulled him up, caressing his face lightly with the tips of her fingers. "Where have you been my entire life? You are irresistible." The man whispered. 'Phoebe' shoved her tongue down the man's mouth. He screamed and writhed beneath her. Phoebe screamed in her sleep and then jolted awake, pulling her sheets tight around her despite how hot she suddenly shot up from her dream.


Prue walks in her office. She gets a little mirror out of her purse and checks her hair and make-up. She walks back outside and looks at an auction item. She catches sight of Naruto out of her eye. "Babe, I need to focus on work."

"I know I know just thought I give one last goodbye." He said as he gave her one last tender kiss before he made to exit. Coincidentally enough detective Morris was coming in.

"Detective." He greeted as said detective acknowledge him and nodded in return.

"I need to speak to you, Prue."

Ever since Andy's relocation it was impossible not to let Morris in on the know. Though he more or less was reluctant to know more than what was necessary. "Okay, what's up?"

"Four men have been killed over the last four nights. Ever since this heat wave started. We think the murders are gonna continue but we don't have any suspects."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that." She offered, biting her lip slightly. Darryl nodded as if he expected that response.

"Look, remember our little agreement to communicate?" He prompted, waving his hand between them. Prue nodded reluctantly and started to say something, but Darryl interrupted. "You know that I know you've got a secret. You also know I don't wanna know what it is. But if any way it can help stop this." He tossed a folder on Prue's desk for her to look over. Prue flipped it open and stared at the pictures in disbelief.

"Oh my god… what happened to them?" She asked as she scanned over each picture of several different men.

"Severe cerebral trauma. Although the medical examiner can't figure out exactly how. He also can't figure out how all of the men were drained of their testosterone. That's not something you find every day." Darryl admitted, watching Prue's face closely. Prue nodded slightly in agreement to his last comment. "We need help on this one, Prue. The kind of help I think only you can provide." He continued.

"Do the victims have anything else in common?" Prue questioned after another moment of hesitation. "They were each members of a dating service called 'Fine Romance.' We've already got the place staked out, but they've got too many clients for us to watch and too many potential suspects for us to track." Darryl answered.

Prue had just closed the folder with the pictures inside and listened intently to Darryl. "If the pattern continues, somebody's gonna die tonight. I know it and I can't stop it."

"I'll see what I can do." Prue promised. Conflicted emotions crossed Darryl's features for a split moment. "I don't want you to get hurt. Find out what you can, slip it to me." He suggested. He slowly stood up from his seat across from Prue. "The brass is watching us on this one. This can't turn out be another unexplained case." Darryl added.


At the Manor Phoebe was sprawled along the couch with a small electronic fan blowing at top speed on her. Piper came in from the kitchen with a tray of juice that she sat down next to her little sister. "I'm telling you, Piper, last night's dream was no dream. Or premonition even. It was real. I felt it." Phoebe insisted. v "I was so turned on and then… and then… I killed him." She finished, finally taking a sip of the drink. Piper looked frustrated as she attempted to use a hand-held fan to cool herself off. "Phoebe, you didn't kill anyone." She tried again.

"I could feel his body shake uncontrollably beneath mine." Phoebe countered. "Now you're just making me sick." Piper stated with a face that clearly said, 'too much information'. "How do you think I feel? I'm living it. I can still taste his blood…" Phoebe stopped abruptly as Piper shoved the thermometer in Phoebe's mouth. Piper looked mildly disgusted.

"Okay." She decided, effectively ending that conversation. At least she hoped. "Is anybody home?" Prue called from the foyer. Piper appeared surprised upon hearing her eldest sister's voice.

"Uh, in here." Piper yelled. She narrowed her eyes slightly when Prue came in. "It's not lunch yet. What are you doing home?" She asked.

"Morris came to visit." Prue explained and then paused as she saw Phoebe. "Pheebs, are you okay?" Prue questioned. Phoebe replaced the cup of juice back on the table.

"I'm so hot." She admitted. Prue walked to her and placed the back of her hand against Phoebe's forehead just as the thermometer beeped. Phoebe took it out and read her temperature. "100.5 degrees hot." She corrected her former statement. Piper snatched the thermometer from Phoebe's hand and gave Prue a frustrated look. "But she won't go see a doctor." She sighed and turned her attention to what Prue was doing home. "What did Morris want?" Piper wondered.

"Help." Prue answered. "Paige!" She yelled to ceiling. She didn't want to start explaining until they were all here. The three sisters had to wait almost five minutes before Paige orbed into the conservatory. "This has to be quick because my class is going to start in a few minutes."

Paige announced as soon as she was fully corporeal. "We have a problem." Prue stated, passing Piper the folder of pictures. Paige frowned and ran around the couch so that she could look over Piper's shoulder at whatever the problem was this time. Phoebe, who was also watching over Piper's arms, sat up hastily and snatched the folder and pictures from Piper's hands. "Oh my god! It's the guys. All of them!"

"Phoebe, you were dreaming." Piper insisted." Of each and every one of the victims? I don't think so." Phoebe snapped. "I could see them with my own eyes. Feel every touch, smell every smell." She continued on the verge of panicking. "How long have you had this feeling?" Prue questioned purposely .Phoebe took a moment to think back. "The last four nights." She answered. "Since the murders began." Prue realized. "This is no coincidence."

"Well, maybe your powers are growing. Maybe you can get premonitions in your sleep now." Piper suggested."Or maybe you're just psychically linked to the demon on its wavelength or something." Prue added thoughtfully. Phoebe didn't appear convinced in the slightest. "Or what if its worse then that. What if I really am the killer." She retorted, her eyes flickering from one sister to the next. "I mean, lets not forget that time Piper turned into a werewolf once, remember?" Phoebe pointed out with a wave of her hand in Piper's direction."A wendigo." Piper corrected in a know-it-all voice."Whatever." Phoebe imitated Piper's voice.

"Look, if you are psychically connected, maybe you can go to the dating service, touch some of the tapes of the potential suspects, see if you can get a psychic flash." Prue offered. "It's worth a shot." Piper agreed. "I'll stay here and see if I can find anything in the Book of Shadows." She decided, earning a nod from Prue.

Paige nodded in agreement. "As soon as I finish my class, I'll join up with Piper so you guys don't have to wait on me.

"Phoebe was staring at each of her sisters in disbelief. "I'm sorry. Wait a minute…" She called so that Piper stopped from walking away and Paige hesitated orbing out. "I tell you that maybe I'm some kind of man-killing demon and you want me to go to bachelor central?" She exclaimed. Prue sighed softly. "Phoebe, we have to do something. Otherwise, someone else is going to die tonight." Prue stated and Phoebe groaned but agreed to the plan." Hopefully they will put a stop to this murderer before anyone else lose their life.