~Now I got this problem following me!

You better be careful, better be careful, better be careful!

Whose heart you'll break,

You're never knowing what she'll do or say

Will send 'em over the edge so

Be careful...~

Miss Peabody's hands dropped her mug, coffee splashing all over the floor.

This could not be good.

Meanwhile Dr Strange, too enraptured by the sight on the screen to notice the espresso now soaking into his shoes, let out a startled little laugh.

"Oh my," he murmured. He turned to Miss Peabody. "This is better than the Kardashians!"

Miss Peabody took a quick step back, shocked by the horrific idea his statement issued.

That he was perfectly fine with continuing with his experiment.

Not that the fact that he liked bad reality tv shows.

"Strange," She said, trying her best to keep her tone even, but it still wavered with anger. "They know each other. From before. Now they are romantically involved. These are two clinically insane criminals. They are tigers in a cage, and you are poking them with a stick like they are kittens. Don't you see what's wrong here?"

He sighed. "The fact that you don't see this as a great revelation for science, is making me think you're not very suited for Indian Hill." He peered over his glasses slyly. "And you know what the Court does to those not suited their plans, do you not?" Dr Strange watched as Ethel's face paled. "Exactly! Now we're past that little probl-" Miss Peabody grabbed his arm.

"The Court will hurt you Hugo, if they find out about what you are doing with Valeska and Quinzel. I really am trying to help you. You must see that." She whispered.

Strange let out a sharp bark of laughter, brushing her hand off his shoulder. "Why would they hurt me? After I'm done, they'll be thrilled! Harleen is a metahuman remember? That's the whole point of Indian Hill, and we didn't even have to make her ourselves! Her abilities are nothing like I've ever seen before, they will be a great asset to the Court."

Miss Peabody shook her head in dismay. "Those abilities only bend to her will! Even if you threatened her life she would not be able to use them how you wish. She doesn't feel, she doesn't care!"

Hugo Strange bared his teeth. "That, my dear Ethel, that is where you are wrong!" He gestured to the couple on the monitors, the digital light washing his skin with a sickly glow. "Do you see her? Do you see them? He makes her feel! He's the only one who's been able to that! Before, getting Harleen to do our bidding would have been impossible! But now that she feels, she is just as weak as all the others. Now we have leverage!"

Miss Peabody's jaw dropped. "Strange, what are you planning on doing?"

He stood, turning his back to the screen and throwing his arms to the air. "Valeska! Mister Valeska is the key!"

Dr Strange laughed, "Why my dear dear Ethel, I'm going to kidnap Jerome Valeska!"


Well we have just a short chapter today, but I feel as if you guys deserve a new one because you waited so long and patiently for the last one. I legit wrote this at school. As I write this I'm in class. So, yeah. Proof of my dedication :)

This may seem like a filler chapter, but come on guys, when do I ever do just a filler chapter? Every chapter is intentionally done, and contains something central to the plot, and there is always foreshadowing.

The main Easter Egg is this chapter, actually, in all the Dr Strange and Miss Peabody chapters, is the characters themselves. I've tried to make them as close to the original ones on Gotham, but their relationship is meant to resemble the abusive side to the Joker and Harley Quinn's relationship, like in Mad Love. Hugo Strange is man with big ambitions and he is constantly scheming. Miss Peabody cares for him, and is desperate for a bit of his recognition. She cares for him so much in fact, that if you think about it in the show, she dies for him. Now in the show they don't really insinuate that they have a relationship, or that Miss Peabody hold affection for him. To me it seems rather obvious, because otherwise she wouldn't have been so loyal to him throughout everything, doing things for him that could be considered monstrous. Just like Harley Quinn.

So in this story, even though there is abuse between Harley and Jerome, because their personalities are a bit different from the comics it will be more focusing on the romantic side. But even their romantic side is twisted and creepy, so don't worry.

I was like visualizing a trailer for this in class and I can just imagine a creepy music box version of Edelwiess playing the background. If something like that actually exists can someone please send it? Because we all know how important Edelwiess is in the story...

Ok so back to the situation at hand... WHAT THE HELL IS DOCTER STRANGE THINKING?! This is JEROME VALESKA for chrissakes! My friggin gorgeous cunning beautiful redhead, used as bait? I don't bloody think so! So things are gonna get interesting.

Also I know I have left you guys on a cliff hanger on the last chapter, but don't freak on me, the next chapter is the answers to that AND HOLY SHIT I HAVE A LITTLE SOMETHING YOU ARE NOT EXPECTING FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER. Legit, you haven't predicted it because this is the first time I've mentioned it, and I haven't foreshadowed it AT ALL except for rn. In fact when you read it at first you'll THINK you know what I'm talking about, but then when you ACTUALLY read it you are going to have sezuire wherever you're reading this! I honestly can't wait!

Changing the subject, me and my sister (who wants to be an Instagram model) went to the beach this weekend, and I vlogged for a bit, so that will probably go up before the Rick And Morty video (also guys the new episode, I love it so much) goes up. I'm just waiting for my sister to send the footage, CUZ WE STOOD ON THE EDGE OF A FRIGGING CLIFF! (Actually tho, we seriously did, cuz we crazy) :)

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Now Gotham on, and remember folks, you ain't seen nothing yet!