After he woke up in the bus wreck Jerome Valeska didn't remember much. He didn't remember much at all.

His mind was full of flashes of knives, men in suits with fly's open, metal bars, baseball bats, blind psychics, clowns and a black haired woman who reeked of alcohol that would hit him.

And a girl.

A girl with blonde hair and blue eyes that wore a black and white striped dress. But it wasn't the fact that she was unbelievably pretty that stood out to him. It was that in all the memories he had...

She was the only one that smiled at him.

But that didn't matter right now.

It was cold and dark, and that was never a good thing in Gotham.

Yes he remembered who he was. He remembered what he was like, and in that sense, he hadn't changed one bit. He also knew although some of the townspeople loved him, most of the general population would panic and call the police on him. And even though he adored panic and the kill that would most likely follow that phone call, he knew he might not be able to escape the cops in time and he didn't want to be caught just yet.

He still had some work to do.

So now he was running through an alley trying to find somewhere to sleep. There was a girl who he usually followed and he would steal the spots she rested in after she used them. But this time she was no where in sight. As he reached the exit he stumbled upon a large spread of grass. Probably an abandoned property, he thought.

But as he ventured closer he noticed a lone figure standing out there in the yard, back turned. Even in the darkness he could see the red hooded trench coat that floated around a feminine frame. He knew she couldn't see him, he knew he should get away before she noticed his presence. But for some reason he was strangely fascinated, and he stood fixtatedly watching her.

He couldn't turn away.

At that moment she seemed to have sensed he was there. Her back straightened and her hands rose to slowly pull down the hood, revealing a head of blonde locks.

Then she turned around, hair flying in the wind, and he saw her face. Her cheeks were flushed and her lips tinged rose pink and her skin was fresh and dewy. Her eyes were a familiar blue that seemed to hold all the galaxies above. Her mouth curled up in a smile, one that belonged to angels.

That smile.

He knew that smile.

The corners of her lips quavered and her eyebrows rose.

"Did you miss me?"

Jerome's eyes widened.

He knew this girl.

He remembered everything now.

Jerome stared at the girl who was gazing at him with an expectant, hopeful expression.

His face broke into a grin.

" How could I forget you... my little Harley Quinn."